27 Travel Gifts For Women Who Love To Roam The Globe

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: October 23, 2023

    More women are jetting off to conquer the world than ever– and often solo. So we looked to find the best travel gift ideas to treat the frequent flyer in your life and make their travel experience easy.

    Maybe they need new toiletry containers or life-changing travel accessories; whatever their needs are, we are sure you’ll find the perfect gift in our gift guide.

    Support their wanderlust with a practical, thoughtful, and always travel-sized gift. Here are some of the best travel gifts for women, as approved by our globetrotting ladies.

  1. Carry-On Travel Bottles
  2. travel-gifts-for-women-travel-bottle-set

    The only way to fly with beauty products is small, refillable cosmetic bottles. This classy set includes three flat squeeze pouches, one spray bottle, two pump bottles, two mini jars, a funnel, a spatula, and a pipette for easy management. Plus, a reusable TSA-approved clear pouch to stow them in.

  3. Foldable Jewelry Case 
  4. travel-gifts-for-women-case

    If you’re traveling with jewelry, you need a safe (and tangle-free) place to stash it. This gift idea holds an insane amount for its compact size. It has a long buckled ring band, an earring panel, three zip pockets, and individual necklace compartments in a second layer.

  5. 50 States Book
  6. travel-gifts-for-women-travel-book

    There’s so much to discover on home soil, even for the travel-savvy. This book offers them a rich, original itinerary, from the obvious to the unexpected: like the world’s most extended yard sale in Tennessee, dinosaur trails in Colorado, or America’s oldest street in New York City. 

  7. RFID Blocking Passport Wallet
  8. travel-gifts-for-women-passport-wallet

    Even the most seasoned traveler can be wrong at corralling all the important stuff in their tote. These passport wallets with RFID anti-theft technology are the answer– with a passport holder, boarding pass pocket, credit card slots, ID slot, sim card pouch, cellphone pouch, a key holder, a pen holder, and a zippered pocket.

  9. Airplane Footrest  
  10. travel-gifts-for-her-foot-rest

    If you’ve ever traveled more than a few hours on an airplane, you’ll recognize that desperate need to put your feet up. But footrests are often allocated to only those “upfront.” Enter the ultra-compact foot hammock that will keep you comfy utilizing the tray table.

  11. Bendable Travel Pillow
  12. travel-gifts-for-women-travel-pillow

    Amazon users rave about this bendy, unusual travel pillow because the flexible joints allow you to adjust it for your neck, head, back, and legs while the memory foam conforms to the body. A great travel gift for planes, trains, and automobiles. 

  13. Universal Adapter
  14. travel-gifts-for-women-adapter

    I have had a bag of adapters cluttering my space for years. No one needs that many adapters in their life. So go the minimalist route and buy them the practical gift of a single adapter that’s an Amazon bestseller. It’ll work in 150+ countries and even has USB ports.

  15. Gold Compass Necklace
  16. travel-gifts-for-women-necklace

    Are you looking for a beautiful gift for travel lovers? They’ll love this sweet compass pendant. The compass has long symbolized guidance– the ability to point you in the right direction, made with high-quality 18K French gold plating.

  17. Shoe Bag
  18. travel-gifts-for-women-shoe-bag

    This incredibly cute, water-resistant travel bag holds three pairs of shoes – one bulkier (sneakers or heels) and two pairs of flats. It helps with space-saving (like a packing cube), or use the trolley strap to slip it over your carry-on’s handles to sneak it on as hand luggage.

  19. Underwear Organizer 
  20. travel-gifts-for-women-underwear-organizer

    I’m sure I’m not the only one always trying to figure out where to pack my undies and then not finding them when I need them. Enter these cute gifts for travelers that’ll keep all their undergarments together. Then unpack and hook up the organizer for easy access.

  21. Portable Door Lock 
  22. travel-gifts-for-women-door-lock

    Give her peace of mind with a portable door lock that prevents unauthorized entry on any door– not even with a key. Perfect for staying in hotels, dormitories, apartments, short-term rentals, Airbnbs, or private rooms. 

  23. Fold-Up Backpack 


    The problem with fold-up bags is they look precisely like fold-up bags– thin, cheap, and unattractive. This little pack is set to change all that! It’s durably built with lightweight, satin-smooth “negative” nylon (made from 15 upcycled water bottles!) to handle wear and tear, then folds into a flat, compact pouch.

  25. Power Phrase Bangle 
  26. travel-gifts-for-women-personalized-bangle

    Remind them they’re brave enough to listen to their heart and strong enough to live the life they’ve always imagined with a power phrase bangle. Handcrafted in the US, they’re the perfect gift for someone about to spread their wings.

  27. Electronics Organizer 
  28. travel-gifts-for-women-electronics-organizer

    Like a toiletry bag for your gadgets, this gorgeous clutch is a lifesaver when traveling with cords. With five elastic loops for cables and earphones, two large elastic loops for more extended cables/mouse, a large zippered pocket, and five small pockets for charger plugs, batteries, USB drives, etc.

  29. Unique Travel Journal
  30. travel-gifts-for-women-travel-journal

    Much more than a journal, this is a truly unique gift for their next trip. It includes three journal inserts; a small container to hold pieces from their travels; a world map to color as they go; and (this part is super cool) a random coin – travel to the country of that coin, snap a pic, and tag the company and they’ll Venmo you your first round of drinks!

  31. Infinity Scarf with Pocket
  32. travel-gifts-for-women-scarf

    Infinity scarves are known for their hidden pocket, and this one’s large enough to fit an iPhone+, a passport, keys, and some cash. This means your avid traveler can focus on markets, museums, and other musings without worrying about pickpockets. 

  33. Travel Challenge Cards
  34. travel-gifts-for-women-travel-game

    This gift is unique and promises to turn their trip into an adventure. The deck of cards offers 50 travel challenges and is sure to become a favorite travel item for any jet setter. Examples include taking a cooking lesson, sending a postcard to yourself describing your travel experiences, or learning a local craft.

  35. Inspiring Solo Traveler Book
  36. travel-gifts-for-women-inspiring-book

    Dame Traveler was the first female travel community on Instagram, and this book features 200 breathtaking photographs alongside empowering messages and practical tips for solo female travelers. For women who are ready to live outside the box.

  37. Luggage Tags
  38. travel-gifts-for-women-luggage-tags

    Most travelers have a ratty collection of luggage tags – battered, beaten, forgotten – but they are travel essentials. These gorgeous full-grain leather, pre-addressed tags are beautiful and make one of the best travel gifts for her

  39. Travel Yoga Mat
  40. travel-gifts-for-women-yoga-mat

    Do you have a traveler in your life who loves yoga? Famous yoga brand, Gaiam, has designed a compact, lightweight, and foldable yoga mat just for travel. It’s just 2mm thick, folds into a 10 x 12-inch square, and its sticky texture provides anti-slip footing.

  41. Manicure Set 
  42. travel-gifts-for-women-manicure-set

    It might sound a little trite as a gift these days, but trust this globetrotter when I tell you that every traveler needs a solid grooming kit! Guys included. Chipped nails, unruly brows, splinters, and hangnails always happen when you’re away from home.

  43. Microfiber Hair Towel  
  44. travel-gifts-for-women-hair-wrap

    Microfiber head wraps cut blow drying time in half and create less hair friction than a standard towel which means less frizz! They’re also perfectly travel-sized, which ensures happy hair no matter the journey.

  45. Personalized Travel Charm 
  46. travel-gifts-for-women-travel-charm

    These lucky tokens make an excellent gift for a loved one to begin a new adventure. Personalize it with whatever you want to say, and they can pop it in their purse to remind them they’re loved. Or there’s always the popular St Christopher coin if you prefer something more traditional.

  47. Hydrating Sheet Masks


    Whether road-tripping or jetting off on a long flight, these skincare sheet masks will bring a little pampering. Designed to soothe, hydrate, and renew dehydrated skin, these sheet masks pack a powerful punch for travel-weary skin. 

  49. Craft Cocktail Kit 
  50. travel-gifts-for-women-cocktail-kit

    Buy their first drink by farewelling them with this clever cocktail-making kit that’s the size of a small purse. It contains everything needed to make two top-shelf Margaritas (a recipe card, bar spoon, margarita mix, rimming salt, and a linen coaster) – add tequila!

  51. Skincare Travel Gift Set
  52. travel-gifts-for-women-skincare-set

    Tata Harper is a trendy skincare brand, and this mini, 6-step regimen set is one of the best travel gift ideas for women. Tata is renowned for 100% natural, non-toxic products, free from fillers, synthetics, artificial colors, and fragrances. Not to mention its age-defying abilities.

  53. Digital Luggage Scale
  54. travel-gifts-for-women-digital-scale

    Last but not least is our gift guide, the trusty digital luggage scale. The best way to weigh your luggage is at home (or in a hotel room when your bag is popping at the seams). These are a must-have for traveling and help prevent overweight baggage charges.