30 Golf Gifts For Men That Are A Real Hole-in-One

By David Lautaret | Updated: April 18, 2024

    Are you looking for some gift ideas for that guy in your life who’s always golfing? For most golfers, it is more than just a game; it is a way of life. So, a good golf gift is difficult, especially if you’re not a golfer. Of course, you want it to be valuable and appropriate, but a boring box of golf balls isn’t cut. 

    If you don’t know where to start or are spiraling down the Google rabbit hole, our gift guide will make it easy to find the absolute best gifts for the golfers in your life.

    Whether he’s the next Tiger Woods, a golf newb, or a weekend golf warrior, the gadgets and accessories we found are guaranteed to be a hole-in-one. So, if you know someone always looking to hit the greens, this gift guide will point you to the best golf gifts for men – n if, and or putts about it!

  1. Toilet Time Potty Putter 
  2. golf-gifts-potty-putter

    This hilarious gag gift is perfect for that golfer in your life who takes his sweet time relieving himself! The potty putty is the gift he can’t wait to use. Let him practice his short game while he takes care of business. It makes a funny golf gift for his birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas. 

  3. Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick
  4. golf-gifts-swing-simulator

    It’s the most realistic golf simulation around! Connect the app to your big screen and immerse yourself in realistic golf courses available in Full HD. Improve your skill or enjoy a round of Golf without additional setup. This makes for one of the most fantastic golfing gifts and makes the family game night in the living room a must-see!

  5. Upgraded Golf Training Net
  6. golf-gifts-for-men-net

    This training net comes with three mats of different lengths of grass, four sandbags, and four ground nails to hold it down. This driving range training aid structure is solid yet lightweight and makes a great Father’s Day gift for that golfer in your life who needs to get a few swings in! 

  7. Indoor Golf Putting Green
  8. golf-gifts-indoor-putting-green

    This indoor putting green is legit! With this putting green fit, you can practice golf from the comfort of your home, office, backyard, or anywhere else. Open the indoor putting mat, and you have a fully functional golfing area! This golf mat gives you the life-like feel of grass for a realistic playing experience and ensures instinctual shots while on the course.

  9. MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag
  10. golf-gifts-ball-holder

    MySack makes great golf bag accessories that hang from the clasp & have a time. This product makes a great golf gag gift for your buddy who loves to laugh! The sack comes with two golf balls and can hold a total of 6. Let’s be honest; golfers never really grow up. That’s why MySack makes such a good birthday, Father’s Day, and Christmas gift for that particular person in your life who loves golf stuff.

  11. Backyard Golf Cornhole
  12. golf-gifts-cornhole

    This golf cornhole game is an exciting new hybrid between Golf and cornhole for the ultimate outdoor game. It’s easy to learn and fun for all skill levels! A 3’x2′ target, hitting mat, 16 color foam balls, and a carrying case are included. Dynamic gameplay throughout the 19th hole: Players move the included chipping mat around the play area and aim for the target central hole to score the most points. Just watch for the water and sand hazards. It makes an excellent gift for a family game night! 

  13. Golf Tee Toss Game
  14. golf-gifts-tee-toss-game

    Take the famous Caribbean ring and hook toss game, the classic cup and ball game, and golf. Does it blend? Like a frozen Arnold Palmer! This simple to learn but hard to master golf-themed game is the result. Both addictive and meditative, it’s bound to become a lively amusement in your rec room, backyard, tailgate, or workplace break room—a hole-in-one gift for golf lovers.

  15. Golf Bluetooth Mounted Speaker
  16. golf-gifts-for-men-bluetooth-speaker

    Designed in the USA by PGA golfers and featured on the Golf Channel, the Ampcaddy portable wireless speaker is the #1 Most Recommended speaker for Golf enthusiasts. Ampcaddy’s high-quality speaker can be securely mounted to any golf cart or pushcart. In addition, this golf Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and can last up to 20 hours before being charged! 

  17. Swing Recorder Cell Phone Holder
  18. golf-gifts-swing-recorder-holder

    This clip-on cellphone holder swing analyzer is the perfect way to record your swing while on the green! Knowing they aren’t getting a good shot, you don’t need to bug your friends to record your swing. Set it up wherever you want and record the perfect video for analyzing your swing!

  19. Golf Ball Pint Glass
  20. golf-gifts-ball-pint-glass

    Tee up your favorite beverage with this one-of-a-kind beer pint glass! It holds up to 16oz of your favorite drink and has an absolute golf ball. This is a unique gift for your beer-enthusiast golfing guy

  21. Golf Trunk Organizer
  22. golf-gifts-for-men-bag

    This golf trunk organizer combines two of the most popular golf products into one great value-packed bundle: a golf trunk organizer and golf shoe bags. Easily store most golf accessories in your trunk or locker when not in use. Holds golf shoes, balls, gloves, tee, hats, shirts, or pants—everything needed for a day on the course. 

  23. Lightweight GPS Golf Watch
  24. golf-gifts-gps-golf-watch

    This Garmin GPS golf watch is the gadget golf nerds will geek out over until the cows come home. This range-finder watch provides yardages to the front, back, and middle of the green and as Hazards and dongles -on more than 41,000 preloaded courses worldwide. In addition, you can keep the score on the watch for a summary of your round, total distance played, and full-time. The rechargeable battery plays up to 12 hours in GPS golf mode. This is the ultimate gift for that techie golf guy in your life! 

  25. Personalized Golf Balls
  26. golf-gifts-personalized-balls

    Every golfer wearing a polo shirt and oddly printed shorts has their name on 12 (twelve) quality golf balls! These bad boys are printed with whatever last name your golfing man has and his initials. It makes a great stocking stuffer for that guy in your life who wants everyone to know which ball is his.

  27. Golf Gloves
  28. golf-gifts-for-men-gloves

    It’s all in the glove. The Callaway Weather Spann Glove allows for All-Weather Performance by incorporating durable synthetic leather combined with a 4-way stretch synthetic. These gloves have a thin, light, and secure fit, and the perforations are great for increased breathability and moisture control.

  29. Golf Ball Marker Chips
  30. golf-gifts-ball-marker-chips

    These sexually suggestive ball marker chips make the perfect gift for that golfer in your life who’s just a little bit edgy. These printed chips in the USA are made from 11.5-gram clay composite poker chips. A terrific golfing accessory for that golf fan who already has everything! A funny golf gift idea that will be a big hit on the golf course.

  31. Microfiber Towel and Brush Tool Kit
  32. golf-gifts-tool-brush-kit

    This brush tool kit with a divot repair tool and club groove cleaner makes a great golf gift for men! It’s a great size and design and can clip to your golf bag or belt loop. A 3-pack of golf towels allows you to always have one as a backup. Take it to the course, clean your golf ball before putting it, and clean your club after swings. It’s a must-have tool for those serious about the game!

  33. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers
  34. golf-gifts-whiskey-chillers

    Your golf game is never watered down, so why should your whiskey be? Celebrate another successful day on the greens, or treat your favorite sports enthusiast with these golf ball-inspired chillers. This will become a summer (or, let’s get real, any season) essential in your bar setup. Pair the chillers with these fun golf whiskey glasses for a great birthday gift.

  35. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever
  36. golf-gifts-ball-retriever

    The Callaway Pocket and Ball Retriever is a must-have for golfers at every level. It has a stainless steel retriever mechanism and comes with a 15′ and a 6′ extender. The high-quality aluminum alloy helps minimize bending when fully extended. This golf gift is an excellent golf accessory to have on the greens! 

  37. Recycled Golf Balls 50-Pack
  38. gifts-for-golfers-balls

    It makes an excellent gift for anyone wanting to save some money on top-level golf balls. Professional testing by an independent lab shows no performance loss between a new golf ball, a recycled golf ball, and a refinished golf ball. In addition, these balls are less than half the price of their contemporary brand counterparts!

  39. Tumbler Gift Set


    This golf gift set is excellent for coffee lovers in your life! The 20-oz stainless steel tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. It’s BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and the beveled bottom is designed to fit most electric and pushcart cup holders. In addition, it comes with socks, a key chain, two straws, and a cleaner. 

  41. I’d Rather Be Golfing Socks
  42. golf-gifts-golfing-socks

    Men and women say these colorful and comfortable Lavley Golf socks make the best gifts because they are funny, functional, and a fantastic way to express love for the hobbies that make us unique. These socks feature a beautiful golfing scene with a humorous message hidden on the bottom: ‘I’d Rather be Golfing.’ Perfect for daily wear, whether at work or getting in some tee time on the course.

  43. Emoji Golf Ball 12-Pack
  44. golf-ball-gifts-emoji-balls

    Does your golfing man love to use emojis? Does he love unique golf balls? Then this is the gift for him! Let him be the talk of the town with his golf buddies with this hilarious 12-pack of emojis. Of course, it also comes in handy for those golfers who lose white balls. 

    Putt Out Pressure Putt Trainer golf-gifts-puttout-pressure-trainer

    This training aid’s ground-breaking parabolic curved design simulates the conditions of putting into a real hole on the green. Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed—great feedback for getting the pace right. In addition, it is designed to return good putts and reject bad ones.

  45. Heavy-Duty Golf Travel Bag
  46. golf-gifts-for-men-bag

    This travel bag makes the perfect gift for that golfer in your life who’s always traveling! This golf travel bag is made of 900D Oxford & waterproof material and provides solid protection for your golf clubs during transportation. Travel with peace of mind knowing your clubs and golf accessories are covered!

  47. Sawgrass Golf Ball Bottle Opener
  48. golf-gifts-bottle-opener

    Get your favorite golfer in the swing of things with this bottle opener, made from a trio of PGA TOUR-licensed golf balls plucked from the famed 17th Island Green Water at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Officially licensed by the PGA TOU and made in the USA.

  49. Three-Piece Golf Chipping Net
  50. golf-gifts-chipping-net

    This golf chipping set includes three Chipping Targets (12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches), a 12X24″ dual turf hitting mat, and twelve foam training balls for practicing at varying distances and directions. The targets can be packed in a 1.2 ft. handbag and weigh 1 lb. It makes a great gift for golfers of all levels!

  51. My Retirement Plan Golfing Shirt
  52. golf-gifts-retirement-plan-t-shirt

    If you’ve got a golfing guy who looks forward to the day when retirement means constant golfing, this is the gift for them! Made from high-quality, incredibly soft 90% cotton 10% polyester blend, this Golf is My Retirement Plan t-shirt is a sure winner that will quickly become his go-to golfing shirt!

  53. Golf Game Dartboard
  54. golf-gifts-dartboard

    With this golf-inspired dartboard game, you’ll never need a caddy or have to guess the right club for the shot. The nine-hole links can be adapted to beginner, intermediate, or advanced skill levels, so dart duffers and pros can play the same game. In addition, each missed shot lets the player move closer to the board for a better chance of hitting the hole. But watch out for sand traps and water hazards. They add a one-stroke penalty.

  55. Golf Club 7-piece Grill Set 
  56. golf-gifts-grill-set

    The 7-piece golfer’s BBQ kit includes a golf-club-style barbecue spatula, power grill tongs, grill fork, 2 Golf-Ball Style salt & pepper shakers, a silicone basting brush, and a golf storage bag. This makes a great Father’s Day gift for that BBQ master and golf lover in your life!

  57. Divot Tool
  58. golf-gifts-for-men-divot

    An excellent gift for the avid golfer in your life, our divot tool provides many functions explicitly designed for on-course and play, all in one convenient tool. A built-in nylon bristle brush and metal groove cleaner keep your clubs looking clean and fresh, making removing even the most challenging dirt spots easier. Quickly mark your ball with our new and improved magnetic ball marker now with the Callaway logo.

  59. A Gift Card
  60. golf-gifts-for-men-gift-card

    When all else fails, get them a gift card to a sports store like Adidas or Nike to get themselves the gear, accessories, or clothing they want.