26 Wine Gifts Under $50 That Are Better Than a Bottle

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: March 20, 2023

    ’Tis the season for having no idea what to get anyone on your list. But, if you know someone that wine is their love language, it might be hard to figure out how to give them something love.

    You can grab a bottle of their favorite red and call it a day, but you could do better. From must-have wine gadgets to funny wine gifts, there’s a present for all wine-obsessed people in your life.

    Contrary to what you might think, you can still delight a wine snob with wine gifts under 50 bucks. And it’s a lot easier than trying to determine which bottle of vino floats their boat. So, pour yourself a glass and browse on: we’ve done all the thinking for you.

  1. Insulated Wine Carafe


    The human race has long searched for ways to keep wine chilled in the great outdoors. This stainless steel carafe guarantees keeping Gewürztraminer glacial and Shiraz stable for 24 hours! It holds a full bottle, 750ML, and comes in several colors.

  3. Wine Master Guide
  4. wine-gifts-wine-guide-book

    The ultimate wine gifts for oenophiles (that’s you, wine connoisseurs.) This bible’s easy-to-digest, colorful pages explore grapes, wine regions, up-and-coming wine producers, food pairings, acidity lessons, and tips to make you a wine snob that knows stuff.

  5. Wine Spill Stain Remover
  6. wine-gifts-wine-stain-remover

    Drinking a fine wine doesn’t make you immune to clumsy red wine stains. But, with a classy, wine bottle-inspired design nicknamed “The one bottle no wine lover should be without,” this little spray has received 5-star reviews from many mags and talk shows.

  7. Wine Region Poster
  8. wine-gifts-wine-poster

    A vintage poster always looks chic, especially when said poster is of Tuscan wine country. These prints are nostalgic reproductions, using high-quality, rich ink on heavyweight paper. The poster is 12″ x 16,” and you can easily pick up a frame on Amazon and still not exceed that $50.

  9. Personalized Wine Flight 
  10. wine-gifts-wine-flight

    This is surely the one thing every wine lover doesn’t know they need in their life. This “flight” is a perfect wine gift set for any occasion, featuring four stemless wine glasses and a personalized wooden paddle. The paddle comes in a natural or red-brown finish with your choice of monogram.

  11. Wine Ice Cream
  12. wine-gifts-wine-ice-cream

    Let’s be clear – this ain’t no “wine-flavored” ice cream. With 5% alcohol, you need to be over 21 to purchase from this hit New York company. Of course, we’re stretching $50 to its limit here with postage and min. Tub quota (4 pints), but your wine snob has never received such a unique gift. Ten wine-infused flavors to choose from.

  13. Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener
  14. wine-gifts-electric-wine-opener

    We dare think that 13,000 people can’t be wrong about this corkscrew, which also tops many a wine opener review. This sleek, little bestseller removes a cork in seconds with the push of a button and can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. Foil cutter included.

  15. Wine Trivia Game
  16. wine-gifts-trivia-game

    Think you know your Cabernet from your Chianti – intimately? Are you prepared to put it on the line? This game is one of the best wine gifts to pair with a bottle of vino. Answer wine production, storage, tasting, and culture questions, and collect mini wine bottles to win.

  17. Wine Bottle Pepper Mill
  18. wine-gifts-pepper-mill

    A life-sized wine bottle carved from Pennsylvania cherry wood to grind those peppercorns in style. But this baby isn’t just for looks. The mill has a restaurant-quality, hardened-steel grinding mechanism with a lifetime warranty. Engraved with a Bordeaux label and made in the USA.

  19. Wine Tasting Journal


    You don’t need to be a sommelier to enjoy the intricacies of a glass of wine – in Napa or at home. But it’s easy to forget what bottle of wine you tried and how it made you feel. This journal helps you keep track of the bottles you loved and the ones you didn’t. 

  21. Insulated Wine Tumblers
  22. wine-gifts-insulated-tumbler

    These luxe tumblers make a perfect gift – and get the job done. Copper-coated, double-walled, stainless steel keeps your Chardonnay chill, while an actual ceramic interior promises no metallic taste. Includes a cork base, BPA-free lid, and elegant gift box.

  23. Vacuum Bottle Stoppers


    Simple gift ideas are often the best gifts, and owning a set of perfect wine stoppers is a game-changer. These vacuum stoppers give open bottles of wine an airtight seal in seconds. Whether red wine or white wine, you simply insert the stopper into the bottle and pump until you hear a “click.” The set includes a wine bag. 

  25. Wine Magazine Subscription
  26. wine-gifts-magazine-subscription

    The best way to stay up-to-date on all things wine is through a monthly magazine. This 12-mth subscription of Wine Enthusiast explores news, wine regions, tasting notes, serving suggestions, and food and travel for wine drinkers. Each issue also contains a buying guide. 

  27. Wine Soap
  28. wine-soap

    Wine soap made from real wine? You better believe it. But maybe don’t go licking it, alright? This artisan soap is sure to bring a smile to your wine snob’s face and skin – it’s vegan and cruelty-free. 

  29. The Ultimate Wine Tote
  30. wine-gifts-tote-bag

    What’s wrong with your current tote bag? Yup, not enough space! If you’re going away for the weekend, you’re not taking only two bottles. This tote is wonderful for gifting. It holds six bottles of their favorite wine within its padded, insulated lining. Includes bonus corkscrew opener.

  31. Wine Glass Cleaner
  32. wine-gifts-glass-cleaner

    If you take wine seriously, you know detergent residue can affect its smell and taste, while streaky glasses look unsightly. This wine glass cleaner gives you streak-free, sparkly glassware, and doesn’t leave film nor fragrance behind. Perfect for both handwashing or the dishwasher.

  33. Wine Decanter
  34. wine-gifts-decanter
    A decanter is one of those wine accessories that wine lovers intend to buy – but often don’t get around to. This hand-blown, lead-free, crystal decanter is a bestseller and will look ultra-sophisticated as it enhances the taste of their favorite drop. 

  35. Scratch And Sniff Book
  36. wine-gifts-sniff-book

    Now, this may sound like a silly gimmick BUT it’s been concocted by a master sommelier (less than two hundred of them exist.) Through 16 “scratch and sniff” scents (and funny illustrations) you can finally better understand the main components of great wine —the fruits, the wood, and the earth. 

  37.  Wine Tote


    Perfect for summer parties and BBQs, these totes hold only one bottle but you get all three in your purchase. A fun gift set to give away – or break them up to present wine gifts to friends. Made from neoprene (wetsuit material), with a magnetic clasp, she’s beach-ready when you are.

  39. Hangover Prevention Sachets


    Simply add one of these packets to a 750 ml bottle of wine, tilt, a few times, and enjoy  Wine lovers will wonder how they’ve lived without these! It counters the elements in wine that are responsible for hangovers and other reactions. They do not impact the taste of the wine. 

  41. Stemless Glasses
  42. wine-gifts-stemless-glasses

    It can be hard to choose original glasses for a wine snob but this gift set is a fab choice. They probably don’t have many stemless choices, and these are both unique and stunning. The slanted copper design brings a touch of elegance while also playing tricks with the light.

  43. Wine Monkey
  44. wine-gifts-wine-sock

    Want to take the snobbery out of wine gifts? Then why not dress that bottle of pinot noir in an all-American, red-heeled sock monkey!? No one will take things seriously when this cheeky guy rolls in. Made from soft wool, you can also place bets on who’ll be wearing him by night’s end. 

  45. Wine Cork USB Drive
  46. wine-gifts-cork-usb

    Is there a better gift for a wine aficionado than a cork that stores their secrets… (or just an anniversary photo they need printed at Staples.) With a hearty 32 GB of memory, the drive comes concealed in a cute cork and can be plugged into anything from computers to TVs to car audio devices.

  47. Marble Wine Cooler
  48. wine-gifts-marble-wine-chiller

    There’s just something about marble for instant elegance. These table coolers are made from solid marble and look like they cost twice the price. Stone naturally keeps things cool, but you can boost the chill by popping in the fridge before serving.

  49. Wine Bottle Cheese Platter
  50. wine-gifts-cheese-platter

    What to do with all those gorgeous French wine bottles you sucked dry? This ingenious picnic set will make alfresco dining eye-catching, to say the least. Three mini midcentury-style boards fit over six wine bottle “legs.” It’s also portable for impressing at picnics and barbecues. Made in the USA.

  51. Champagne Boxed Gift Set
  52. wine-gifts-champagne-book

    One for the Champagne snobs! An incredible guide to the wines of the Champagne region, this luxury set looks expensive (and it’s won a slew of awards.) The book profiles growers, vintners, and Champagne’s epic history. While a pull-out tray houses seven vintage vineyard maps.