31 Gifts For Tennis Players To Serve Up An Ace

By David Lautaret | Updated: November 23, 2023

    Have you got a tennis lover trying to find a gift? There’s a lot of racket outside the lines about the best advantages for tennis players. So we’ve put together this gift guide to help you serve up an ace: Fifteen-Love, you. Don’t worry; I’ll stop. 

    What are the best gifts for tennis players?

    So, you’re looking to score some points with your tennis-loving friend? A top-notch tennis racket is a no-brainer; it’s like gifting them their new best friend! Quality tennis balls are always in demand—you can’t go wrong with a fresh can or two.

    You might also consider a durable, stylish tennis bag; it’s the perfect companion for hauling gear to and from the court. And, for those sunny match days, a good pair of sunglasses or a cap can help keep the glare out of their eyes and their head in the game!

  1. Master Your Tennis Strategy Book
  2. tennis-gifts-strategy-book

    Get your head in the game. Master Your Tennis Game offers quick mental techniques, tactics, and tips for boosting overall performance and beating opponents. Train your brain and be the best tennis player you can be. Concise, fun, and easy to read, this book offers 50 practical and actionable methods that show you how to stay calm and concentrate during any tennis game. Even if your rival is tough competition, outsmart them with these targeted mental approaches.

  3. Personalized Embroidered Sports Towel 
  4. tennis-gifts-towels

    Create a personal masterpiece with these cute embroidered velour tennis towels! Choose from three colors, three embroidery logos, and a litany of other options to create a unique gift idea as much as you like your tennis racket! 

  5. Tennis Pasta 
  6. tennis-gifts-pasta

    Tennis pasta with cute racket shapes that are easy to make and fun to serve; your kids will gobble them up. This pasta is made with the highest quality ingredients using 100% durum wheat and vegetable powders with pieces that are the perfect bite size for kids! Made in the old-world Italian way using bronze dies and slow drying, which creates a porous texture and a more delicious taste! 

  7. Pressurized Tennis Ball Saver 
  8. tennis-gifts-ball-saver

    You are introducing the one-of-a-kind tennis ball storage system that keeps your tennis balls feeling new every time. This device will hold up to 3 tennis balls at their original pressure of 14 PSI. In addition, the pressurized container prevents air from seeping out of your tennis balls, resulting in new, bouncy balls every time! To use, add your tennis balls to the container and screw it shut.

  9. Never Underestimate An Old Man T-Shirt 
  10. tennis-gifts-old-man-t-shirt

    Everyone knows a few rules in life, and never underestimate an older man who plays tennis at the top. This funny classic tee makes a great gift idea for that older man in your life who likes to put around on the tennis court! This T-shirt comes in many sizes and colors to get your desired shirt! 

  11. Tennis Ball Scented Sun Candle 
  12. tennis-gifts-candle

    This candle smells just like a freshly opened can of tennis balls! Which is one of the best smells ever, right next to the new car smell. So get on this funky tennis ball-scented candle reminiscent of fresh-cut grass and outdoor events. Check out the fun limited edition holographic label.

  13. Grand Slam Memorabilia Display 
  14. tennis-gifts-memorabilia-display

    For those tennis fans looking for an accessory to decorate your unique space, this tennis gift box is one of the things you should not miss. Perfect for any occasion, the four grand slam tennis balls will be the centerpiece of your tennis display! 

  15. Hipster Ball Band 
  16. tennis-gifts-ball-band

    No pockets, no problem. This Hipster’s unique compression design holds the balls securely underneath the band. Hold up to two balls comfortably and use them for tennis or pickleball! This ball band makes a practical gift idea for that player in your life who doesn’t want to be distracted with pockets! 

  17. Tennis Ball Bath Bombs
  18. tennis-gifts-bath-bombs

    Tennis players of all ages and genders will enjoy soaking with this luxurious, soothing, fruit-scented bath bomb. These ball-sized bath bombs make a perfect gift for tennis coaches, players, enthusiasts, and even your opponents and doubles partner. Give a set of three, or take advantage of the individually wrapped bath bombs to gift them.

  19. Recycled Tennis Racket Bottle Opener
  20. tennis-gifts-racket-bottle-opener

    Head to the clubhouse for drinks with a bottle opener handmade from a vintage wooden tennis racquet and stainless steel top. Exciting and unique with beautiful textures and details, this bottle opener is perfect for preps and sports nuts.

  21. Tennis Racket Wooden Salad Servers
  22. tennis-gifts-salad-servers

    Serve some knockout dishes with these wooden Salad Servers. Made from solid beech wood, these Wimbledon-worthy spoons are built to last. You can serve up and smash a grand slam in the dinner party department in a classic tennis racket design. It’s a great gift for tennis and salad lovers alike. Take these with you at a picnic, BBQ, or dinner party. 

  23. Hystrada Cooling Towels (4-Pack)
  24. gifts-for-tennis-players-towels

    With Hystrada Instant Cooling Towels, carrying your cooling device wherever you go is possible. A Hystrada Chilly towel and a water source are all you need to help you beat the heat in the harshest of environments. The innovative weaving design of fabric achieves its cooling power by drawing heat away from the body as water evaporates from the towel and releasing it into the open air. Thus gradually reducing your body temperature.

  25. Do Not Disturb Socks 
  26. tennis-gifts-do-not-disturb-socks

    These funny gag gift socks make a great Father’s Day gift idea for that dad in your life who likes to kick his feet up and watch the tennis match! So whether lounging around all day or being productive, these comfortable and stylish socks will be your favorite pair! 

  27. Serve Me Wine Glass
  28. tennis-gifts-wine-glass

    This Serve Me Wine glass makes a great gift idea for that BFF who loves tennis, wine, and puns! A family-owned company in the USA permanently etches this stemless wine glass, so it won’t wear out over time. It also holds 15oz of your favorite beverage, making it the perfect post-tennis treat! 

  29. Tennis Player Survival Kit Makeup Bag 
  30. tennis-gifts-makeup-bag

    This cute tennis player makeup bag is an excellent gift for the girl who loves tennis and keeping her essentials organized! So share your love of tennis with the world with this adorable tennis player makeup travel bag, and always be ready for what comes next! 

  31. Tennis Racquet Keychain
  32. tennis-gifts-racquet-keychain

    This adorable tennis ball and tennis racquet keychains are the perfect stocking stuffers for that new driver! Whether you want to get one for an individual or a bunch for the whole family, this bestseller is a must-have! Do tennis pros like Serena Williams and Raphael Nadal have these same keychains? Maybe. Should you? Absolutely! 

  33. Tennis Tumbler


    Please give them a glass of wine, tennis style! This is a great stocking stuffer gift idea or a tremendous birthday present for the tennis lover in your life! The stainless steel tumbler holds 12 ounces.

  35. Tennis-Themed Hair Ties 
  36. tennis-gifts-hair-ties

    Spread and express your pride in tennis with these tennis hair ties. These fold-over elastic hair ties are made with no crease ribbon that doesn’t pull and dent your hair like traditional ponytail holders. Adorable, you’ll hurry to show it to your friends and family!

  37. Vibration Dampener 
  38. tennis-gifts-vibration-dampener

    Every word has power. Every word is essential. Are you losing? You can change the game with positive thinking. We know that in tennis, small things make the difference. BusyBee strives to use the best materials, and these fun dampeners help kill unwanted vibrations from contact while preserving some of the natural feels. 

  39. Tennis Butts Decal Stickers 
  40. tennis-gifts-decal-stickers

    TennisButts are the perfect tennis gift or accessory for every tennis player! It is a decal that easily adheres to your tennis racket’s bottom or ‘butt’ to give players a fun option when spinning their racket to determine who serves first. This six-pack box of 6-packs gives you twelve total decals, making it a great gift idea for the tennis team! 

  41. Durable Waterproof Tennis Bag
  42. tennis-gifts-tennis-bag

    This waterproof tennis bag is the perfect accessory for you or a loved one. Keep all your tennis gear dry and clean with this awesome tennis backpack! It has multiple pockets and an independent shoebox to store all items, like a water bottle. This tennis bag is the practical gift idea your loved one has been waiting for! 

  43. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach
  44. tennis-gifts-eye-coach

    Were you looking for an at-home way to practice all the game’s finer details? This Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach ball machine is the perfect gadget to help you dominate your next tennis tournament. Forget the lucky tennis socks or tennis shoes. You need a practical piece of tennis equipment to help you get better! Any level and any age improves immediately and forever. Increase your sweet spot hits by over 40 percent. Practice 30 different skills, including great topspin, while dramatically reducing mishits. This eye coach will help you increase power, speed, and accuracy.

  45. Tennis Ball Travel Tumbler
  46. tennis-gifts-travel-tumbler

    Whether you use it to stay hydrated on the tennis court or as your go-to coffee mug while traveling the globe, the double-wall insulated construction keeps hot and cold drinks cold for hours. This travel tumbler holds up to 24oz of your favorite beverage and will quickly become your favorite travel mug! 

  47. Tennis Ball Pick-Up Hopper
  48. tennis-gifts-hopper

    It all comes down to our passion and commitment to elevate the game of tennis for millions of players everywhere, and you can’t argue with results. Innovations like this ball hopper have helped Wilson lead on tour, with more Grand Slams being won with a Wilson racquet than any other brand. This portable ball basket can hold up to 75 tennis balls and is a must-have for practice on the court! 

  49. A Day Without Tennis Notebook Journal 
  50. tennis-gifts-notebook-journal

    This fun notebook journal is an excellent gift for the table tennis or traditional tennis player who needs to get their thoughts out on paper! Journaling can be incredibly therapeutic, and having a notebook at your fingertips is always handy. This notebook is 6×9 inches, making it small enough to carry around but big enough to use quickly! 

  51. Organic Muscle Rub
  52. tennis-gifts-muscle-rub

    Muscles can hold a grudge. So whether you’ve spent the day gardening, playing tennis, hiking, moving boxes, or lifting children, it will take something serious to get your various parts to forgive you. This soothing rub brings the hot-and-cold sensation of menthol. It boosts it with different natural oils: peppermint, basil, cinnamon, citronella, ginger, grapefruit, juniper, lemongrass, spearmint, and more. The ingredients work well together to negotiate some calm for your hardworking body.

  53. Men’s Adidas Performance Visor
  54. tennis-gifts-performance-visor

    This Adidas performance visor cap protects you from the sun in classic style! The pre-curved brim features a non-glare lining under the visor, which helps to keep the sun from distracting your performance. In addition, climalite wicks sweat to keep you dry in every condition, and the Climacool technology helps keep you cool and dry. 

  55. They Changed The Game Sports Book
  56. tennis-gifts-sports-book

    Sports history is full of hard-won victories, but they weren’t about being faster or scoring more points. Vibrantly illustrated by 22 international artists, this book tells 50 stories of landmark triumphs, social progress, and curious facts in athletics. Spanning sports of all kinds, from football and tennis to speed skating and the Paralympic Games, this book celebrates how our most beloved pastimes evolved—and the trailblazers who made it all happen.

  57. Funny Coffee Mug
  58. tennis-gifts-coffee-mug

    This funny ceramic coffee mug is an excellent gift for that self-congratulating tennis player in your life! He might not play with Roger Federer in the US Open, but your dad is a fantastic tennis player or a big tennis fan! So give him the Father’s Day gift of a funny coffee mug! 

  59. Love Tennis Hoodie Sweatshirt
  60. tennis-gifts-love-hoodie

    This Love Tennis hoodie sweatshirt is an excellent gift for tennis fans who want to stay warm! The classic hoodie look is brought to life, enabling you to show your love for tennis. This hoodie comes in four colors: 50% cotton, 50% polyester, and 100% excellent! 

  61. Personalized Team Tennis Bracelet
  62. tennis-gifts-bracelet

    This silver-tone tennis racket charm is transformed into a bangle tennis bracelet with the optional sterling silver initial charm, team year charm, and your choice of silver filled or a sterling silver bangle band. This personalized charm bracelet makes a great Christmas gift idea or birthday gift for tennis players, tennis coaches, tennis fans, or anyone else who loves the sport of tennis!