25 Stress Relief Gifts For Those Who Can Use Some Zen

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 4, 2023

    Are you feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? You’re not alone, and neither are your loved ones! In today’s fast-paced, always-connected world, finding a moment of peace can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

    But fret not, because we’ve got the ultimate solution: our carefully curated list of 25 Stress Relief Gifts perfect for anyone craving serenity. Whether aromatherapy goodies, meditation aids, or self-care essentials, we’ve got something that will help transform a tense day into a Zen-like experience. So, let’s dive in and bring some much-needed calm into our lives!

  1. Damnit, Stress Relief Doll
  2. stress-relief-gifts-doll

    Stress balls are so 2020. Welcome to the stress-relieving life with one of the most unique gifts ever, the stress doll! When life gives you that crazy urge to scream and destroy, Dammit Doll is here to support you. Go ahead – THROW, SLAM, and WHACK, the ultimate stress relief tool. The Classic Dammit Doll is engineered to absorb all that negative energy so you can let go and get your happiness back on. Available here in a surprise print, but also available to purchase in a print of your choice.

  3. Shower Steamers
  4. relaxation-gifts-steamers

    Wash away all day’s stress and fatigue with these aromatherapy shower melts. They dissolve in your bathtub or shower and release aromatherapy essential oils that will help you immerse in deep relaxation.

  5. Acupuncture Mat
  6. stress-relief-gifts-mat

    A bed of needles may not sound appealing, but once you experience its benefits, you may not want to leave it! The Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set takes the healing concept of acupressure treatment and turns it into an easy, at-home remedy for stiff muscles, back and neck pain, insomnia, and more. The cushioned mat and pillow are covered in thousands of plastic needle points to promote restoration throughout your body.

  7. Calm The F*ck Down
  8. stress-relief-gifts-coloring

    Perfect for those who like their self-help with some sass! Calm the F*ck Down adult coloring book is the ideal way to unwind and relax those with a subversive and irreverent sense of humor. Color the things you can’t say. Images include Beautiful abstract doodles, animals, people, and fairies. Each has its sassy quip like “Home is where the vodka is,” “Su,ck it up buttercup,” and “Dance like no one attractive is watching,” and other humorous and subversive sayings.

  9. Five Minute Journal
  10. stress-relief-gifts-journal

    Using the science of positive psychology to improve happiness, The Five Minute Journal focuses your attention on the good in your life. Improve your mental well-being and feel better every day. The Five Minute Journal helps you cultivate gratitude. It changes how you think, your actions, and, therefore the results you will create…negativity be gone! With a simple structured format that takes just 5 minutes.

  11. Fit For A Queen
  12. gift-sets-for-women-royal-box

    This is one helluva candida ate for a gift box of the year. It’s classy (and British) and contains a “queen” coffee mug with crown lid, a notebook with crown pencil, a “queen bee” trinket tray, a lavender candle, a “hello gorgeous” makeup pouch, two bath bombs, and four shower steamers. Plus, a greeting card, all in a royal blue “fit for a queen” box. Pick-me-up me up for anyone who needs a minute.

  13. Smudge Kit
  14. stress-relief-gifts-smudge

    Smudging is a simple ritual designed to clear negative energy. It helps to purify, re-energize, restore, cleanse, and balance you or your space, yourself, or another person with peace, calm, and positive intentions. This kit is a beautiful gift for a housewarming, show love to yourself or a loved one, or any special occasion. Includes clear instructions to get immediately get away and explain which smudge stick is recommended for which event. This smudge set has all the good vibes. 

  15. Hammock Chair
  16. stress-relief-gifts-hammock

    Swing into relaxation with the EverKing hanging rope hammock chair swing seat! Home is where you hang your hammock! This comfortable and trendy hammock swing is the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space. It features a colorful striped design with a seat back and seat cushions for optimal relaxation. Comfortable lounge, read, stargaze, or nestle into a cozy “cocoon” in the backyard, campground, or exotic location!

  17. Warmies Slippers
  18. relaxation-gifts-slippers

    These adorable Warmies Boots are made from luxurious soft fur and are gently scented with relaxing French lavender. Pop them in a microwave for 90 seconds to provide an hour of soothing warmth and comfort. 

  19. Neck and Back Massager
  20. stress-relief-gifts-massager

    Relaxation gifts don’t come much better than an in-home massager! Too busy for the spa? Zyllion’s new Shiatsu Pillow Massager lets you enjoy a fantastic Shiatsu-style massage anytime, anywhere! Use it as a foot, scalp massager, or anywhere else that needs deep relaxation. The four deep-kneading rotating nodes work wonders to relieve aches, knots, and muscle tension. Sit back, press the ‘On’ button, and let your stress melt away. 

  21. Ayurveda Inspired Healthy Chocolate Bars
  22. stress-relief-gifts-chocolate

    Nothing a little chocolate can’t fix. A Perfect Post-Dinner Treat: Who needs high-calorie, elaborate desserts when healthier options are available? Well, an Elements Truffles Chocolate Bar is just the correct answer – these healthy chocolate bars combine the freshness & coolness of natural peppermint with the unmistakable sweetness of lavender. Try a couple of these raw chocolate bars after you’ve had your dinner for a good night’s sleep. Inspired by Ayurveda for Better Eating Habits, Ayurveda, the millennia-old Indian science of medicine, insists on following healthy eating habits without sacrificing taste.

  23. Portable Sound Machine
  24. stress-relief-gifts-sound-machine

    An unobtrusive blanket of sound fades into the background and then masks noises that might otherwise wake or disturb you – even in noisy hotel rooms. Choose from bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf, then set your volume. Rohm lets you take control of your sound environment, whether you’re traveling or at home. Rohm is compact and lightweight, so it fits easily in a carry-on bag. And it’s USB rechargeable, too!

  25. Mist Your Mood Spray
  26. stress-relief-gifts-mist

    Lavender and chamomile are gentle herbs that bring peace of mind. Chamomile helps lull you to sleep with its soft fragrance, while Lavender helps calm your mind and relax your body. Together, these herbs will have you resting easily. Awaken your senses and boost your mood. This aromatherapy mist contains distilled water and a blend of all-natural essential oils that help you reboot your day.

  27. Meditation Pillow
  28. stress-relief-gifts-pillow

    Meditation time will become a ritual you’ll crave with this comfortable and versatile meditation bolster from Ajna Wellbeing. Your legs, lower back, ankles, and knee joints will thank you, as Ajna’s multipurpose seat alleviates aches, pain, and numbness that stand in the way of achieving peace of mind—a great gift for your favorite yogi.

  29. Headspace Subscription
  30. stress-relief-gifts-headspace

    This stress-relieving gift is a bestseller for apparent reasons. Know someone who could use a little more peace of mind? Please give them the gift of health and happiness with a subscription to Headspace. Learn to meditate and live mindfully with hundreds of themed sessions on everything from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety—bite-sized guided meditations for busy schedules.

  31. Weighted Blanket
  32. stress-relief-gifts-weighted-blanket

    Using a weighted blanket helps relax your body by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged, making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night. The 7-layer system is designed to comfortably surround your body and form your shape while you sleep, and the MORE glass beads & less fiberfill design offer better temperature control.

  33. Bath Bombs
  34. stress-relief-gifts-for-women-bath-bombs

    Made with premium ingredients in California, you get a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. The exquisite smells will capture your mind and body when they arrive at your doorstep. From that point on, it’s just magic. Bathe in the soothing and silky waters without staining your tub. Use it as a hot bath bomb or a shower steamer.

  35. Skin Renewing Face Masks
  36. stress-relief-gifts-masks

    A face mask applied, a bubble bath is drawn—that’s all we need to unwind. But the key is keeping those supplies on hand before the next long day hits. That’s where we come in. Our renewing, heaven-scented kits come with ingredients for fifteen face masks each. Choose from a balancing set with skin-calming rose petal treatments, and go for the “glow” spirulina masks. Or give your skin a quick detox with a set of charcoal treatments. They make “total package” gifts for friends who could use downtime. 

  37. Chill Pill Phone Cover
  38. If your best friend needs a great gift that won’t break the bank, consider this Chill Pill phone case! Just a friendly reminder to chill out. Spice up your phone with the Chill Pill cover from Ban. Do. It is inspired by all things fun – disco balls, confetti cannons, fizzy cocktails – Ban.do specialize in gifts and accessories that pack a stylish punch. 

  39. Grow Tranquility
  40. stress-relief-gifts-grow

    Grow some anxiety relief. Growing a garden is not so different from meditating: Both take practice, care, and attention. Bring a touch of mindfulness to your gardening with this seed kit designed to bring you serenity. Start growing inside your home, then transfer the herbs to a sunny window or outdoor space.

  41. Relaxer Tea
  42. stress-relief-gifts-tea

    This flowery herbal tea combo of lavender and chamomile proves that tranquility and calm can be found during even the most hectic days. Enjoy hot or iced, plain or sweetened with sugar or a touch of honey. This Relaxer blend has the perfect calming effect with herbal & rooibos teas with natural ingredients. It produces a relaxing effect for both your body & mind. At Tiesta Tea, we aim to make understandable, accessible, and affordable loose-leaf teas.

  43. Essential Oil Diffuser 
  44. cute-christmas-gifts-difuser

    The aroma diffuser gives a touch of zen-style to fit your workspace or home. The diffuser adopts ultrasonic technology that provides whisper smooth mist and pleasant aromas to create a calm, relaxing environment, soften and moisten dry and chapped skin, and help you breathe better in winter. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil blend. It can help remove bad odors and bring a fresh and clean scent to your space.

  45. Soothing Candle
  46. stress-relief-gifts-candle

    Stimulate your senses, bring balance to your mood, bring those stress levels down, and delight in your surroundings with the fragrances of Seeking Balance. Designed using the science of aromatherapy and color therapy, with the addition of the soft crackle of a sustainable wooden wick, Seeking Balance will deliver benefits beyond the candle itself. All Root candles are made in the USA with rich, lasting fragrances infused with essential oils for exceptional fragrance delivery. Root manufactures its own custom wicks with natural cotton (both lead and zinc-free) that self-extinguish.

  47. Body Exfoliating Sugar Cubes Gift Set
  48. stress-relief-gifts-sugar-scrub

    We know bath salts are one of the best stress relief gifts you can give, but have you tried a sugar scrub? They’re fantastic. At the end (or the beginning) of a long day, your nurturing side says, “I deserve the soothing self-care of an indulgent sugar scrub.” Feed that nurturing side. This set of three includes relaxing lavender, stimulating citrus, and exhilarating peppermint.

  49. Foot Repair Mask
  50. Our poor feet go through a lot, holding up our weight, carrying us from place to place, being crammed into high heels. This ultra-rich formula is blended with deeply nourishing shea butter for maximum moisture and skin-loving coconut oil for baby-soft, renewed skin. Calming, cooling, and moisturizing all at once, it’s like a mini spa day for feet. 

    What are the best stress relief gifts?

    Frazzled. Burnt out. Exhausted. Sound like the person you’re shopping for? Then give them a present that will help them unwind. There are all types of stressors in day-to-day life. If you want to help someone take a load off with some self-care, our gift guide has the perfect gift ideas for your friend or family member who can relax. We have many stress relief gifts to help them relax, refresh and renew.

    If you want to help someone take a load off with some self-care, our gift guide has the perfect gift ideas for your friend or family member who can relax. Our gift guide has all kinds of stress relief gifts and wellness gifts you can give to the most stressed-out individual in your life.