31 Dragonfly Gifts That’ll Have Them Fluttering With Joy

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: November 20, 2023

    Boasting a rich diversity with over 5,000 identified species, dragonflies serve as powerful emblems of wisdom, transformation, and the adaptability of life. While we could have overwhelmed you with 5,000 dragonfly-inspired treasures, we’ve done the legwork to narrow it down. We present a carefully chosen assortment ranging from enchanting garden decorations to charming baby gifts and much more!

    Wind Chime dragonfly-gifts-wind-chime

    Dragonfly wind chimes are great additions to a garden or porch, and your loved ones will enjoy them as they watch the dragonflies in the yard. The aluminum tubes provide a beautiful sound while the six small dragonflies move around. Also, there is one large dragonfly on the top wituniqueng details!

  1. Bookmark
  2. dragonfly-gifts-bookmark

    Your bibliophile friend will fall in love with this one-of-a-kind bookmark, which features a feather and a dragonfly. Offering five distinct designs, this bookmark has the added allure of glowing in the dark.

  3. Solar Lantern
  4. dragonfly-gift-solar-lanternGarden decor can be fun and creative, just like this solar lantern. This can be hung on a hook or placed on a table to enjoy. Also, since it’s solar-powered, you won’t have to worry about keeping batteries around for it to work.

  5. Drink Tumblers
  6. Celebrate special moments with these delightful stemless wine glasses. Remember, eye contacvitals key when you raise your glass and say “Cheers!” This set includes two 4-inch tall stemless glasses, each holding up to 14 ounces—ideal for your preferred chilled drinks. These glasses are designed with your well-being in mind and are free from BPA, phthalates, and lead. Enjoy your favorite chilled white wine or signature spritzer from these elegant vessels!

  7. Coloring Book
  8. dragonfly-gifts-coloring-book

    Coloring books can be so much fun. The intricate designs in this are so beautiful and will provide hours of coloring to anyone. So grab a nice set of colored pencils to add, making this the perfect gift.

  9. Decorative Stickers
  10. dragonfly-gifts-decorative-stickers

    These dragonfly stickers are so lifelike everyone is sure to adore them. They can be placed on notebooks, computers, phones, and more!

  11. Dragonfly Pajamas
  12. dragonfly-gifts-dragonfly-onesie-pajamas

    New baby gifts are so much fun to pick out. Burts Bees makes this onesie that is covered in dragonfly artwork. Since this is a soft, beautiful piece, everyone love and compliments it.

  13. Dragonfly Nightlight


    Although nightlights are great for kids’ rooms, they can also be little touches of home decor. The design on this one is so pretty and will be an excellent addition to the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.

  15. Sterling Silver Necklace
  16. dragonfly-gifts-sterling-silver-necklace

    This stunning necklace displays two dragonflies, making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day for a son or daughter. It is white gold plated, sterling silver, and hypoallergenic, making an excellent piece for anyone’s collection. Also, you can choose from 2 different colors for the stones.

  17. Wine Tumbler
  18. dragonfly-gifts-wine-tumbler

    Tumblers are one of my favorite items for a gift list because they can be for anyone. Your best friend will think of you anytime they use this dragonfly wine glass tumbler and will enjoy the colorful design too! Since it has vacuum insulation, it keeps drinks hot for 3 hours or cold for 9 hours.

  19. Dragonfly Notecards
  20. dragonfly-gifts-cards


    If you are searching for a gift for someone who loves letter writing, this is perfect! You can get some nice pens to include or add to a gift basket. This set of 14 cards is blank inside, leaving plenty of room for a personal message, and is made of quality card stock.

  21. Keychain
  22. dragonfly-gifts-keychain

    “Dragonflies symbolize our ability to overcome times of hardship.” This quote on a keychain is the perfect token of support and love to send a friend or family member experiencing some bumps in the road. This keychain will be a keepsake and a constant reminder that they will get through difficult times.

  23. Dragonfly Bracelet
  24. dragonfly-gifts-dragonfly-bracelet

    This bracelet has sparkly stones on the body, creating a beautiful blue dragonfly and intricate knot details on the wings. Since the bracelet is adjustable, it can easily fit many wrist sizes or be used as an anklet. Also, the white gold plated sterling silver is hypoallergenic, making it safe for most to wear.

  25. Celtic Knot Dragonfly Necklace
  26. dragonfly-gifts-celtic-knot-dragonfly-necklace

    Personally, I” m a sucker for Celtic knots, and this necklace fits perfectly! The intricate knots form a beautiful dragonfly jewelry piece with various finishes. Also, it comes packed nicely, already making or easy gift giving.

  27. Dragonfly and Damselfly Book
  28. dragonfly-gifts-dragonfly-and-damselfly-book

    Any dragonfly lover will adore this book about dragonflies and damselflies. It will offer them more insight and facts about this impressive insect. Also, this book will make a great conversation starter displayed on the coffee table.

  29. Stained Glass Lamp
  30. dragonfly-gifts-stained-glass-lamp

    This small lap has an antique metal base and a beautiful stained glass shade. The dragonflies on the shade make a unique gift to add to any room or office. If your loved one works from home, this is the perfect addition to their home office!

  31. Cosmetic Bag
  32. dragonfly-gifts-cosmetic-bag

    Cosmetic bags are great for travel or even keeping your purse more organized. This leather cosmetic bag is compact and waterproof, making it a great tool. Also, it has a cute dragonfly design that your BFF will adore.

  33. Dragonfly Inn Keychain
  34. dragonfly-gifts-keychain

    Any Gilmore Girls fan will flip over this Dragonfly Inn keychain. The back of the keychain even includes the quote, “Where you lead, I will follow.”

  35. Birdfeeder
  36. dragonfly-gifts-birdfeeder

    Yard decor is a great gift option for loved ones who spend as much time outdoors as possible. Also, this can help attract birds for someone who might be more stuck indoors than they’d like. This can easily be placed on a yard hook or tree, so the birds in the area have a beautiful place to visit.

  37. Insulated Lunchbox
  38. dragonfly-gifts-insulated-lunchbox


    Lunch boxes are great for kids to bring to school, adults to work, or even parents to transport baby bottles. This tote bag is insulated, has a convenient side pocket, and has a beautiful jewel-tonene dragonfly. Anyone is sure to love and use this bag.

  39. Adjustable Ring
  40. dragonfly-gifts-adjustable-ring

    This sterling silver dragonfly ring is adjustable, making it great for almost anyone. The crystals on the body and wings add beautiful detail and a nice shine. Not only is it high quality and hypoallergenic, but it also comes already in a gift box!

  41. Ring Dish
  42. dragonfly-gifts-ring-dish

    A ring dish is on the list of dragonfly gift ideas for when your best friend gets engaged. This handmade item is so unique and full of details she’ll be sure to use it daily!

  43. Metal Welcome Sign
  44. dragonfly-gifts-metal-welcome-sign

    Dragonfly decor can be subtle, like this beautiful sign. You can hang this at the front door or in the garden area. Also, it can be personalized for your loved one.

  45. Dragonfly Suncatcher
  46. dragonfly-gifts-dragonfly-suncatcher

    Handmade glass is used to create this beautiful suncatcher. A dragonfly and bumblebee combine blue and purple flowers to create a lovely garden scene. Since there is so much detail, this will be a piece of dragonfly decor anyone will be happy to add to their window!

  47. Stone Coasters
  48. dragonfly-gifts-stone-coasters

    Beautiful stone coasters with stamped dragonfly designs will fit perfectly on the garden table. Since these are made of natural stone, they may vary slightly, which gives them a unique feel.

  49. Dragonfly Coffee Mug
  50. dragonfly-gifts-dragonfly-coffee-mug

    A dragonfly gift ideas list must have a coffee mug included! This mug features a pretty watercolor image created by an Oregon-based artist. Also, this is the perfect item to complete a gift for any coffee or tea lover.

  51. Leather Journal
  52. dragonfly-gifts-leather-journal

    A leather-covered journal is a great gift idea for the artist or writer in your life. This leather cover comes with a hardcover journal, and the cover can be changed to new books once that one is full. Also, a frog, lily pad, punks, and dragonflies adorn the cover with a pewter button to keep it securely closed. 

  53. Dragonfly Pop Socket
  54. dragonfly-gifts-dragonfly-pop-socket

    A night scene with dragonflies adorns this pop socket, which can be used on a phone style. Your best friend will love showing off this dragonfly artwork since it adds a personal touch to their phone.

  55. Dragonfly Paperweight


    A paperweight is excellent for an office or your loved one working from home. Thecanto keeps its windows open to enjoy outside without its things flying away! This resin paperweight features a real dragonfly!

  57. Dragonfly Scarf Gift Set 
  58. dragonfly-gifts-dragonfly-scarf-gift-set

    This delicate scarf comes with a lovely sympathy card. When it is tough to find the right words, this is a great gift to give. Also, the front of the card has this sweet saying: “Heaven sends dragonflies to provide clarity in times of sorrow.”

  59. Dragonfly Earrings
  60. dragonfly-gifts-dragonfly-earrings

    Earrings make great birthday gifts or can be a unique item for Valentine’s Day. These are made of sterling silver, which offers durability. Since they are handcrafted in Thailand and have a silver stone inlay, they are a unique gift that will be greatly appreciated. 

    What do dragonflies symbolize? 

    Dragonflies are like the life of the party in the world of symbolism, often symbolizing change, transformation, and self-realization. They’ve got this knack for being agile and adaptable, which reminds us to embrace changes with the same enthusiasm. And don’t forget their iridescent wings – all about showing the world your true colors and shining bright!

    What are the best gifts for dragonfly lovers?

    Ready to spread your wings and explore some fantastic dragonfly gift ideas? Imagine the delight on your dragonfly-obsessed friend’s face when they unwrap a gorgeous dragonfly pendant or earrings; it’s sparkle guaranteed! For the intellectually curious, a lavishly illustrated dragonfly book could serve as a feast for the mind and eyes.

    But why stop indoors? Elevate their home décor with a whimsical dragonfly wind chime or a mesmerizing stained glass piece. Add a dragonfly bird bath or statue to their garden oasis to set their heart aflutter. And for the pièce de résistance, a dragonfly-attracting kit could transform their backyard into an enchanting dragonfly sanctuary!