23 Honorable Gifts for Lawyers and Law Students

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: May 25, 2023

    It’s not easy getting into law school, and it is just as hard to get out. It takes focus, determination, and lots of caffeine.  We cross-examined these lawyer gifts and found no objections. Whether they need some relaxation or motivation, our gift guide has unique gift ideas for your favorite lawyer student or lawyer. Case Closed.

  1. Briefcase For Her
  2. gifts-for-lawyers-briefcase-her

    The leather briefcase features a front flap pocket design with magnetic closure that can hold many items in all of its perfectly placed pockets. Four metal rivets protect the bottom of the bag from abrasion and keeps the bag stand up by itself. It can be used as a top-handle handbag, shoulder bag, or crossbody bag, briefcase with a non-slip adjustable and removable leather strap—functional and stylish lawyer gift.

  3. Briefcase For Him
  4. gifts-for-lawyers-briefcase

    Don’t worry. We didn’t forget about him. Whether they are headed to the office, school, or going off the grid, this functional bag is elegant and durable. If you’re looking for a combination of retro and modern styles, look no further. It’s made of leather and designed with top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, you could use it as a handbag, shoulder bag or cross-body bag.

  5. Stress Relief Candle
  6. gifts-for-lawyers-candle

    The Perfect 3-Wick Candle! Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of soy-based wax and wicks that won’t burn out, our candles melt consistently & evenly, radiating enough fragrance to fill an entire room. Topped with a decorative lid! The perfect gift for any lawyer or student who needs a breather once in a while.

  7. Apple Watch
  8. gifts-for-lawyers-apple-watch

    Between all the meetings, phone calls, classes, and their social life (if they still have one), they must keep their life in order. The Apple Watch is designed to participate in nearly every moment of your day, keeping your schedule and your health on track.

  9. Glass Ceiling Necklace
  10. gifts-for-lawyers-necklace

    The Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace is a tribute to all the women who have ever crushed it. This modern pendant’s focal point is a piece of manually cracked glass that symbolizes all the milestone breakthroughs achieved by women past, present, and future. It’s displayed between two solid panes, and the design is finished with a satin sterling silver setting and chain. A thoughtful gift for a strong woman!

  11. Elegant Decanter Set
  12. gifts-for-lawyers-decantar

    Whether neat scotch, manhattans, or mixed drinks, elegance will always be in hand with this drinkware, which is carefully designed to maintain taste and temperature and render to every sip a unique and delectable touch. This ultimate whiskey set is a must-have if you are a whiskey lover, liquor connoisseur, or a spirits enthusiast home bar (or work bar). Are they more of a wine person? This wine decanter is as functional as it is beautiful.

  13. Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  14. gifts-for-lawyers-RBG

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg never asked for fame—she has only tried to make the world a little better and a little freer. But nearly a half-century into her career, something funny happened to the octogenarian: she won the internet. Across America, people who weren’t even born when Ginsburg first made her name as a feminist pioneer are tattooing themselves with her face, setting her famously searing dissents to music, and making viral videos in tribute.

  15. Scales of Justice Tie Clip


    This stainless steel tie clip is engraved with the scales of justice symbol, perfect for lawyers, pre-law, and law school graduates. This item will arrive in a blue organza gift bag. Pair it with these cool gavel cuff links for a great gift.

  17. Kate Spade Lets Do Lunch Business Card Holder
  18. gifts-for-lawyers-card-holder

    Whether she’s making plans for a power lunch with a new client or catching up with a friend over cobb salads at brunch, get networking while keeping her cards safely stowed in our silver-plated card case, engraved with the phrase ”let’s do lunch”.

  19. Because of Client’s Stemless Wine Glass
  20. gifts-for-lawyers-wine-glass

    They all have those clients that push them to drink. They’ll enjoy a relaxing evening with their new favorite stemless wine glass. The 15oz Libbey all-purpose glass is great for cocktails or any beverage of their choosing. 

  21. Book Page Holder
  22. gifts-for-lawyers-bookmark

    Lawyers always have their nose in a book. This page holder is the accessory they never knew you needed until they try it. As a lightweight page holder, the BookWorm will allow you to multitask with one-handed reading and hold pages for you to go back too. Now you can sip your wine, hold a pen, pet your dog, or check on your cooking all while reading.

  23. Haikus for Law Students
  24. gifts-for-lawyers-book

    Haikus for Law Students is a collection of 105 haikus. Topics range from life as a law student to famous cases, from the grim reality of student loans and finals to quick summaries of law.  Whether you’re a law student or lawyer or buying a gift for one, Haikus for Law Students is sure to provoke a good belly laugh and provide some guilt-free entertainment.  Begin reading Haikus for Law Students today to develop your love for brevity!

  25. Leather Portfolio


    Eye-catching sleek envelope-style construction with a cream-colored faux leather exterior and stitching on the borders makes it perfect for a modern-day professional looking to stay relevant.

  27. Instapot
  28. gifts-for-lawyers-instapot

    Pulling in those long hours, they don’t have the time or energy to cook every night. This little guy can make that happen. Combines seven kitchen appliances in 1 to save you space, including a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, and warmer. It monitors pressure, temperature, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration to achieve your desired results.

  29. Lap Desk
  30. gifts-for-college-students-lap-desk

    This lap desk is built with an environmentally friendly wooden panel and dual bolster cushions for comfort and support. It can be used while lying on your bed or sofa or while traveling. The laptop desk comes with a tablet holder, pen holder, and phone holder so you can have everything in one place. The wrist pad provides a comfortable position to place your wrist while also preventing the computer from slipping off. 

  31. Constitution Tie
  32. gifts-for-lawyers-tie

    Bring the Founding Fathers’ style to your wardrobe with this silk tie that honors the foundation of American democracy. The revolutionary tie features a faithful facsimile of the Constitution, with the iconic opening phrase “We the People” front and center. Designed by Josh Bach, each design is printed on fine, imported silk, and then hand finished.

  33. Reusable Tote


    Great for carrying extra books or papers to the school or packing your lunch for the office this sturdy tote has got your back. It can also be used as their favorite grocery bag, library tote, or beach tote. 

  35. Coffee Mug
  36. gifts-for-lawyers-mug

    This mug is a funny gag gift or birthday for any lawyer or law student who needs their daily caffeine fix. This traditional 11-ounce white ceramic coffee mug is perfect for any hot beverage. Whether drinking your morning coffee at work or sipping on a hot cup of tea at home, this mug is up to the task. A funny gift for any legal professional.

  37. Law School in a Box
  38. gifts-for-lawyers-box

    Who Needs the Ivy League? This handsome metal box features a complete legal education, courtesy of the distinguished faculty at Mental Floss magazine. Contents include a comprehensive textbook, law school in 96 pages, ten heroes of the courtroom trading cards, ten extra credit flashcards, bar exam trivia challenge, and rolled college diploma with real Latin words.

  39. MLK Justice Poster


    Dr. King wasn’t a lawyer but he was one of history’s great fighters of injustice. This poster displays one of his most profound quotes. The poster measures 11×17 inches and comes unframed. 

  41. Evidence Zipper Pouch
  42. gifts-for-lawyers-evidence

    Reusable zippered pouch eliminates the need for many types of disposable baggies. Perfect size for carrying makeup, or keys and a wallet. Made from post-consumer recycled content. 

  43. Scales of Justice Socks
  44. gifts-for-lawyers-socks

    Whether you’re struggling to study for the LSAT or just dealing with a difficult case, we got you. Our Tip the Scales will help you get through any case.

  45. Divorce Papers Candle


    Nothing captures the rich parchment of a legal document declaring an end to your failed marriage like our candle, Freshly Signed Divorce Papers. It’s not like everyone around you didn’t see this coming, and with the light from this candle now, you can see it too. Part happy, part sad, a little relieved, and unsure of your future financial stability: the complex emotions of divorce are captured in this very complex candle. It will be a big hit at the law firm. The best gift for a divorce lawyer.