34 Manly Gifts for the Manliest Men in Your Life

By David Lautaret | Updated: December 17, 2023

    So you need a gift for a guy, but not just any guy, a manly guy. What kind of gift do you give to a manly guy? Where do you even start? Whether it’s your dad who swears he doesn’t want anything, your husband who buys himself, or your brother who needs to keep up with the latest fashions, we’ve got something for everyone.

  1. Meat Bouquet
  2. meat-bouquet

    Not all men would appreciate a bouquet of flowers, but they will enjoy the smell of salami! Unless they’re vegetarian or vegan. There are six types of salami, Cacciatore, Chorizo Rioja, Loukanika, Saucisson Sec, Salami Nola, and Saucisson D’Alsace. Each one is 4.5 oz, slowly cured with freshly ground herbs and spices, and in a natural casing. This is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

  3. Man Box Gift Box
  4. manly-gifts-man-box

    Looking for the perfect gift for the man who loves being outdoors and starting fires? Man Box is filled with fun, unique and useful gifts he is sure to love. The Man Box comes with a Ferro rod with Jumbo Jute fire-starting rope, a Rambo pocket knife with sheath & mini Ferro rod, all-natural coffee grit soap, a green double-insulated coffee mug with lid, and a very manly charcoal cedar and sandalwood candle.

  5. Curved Viking Ale Horn
  6. manly-gifts-horn

    Few things scream ‘manly’ like drinking craft beer from a Viking-inspired 12″ curved ale horn. This conversation piece is both awesome in looks and function and is sure to be the most coveted drinking container in the house. This ale horn comes with a stand, so you never have to worry about spilling. If your guy would fit right in at the halls of Valhalla, then this ale horn is the gift for him! Beer lovers rejoice!

  7. Grill Gift Box
  8. manly-gifts-spices


    This gift basket for men takes the guesswork out of gifts for guys. Whatever the occasion, this manly gift basket filled with delicious fill will spices will impress any king of the grill in your life! The gift set includes seven uniquely flavored BBQ rubs in “stick of dynamite” themed packaging. Sprinkle BBQ rub on meat or vegetables until coated. Grill to desired doneness, enjoy! Just wrap it up, slip it into a bag or add a bow, and this gift set is ready to go!

  9. Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane
  10. manly-gifts-smartphone-controlled-paper-airplane

    Launch a paper airplane and experience the freedom of gliding gently with the breeze, surrendering to the leisurely pace of the wind. But if precision and agility are more your speed, choose the Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane to command every swift maneuver and stunt—at speeds reaching 25 mph! This gem follows your every command, navigating the skies with exactitude. Simply fold the durable “paper”—crafted from crash-proof carbon fiber—using the templates provided, connect the Bluetooth®-enabled device, sync up the app on your smartphone, and you’re cleared for takeoff

  11. Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies
  12. manly-gifts-misfortune-cookies

    This fortune cookie set hits the spot for those macho souls with a penchant for dark humor! These misfortune cookies may be delicious to munch on but deliver a wickedly humorous punch. Each cookie is wrapped with a creature, its wild eyes hinting at the mischievous fun inside. Bite into the crisp cookie and unveil a hilariously brutal message. A word of caution: it’s not for the faint-hearted but a riot for those who enjoy a little wicked fun. Because sometimes, you’ve got to embrace life’s naughty side!

  13. This is a Manly Apron


    If your manly man loves grilling, this Manly Apron is a must-have! It helps him cover his man-bits up from any would-be sparks from the ol’ BBQ pit. This high-quality material is waterproof and oil-proof and avoids oil staining your clothes. At the same time, the apron is also breathable and soft, suitable for everyday wear. It makes a great gift for anyone who’s manly enough to wear it.

  15. Adventure Essentials Survival Kit
  16. manly-gifts-essential-survival-kit

    You should be marveling at nature’s grandeur when out in the wild, not fretting over forgotten matches. This kit ensures you’re equipped for short trips, all smartly tucked into a military-grade aluminum LED flashlight. With essentials like water purification tablets, a compass, a wire saw, reflective trail markers, and those crucial waterproof matches, everything’s neatly housed in compact canisters that slide right into the flashlight. Just pop it in your bag or glove compartment and adventure with confidence!

  17. Snacks Gift Basket
  18. manly-gifts-snacks

    Is this a great gift idea for a man? Does a man eat beef jerky in the wood?! This gift basket is the type of gift every red-blooded man secretly hopes someone gives him. The whole presentation is sharp and classy looking, making you look like an expert gift giver. If you’ve got a man in your life who loves spice then this is the gift basket for them!

  19. The Turkey Chainsaw
  20.  manly-gifts-carver

    What’s more manly than cutting meat with a chainsaw? This carver is not just for once a year; the Mighty Carver electric knife proves useful from one season to the next. Ready for anything, this “power tool” is one to keep handy.

  21. Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit
  22. manly-gifts-shiitake-mushroom-log-kit

    Shiitakes’ meaty texture and earthy, smoky flavor have made them one of the most highly prized edible fungi. You’ll love growing your own with this mushroom-growing log. Soak your log and keep it in a damp, cool, dark place. After some patience and TLC, you’ll be in fresh shiitake heaven. Re-soak and harvest every six weeks or so for up to three years. It makes a great gift idea for that mushroom-growing man in your life! 

  23. Whiskey Stones Gift Set
  24. manly-gifts-whisky-set


    This Mixology & Craft Whiskey Set is everything that manly whiskey-loving guy in your life needs to take his whiskey drinking to the next level! The gift set comes with eight granite whiskey stones, two Old Fashioned 10oz whiskey glasses, a whiskey stone storage tray, metal tongs, two slate coasters, and whiskey cocktail cards. This is housed in a gorgeous burnt-wood gift box, making it an all-around tremendous gift idea! A great addition to his home bar.

  25. Smokeless Portable Fire Pit and Grill
  26. manly-gifts-portable-fire-pit-and-grill

    This is not your grandpa’s Yule Log, folks. This portable (less than 20 lbs!) fire pit allows you to enjoy the crackle, light, and warmth of a traditional fire without any of the irritating smoke. Fill it with standard logs, and the power pack lets you manually control the flame size and airflow with its Bluetooth app. The solar cover means you’ll always be ready to fire it up, and the legs fold for easy carrying and storage. In the mood for hibachi? Just toss in some charcoal, pop the included grill grate on and get cooking. It makes a great camping trip gift!

    manly-gifts-cuff links

    Dogs are a man’s best friend, and why not immortalize your buddy with these custom-made pet portrait cufflinks? The cufflinks are made of stainless steel and can be customized with a picture of his fury friend. 

  27. Railroad Spike Bottle Opener
  28. manly-gifts-railroad-spike-bottle-opener


    If you’re going to have a bottle opener in the man cave you might as well have the most badass bottle opener imaginable. This railroad spike bottle opener is made from a real railroad spike that’s been heated in a forge then hammered into shape with an anvil, shaped and smoothed with a wire wheel, and finally coated to give is a nice look and feel. It measures 2-inches wide, 1.5-inches tall, and 6.5-inches in length. 

  29. Utility Bracelet
  30. manly-gifts-utlility-bracelet

    Tackle everyday life with competent aplomb when you wear this handsome multi-tool bracelet. One click, and out pops a multi-functional knife with a flat-head screwdriver on its tip. It’s the ultimate handy tool because it’s always within reach on your wrist. Open packages, slice an apple, fix a bike on the fly; it can do a little bit of everything. Made of precision-crafted, rust-resistant stainless steel, it will last for many years, adding a cool, rugged touch to all your casual and sporty looks. 

  31. Unicorn Uncle Graphic T-Shirt
  32. manly-gifts-unicorn-uncle-t-shirt

    This Unicorn Uncle graphic t-shirt makes a great gift for that manly uncle in your life. Graphic tees are all the rage at the moment, and wearing a colorful, flexing unicorn on a shirt is the quickest way to make it into the Uncle Hall of Fame. If you’ve got an uncle with a birthday coming, then this Unicorn Uncle t-shirt makes a great birthday gift. It’s also a great Father’s Day gift or even a Christmas morning stocking stuffer.

  33. Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set
  34. manly-gifts-scotch-infused-toothpicks

    Savor a subtle version of a fine single malt scotch with these infused toothpicks. They feature a barrel-aged, Islay single malt made by a 200-year-old distillery for a distinctively smoky flavor with notes of peat and complex caramel. Made from sustainably forested wood, the generously sized picks are soaked in the premium scotch and then kiln-dried, infusing flavors throughout the pick. Release the flavor by gently biting the wood.

  35. Gentleman’s Grooming Care Basket
  36. 30th-birthday-gifts-for-him-grooming

    This relatively manly grooming self-care set includes everything you need to refresh & indulge every part of your manhood. Total routine kit: 5-piece daily skincare essentials kit made to keep your skin feeling fresh, smelling great, and protected from the grind. As you can see, it’s pretty manly.  

  37. Bones Coffee Sampler
  38. manly-gifts-coffee

    Once a person has realized that caffeine is not the sole point of coffee and embarked upon the Upward Path of Better Brews, there’s no turning back. They must. Keep. Trying. New. Beans. So you could think of this globetrotting sampler pack as a sort of coffee connoisseur’s care package

  39. F-Bombs Paperweight
  40. manly-gifts-f-bomb-paperweight

    Guys love to drop the occasional F-bomb. We know. We’re working on it. It’s never easy dropping truth bombs in the office. But F-bombs? Always explosive fun! This recycled steel sculpture lightens up desk-side chats and tough conversations with a delightfully abstract expletive appropriate for any situation. 

  41. Global Hot Sauce Gift Box
  42. manly-gifts-global-hot-sauce-gift-box

    This Global hot sauce gift box makes a great gift for that manly man in your life who loves things HOT! This gift box is full of flavor and heat, making it a tremendous gift for those guys in your life who love to sweat a little while they eat. The gift box includes five flavors: Chesapeake Bay, Ethiopia, Virginia, Assam, and Kerala. 

  43. Dad’s Playbook Wisdom For Fathers
  44. manly-gifts-dads-playbook

    For new dads, having a baby is a whole new ball game, with new reasons to cheer and challenges to tackle around every corner. You can help keep his head in the game by inviting him to huddle up with this sporty playbook. The text is full of quotes and insights culled from dozens of sports’ greatest coaches, with advice on being a leader, scoring under pressure, and how to encourage team spirit. Comes illustrated with inspiring photos of coaches at work. 

  45. Birth Month Guitar Picks
  46. manly-gifts-birth-month-guitar-pick

    Play with the stones? You do it all the time. These guitar picks are crafted from gemstones inspired by each birth month, whether you’re more of a September shredder or an April acoustic. The smooth little strummer makes a great gift for your guitar hero or someone who just got their first real six-string.

  47. Tee Toss Game
  48. manly-gifts-tee-toss-game

    Popular Caribbean ring and hook toss + classic cup and ball game + golf. Does it blend? Like a frozen Arnold Palmer! This simple to learn—but hard to master—golf-themed game is the result. This game makes a unique gift for those manly men who love to golf even while they’re hanging out in their man cave!

  49. My Big Manly Mug Coffee Mug
  50. manly-gifts-manly-mug


    If you’re searching for a present that seamlessly combines his love of coffee and his ability to be incredibly manly, then this My Big Manly Mug coffee mug is the gift for him. Forget those tiny coffee mugs wimpy guys are always carrying around, this Manly Mug holds 15oz of your favorite beverage, making it one of the best gifts a manly man could ever hope to receive. 

  51. Musical Serving Boards
  52. manly-gifts-musical-serving-boards

    Pluck, play, or strum up a little visual interest at your next rager (or cocktail party at a sensible hour) with this rockstar-approved serving board. Each is handcrafted from Nova Scotian yellow birch and accented with pewter details. We wouldn’t blame you for keeping the spotlight-ready piece for yourself—but it also hits the right note with music teachers, songstress friends, and unique home decor enthusiasts.

  53. Campfire Beer Caramelizer
  54. manly-gifts-campfire-beer-caramelizer

    The campfire is crackling, the marshmallows are getting toasty, and your cold beer is ready to undergo a flavor transformation. Pull this stainless steel rod out of the flames and stick it in that icy brew to create a rich, frothy treat. Yep, you read that right: Adding a little heat to your alcohol caramelizes the sugars, changing the texture and taste. It makes a great gift for that DIY beer enthusiast in your life!

  55. Stainless Steel 26-Piece Grill Set


    This 26-piece grilling tool BBQ grill set is the ultimate prize for those manly men who pride themselves on their brisket. Whether you’re camping, having a day at the lake, or just at home in your own backyard, this grill set makes the life of your favorite grilling guy much easier. It’s everything you need to unlock your inner pitmaster! 

  57. Beard Bib & Shaper Set
  58. manly-gifts-beard-bib-and-shaper-set

    Every bearded fella’s been there: You just got your groom on, you’re lookin’ good with the trim, and you’re about to head out to show off your fresh face. Then you look down and wonder if someone just shaved a wooly mammoth in your bathroom. Next time, avoid the clean-up (and the hairy clogged drain) with this manly “bib.” Just put it on like the apron you get at the barbershop, then stick the suction cups to your mirror. This is a great holiday gift that will make both your lives easier!

  59. Cocktail-Enhancing Mists
  60. manly-gifts-cocktail-enhancing-gifts

    Does your manly man like clever gadgets? A cocktail’s first spell is cast by smell. Your nose knows a superb drink before you take a taste. Now you can enchant your own drinks, with this secret weapon for home mixologists. Simply add a spritz or two of superfine aromatic mist to your homemade cocktails to add a top-level layer of flavor. Makes a great gift for that whiskey lover in your life!

  61. Handcrafted Gentleman’s Gift Set
  62. manly-gifts-gentlemans-gift-set

    While some won’t admit enjoying exfoliation and others deny desires for moisturizers, every manly loved one deserves a little pampering now and then. This all-natural grooming kit gives guys the travel-friendly-size tools they need to do right by their skin. Presented in a wax-sealed, Alabama wooden box, this collection features handcrafted bar soap (from olive oil and goat’s milk), spearmint lip balm (with beeswax and essential oils), unscented shea buttercream, and shave oil in one of three unique scents. Handmade by a family-run farm in Alabama.

  63. Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit
  64. manly-gifts-old-fashioned-kit

    Working hard to make cocktails? Seems kind of counterproductive to us. A kit for crafting artisanal cocktails in a flash with small-batch flavors, this Old Fashioned is a twist on the traditional version. Mandarin chips replace the muddled orange, and a three-chile simple syrup gives it a welcome kick. You provide the delicious bourbon and they provide the mix. It makes a tremendously cool gift for that bourbon enthusiast in your life!

  65. Pulled Pork Shredder Claws
  66. manly-gifts-pulled-pork-shredder-claws

    Unleash your inner pit master with these pulled pork shredder claws from Cave Tools. There’s not a man alive who will dawn these claws without spending at least five minutes pretending they’re Wolverine. After you shred an entire chunk of pork in under three minutes you’ll never go back to a fork and bruised fingers again! The perfect Christmas gift for a grill master.

  67. Man Bar Soap Set of 3
  68. manly-gifts-man-bar-soap

    Scrub-a-dub-dub, three soaps by the tub—and how do they make a team? A cleanser, a freshener, and a hydrator: all of them together, quite supreme. Rhymes aside, this set of big, bold bars isn’t kid stuff. Each soap has its own sophisticated, masculine scent and offers a different grooming benefit: deep-cleansing silver sage and bergamot, revitalizing exotic musk and sandalwood, and hydrating Siberian fir.

    What are the best gift ideas for manly men?

    Men are notoriously hard to shop for, so we wanted to help you out. After all, what truly defines a ‘manly’ gift? The answer is as diverse as men themselves. We found great manly gifts from cool gadgets and home bar additions to outdoorsy gear. Since we are semi-manly men, we’re the closest to experts in this field.

    Maybe you’re looking for a rugged, leather-bound journal for the man who likes to jot down his thoughts or sketch nature on his wilderness retreats. Perhaps a high-quality grooming kit for the bearded gent in your life, complete with all the necessities for maintaining a sleek and stylish look. A set of premium BBQ tools or a hot sauce sampler for the culinary adventurer could hit the spot perfectly.

    A cool gadget like a wireless charging station or a smart home device could be the ideal choice for the tech-savvy. And let’s not forget the classic wristwatch – a timelessly elegant gift that’s as practical as it is manly.

    Whatever your man’s interests may be, in this very manly gift guide are many chest-hair-approved manly gift ideas for men!