32 Cute AF Gifts For Best Friends That You’ll Want For Yourself

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 9, 2023

    Even though she’s your best friend (and you can finish each other’s sentences), finding uniquely cute best friend gifts can still be hard. She has been there for you through it all, so when it comes to shopping for the perfect gift, it may feel impossible to find something as unique as she is. 

    What gift should I give to my best friend?

    If you need some inspiration, our gift guide has got you covered. These gifts are the cutest ways to show your besties how much they mean to you. From cute coffee mugs to jewelry to a picture frame with photos of your favorite times together — our list of gifts for friends will indeed have something for everyone.

    So, whether you’re looking for birthday or Christmas gifts or something to make your girl squad smile, here’s your sweet AF gift guide.

  1. Beary Cute Glass Coffee Mug 
  2. cute-gifts-glass-coffee-mug

    These cute coffee tumblers are more heat-resistant than standard glass due to the use of borosilicate glass and will bring a little warmth to your best friend’s morning. Buy a set of matching – or assorted – faces to form a cute gift set. They even hold a decent 8.5 oz in each mug.

  3. Bottle Capsule Letters
  4. long-distance-relationship-gifts-love-capsules

    SMS Message? No, send her good vibes with a message in a capsule instead. With this little gift, you can send her 50 sweet notes in a bottle. So the only problem is what you want to tell your BFF. It may look like a small token of friendship, but it’s a super thoughtful friendship gift!

  5. Cute Kitchen Gadget Set
  6. cute-gifts-kitchen-gadget-set

    Outfit your BFF’s kitchen with these gorgeous, deluxe, copper-plated kitchen gadgets that may make her cook for you more often. The set includes a can-opener, ice cream scoop, peeler, pizza cutter, garlic press, cheese grater, and a whisk. Match her kitchen – or her style – with multiple color options.

  7. Flat Water Bottle
  8. cute-best-friend-gifts-water-bottle

    This sleek, flask-like bottle fits easily in a handbag, while the vibrant, soft silicone elevates it to a fashion accessory. Made from BPA-free Tritan plastic, it’ll hold 13 oz and can be safely popped into the dishwasher. 

  9. Llama Heat Wrap 
  10. cute-gifts-for-your-best-friend-llama-heating-pad

    Do cute gifts truly get any cuter than this? And, who wouldn’t love a warm llama to snuggle when it’s cold or they’re feeling under the weather? These best-sellers are loved by young and old alike, and their weight, warmth, and lavender+grain filling both soothes and calms. In addition, they’re fully microwavable for heat but can also be used as an ice compress! 

  11. Sloth Hanging Pot
  12. gifts-for-best-friend-planter

    Who could look away from the cuteness of a shiny, little ceramic sloth planter? This lazy little guy is the perfect hammock for succulents and will bring good vibes to whoever looks at him.

  13. Personalized M&Ms
  14. cute-gifts-personal-m&ms

    Nothing quite says, “You’re the best bestie ever!” like presenting her with an XOXO gift box filled with M&Ms – with your face plastered all over them. Choose any three colors and then personalize the M&Ms with a photo, a message, or both.

  15. “Cake Sprinkles” Face Mask
  16. cute-gifts-face-mask

    A wash-off facial treatment that’s just like smearing your face with a delicious cake. The mask also includes key skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane, and glacial water with hydrating rainbow sprinkles and a birthday cake scent. Perfect for birthday gifts or any day worth celebrating!

  17. Round Crossbody
  18. gifts-for-girlfriend-crossbody

    A simple, clean design that wears well with anything, this little bag is big enough to carry all her essentials without weighing her down. Perfect to fit a phone, cards, cash, keys, and chapstick, it includes strong bronze zippers to ensure it doesn’t stick.

  19. Ceramic Berry Baskets
  20. cute-gifts-ceramic-berry-basket

    Whether placed on the table or tucked into her fridge, these adorable ceramic berry baskets will surely bring a wink of whimsy to her day. You can wash, serve, and store seasonal berries in these baskets; they’re dishwasher and microwave-safe.

  21. It’s Raining Men Umbrella
  22. novelty-gifts-its-raining-men

    Forget about raining cats and dogs; it’s raining, men! This umbrella will bring sunshine to a rainy day and make the perfect gift for any gal pal. Watch her face light up as she pops open her new fave necessity. Or buy one for all the girls in your life.

  23. Nurture Nature Self-Care Package
  24. self-care-gift-basket-nature

    The Nurture by Nature’s ‘Time to Relax’ Gift Box is the perfect relaxation gift set for people who need rest, relaxation, and straight-up CALM. This box is an at-home spa day. Pamper her with natural, essential oil-based products with calming scents like Lavender, Oat, Honey, and Shea Butter. In addition, you contain the ultimate mix of Nurture by Nature luxury products to send you or a loved one into a blissful state of deep relaxation.

  25. Bad Girls Throughout History
  26. cute-gifts-best-friends-book

    The 100 revolutionary women highlighted in this gorgeously illustrated book were “bad” in the best sense of the word: they challenged the status quo and changed the rules for all who followed! From pirates to artists, warriors, scientists, activists, and spies –– their accomplishments vary as much as the eras and places in which they created change.

  27. Tiny T-Rex Best Friend Necklace 
  28. cute-gifts-for-best-friends-t-rex-necklace

    How about a dainty T-Rex necklace to wish your quirky galpal Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas? It’s a fun gift idea that can come in either gold-plated, silver-plated, or rose-gold-plated. And you can’t beat the inspirational message, “A T-Rex has short arms so that everything it holds is close to its heart.”

  29. Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera
  30. cute-gifts-for-best-friends-camera

    Fast, easy, and fun – forget computers. Forget printers. Just point and shoot the camera’s speed, which allows you to shoot a new photo while printing the previous shot. The Kodak Printomatic camera instantly prints 2×3″ photographs and uses Kodak Zink Photo Paper, so no ink cartridges, toners, or film are needed. The photo prints are durable, water-resistant, tear-resistant, and smudge-free. It comes in many bold colors, and with a compact design, it slips neatly into your shirt pocket.

  31. Unicorn-Hued Slippers
  32. cute-gifts-slippers

    These fluffy, rainbow slippers are perfect – cute to boot; open-toed for displaying her pedi; rubber, anti-slip soles so she can wear them on the patio; and a memory foam inner for maximum comfort. They’ll feel like standing on a cloud, and isn’t that the perfect holiday gift?

  33. Tassel Keychain USB Charger
  34. gifts-for-teenage-girls-charger

    You’re driving across town, and your phone’s about to die, but you don’t have a charging cable. What do you do? Why do you whip out this stylish keychain/lightning-to-USB charging cord that your best friend gave you? With a durable tassel design, these cute gifts are also helpful AF. These also make an excellent stocking stuffer.

  35. Millennial Loteria Game
  36. cute-gifts-best-friends-loteria

    OMG, can you even? This isn’t on their wishlist because they don’t know it exists. Millennial Lotería is a hilarious parody of the classic “Mexican Bingo” game Lotería, but this time, it’s way more millennial. With plenty of nostalgia and ironic humor, it’s guaranteed to make your next fiesta lit AF. 

  37. Customizable Cookies
  38. cute-gifts-for-best-friends-cookies

    Take your texting skills to the next level and tap out a personalized cookie message for the one(s) you love. But don’t stop there. What about cookie invitations, cookie business cards, and cookie haiku? A name, a date, an inside joke, an address—submit your unique message, and Celine Zhou will put it on these elegant, delicious vanilla shortbread cookies. Who knows, maybe the next Uncommon Goods catalog will be edible—a unique best friend gift and great to send to a long-distance friend.

  39. InstaPhoto Frame
  40. christmas-gift-ideas-for-friends-frame

    Grid art is a multi-picture frame that makes it easy to instantly create a custom photo collage showcasing 16 individual 4 x 4-inch photos from the most memorable times you and your best friends have spent together. Some of the best Christmas gifts are DIY and make a great keepsake! This genuinely thoughtful gift will make excellent home decor.

  41. Retro USB Mixtape 
  42. cute-gifts-for-girlfriend-tape


    Capture the vintage nostalgia of giving your best friend a “mixtape” cassette with the modern ease of a 16GB USB. These are cute AF and function similarly – you can even write the tracks on the tape. Perfect for that friend who’s leaving town or off on a long-distance road trip.

  43. Keep Going Bangle
  44. inspirational-gifts-bracelet

    The funny hidden quote engraved into this cuff makes it an inspirational gift for a close friend. Present her with a simple reminder to keep trudging forth, even on the most challenging days. It’s a simple cuff that can be worn with almost anything and will surely be a new favorite in her jewelry box. So get one for yourself and make their friendship bracelets.

  45. Airpod Case 
  46. gifts-for-best-friend-airpod-case

    Add some sass to your Air Pods with this adorable, designer case. You’ll enjoy cute, compact protection for your Air Pods that you’ll love mixing and matching with your favorite outfits. With a convenient lanyard and compatibility with wireless charging, it’s a total no-brainer.

  47. Funny Oven Mitt
  48. Have a BFF who is always in the kitchen and has a great sense of humor? Then, get right to the point with this adorable oven mitt. It will make her smile every time she goes to cook, especially during the holiday season. 

  49. Pineapple Cocktail Tumbler
  50. cute-gifts-pineapple-tumbler

    This cute-ass pineapple is made of 100% solid copper and is coated with a food-grade lacquer to stop tarnishing. It’s a cocktail mug that lasts a lifetime and creates a unique bar accessory or home décor piece. It’ll keep their drink ice cold, and the pineapple lid becomes a drink stand for the tumbler.

  51. Bike Pizza Cutter


    What a cosmopolitan way to slice a pie! This durable stainless steel, double-wheeled pizza cutter will take you on a gastronomic tour from crust to crust. It even includes a stand for your new little bike! Fun, cute gifts for any pizza lover on your list. 

  53. Beauty Headband
  54. gifts-for-teenage-girls-headband

    Who doesn’t want to look cute while removing their makeup? These stretchy makeup headbands will keep the hair out of her face while she completes her morning or evening skincare routine and is also the perfect accessory for a bad hair day around the home. Pair with a set of face masks for a great gift set.

  55. Macaron Bath Bombs
  56. cute-gifts-for-best-friends-bath-bombs

    These charming and moisturizing macaron bath bombs are a real treat! Each box includes ten sweet macarons made with moisturizing coconut oil to help nourish and soften skin. This bathroom bomb set comes in a charming package ready for gifting and is a unique gift choice for all ages.

  57. Lip Balm Trio
  58. cute-gifts-for-best-friends-gloss

    A tube for every mood. No matter which lip balms you choose, your BFF will think this trio is the bomb. The cult-favorite formula is made with a potent mix of heavy-duty hydration (castor oil, beeswax, and lanolin). It comes in three varieties that go on clear (original, as well as mint and coconut flavored) and a few sheer tints.

  59. Personalized Jewelry Tray
  60. cute-gifts-ring-tray

    If you want a personalized gift, this heart-shaped jewelry dish with a pretty gold foil script is a beautiful gift for besties. Each white dish rim is lined with metallic gold and personalized with your monogram of choice – either her name or initials – in gold foil vinyl.

  61. Notebook Set
  62. cute-gifts-for-best-friends-notebooks

    This cute set of three floral-covered notebooks features gold foil accents and will outlast any flowers. Each notebook measures 6 x 8.5 inches and is bound with sturdy baker’s twine. 

  63. Essential Oil Diffuser 
  64. cozy-gifts-diffuser

    The right scent can make a room cozier, and some added humidity can make it warmer and help keep your skin, hair, and nasal passages moist. This diffuser works double-time as a humidifier and includes ten essential oils. 

  66. Planters
  67. gifts-for-best-friend-planters


    If she’s a plant-loving gal, she’ll be excited to receive these adorable little ceramic vases. When guests notice these trendy little vessels, these cute gifts will be a great conversation starter. Pick a few of her favorite flowers to pop with it.

  68. I Want Pizza T-Shirt
  69. gifts-for-teenage-girls-t-shirt

    When you’re out and about, let people know you aren’t thinking about them with this “I Want Pizza Not Your Opinion” graphic cropped tee. Soft, stretchy cotton brings the comfort factor to these cute gifts.

  70. Travel Coffee Mug
  71. This chic “eyelash” travel mug is perfect for her favorite drink on the go! Add glam to her morning with this 16 oz double-walled BPA-free plastic travel mug. Complete with a standout gold lid. These make the best gifts for friends, sisters, and workmates.

  72. Stemless Wine Glass
  73. friendship-gifts-wine-jar

    This stemless wine glass will not only hold 14 ounces of the good stuff, but it offers a heartfelt message from you to your best friend. Made of premium quality glass, the inscription is printed with eco-friendly ink designed not to fade when washed. 

  74. Girl Power Socks
  75. amazon-gifts-under-socks

    Help her to actively and passively express how she truly feels inside. Blue Q Socks are renowned for their witty words, and these socks are made from a premium cotton-nylon blend for maximum comfort. 

  76. Soludos Women’s Wink Espadrilles
  77. cute-gifts-best-friends-shoes

    Soludos took their signature silhouette and asked NY-based artist Jason Polan to have at it. And they fell in love—the end. Every Soludos espadrille features traditional blanket stitches with enough give to mold your foot. After the first year, they will stretch for a custom-like fit.

  78. A Sephora Gift Card
  79. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-the gift-card

    I love gift cards. If you know someone who enjoys spending money, get them a gift card! You can’t go wrong! Sephora has plenty of fabulous finds if she is a makeup lover—a great last-minute gift.