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29 Christmas Gifts For College Guys That’ll Put You On Their Cool List

Updated on June 28, 2021 Updated on Jun 28, 2021
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    Buying Christmas gifts for college guys can be overwhelming, even if you were a college student yourself. You want a gift that’s functional but one they’ll think is cool. So, what’s “lit” to today’s college guy? Here’s your cheat sheet of cool.

  1. Vintage Backpack With USB Port 
  2. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-backpack

    Travel campus in style and comfort with this trendy vintage backpack that fits most laptops. With lots of compartments and pockets, a padded laptop section, ergonomic shoulder straps, a padded back, and built-in USB port (portable charger not included but scroll down our list.)

  3. Retro Breakfast Station 
  4. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-breakfast-station

    Unique gift alert! A 3-in-1 breakfast station that covers everything – coffee, toast, bacon, sausages, hashbrowns, eggs… The coffee maker can turn out 4 cups while the oven fits a 7-inch pizza, small casseroles, and cookies. Buy two, land a hangover, and reminisce about your own dorm days?

  5. College Cookbook 
  6. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-cookbook

    Subtler than a breakfast station, make tasty, affordable dorm room meals using typical college dorm appliances and easy-to-find ingredients. Think Greek flatbreads, shortcut Cuban sandwiches, budget Pad Thai, and deep-dish microwave cookies. Caters to vegans and carnivores.

  7. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 
  8. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-bluetooth-speaker

    Christmas gifts are made easy with this popular little speaker. Engineered for distortion-free, enhanced-bass, 360° sound, this water-resistant cylinder can play tunes anywhere – and for up to 24 hours on a single charge. Also has a built-in microphone for taking calls from parents during parties. 

  9. Bluetooth Headphone Beanie 
  10. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-headphone-beanie

    Sure, wireless headphones like Apple AirPods are cool. But what’s more unique and better for exercising? How about a snuggly, wireless cotton, gadget beanie that plays your tunes? Promising battery life of up to 20 hours, a strong BlueTooth connection, crystal clear sound, and it’s washable. 

  11. College Care Package 
  12. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-college-care-box

    Everyone loves a care package, and this deluxe college gift box holds a whopping 45 items ranging from chips, cookies, candies, bars, popcorn, and crackers. The perfect gift for late-night Netflix snacking or to aid in that back-to-school slump after Christmas.

  13. College Guide
  14. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-college-guide

    You are not in High School anymore. The #1 go-to guide for your very best college experience, this hilarious but down-to-earth book is a great gift for new college students. A behind-the-scenes look at everything from making friends to managing stress, college living to campus jobs, classes, dating, and partying. 

  15. Manicure Kit
  16. christmas-gift-ideas-for-college-guys-manicure-set


    When you live at home, mom always has a manicure kit in the bathroom. But college guys still need help with hangnails and weird eyebrow hairs. Which makes this a great gift. A stylish, masculine, tool kit with clipper, nail file, tweezers, cuticle pusher, and scissors. The perfect stocking stuffer to help him look put together.

  17. Backpack Laundry Hamper 
  18. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-laundry-bag

    College kids need all the encouragement they can get to go to the laundry and this bag does just that. No one has to see your undergarments as you stroll across campus and it’s super easy to carry due to the padded straps. If they haven’t washed in weeks this duffel will also hold A LOT of washing – up to 115lbs! 

  19. Mini Projector 
  20. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-mini-projector

    A mini projector will make them a hit in the dorm which really ups your cool stakes in a college boy’s eyes. With a “watching size from 30″ to 200”, built-in speakers with stellar sound, and the ability to be connected to multiple devices – including a smartphone. A super fun gift any college-age guy would love.

  21. Vacuum Insulated Coffee Tumbler
  22. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-coffee-tumbler

    Part of becoming an adult is owning your own coffee tumbler. This stainless steel number serves double duty – it keeps your coffee hot, but it also keeps your beer chill.  Yeti Ramblers are hugely popular and make the best gifts. They come with a mighty magnetic lid and are BPA-free.

  23. Personalized Keychain 
  24. christmas-gift-for-college-guys-keychain

    The best gifts for college guys can still be things that tug at the heartstrings. Help to soothe a homesick student with something that connects them back to you – like this personalized keychain engraved with a set of “home” coordinates, complete with monogrammed leather detail. A great gift for college graduation.

  25. Plaid Pajamas
  26. christmas-gift-for-college-pajamas

    The best Christmas gifts are the ones you know they’d never buy themselves but will be thanking you for later. Like this 3-pack of ultra-soft, relaxed-fit plaid pajamas made from microfleece that’ll keep them toasty during the cool months. Do they need 3 pairs? Absolutely. College students don’t do laundry.

  27. College First Aid Kit 


    Not your average first aid kit, with 299 items included, this mega-kit is what every student needs. Every college student needs one of these. It’s not mom and dad taking care of them but with mom and dad far away, it’s the next best thing. 

  29. New Balance Knit Sneakers
  30. christmas-gift-for-college-sneakers


    The New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Decon is a running shoe but it’s also just a cool day shoe for getting around campus. With a minimalist design and a molded foam heel, these will give them an ultra-cushioned ride to class. There are also 8 different colors to choose from.

  31. Nutribullet 600W 
  32. christmas-gift-for-college-nutribullet

    A NutriBullet is one of those gift ideas almost any student loves – from the gym nut to the late-night studier. Because they make vegetables taste like they’re not vegetables. All they need to do is push, twist, and blend. The “blender” transforms into a BPA-free plastic cup with lid so they can take it to class. 

  33. Mini Beer Pong 
  34. christmas-gift-for-college-beer-pong

    A rustic, mini version of the dorm room classic is one of those cool gifts you can be certain will be a standout favorite among their friends. This beer pong table is not only beautifully crafted, but comes complete with launching catapults. While the itsy red cups seemingly keep one sober for just a little bit longer? Handmade in the USA.

  35. Leather Toiletry Bag 
  36. christmas-gift-for-college-toiletry-bag

    There are toiletry bags, and then there are toiletry bags. They don’t get much sexier than this one. Made from the finest full-grain buffalo leather and crafted by hand, this toiletry bag is rustic, classy, and most importantly, water-resistant.

  37. A Guide Book For Your 20s
  38. christmas-gift-for-college-20s-book

    Every twentysomething needs a little black book of secrets to guide them through terrible jobs, disappointment, break-ups, transition, quarter-life crisis, loneliness, and post-college “what the heck?” Originating as a blog that amassed a million readers, this little book of wisdom will encourage, inspire, and have them LOLing on the floor.

  39. A Darn Nice Watch
  40. christmas-gift-for-college-watch

    Looking for a gift for a new grad?The MVMT Chrono takes the classic aviation watch and reimagines it as minimalist. With multiple dials, it also provides a 24-hour clock, and 30 and 60-second timers and the strap is genuine leather and interchangeable. The watch comes in 13 different color combinations to fit their vibe. Born in Los Angeles.

  41. Toiletry Supplies
  42. christmas-gift-for-college-toiletries

    Guaranteed NOT to last four years but ideal for starting college life on the right foot, this is an essential Christmas gift for college guys. It incorporates popular brands across the face, body, oral, and hair care spectrum plus some basic accessories – all in TSA-approved travel sizes.

  43. 2-Pack Portable Charger 
  44. christmas-gift-for-college-portable-charger

    Charging mobile devices without being tethered to a plug socket is an essential part of college existence. This 2-pack of portable USB 10000mAh chargers will keep them online. Comes with two standard USB ports, a USB C and a Micro USB to fit most phones.

  45. Burrito Blanket
  46. christmas-gift-for-college-burrito-blanket

    Do they love Mexican food? Well, they can wrap themselves happily in this ultra-soft giant burrito blanket and become the tortilla, taco, or enchilada of their dreams. Can be used on the beach, as a throw blanket, or for the bed. Then they just toss it in the machine to wash. 

  47. Water Bottle
  48. christmas-gift-for-college-water-bottle


    When it comes to a sturdy, go-anywhere, water bottle, the double-walled vacuum-insulated Hydro Flask is a bestselling classic. Your water, Gatorade (or wine…) will stay icy cold for longer, while your soup can stay piping hot during the winter. Choose from 16 vibrant colors.

  49. Classy Notebooks
  50. christmas-gift-for-college-notebooks

    A classic, functional Christmas gift for college guys, these hardcover ruled notebooks are eyecatching in 6 great colors. Each has 180 high-quality pages that beg you to write, doodle, or brainstorm on them. There’s also an expandable pocket to keep notes and sticky dividers can be added to divide up subjects. 

  51. Vintage Bluetooth Record Player 


    Every generation still breeds kids who appreciate the sound of vinyl. These retro turntables come in the classic 3-speeds with premium sound quality and 30 different patterns to choose from. The suitcase allows you to take it to your friend’s dorm party, while BlueTooth can also play a smartphone through the speakers. 

  53. Men’s Basics Subscription
  54. christmas-gift-for-college-basics-subscription

    Basic MAN is a monthly subscription that delivers 3 essential pieces to your loved one every month – a t-shirt, boxer briefs, and a pair of socks. So they can gradually weed out those ripped tee’s, stained underwear, and holey socks. You can pause or cancel anytime – only you know how many months it’ll take to fix their closet.

  55. Party Card Game
  56. christmas-gift-for-college-card-game

    Buying a Christmas gift for college guys doesn’t get wilder than this favorite game. A classic for the college dorm, compete with friends to create the funniest (and dirtiest) memes. With 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards, the hilarious word-play is sure to liven up drinking games – or study breaks.

  57. 4th Generation Echo Dot
  58. gifts-for-college-echo-dot

    This Echo Dot packs a lot into a tiny device. Stream music, audiobooks, and podcasts. Ask Alexa for the time, weather, or to set an alarm. And control your smart home using your voice. You can also use the Echo Dot to make hands free calls. They’ll wonder how they lived without it!