24 Boozy Gift Ideas For People Obsessed With Their Home Bar

Updated on January 17, 2022 Updated on Jan 17, 2022
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    Home bars have gained popularity these days because you don’t need a lot of squares. There is so many stylish and space-savvy way to have a happy hour in your own home. If you have a friend or relative who is obsessed with their home bar (or dreams of), our gift guide has some of our favorite home bar gift ideas.

  1. Badass Whiskey Decanter
  2. home-bar-gifts-decanter

    This unique handcrafted, lead free decanter has an intricate handcrafted ship in striking detail, transporting you to the sea and the beauty of the ocean. The dispenser is made of 304 stainless steel, rust-resistant and leak-proof, tight-fitting glasses stopper to keep your drink fresh and flavorful. Brings you a better whiskey drinking experience. It comes with two whiskey glasses. The perfect gift for a whiskey lover.

  3. If Alcohol Could Talk Coasters
  4. home-bar-gifts-coasters

    Protect your table or bar with these hilarious high-quality coasters. Sure to put a smile on your face, these natural handmade coasters are functional and durable. Place them under cold cocktails or hot mugs of coffee, and you won’t have to worry about your countertop getting damaged by moisture from drinkware. You can even use our slate coaster for burning your favorite scented candles. It would make for a great housewarming gift too!

  5. Drink Smoker
  6. bourbon-gifts-smoker


    The ultimate bar tool. The smoking box reinvigorates your familiar cocktails with complexity and depth using actual wood smoke. Double-sided “pass-through” doors make for an exciting, interactive cocktail experience. Experiment with various types of woods, dried herbs, and spices, and great for smoking your favorite foods too. It comes with a handheld smoker and wood smoking chips. Hop on a barstool and get ready for an amazing cocktail experience.

  7. Skull Ice Maker
  8. amazon-gifts-under-skull-cubes

    Drink in style. Cooler. Longer. Better. It’s time to reinvent the way you enjoy your drinking. And what’s better to use than Dine Asia’s patent-pending skull ice cube maker. Imagine your drinks enjoyed longer & colder. Imagine parties with our super-cool ice skulls. Pair this with a cool ice bucket for a great gift set.

  9. Cocktail Home Decor
  10. Put some classic cocktail recipes on display with this fun wall art set. Whether you want to add a pop of color and interest to the room or are just looking to fill a blank wall, this print is perfect wall art for your home wet bar.

  11. Outdoor Bar
  12. Bring bar entertaining outside with the outdoor bar cart. This cart offers a wide serving surface and open storage below for ice buckets and liquor. Just wheel it over to the pool or hot tub. It is constructed of woven weather-resistant wicker over powder-coated steel, nothing can get between this sturdy bar cart and the next outdoor happy hour. A great addition to your patio episode.

  13. Wine Chiller
  14. home-bar-gifts-chiller


    This wine chiller enables you to store your wines bottles short & long term in a consistent, stable temperature environment. It allows you to customize the temperature to one that creates an ideal climate for your wines’ aging process, therefore bringing out the true characteristics and full flavor of your wines in the long term. A great wine storage solution. The chiller holds 24 bottles.

  15. Bar Cabinet
  16. Know someone whos been talking about a home bar forever but has never actually started one? Start them off with some bar furniture to store their favorite wines, beer glasses, mixers and whiskey stone collection. This bar table and wine cabinet would look great in any dining room or living room. Can’t decide whether you want open or closed storage? This bar cabinet allows you to meet in the middle because it’s enclosed on all four sides, while the three metal mesh outward facing sides maintain visual transparency.

  17. Bulliet  Shot Glasses
  18. home-bar-gifts-shot-glasses

    These fun bulliet shot glasses are a must for any shot glass collection. The most interesting way to serve fun shots at your next party. Each shot glass is hand-sculpted to create a unique drinking masterpiece. This glassware set will be a great addition to their modern bar.

  19. Urban Map Whiskey Glasses
  20. home-bar-gifts-glasses

    Something about sipping a full-bodied bourbon after work brings you right back to that local watering hole where everyone did know your name. Whether you had your initials carved on the corner bar or you miss your favorite metropolis, this glass set lets you raise a toast to hidden gems and great memories with designer detail.

  21. Mixing Glass Set
  22. home-bar-gifts-mixing-set


    With your premium mixing glass, spoon, straw, ice tongs, purer, muddler, strainer, and jigger, you’ll be creating, straining, stirring & serving like a professional mixologist. Whether it’s Whiskey, a Martini, Manhattan, or an Old Fashioned, you’ll be creating, straining, & serving like a seasoned bartender. Mix with confidence, knowing that you are using a quality product made specifically for what you are doing. Mixing professional quality drinks for friends, family, and yourself, of course!

  23. Prince of Wales Bitters Bottle
  24. Exquisite replica of the Royal-inspired Bitters Bottle, originally produced for Harrod’s. Artisan-crafted with a circular body, decorated with the British royal crest. Universally usable for adding needed complexity to classic and contemporary cocktails. Fitted with a dasher top, a drop or two can drastically change the flavor profile of a drink. Excellent addition to a barware set. Pair it with a bitters recipe book to make a killer gift set.

  25. Japanese Jigger
  26. home-bar-gifts

    Designed for speed and quality, this jigger is one of the most common jigger styles behind craft bars today. This trusty Japanese style stainless steel jigger is comfortable enough for the longest shift and styled to look great in your bar bag, on your bar top, or at the finest home bar or bar cart.

  27. Hanging Cocktail Bar
  28. home-bar-gifts-hanging-bar

    Have Friends declared your craft cocktails works of art? We suggest placing your bar accessories and materials where they belong: on the wall. This minibar is made with wood and raw metal, this small, industrial-style bar features a fold-down shelf, which can serve as a mixing station or display area for your best-looking bottles and barware. Line the exposed top shelving with recipe books, potted herbs, or favorite fancy bitters. After the party, close up shop to stow all your supplies inside. It’s a clever design for small spaces, and for those whose bar carts overfloweth. 

  29. Juicer
  30. home-bar-gifts-juicer

    Citrus fruits are essential to making great cocktails. Introducing the perfectly-sized 2-in-1 manual citrus juicer that adapts to your needs! Gets every last drop out of lemons, limes and small oranges. Relieves your hands from the strain of squeezing fruits manually.
    It can be stored easily in a utensil drawer. Keeps seeds and pulp out of your cup without a separate strainer. Cleans in seconds or can be washed in the dishwasher.

  31. Martini Picks
  32. home-bar-gifts-picks

    This cocktail garnish pick set includes five 4″ skewers, with solid headpieces, lifelike pineapple, skull, bear, owl, and an octopus. Great for rock and martini glasses. Give a refined look to your gathering or merriment as general featureless garnish spears and make your drink a signature one, do not worry about getting your drinks confused with others. 

  33. Beer Growler
  34. gifts-for-beer-lovers-growler

    The most convenient, most affordable, most “go anywhere” carbonated growler ever. This 64 oz vacuum-insulated pressurized personal beverage container keeps beverages carbonated and fresh for weeks. Features a fully integrated patented automatic carbonation cap, carry handle, and locking tap so they can take their brews wherever they go—one of the best gifts for beer lovers.

  35. Whiskey Tasting Journal


    This is a great time for whiskey. Craft distillers and established whiskey makers alike are offering spirits that defy convention, and the popularity of the beverage is growing exponentially. This handsome tasting notes journal is designed to guide the whiskey enthusiast or mixologist through a personal exploration of the multifaceted spirit. 

  37. Cool AF Drink Shaker


    Welcome others to your home with this three-piece pineapple cocktail shaker, a unique tool for shaking up delicious cocktails. Made of plated Stainless Steel and comes in gold, copper, silver, black, and white. Margaritas anyone? Grab your tequila, and start shaking!

  39. Beer Growler
  40. gifts-for-beer-lovers-growler


    The burly Yukon Beer Growler holds 64 oz of your favorite brew. This thing is huge – it carries four full pints or over five bottles of beer. The vacuum-insulated stainless steel growler will keep your brew of choice cold and carbonated for over 24 hours. If your State requires a government warning printed on a growler, we’ve got you covered! The standard government warning and size are engraved on the bottom of each growler.

  41. Double Walled Stemless Wine Glasses
  42. home-bar-gifts-glasses

    This set of insulated borosilicate wine tumblers and beverage glasses that each holds 10 oz for your favorite spirts. The patented double-wall design preserves a wine’s ideal serving temperature by suspending the wine within an inner chamber. Each glass features four opposing mouth-blown dimples that allow for a natural grip.

  43. Winc Wine of the Month
  44. gifts-for-parents-wine-club

    Do they love their California Pinot Noir?  The gift of expertly curated wines is perfect for any occasion. Winc is an impressive and delightfully easy way to gift great wine. When you give a Winc gift card, you give a completely personalized experience. A card to the Winc subscription box service to get them started is a great last-minute gift for wine lovers

  45. Stainless Steel Straws


    One more step closer to an eco-friendly lifestyle. As a green alternative to plastic, these straws are safer for the environment, and reduce white pollution and protect the ocean. The modern and sleek stainless straws add fun to any party and will look great in their bar caddy.

  47. Unique Bottle Opener
  48. home-bar-gifts-bottle-opener

    Sophisticated in its rustic simplicity. A magnetized bottle opener that you will find indispensable. One magnet catches the bottle cap; the other allows the bottle opener to be kept on the fridge.