33 Friendship Gifts Your Fave Gal Pal Will Adore

By Candice Elliott | Updated: November 30, 2023

    You and your best friend have been there through thick and thin, and you know you’ll be friends forever. Our besties are the only people who truly know us and are there for all the ups and downs of our lives. So, finding truly unique gifts for your friend needs a special one. 

    There are perfect gifts for every BFF out there, and we’re here to help you find them. So, we have it whether you’re looking for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or a “just because” gift to show her you care!

    From self-care and wellness gift sets, keepsakes, gadgets, and funny gifts, we know you will find something to show your person just how happy you are to have them. So here are friendship gifts for your favorite gal.

  1. Positive Energy Care Package
  2. friendship-gifts-care-package

    Is your best friend going through a rough time? This care package can’t replace you but is a nice fill-in. The care package contains a cozy fleece throw blanket, a neck pillow, an eye mask, a tote bag, and extra fluffy socks. 

  3. Personalized Hug Gift Box
  4. friendship-gifts-box

    If you can’t hug her, send your friend the ultimate in good vibes with this deluxe spa gift box to soothe her worries! You can customize a personal note to her and have her name on the box’s lid for that special touch. 

  5. Long Distance Touch Bracelets
  6. long-distance-gifts-bracelets

    A thoroughly modern friendship bracelet, Bond Touch is quite the thing for long-distance relationships. Here’s how they work: when you touch your bracelet, the wearer of the other bracelet will feel a gentle vibration–– no matter where they are on the planet! It can also light up in the color of your choosing.

  7. Funny Scented Candle
  8. friendship-gifts-candle

    True friends share a sense of humor; your best friend will appreciate this funny gift, especially if you share a somewhat dark sense of humor. Made of soy wax, the candle burns for 50+ hours and smells like citrus, lavender, and wood. 

  9. Weekend Bag
  10. 40th-birthday-gifts-bag

    Girl’s trip! If you head out on a new adventure together, she will need an overnight bag. This bag has several compartments to keep things organized, including a separate shoe section in the base. It makes a great overnight bag, gym bag, or carry-on. 

  11. Friendship Postcards
  12. friendship-gifts-postcards

    A text or an email is excellent, but nothing beats getting a piece of old-fashioned snail mail. So that’s what these fun postcards are for. The set includes 30 different postcards and envelopes, each with a unique message and design. The backs are blank so that you can have a personal message. 

  13. Cashmere Scarf


    Every woman should have a good cashmere scarf in their wardrobe, and this is gorgeous! Made in Germany, the scarf is 100% cashmere and is hand-washed or dry-clean only. In addition, the scarf is available in several colors.

  15. Keepsake Box
  16. friendship-gifts-box

    This wooden box is perfect for keeping mementos of the fun times you and your best friend have shared: concert tickets, vacation photos, notes, cards, and shells from your annual trip to the beach… The box is made of mango wood and engraved with the Tree of Life. 

  17. Cocktail Mixers
  18. friendship-gifts-mixer

    Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? No one I know! These Craftmix kits make whipping up a cocktail easy and healthier. They’re made with all-natural ingredients and are vegan, low carb, low calorie, low sugar, gluten, dairy, soy-free, and non-GMO! Just stir in the booze, and voila! A cocktail. This set contains 12 pouches in four flavors.

  19. Vintage Leather Journal
  20. friendship-gifts-journal

    This beautiful leather journal is stunning. Hand-stitched by artisans, it’s filled with 240 pages of handmade cotton paper and has a sturdy binding, so the pages don’t come loose. 

  21. Travel Jewelry Case
  22. best-friend-gifts-bag

    Is your best friend the kind of person who feels naked if not properly accessorized? Then she’ll love this travel-sized jewelry organizer. Earnings, rings, and necklaces have separate storage areas so things won’t get tangled up or separated. And it won’t take up much room in their carry-on as it measures just 9 x 6 x 1.5 inches.

  23. Rose Gold Leaf Necklace
  24. friendship-gifts-necklace

    This sweet gift set includes a beautiful rose gold filigree necklace made from a natural leaf and zinc alloy, a 24-inch snake chain with a lobster clasp, and a greeting card that will share with your best friend the words you might have difficulty saying. 

  25. Long-Distance Coffee Mug
  26. friendship-gifts-coffee-mug

    This coffee mug can be customized with hair color and style, names, and states representing you and your best friend. It’s the perfect long-distance friendship gift. The mug is made of ceramic and holds 11 ounces.

  27. DIY Herb Garden Kit
  28. friendship-gifts-herb-garden

    Does your friend love to cook? Do they live in an apartment? Do they already own a ton of succulents? Then they’ll love this DIY window sill herb garden. But, of course, growing their own will save a ton of money, and this kit includes everything needed to grow nine different herbs. 

  29. Going Places Necklace
  30. friendship-gifts-necklace

    Are you looking for a graduation gift for your BFF? This necklace is perfect for the occasion. The compass charm will help guide her to all the places she dreams of going. Made of metal alloy, the chain measures 16.5 inches. 

  31. Stemless Wine Glass
  32. friendship-gifts-wine-jar

    This stemless wine glass will hold 14 ounces of the good stuff and offer a heartfelt message from you to your best friend. Made of premium quality glass, the inscription is printed with eco-friendly ink designed not to fade when washed. 

  33. Cute Tote Bag
  34. friendship-gifts-bag


    You can never have too many tote bags, and this Pooh + Piglet friendship bag will be a welcome addition to their collection. The bag is made of 100% cotton, softer than canvas but just as durable, and measures 13 x 16 inches. It’s an incredibly thoughtful gift for a writer.

  35. Cheese Board and Knife Set
  36. friendship-gifts-cheese-board

    Once this deluxe is set in their life, they’ll want to eat nothing but cheese and charcuterie boards! The bamboo board has three drawers, four stainless steel cheese knives, two ceramic sauce bowls, two white markers, two black slate labels, four small forks, a wine opener, and a cheeseboard guide. Wowzers!

  37. Tinder Nightmares
  38. friendship-gifts-funny-book

    Is your friend still looking for Mr/Miss Right? If so, they know that you have to kiss many (many) frogs before you find that prince/princess. And a lot of those frogs are on Tinder. This book tells tales of some of the funniest Tinder online dating nightmares. If nothing else, she’ll get a damn good laugh.

  39. Leather Roll-Up Cable Organizer
  40. friendship-gifts-cable-organizer

    This elegant leather cable organizer will help keep their purse, tote bag, or carry-on bag more organized and keep all those cords, chargers, and earbuds in place and tangle-free. In addition, it won’t take up much space; it measures just 9 x 4.5 inches when rolled up. 

  41. Friendship Bangle
  42. friendship-gifts-bracelet

    This simple, elegant friendship bangle says, “A true friendship is a journey without an end.” However, you can also choose from a decent amount of other quotes. Made of metal, it’s adjustable and will fit most wrists. 

  43. Kate Spade Travel Mug
  44. friendship-gifts-tumbler

    Whether she fancies hot lattes or iced hibiscus tea, this will be her go-to tumbler. It holds 16 oz, features a slim design that’s easy to carry and fits most standard cupholders. The non-toxic materials mean you can sip without worry, while the double-walled design keeps your travel cup hot or cold. 

  45. Trinket Dish
  46. gifts-for-best-friends-dish

    We can’t choose our family, but we can choose friends who become family – our soul sisters! That’s the sweet sentiment of this trinket dish. The dish can be used on the bedside table, by a sink, or near the front door to hold jewelry, keys, spare change, or other small items. Gifting something beautiful and valuable is always a win! 

  47. Handmade Crystal Vase
  48. friendship-gifts-vase

    This handmade, lead-free glass vase will make an excellent gift for a friend’s birthday or Mother’s Day. The antique-looking Waterford Marquis vase is perfectly shaped and sized to display fresh or dried flowers. Fill it with her favorite flowers! This will become your best friend’s favorite piece of home decor. 

  49. Wine Labels
  50. friendship-gifts-wine-label

    Here’s a game-changer! Enjoy wine with your BFF (as usual) but with a brand new look –  your wine label features a caricature of you and your best friend on every bottle. So peel and stick to your fave bottle of wine and surprise her with this “new” vintage—the perfect stocking stuffer.

  51. Heart Necklace
  52. friendship-gifts-heart-necklace

    This heart-shaped friendship necklace makes a perfect long-distance friendship gift. Your good friends are always in your heart, no matter how many years and miles lie between you. The pendant is made of sterling silver and includes an 18-inch cable chain. 

  53. Platters + Boards Cookbook
  54. friendship-gifts-cookbook

    Haven’t we all wished we could throw together a more inspiring cheese board? This book contains 40 contemporary spreads with easy recipes and helpful tips so your BFF can be entertaining with style quickly. Recipes include ideas for breakfast, brunch, appetizers, antipasto, charcuterie, and cheese boards. Pair it with a cheeseboard for a great holiday gift set.

  55. Willow Tree Box
  56. friendship-gifts-willow-tree

    This keepsake box from bestseller and famed “heartstring-puller” Willow Tree celebrates gal pals with a sweet carving and a beautiful quote written inside:” Forever accurate, forever friends.” It’s perfect for jewelry or small valuables and will remind her of your bond whenever she uses it.

  57. Sterling Silver Keychain
  58. This sterling silver keychain makes a perfect best-friend gift. Not only is it beautiful and sturdy, but it’s a sweet reminder of your love whether they’re across the country or just went to the supermarket to buy milk. The compass keychain is the best gift idea for a  long-distance friend.

  59. Burt’s Bees Gift Box
  60. friendship-gifts-burts-bees

    If your best friend is the type who always puts others first, this gift idea is the perfect little package to help her with self-care. The Burt’s Bees kit includes a deep pore scrub, cleansing cream, overnight mask, and vanilla bean lip balm.  

  61. Picture Collage Frame
  62. friendship-gifts-frame

    This picture frame collage can showcase some of your fondest memories together. So why not prep it before you gift it with your favorite photos? Plus, it has a mini letterboard and letter pack (110 letters, 22 numbers, and 12 symbols), so you can add an inspirational quote, funny joke, or heartfelt saying.

  63. A Letter In A Blankie
  64. friendship-gifts-blanket

    In your own words, from your own heart, tell your best friend in soft, cozy fleece how much they mean to you. Then, personalize your “letter” with a title, ten 10-line message, and a 2-line closing sentiment. A unique gift that gives the best Netflix comfort for a friend who’s moving away. 

  65. Friendship Jar
  66. The perfect last-minute gift for friends, sisters, cousins, and colleagues, this “friendship jar” will show how much you value having them in your life. The enclosed quotes are all positive, uplifting, and motivating and will remind them of the fun, crazy, shared experiences you’ve had along the way.