Rah, Rah, Rah! 25 Collegiate Gifts To Express School Spirit

By Candice Elliott | Updated: December 10, 2022

    The Big Ten, SEC, ACC, Ivy League. When fall rolls around, we often get nostalgic for a leafy campus. Whether college graduation was 20 years ago, they’re a current college student, or just love to tailgate during football season; we have the best collegiate gifts to show school spirit.

  1. Stainless Steel Travel Mug
  2. collegiate-gifts-mug

    This travel tumbler holds 12 ounces and can keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Maybe it’s coffee, and perhaps it’s something a bit stronger! The drinkware mug is available in several choices, including LSU, University of Kentucky, Georgia, and more. 

  3. Whiskey Glasses 
  4. collegiate-gifts-glasses

    Raise a glass to their favorite team with this set of two rocks glasses. The glasses feature various college logos, a campus map with key landmarks noted, and the college’s coordinates. Each glass holds ten ounces. 

  5. Ole Miss Tea Towel
  6. collegiate-gifts-towel

    This tea towel is perfect if you need a housewarming gift idea for a Hotty Toddy! The towel is hand-woven, hand-loomed cotton, and silk-screened using 12 colors. Part of the proceeds from each towel is donated to the college’s scholarship fund, and several colleges are available, including TCU, Texas Tech, USC, and more. 

  7. Portable Chair
  8. collegiate-gifts-chair

    Tailgating can go on for hours, so at some point, you’ll want a place to sit down! This chair includes dual cup holders, so it’s ideal. The chair can hold up to 250 pounds, folds up for easy portability, and is available with several choices of college logos. 

  9. Zippered Pouch


    Zippered pouches make a great gift because they have so many uses. Small pouches can be used in place of a purse because they’re roomy enough for the essentials and a bit more or to hold smaller items inside a bigger bag. Each design is woven, not printed into the pouch, and there are several colleges to choose from. 

  11. Candle 
  12. collegiate-gifts-candle

    Colleges may not have universally recognized scents, but states do! This Michigan candle, for instance, smells of chocolate, cherry, and lemon. Whatever state their favorite college is in, there is a candle for it! The candles are made from soy wax and burn for 60-80 hours. 

  13. Cutting Board
  14. collegiate-gifts-cutting-board

    Chop up some onions or serve the perfect charcuterie on game day with this cutting and serving board. The board is made of bamboo and measures 16.8.8 inches. The cutting board is available in several college logos. 

  15. Christmas Ornament
  16. collegiate-gifts-ornament

    Most college-themed Christmas ornaments are kind of tacky, fun, but tacky. But this ornament is really elegant and beautiful! Made of pewter, there is a high level of detail, and the design is laser etched. The ornament arrives in a gift box, ready for gifting! 

  17. Sorority Necklace
  18. collegiate-gifts-necklace

    Joining a sorority can mean friends (and career contacts) for life! This sterling silver monogram sorority necklace shows which sisterhood they’re pledged to. The necklace comes in three chain lengths, and there are several fraternities to choose from. 

  19. Fleece Blanket
  20. collegiate-gifts-throw

    Roll Tide! Even in the deep south of Tuscaloosa, those late fall early winter games can get chilly! This fleece throw blanket will keep them toasty. The blanket measures 40×60 inches and is machine washable. 

  21. Tailgating Table 
  22. collegiate-gift-table

    Going to a college tailgate is a must, even if you’re not a sports fan! This table is the perfect tailgating accessory. It’s a table, a cooler, a snack holder, and a drink holder all in one. This gift is also great for RV owners and campers. 

  23. March Madness Coasters
  24. collegiate-gifts-coasters

    These coasters are a unique gift for those who take all of their sick days in March, so they don’t miss a second of the madness! The six coasters are made of PVC material and measure 4×4 inches. 

  25. Car Coasters 
  26. collegiate-gifts-coasters

    Cup holders in cars were a great invention, but car coasters make them even better! Insert these ceramic coasters into the cup holders to soak up the condensation from your drinks or leaks from when those cardboard cups start to disintegrate. There are two coasters in each order and several colleges to choose from. 

  27. Wall Decor 


    Some of your more enthusiastic fans plan their home decor around their favorite college, or at least a single room or maybe a man cave! This wrought iron wall clock is the perfect gift if you know someone like that. There are several other colleges to choose from, including Florida State, Kansas State, Alabama, and LSU. 

  29. Stadium Tote
  30. collegiate-gifts-tote

    Many sports venues have banned all bags apart from clear ones like this tote, so this is a practical gift for students and sports fans alike. The tote is made of polyester and is available in several colors. 

  31. Sweat Shirt
  32. collegiate-gifts-shirt

    Are you looking for a gift for a recent high school grad who is heading off to college soon? This classic Animal House sweatshirt makes a great graduation gift! The navy bill sweatshirt is unisex and available in several sizes. 

  33. Wallet 
  34. collegiate-gifts-wallet

    A leather wallet is a classic gift. These wallets are made from leather, and the logo is laser engraved. This wallet shows the Texas Longhorn logo and is available with several other college logos, including Wisconsin, Colorado, and NFL teams, too, and has several slots for credit cards, ID, and a bill compartment. 

  35. T-Shirts
  36. collegiate-gifts-shirt

    Logo t-shirts are ideal college gifts for hard-core fans. These t-shirts are unisex, available in several sizes, and made of 100% cotton. There are 141 colleges to choose from, so something for everyone. 

  37. Fraternity Necklace
  38. collegiate-gifts-necklace

    Joining a fraternity can mean friends (and career contacts) for life! This sterling silver fraternity necklace shows which brotherhood they’re pledged to. The necklace comes in three chain lengths, and there are several fraternities to choose from. 

  39. Throw Pillow
  40. collegiate-gifts-pillow

    Carolina Blue adds a lovely touch to any home decor color scheme! Well, Tar Heel fans certainly think so. This pillow is printed on both sides and measures 16×16 inches. The pillow is available in several college designs. 

  41. ID Case 
  42. collegiate-gifts-bag

    Sometimes you don’t want to carry around a purse or a bag, but it’s a good idea always to have your ID and maybe a credit card and a few bucks with you, and your keys, of course! This small bag can hold all of those things without being cumbersome. The pouch is available in several college designs. 

  43. Slow Cooker
  44. collegiate-gifts-slow-cooker

    If there is one thing Midwesterners love, it’s a casserole, and they can make loads of them in this slow cooker! The cooker holds six quarts, and the pot can be lifted from the casing and has closures on top to be transported to the next pot luck! The oven is available in several college logos. 

  45. BBQ Set
  46. collegiate-gifts-bbq-set

    Gameday is better with food hot off the grill, whether at home or at a tailgating party. This set includes all of the basics they need to barbecue and is available in several college designs. 

  47. Bathtub Toys
  48. collegiate-gifts-toy

    Want to make bathtime more fun? How about a bath with Harry Dog or Aubie, or Smokey? All of those college mascots and more are available in these fun bath toys. The toys are made of rubber and are a fun collectible for those who prefer showers! 

  49. Pens
  50. collegiate-gifts-pens

    Go Big Blue! There are four pens in this set, and each time a pen is clicked, it displays a different message. The ink is black, and these will send Kentucky fans wild(cat)!