43 Gifts For Travelers For All Their Globetrotting Adventures

By Candice Elliott | Updated: April 26, 2024

    The lure of travel is calling! Road trips, Europe, backpacking. Travelers have a unique spirit of adventure that drives them to explore every corner of the globe. Finding gifts that match their globetrotting lifestyle can enhance their experiences, making each journey more enjoyable and convenient.

    This gift guide offers a variety of gifts for travelers, perfect for anyone who can’t wait to pack their bags and set off on their next adventure. From practical gadgets that ease the hassles of travel to luxurious items that add comfort and style to their voyages, each product has been carefully selected to appeal to the wanderlust in your loved ones. Whether they’re frequent flyers, road trippers, or culture seekers, these gifts will surely be cherished companions in all their travels.

  1. Mixbook Gift Card
  2. gifts-for-travelers-photo-book

    With Mixbook, every aspect of the design is customizable. You can add, move or delete photos and text, change the layout, and choose from thousands of stickers and backgrounds to enhance any page or the cover – you can even upload your stickers and backgrounds. In short, you have complete creative control! So begin with any of Mixbook’s professionally designed templates or start with a blank canvas – you are free to design a custom photo book that is unique and personal.

  3. Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones
  4. gifts-for-travelers-headphones

    These headphones are the perfect gift for business travelers and other frequent travelers who spend hundreds of hours a year in the air. The Bose headphones block out all kinds of noise, but I’ve found them to be especially good for eliminating an airplane engine’s constant drone, which is a draining sound. You’ll get up to 20 hours of battery life on a full charge, and they have a built-in microphone for phone calls. These headphones make a great “big” Christmas gift. 

  5. Carry-On Bag


    This bag holds all of your onboard must-haves while fitting under the seat in front of you and preserving the all-important legroom. The bag has two-wheel spinners, so it’s easy to pull along; it’s lightweight and can fit on the handle of your suitcase, so you don’t have to drag around two bags before and after checking your suitcase. Lots of pockets let you organize all your stuff. Get one; you’ll love it! 

  7. Portable Charger
  8. gifts-for-travelers-charger

    The best gifts are the ones that prevent a problem, and this charger prevents a traveler’s worst nightmare, dead gadgets. This portable charger is small, lightweight, and long-lasting. My old ass iPhone goes through periods of not holding a charge sometimes. That happened on my last trip, and I could get three charges out of this little charger before it needed to be charged. 

  9. Blow-Up Neck Pillow
  10. gifts-for-travelers-pillow

    A good travel pillow is essential for long flights, but the problem is the size of most of them. The things take up a lot of room in your carry-on or a lot of legroom if you hook it to the outside of your carry-on. This neck pillow solves the problem. It fits in the tiny pouch, can inflate with two breaths, and deflates instantly. The pillow is made of soft, waterproof material, so it’s great for the beach, pool, or tub too. 

  11. Airplane Pocket Organizer
  12. gifts-for-travelers-pocket

    To make flights more comfortable you need access to a lot of accessories that are difficult to use in those tight seats. Luckily, Airplane Pockets have designed the unique and patented organizer, a simple accessory that will organize your essentials and keep them at-hand during your flight – a convenient airplane travel accessory (easily within arm’s reach in front of you).

  13. Skin Care Travel Kit


    Travel, especially air travel is tough on the skin. This kit from Elf will help keep her skin hydrated and plump. The set includes Cleanser, Balm, Day Cream, Eye Cream, and Night Cream and they’re all travel-sized.

  15. Passport Holder
  16. gifts-for-travelers-passport-holder

    The most important possession of a globetrotter is their passport. Every time I take an international trip, I have a dream that I’ve lost my passport! This wallet will ensure your passport is safe and sound. All of the other stuff inside, too, as it is made with RFID blocking material so thieves can’t steal your information. The holder also has room for your other carry-on essentials, including a boarding pass, credit cards, identification, money or cellphone.

  17. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel: 500 Best Places To See
  18. gifts-for-travelers-book

    Consider this book the ultimate travel bucket list! The travel book compiles 500 of the must-see sites this world offers as ranked by Lonely Planet’s travel experts. You’ll get the low down on the places you’ve heard of and plenty of off-the-beaten-track places you haven’t. But they all have one thing in common; they deserve a spot on your bucket list. 

  19. Packing Cubes


    I was not a believer in packing cubes until I was gifted this set. They really do make keeping your clothes organized on a trip. Especially a long trip with multiple destinations where you can’t just unpack once and get on with things. I particularly like this set because the see-through mesh lets you see what’s in each cube. I wasn’t sure how best to use them, but there are many neat tutorials on Youtube that will show you how to make the most of them. 

  21. Travel Journal and Planner
  22. gifts-for-travelers-journal

    A travelers journal allows you to thoroughly plan for your trip. Plan your budget, Research places to visit and things to do, write your packing list and to-do list before your trip, decide on your accommodations and write down the transportation details. Stay organized and journal on your experience and travel thoughts in one place. 

  23. White Noise Machine
  24. gifts-for-travelers-white-noise

    My childhood bedroom was in the attic, which was hot, so I always slept with a fan on. And it ruined me for life. I can’t fall asleep in a silent room; I need white noise. I can’t bring my fan on vacation, so I bring this white noise machine. The machine has three modes; bright white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf. If you’re a fan sleeper, too, you’ll like either of the first two. The machine is small, just 3.5 inches across, and weighs only 3.8 ounces. 

  25. Personalized Luggage Tag
  26. gifts-for-travelers-tags

    Most luggage looks pretty similar, especially when you’re tired and blurry from a red-eye flight. This personalized luggage tag will help your bag stand out. Several colors are available, and the tag can be personalized for your loved one in several ways. 

  27. Travel Laptop Anti-Theft Bag
  28. travel-gifts-for-men-anti-theft-backpack

    This zippered anti-theft travel backpack has too many features to list. It has several compartments to fit multiple laptops or iPad, a built-in port for earphones, has an external USB port for charging your electronics, has a multi-panel airflow system to keep you cool, fits as a carry-on bag, and has anti-theft locks to keep your stuff safe to name a few. This is the ultimate travel backpack making it one of the most useful travel gift ideas you can give!

  29. Anti-Theft Crossbody
  30. gifts-for-travelers-crossbody

    The Heritage Anti-Theft Small Crossbody carries and keeps more items organized than everyday bags. From multiple storage pockets to an interior zippered RFID pocket to protect your valuables. Our 5-Point Anti-theft security system helps prevent the 5 most common types of pedestrian theft – domestically and internationally. No wonder Travelon is one of the most loved bags.

  31. Adapter Kit
  32. gifts-for-travelers-adapter

    This is the only travel adapter you’ll ever need. It has two AC outlets, two USB ports, a micro USB cable that will extend one outlet to accommodate give and adapters that will work in nearly every country in the world. It’s small, fitting into its travel pouch, and weighs just seven ounces. 

  33. Wine Wings
  34. gifts-for-travelers-wine-wings

    Traveling with wine or other liquids is a tricky prospect at best. Heightened security and restrictions mean your wine purchases end up in your checked luggage. How do you protect your wine when your suitcase is thrown onto luggage belts and jostled inside airplanes? Wine Wings are the only wine bags to have an inner bag attached to outer skin to prevent scrunching! It’s now even easier to insert and remove bottles. The triple seal protection including a dual zip-lock feature and Velcro seal keeps the bag airtight and your luggage safe from leaks.

  35. Travel Umbrella
  36. gifts-for-travelers-umbrella

    A good travel umbrella should be small, lightweight, and sturdy. This umbrella is all of those. It’s less than 11 inches in length, weighs just over 12 ounces, and is wind resistant up to 55 miles an hour, so you won’t be standing on an unfamiliar sidewalk in a downpour with an inside-out umbrella getting wetter and madder by the second! 

  37. Custom Photo Travel Coasters
  38. travel-gifts-for-men-photo-coasters

    Photo albums may only come out when we’re feeling nostalgic, but these coasters? They’re always out, letting you re-live favorite memories every time you sip. Customize the set with pictures of anything from an epic trip to the baby’s most irresistible moments. With a touch of instant camera-inspired style, each image is printed onto a square of tumbled marble with cork backing, making them a thoughtful gift for grandparents, new parents, or the friend who always says “yes” to a crazy adventure. 

  39. Rain Cape
  40. gifts-for-travelers-cape

    Just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. I want to look cute on vacation. This rain cape is practical and cute! You won’t look like a tourist who got caught in the rain and fashioned a raincoat from a garbage bag wearing this! Also, it has a hood! Why do so few raincoats have a hood?! If you have a deep hood, you might be able to get by without an umbrella which can make narrow streets hard to navigate. This cape also has nice deep pockets; it’s waterproof and breathable, dries quickly, and squishes up into a tiny included pouch for carrying. 

  41. Toiletry Bag
  42. gifts-for-travelers-kit

    I pack more beauty products than I do clothes, even for short getaways, so I need a good toiletry bag. This bag is perfect; it holds a lot without taking up a lot of room in your luggage, hangs up so you can easily access everything, is water-resistant, and machine washable should any of the contents spill. 

  43. Luggage Caddy
  44. gifts-for-travelers-caddy

    Hold your phone, passport, and tickets. With this Suitcase Cup Holder, you can travel with ease! While racing through the terminal or sitting at your gate you can have your drink and have hands-free too.

  45. Tote Bag
  46. gifts-for-travelers-tote

    Travel gifts should be practical and stylish, and this travel bag ticks both boxes. Regular purses are too small to carry around all of the things you need when you’re out and about while on vacation but not all of us like the look of a backpack, so this tote bag is a more stylish alternative. 

  47. Travel Slippers
  48. gifts-for-travelers-slippers

    Snoozies Skinnies are portable womens slippers are lightweight, soft, and comfortable for traveling. Skinnies are comfortable womens slippers that are perfect for relaxing after a long day or traveling. These Snoozies Skinnies come with a convenient carrying case that make these the perfect on the go slippers. Fit is based not wearing socks. Each pair of snoozies! are fully machine washable and won’t shrink!

  49. Airbnb Gift Card
  50. gifts-for-travelers-card

    Let travel lovers choose their own adventure with this Airbnb gift card. Sometimes no matter how many gift guides you browse looking for travel gift ideas, you’re just not sure what the recipient would like. In that case, a gift card is a perfect solution. This gift card is available from $25 up to a custom amount. 

  51. Sleep Mask
  52. gifts-for-travelers-mask

    No matter how excited you are to be in your favorite travel destination, a poor night’s sleep can detract from the experience. This eye mask will help you get the sleep you need. The eye portion is concave so that it won’t interfere with your REM sleep. The mask includes a travel pouch and earplugs to block out noise. 

  53. Shawl Wrap


    A good shawl has a lot of uses for a traveler, making it a great gift. It can be used as a blanket on a long-haul flight, a scarf on a chilly day, or an evening wrap when the occasion calls for something more elegant than a coat. The wrap is made of 100% cashmere. 

  55. Toiletries Bag 
  56. travel-gifts-for-women-bag

    Foldable, portable and lightweight, beam port drawstring bag suitable for both home and travel. Machine washable and easy to clean and no zippers, hassle-free drawstring it’s easy to take with me wherever you go. Easily fit cosmetics like cream, facial cleanser, foundation, concealer, mascara, eye shadow, powder, blush, lipstick, makeup brushes or travel-size toiletries.

  57. Turkish Towel
  58. gifts-for-travelers-towel

    A Turkish towel deserves a spot in your luggage for your next trip to the beach. Turkish towels are lightweight and dry really quickly and have multiple uses. The towel can be used as a beach blanket, a towel, of course, a Pareo (swimsuit cover), or a scarf. The towel is made of 100% organic cotton and measures 36 x 70 inches. The towel is also great for backpackers who are hiking for extended periods and need to bring a lot of travel gear with them. 

  59. Clothes Steamer
  60. gifts-for-travelers-steamer


    Not all hotels offer irons and ironing boards in the hotel room, and sending clothes to the hotel laundry to be pressed is expensive. This travel-sized steamer is one of the best gifts a business or frequent traveler could get. The steamer is small, lightweight and gets the job done fast and well. Steamers also kill most germs so great freshening up dry-clean-only clothes during a long trip. 

  61. Door Stop Alarm
  62. gifts-for-travelers-alarm

    Being in a strange room in a strange place can be a little scary. These alarms will help you stay safe so you can get a better night’s sleep. They work just like old-fashioned rubber door stops; wedge one under a door, and if someone tries to open the door, it sets off a shrill alarm that will send any ne’re do wells running! Each alarm requires a 9V battery. 

  63. Travel Jewelry Case
  64. gifts-for-travelers-jewelry-case

    This roll up jewelry case fits in your handbag, backpack or suitcase. This jewelry box is your ideal on-the-go companion, and will keep your jewelry organized and ready to swap. Made from durable synthetic leather and a velvet lining, this jewelry box will protect your accessories from getting tangled, damaged or lost.

  65. TSA Compliant Multi-Tool
  66. gifts-for-travelers-tool

    This multi-tool can be useful for any traveler, but it’s especially good for campers, hikers, and backpackers who need things to be multi-purpose and light to carry. This tool is an 8 in 1; it has two kinds of pliers, wire cutters, scissors, tweezers, and more. 

  67. Collapsible Water Bottle
  68. gifts-for-travelers-water-bottle

    A water bottle is a must-have on the list of gifts for travelers, and this is a good one. The bottle is made of food-grade silicone, is portable, lightweight, and holds 20 ounces. Best of all, the bottle collapses down when not in use so that it won’t take up much room in your carry-on or travel backpack. 

  69. Lightweight Travel Shoes
  70. gifts-for-travelers-shoes

    When you’re globetrotting having a pair of comfortable walking shoes is key. These breathable mesh slip-ons expand with your foot when you walk helps reduce irritation. The soft sole is made from durable and MD outsole, which provides enough buffer between feet and ground. You can find the men’s version here.

  71. First Aid Kit


    This first aid kit is small, but it packs a lot. It contains 87 first aid items, including bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, and more. 

  73. Laptop Sleeve
  74. gifts-for-travelers-sleeve

    When you’re already juggling a carry-on, a purse, your shoes, and a tray to hold your belongings in the TSA line, the last thing you need is a bulky computer bag. This laptop sleeve lets you stow your device in your carry-on while still being protected. This sleeve holds a 15-15.6 inch device, is water-resistant, and comes in different colors. 

  75. Merino Wool Compression Socks


    Flying can put some people at risk of DVT, and compression socks are recommended to help prevent that. But even if you’re not at risk, wearing compression socks on a flight can help reduce swelling in your lower legs, ankles, and feet. These high-quality socks are made of Merino wool, so they’re also great for campers and hikers. 

  77. Toiletry Kit


    The best way to make sure you don’t forget any self-care essentials on your next trip is to buy a ready-made kit. This set has 10 items, including shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, deodorant, and more. The kit is very convenient, leave it in your suitcase between trips so it’s always ready to go and you don’t have to spend time transferring your products into small containers of packing and then unpacking them. There is a version for men too. 

  79. Hydrating Face Masks
  80. gifts-for-travelers-mask

    Skincare is no joke, and being on a long-haul flight sucks the moisture right out of your skin. These hydrating sheet masks are your skincare saviors. Moisturize, firm, and brighten your skin before, after, and even during your next flight. There are five masks per order. 

  81. Travel Scratch Map
  82. gifts-for-travelers-map

    This scratch map is like your travel bucket list visualized. Uncover each state that you visited a National Park in, all the states along Route 66 where you stopped to see the world’s biggest ball of yarn or building made entirely of corn and all of the far-flung countries across the globe. The poster measures 36 x 24 inches. 

  83. Saline Nasal Spray
  84. gifts-for-travelers-spray

    The air on a plane is arid, making your nasal passage dry out, making you more vulnerable to germs and viruses. This nasal spray contains saline, xylitol, and grapefruit seed extract to keep your nasal passage moist and possibly to help kill germs and viruses. 

  85. Liquid Bandage
  86. gifts-for-travelers-nu-skin

    Even if you wear comfortable shoes that have been broken in and walk a lot in your day-to-day life, you typically walk a lot more while on vacation, and that can mean blisters. Nothing ruins an otherwise good day faster than a blister. Sure, you can use a bandage, but the friction that caused the blister causes the bandage to come off too. That’s why you need New Skin. It’s an antiseptic and waterproof bandage all in one, and it’s a liquid that you paint on with the applicator brush, so once it dries, it doesn’t come off from the friction of your shoes. Seriously, it’s great stuff. It also works for minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds. 

  87. Colgate Wisps
  88. gifts-for-travelers-wisps

    These are one of the best travel gifts anyone could get. These are tiny toothbrushes that come pre-loaded with toothpaste and don’t require water to use. There’s just enough toothpaste to make your mouth feel clean, but not so much that it foams up, and you have to spit it out. Brush your teeth without even leaving your seat, and save yourself a trip to the tiny airplane bathroom before settling into sleep on your next overnight flight. Great, for a long layover too!