Gift Lists for Men

34 Stocking Stuffers Sure To Please All The Guys On Your List

Updated on June 21, 2021 Updated on Jun 21, 2021
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    Stocking stuffers don’t have to be cheap, crappy gifts. With a little thought, you can find something cool but useful for every guy on your list. This gift guide is filled with the best stocking stuffer ideas for men. Because sometimes the best gifts come in the smallest packages …

  1. Beef Jerky Sample Set
  2. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-beef-jerky

    Address his hunger pangs with good old-fashioned American beef jerky. This spicy jerky sampler assembles notoriously spicy beef jerky & meat sticks in Voodoo Chile, Habanero Escobar, Che-Potle Guevara & Baby Blues BBQ. A fun stocking stuffer for the foodie in your life.

  3. Beer Savers
  4. inexpensive gifts men beer savers

    The world’s first durable, stretchy silicone beer bottle caps designed to help keep beer fresh after opening. These make an excellent gift for any beer lover. Gift these with a bomber of his favorite beer for a perfect gift set.

  5. Whiskey Ornament
  6. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-whiskey

    A big ol’ bauble filled with blended whiskey! Now that’ll knock their socks off ––in more ways than one. Produced by The Lakes Distillery, it’s made with a combination of whiskeys from around the British Isles and holds 20cl of whiskey. A brilliantly festive Christmas present!

  7. Skull Ice Maker
  8. amazon-gifts-under-skull-cubes

    Any beverage is more interesting with these large 3D skull-shaped ice cubes. The skulls look great in cocktails, iced coffee, soda pop, and water. Or fill the ice tray with colorful fruits, herbs, or spirits to enhance your beverage even further. Brandy skulls for your eggnog, anyone?

  9. Cocktail Box
  10. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-cocktail

    These handcrafted DIY cocktail kits make the perfect holiday gift.  Each provides the ingredients needed to prepare six perfectly tasting (and wildly Instagrammable) Old Fashioned cocktails. Ideal for plane rides, hotel rooms, and on the go excursions, he can take this kit wherever he may roam.

  11. On-The-Go Ball Wipes
  12. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-ball-wipes

    These wallet-sized ball wipes are what every man needs to keep his balls fresh. With a unique blend of ingredients, they balance pH levels, reduce chafing, and zap bacteria that can cause odor. Perfect for when he can’t shower or just needs that extra-clean feeling. Practical, but also a fun gag gift.

  13. Survival Kit
  14. A whopping 25 survival items in a genuine air-tight, waterproof, crushproof sardine can–– Go fishing with a hook and line, find your way home with the compass, or boil water in the can. It even includes duct tape, matches, whistle, razor blade, fire starter cube, chewing gum, salt, and a safety pin! A fun gift for the outdoorsy guy in your life.

  15. Minimalist Key Chain
  16. inexpensive gifts me key ring

    Help him say goodbye to that heavy jumble weighing down his pockets, and instead keep his keys perfectly organized. This ultimate key organizer is made of top quality, full-grain leather and is a sturdy, neat, and elegant way to overhaul his keychain.

  17. Phone Camera Lenses
  18. inexpensive gifts men lenses

    Is he an amateur photographer? Overcome his smartphone’s limitations with these four lenses: a 12x zoom telephoto lens with a manual focus ring, fisheye lens, macro lens, and a wide-angle lens. Compatible with most smartphones, the gentle clips won’t leave behind any scratches.

  19. Dino Taco Holders
  20. Dinosaurs + Tacos = prehistoric awesomeness! Turn his next Taco Tuesday “Jurassic!”, and help him to devour tacos with style. A unique gift idea for “kidults” that are looking to add a bit of fun to the dinner table. Not just for tacos, the Tricerataco can also hold toast, waffles, sandwiches, and more. 

  21. Portable Charger
  22. Often copied but never equaled, the original lipstick-shaped Anker power bank is famous for a reason. This PowerCore+ mini version is so slim and light it can easily be slipped into a pocket and be forgotten. Perfect for the no-fuss guy who’s always forgetting to charge his phone.

  23. Bacon Chocolate Snack
  24. stocking-stuffers-bacon

    Imagine a world where milk chocolate combines with mapley sweetness, smoked sea salt, and crispy, uncured bacon. Where each bar is only 60 calories … The perfect stocking stuffer gift for those with a more refined sweet tooth. And the perfect snack for Christmas morning.

  25. Bike Phone Mount
  26. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-bike-mount

    This is the ideal gift for any bike or motorcycle enthusiast. Whether he needs to see calls, music, maps, time, or location, this phone mount will securely mount his phone case to his handlebars with six points of grip and 360-degrees of rotation.

  27. Beer Flannel 
  28. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-beer-koozie

    When a beer enters a room sporting this fuzzy plaid zip-up, you know that beer is well-loved. With two layers of waterproof insulation, this lumberjack get-up will keep his hands toasty while keeping his drink frosty (and hip.) A holiday season conversation starter.

  29. Tactical Flashlight
  30. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-flashlight

    This cool (and very powerful) little black flashlight will be one of his fave tools for home use, camping, hiking, fishing, car breakdowns, and emergencies (like needing to pee at 3 am in the wilderness.) Made of aluminum alloy to withstand wear and tear, with a zoom for adjustable focus, and five light modes.

  31. A Lump of Coal Soap


    For the naughty guy on Santa’s list, our favorite stocking stuffer is this lump of “coal.” This sandalwood and cedar soap is infused with Dead Sea salt and the color is natural, coming from activated charcoal. The soap comes in a box and includes a certification of naughtiness from Santa himself.

  33. Bedside Valet
  34. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-valet

    This practical and classy leather dish is perfect for his entryway or nightstand. He can easily empty his pockets and remember where he put everything. Made from durable PU leather, it’s easy to clean with a wet cloth and can even be folded down for travel.

  35. Merfs Hot Sauce Gift Pack
  36. hot-sauce-gift-set-merfs

    A combo pack that’ll have his hot sauce hankerings well and truly covered. Here he’ll get a little of everything: sweet, fiery, smoky, roasted, and citrus. All great as sauces or marinades–– or for that festively hungover Bloody Mary. 

  37. Beard Oil  


    This beard oil is a delicate blend of essential oils for natural fragrance and a combination of moisturizing oils. Used daily, the oil will soothe, moisturize, and protect the skin and facial hair. 

  39. Gerber Diesel Multi-Pliers
  40. gifts for brother multitool

    With its industrial strength, easy handling, and super versatility, this multi-plier offers just about everything he needs to tackle tough tasks and tricky problems. It comes with 12 stainless steel tools – including a pocket knife, saw, scissors, wire cutter, cross point screwdriver, and can opener – and a patented Saf.T.Plus locking system. There are two in an order. 

  41. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
  42. Gifting a self-help guide may not sound fun but perhaps they’ve never encountered Mark Manson. His generation-defining guide cuts through the crap to show you how to stop trying to be “positive” all the time so you can truly be happier—a dose of raw, refreshing honesty that became a New York Times bestseller.

  43. Bitters Mini
  44. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-bitters

    The perfect gift for the mixologist in your life! Handcrafted in Seattle with organic herbs and spices, these are a necessity for any well-stocked bar. Choose from New Classics with Lavender, Cardamom, Black Lemon, and Orleans, or The Essentials with Orange, Aromatic, Chocolate, and Firewater. 

  45. Retro Gamer Cuff Links


    A nod to a true classic, relive the glory of the Game Boy. An awesome stocking stuffer and a must-have for the true video game aficionado. Perfect for weddings, graduations, or just another day at the office.

  47. Tire Pressure Gauge


    This is not your standard tire gauge gadget. With a backlit LCD display, a lighted nozzle for visibility, non-slip texture, and ergonomic “easy-grip” design it’s the perfect accessory for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bikes. A battery is even included.

  49. Biggie Socks
  50. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-biggie-socks

    These Biggie dress socks are the perfect stocking stuffers for the music lover. High-quality combed cotton with a classic black and white Biggie design, these socks are cool for casual or dress wear. Not a Biggie fan? Perhaps a pair of Dwight Schrute feet warmers instead?

  51. Toilet Night Light


    If dad, hubby, or bro get up to pee multiple times a night, this is the useful gift he didn’t know he needed. The LED motion-activated night light (in their choice of color) activates when approached, which is far better than being night-blinded by the bathroom light. While we can’t promise better aim, it’s worth a shot.

  53. Personalized Leather Bookmark
  54. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-bookmark

    Simple and stylish, and made from premium cowhide, these personalized leather bookmarks make great fodder for the Christmas stockings of booklovers. Personalize with a name or initials, and add foil to make it stand out. And just like Dad’s whiskey collection, they get better with age.

  55. Peanut Butter Spatula
  56. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-peanut-butter-spoon

    Christmas gifts that solve everyday dilemmas are the best. Like a silicone spoon-spatula that bends to different containers so he can get every last ounce of PB out. It’s got a pointed tip to get into hard-to-reach ridges, a flat edge to scrape out every last bit, and a rounded spoon face to deliver the prize to his mouth!

  57. Wine Condoms
  58. novelty-gifts-wine-condom

    A wine covering that may look like a gag gift but which is actually the ultimate in wine protection and preservation. The shrink to fit technology creates a water- and air-tight seal that keeps oxygen out and the wine locked inside. A great stocking stuffer that’s sure to put a smile (or awkward expression) on your loved ones face.

  59. Wallet Ninja
  60. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-wallet-tool

    A multi-tool that’s a little more compact, the Wallet Ninja gives him the power of 18 reliable, functional, everyday tools, in the size of a credit card. Tools included hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler, letter opener, box opener, phone stand, and three kinds of screwdrivers. 

  61. Garlic Press
  62. stocking-stuffers-for-him-garlic-press


    Even those who love to cook don’t exactly love the chore of mincing garlic. But no cook worth his sea salt would use jarred, pre-chopped garlic! Solve his dilemma with this handy garlic press that will make short work of all his cloves. 

  63. Cap Organizer
  64. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-cap-organizer

    Does he have caps strewn all across his home? This neoprene (wetsuit fabric) hat organizer can hold 10 caps (or beanies), neatly tucked away in the closet. And most importantly, it won’t over-clamp the hat and leave behind marks. 

  65. Drumstick Pencils
  66. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-drumstick-pencils

    A stationery accessory that truly rocks. Help him unleash his inner Phil Collins with a set of drumstick pencils. One minute he’s writing or sketching and the next, his pencils have transformed into office instruments and it’s his drum solo! An essential small gift for the fidgety or musically-motivated guy.

  67. Beer Shampoo
  68. stocking-stuffers-ideas-for-men-beer-shampoo

    Beer is good for your hair. Ridiculously good! This shampoo uses real craft beer which is naturally rich in amino acids, while the hops, barley, and malt provide Vitamin B, protein, and minerals for better body and volume. But don’t worry, he won’t smell like a brewery!