34 Fluttering Butterfly Gifts For The Nature Lover

    Nature lovers and butterfly enthusiasts flutter your hearts out! Our gift guide to the most enchanting butterfly gifts is here to sprinkle magic dust on your gift-giving game. From garden decorations that mimic a butterfly’s gentle flight to jewelry that captures the delicate beauty of these colorful creatures, we’ve gathered a kaleidoscope of ideas perfect for those who adore the natural world.

    Whether they’re gardeners, hikers, or simply admirers of all things fluttery, these gifts are sure to set their spirits soaring as high as a butterfly in spring. Let’s dive in and find that perfect, whimsical treasure that’ll make their heart skip a beat—or a flap!

  1. Butterfly Puddler
  2. butterfly-gifts-puddler

    This is a butterfly puddler, it’s kind of like a salt-lick for butterflies, and it’s a piece of art in itself! Butterflies need salt and minerals in their diet. When they find a source of them, they will keep coming back for more. Place a mixture of salt and sand into the puddler, add water and let it evaporate. The residue left is what the butterflies eat! 

  3. Butterfly Pendant Necklace
  4. butterfly-gifts-necklace

    Butterfly jewelry is so beautiful because butterflies are so delicate. This sterling silver butterfly figurine necklace is no exception. The chain measures 18 inches and closes with a spring-ring clasp. This necklace makes a stunning Christmas gift for your favorite butterfly lover! 

  5. Butterfly Garden Starter Kit
  6. butterfly-gifts-garden

    There are certain flowers considered to be “butterfly flowers” because they attract butterflies. This is the perfect gift for a butterfly lover and nature lover! The butterfly garden kit has everything they need to start milkweed, coreopsis, cosmos, echinacea, gaillardia, and zinnias plants, including growing instructions. It comes in a pretty gift box ready for giving. 

  7. Personalized Butterfly Coffee Mug
  8. butterfly-gifts-mug

    This coffee mug is a great gift and an excellent way for a butterfly lover to sip their coffee or tea! The cup comes in 11 or 15 ounces and can be personalized with a name. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

  9. Butterfly Tumbler
  10. butterfly-gifts-tumbler

    Take your butterfly to work, the beach, the park, or anywhere else you might need something to drink. The tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel, so it keeps your drink hot or cold for hours and is free from BPA. The mug holds 12 ounces. 

  11. Butterfly Tea Towels
  12. butterfly-gifts-towels

    I collect pretty tea towels, and I’ve added these to my collection. The design is so delicate that it almost looks like they were handmade with watercolors! This is a set of three towels; they’re made of 100% cotton and measure 20 x 27.5 inches. 

  13. Butterfly Habitat Kit
  14. butterfly-gifts-kit

    Witness butterfly metamorphosis at home or in the classroom with the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden. Children and adults alike will enjoy this engaging, hands-on educational activity, which lets you care for live insects as they undergo metamorphosis. Over the course of approximately 3 weeks, you can look on as they transform from caterpillars to chrysalides to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. A unique gift any kid would love.

  15. Butterfly Biome
  16. butterfly-gifts-biome

    All the butterflies are talking about this ingenious A-frame structure, which provides for them all year long. In spring and summer, the door folds down to become a front porch feeding station, with removable cups for nectar and seed. Winged visitors can roost (yep, not only birds do that) among the cozy partitions in the back. In the fall, put up the “porch” to close up the house, so non-migrating butterflies can safely hibernate in the roosting partitions. Made of durable, slow-seasoned cedar that can handle years of weather. Includes a butterfly identification and life cycle guide. A wonderful gift for gardeners and butterfly fanciers. 

  17. Butterfly Tote Bag


    This pretty tote bag features all of their favorite butterflies, including a monarch butterfly and the ethereal blue butterfly, among others. The bag is made of 100% durable cotton and measures 16 x 14 inches. 

  19. Butterfly Art Print
  20. butterfly-gifts-print

    This wall art will appeal to butterfly lovers and writers alike! The prints feature images of butterflies printed over vintage dictionary pages. The butterfly art prints measure 8 x 10 and come unframed. 

  21. Butterfly Bookmark
  22. butterfly-gifts-book-mark

    This bookmark will delight butterfly lovers, book lovers, and anyone who loves beautiful things. The bookmark is made of pure copper, which will not fade or rust over time. The flower in the glass bead is a natural flower that has been preserved at the height of its beauty. This is one of the prettiest gifts we have ever found!

  23. The Language of Butterflies Book
  24. butterfly-gifts-book

    Butterflies are one of the world’s most beloved insects. From butterfly gardens to zoo exhibitions, they are one of the few insects we’ve encouraged to infiltrate our lives. Yet, what has drawn us to these creatures in the first place? And what are their lives really like? In this groundbreaking book, New York Times bestselling author and science journalist Wendy Williams reveals the inner lives of these “flying flowers”—creatures far more intelligent and tougher than we give them credit for.

  25. Butterfly Suncatcher
  26. butterfly-gifts-sun-catcher

    This suncatcher combines two of the most beautiful things in the world, butterflies, and flowers. The pressed flowers inside the butterfly are real flowers. The butterfly is made of zinc alloy and crystal. There are several choices for the engraved heart, and the piece comes in a pretty gift box. 

  27. Butterfly Wind Chimes
  28. butterfly-gifts-chimes

    These beautiful butterfly wind chimes will be a welcome addition to a porch, deck, or patio. Made of high-quality aluminum, they have a deeper resonance than wind chimes made of other materials, so they provide a deep, rich sound. The chimes measure 30 inches long and are waterproof. 

  29. Butterfly T-Shirt
  30. butterfly-gifts-shirt

    This cute t-shirt is silkscreened with a variety of different butterflies. The shirt is pre-shrunk and made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon, making it soft and silky just like butterfly wings, and is available in sizes from Small to Extra-Large. 

  31. Silk Scarf
  32. butterfly-gifts-scarf

    This beautiful scarf is made of 100% mulberry silk, so it’s as light and airy as a butterfly but provides plenty of warmth. The scarf measures about 71 inches by 36 inches and can be hand-washed. This is a perfect piece to take on vacation, as it’s lightweight and cozy at the same time. 

  33. Coloring Book
  34. butterfly-gifts-book-coloring

    Enjoy a wonderful garden with lovable butterflies and flowers in this delightful adult coloring book! Are you looking for a cute and beautiful coloring book to help you relax, destress, and relieve anxiety? Want to learn about stunning butterflies as you bring them to life with color? Then this book is for you! This wonderful coloring book features varieties of butterflies, packed with high-quality illustrations of roses, tulips, marigolds, hibiscus, hydrangea, orchids, blossoms, and so much more!

  35. Butterfly Soap


    This butterfly soap is almost too pretty to use! Made of glycerin, the soap weighs six ounces and the scent is jasmine. This is a lovely addition to any bathroom. 

  37. Butterfly Soap Dish


    What goes better with those butterfly soaps than this butterfly soap dish? This ceramic dish can be used to hold bars of soap, keys, jewelry, change, or anything else that you’d store in a catch-all dish. The dish is hand-painted. 

  39. Butterfly Makeup Bag
  40. butterfly-gifts-bag

    This toiletry bag is great for the butterfly lover who also has a love of travel! The bag is tall enough for large bottles to stand upright to prevent spills, has a small zippered pouch for jewelry, and a clear bag for makeup brushes. The bag has three mesh pockets and four elastic loops to hold the contents in place and has a nylon interior which makes for easy clean-up in case of spills. 

  41. Butterfly Socks
  42. butterfly-gifts-socks

    These socks are butterfly-friendly but also subtle and understated! Made of 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex, they let the feet breathe and won’t sag down into shoes. The socks are one-size-fits-most, which means shoe sizes 6-10. 

  43. Butterfly Blanket
  44. butterfly-gifts-blanket

    This butterfly blanket is pretty sure, but you know what really makes it unique? The butterflies glow in the dark! How cool is that? The cozy blanket is made of polyester and measures 50 x 60 inches. Falling asleep to the soft glow of butterflies is a butterfly lover’s dream come true! 

  45. Butterfly Pillow Covers 
  46. butterfly-gifts-pillows

    This set of four decorative throw pillow covers is made of durable linen cloth with the rustic look of burlap without the rough feel! The covers have an invisible zipper and measure 18 inches square. Please note that the pillow inserts are not included. 

  47. Good Fortune Necklace
  48. butterfly-gifts-jade

    Believed to inspire nourishing and healing energies, jade gemstones have been commonly beloved in fashion for centuries. Worn as rings, necklaces and more, jade jewelry is always a beautiful choice! Ross-Simons jewelry arrives beautifully packaged in a gift box, ready to delight for any occasion, including birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, weddings, graduations and much more! 

  49. Butterfly Jewelry Box
  50. butterfly-gifts-box

    Where better to keep their butterfly necklaces, butterfly earrings, and other butterfly jewelry than a butterfly jewelry box? The wooden jewelry box features a carved butterfly design on the lid. The box can be used as a jewelry box or a keepsake box for other tiny treasures and makes a lovely piece of home decor. 

  51. Butterfly Coasters


    This coaster set is made from ceramic stone, which is naturally absorbent, so your surfaces won’t get wet from a glass’s condensation. The back is lined with cork to protect your tabletop from scratches. There are several color variations to choose from.

  53. Butterfly Candle Wax Melter
  54. butterfly-gifts-wax-melter

    This burner is made of metal with a butterfly pattern. Keep it next to the nightstand, on the bedside or on a work table. Choose your favorite scents to fill your home with relaxing and aromatic scents to delight you. This oil warmer can be used with essential oils or wax tart. Choose a lovely scent to fill your home with relaxing and aromatic scents to delight you and your guests. This is a great gift your loved one will adore. 

  55. Butterfly Paperweight


    A paperweight is great for an office or your loved one that is now working from home. They will be able to keep their windows open to enjoy outside without their things flying away! This resin paperweight features a real butterfly!

  57. Butterfly Wall Decals
  58. butterfly-gifts-decals


    These butterfly wall decals come in three different designs and three different sizes with 72 decals. They are made of metallic material to be bent and shaped any way you like giving them a 3-D effect. These are a great baby shower gift and perfect for decorating a nursery. You can choose silver butterfly, gold, rose gold, or black. 

  59. Shower Curtain
  60. butterfly-gifts-shower-curtain

    This butterfly shower curtain will fit right in with a botanical-themed bathroom. This curtain measures 72 x 72 inches and is made of durable polyester that is machine washable. A complete set of shower curtain rings is included, so the gift comes ready for hanging. 

  61. Butterfly Hair Clips


    These are not the tacky butterfly hair clips we wore as kids in the 1980s! These clips provide a whimsical touch to any outfit. Made with an acrylic material and coated with matte finishing and a round edge, it is durable and hard to break, and soft on the scalp.

  63. Butterfly Bath Bombs
  64. butterfly-gifts-bath-bombs

    Give them the gift of self-care with these fun bath bombs! There are nine bath bombs, each is two ounces, and they are made with USDA Certified Organic essential oils for the perfect, relaxing soak! The bath bombs are vegan and free of toxic chemicals that might irritate the skin. 

  65. Butterfly Ornament
  66. butterfly-gifts-ornament

    The intricate filigree that makes up the butterfly wings is what makes this ornament stand out. The piece is 2.5 inches wide and about 2 inches tall. The butterfly hangs from a satin cord and has a royal blue crystal bead attached. The ornament comes with a wallet card that reads, “Whisper I love you to a butterfly and it will carry your message to heaven.” So it’s an especially thoughtful gift for a person who has recently suffered a loss. The ornament comes in a gift box tied with a matching satin ribbon.