33 Gifts For College Girls That Are Hard To Impress

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: March 31, 2024

    In the vibrant and ever-changing world of college life, where trends come and go with the seasons, finding the perfect gift for college girls that strikes the perfect balance between trendy and meaningful can be challenging. Standing at the crossroads of adulthood and independence, these young women have unique tastes, passions, and aspirations. Finding a gift that will genuinely impress them requires thought and creativity.  We’ve scoured the latest trends, tech innovations, and lifestyle must-haves to compile a list of gifts that will delight, inspire, and earn you the title of best gift-giver in their eyes.

  1. Lap Desk
  2. gifts-for-college-students-lap-desk

    Sometimes, you need a break from that desk! This lap desk has an environmentally friendly wood panel and dual bolster cushions for comfort, support, and a chic look. It can be used while lying on a bed or sofa and comes with a pen, iPad, phone holder, and a comfy wrist pad.

  3. Instant Camera
  4. gifts-for-college-girls-instax

    Selfies on-demand! The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is the latest version of that famed camera, once known as a Polaroid, and produces instant credit card-sized photos. It automatically selects the optimal shutter speed, captures bright subjects in low light, and has a built-in macro mode and a selfie mirror. Grab some film over here.

  5. UGG Slippers 
  6. gifts-for-college-girls-slippers

    Combining slippers and sandals into a cozy statement shoe, the Fluff Yeah is as good as it sounds and as soft as it looks. These standout slides come in many colors, featuring plush sheepskin with a lightweight platform. Bonus: they’re made in a factory that supports and empowers women with the help of HERproject.

  7. Makeup Organizer
  8. gifts-for-college-girls-makeup-organizer

    This cosmetic organizer is an ideal gift for college students who need to keep their living spaces tidy and efficient, especially in the compact environment of a dorm room or shared apartment. It offers a stylish and practical way to store and organize makeup, skincare products, and other essentials, making daily routines smoother and keeping countertops clutter-free. Additionally, its compact and versatile design ensures it fits well in small spaces, promoting a sense of order and accessibility that can help students start their day off right.

  9. Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones
  10. gifts-for-travelers-headphones

    A gift that’s both functional and a “big” gift for the year, these Bose noise-canceling headphones have 11 levels of active noise canceling so she can study in peace, incredible sound for playing music, and a crystal clear microphone. They’re not cheap (and you could always grab some AirPods), but the noise-canceling option makes an excellent back-to-campus gift.

  11. Skincare Spa Package
  12. gifts-for-college-girls-skincare

    This retro-designed skincare range is super cute and pampering – perfect for college life! She’ll get three facial sheet masks, an array of facial product tubes and bottles, a big pink bow headband to pull her hair off her face, and some application sponges. Plus, it all comes in a gorgeous retro gift box. 

  13. Shower Caddy
  14. gifts-for-college-girls-caddy

    Whether embarking on her freshman year or heading back to the dorms, there’s one thing she will need- a perfect shower caddy. This shower caddy is suitable for every type of bathroom situation. It can hold every toiletry imaginable and make her new digs feel like a slice of home.

  15. Fjallraven Mini Backpack
  16. gifts-for-college-girls-backpack

    This trendy Swedish “mini” backpack is a scaled-down version of the Kånken backpack and features a small front pocket, removable seat cushion(!), and a reflective logo. It’s great for a college campus, a day hike, an outdoor music event, or a day out with girlfriends.

  17. Lip Mask
  18. gifts-for-college-girls-lip-mask

    A leave-on lip mask that delivers intense moisture and antioxidants while you sleep with Berry Fruit Complex™, Murumuru seed and Shea butter. This lip mask delivers intense moisture and antioxidants while you sleep for visibly smoother, baby-soft lips. Using applicator, apply hydrating lip mask generously to the lips and leave on overnight.

  19. Reversible Tote Bag
  20. gifts-for-college-girls-bag

    This everyday carryall is made from durable, double-sided vegan leather and can hold A LOT. Then reverse the bag from black to tan for a different look! It also contains a removable coin purse/wristlet and closes with a hidden magnetic latch.

  21. Shower Caddy
  22. gifts-for-college-girls-shower-caddy

    This portable organizer is a practical and versatile solution for college students living in dorms or small apartments, where space is often limited. It allows them to efficiently store and organize their bathroom essentials, from toiletries to beauty products, ensuring everything is neatly in place and easily accessible. Moreover, its portability means students can effortlessly carry it to shared bathrooms, making it a convenient and thoughtful gift that enhances their daily routine and living space.

  23. Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  24. gifts-for-college-girls-coffee-maker

    If she’s a cold brew kind of girl, this coffee maker should be on her wishlist– and it’ll save her big bucks at the campus coffee shop! The traditional hot brewing process releases acids, producing a more bitter, acidic flavor once the coffee has cooled. But cold brewing doesn’t extract all those acids, so you’re left with a smoother and less acidic coffee. 

  25. Notebook Set
  26. gifts-for-college-girls-notebooks

    It’s well-known that classes become far more bearable when you have a pretty notebook to write your notes in. This set of three floral-covered notebooks by famed Rifle Paper Co. features gold foil accents and 64 pages with the ruling on both sides, stitched with baker’s twine. The best Christmas gift ideas are often the simplest.

  27. Selfie Ring Light 
  28. gifts-for-college-girls-ring-light

    If she loves her Insta or TikTok, a ring light will take her posts to a new professional level. People love ring lights as they lessen shadows and softly diffuse light evenly – making skin tone appear more even, wrinkles and blemishes fade, and eyes pop. You’ll get an 8″ ring light, an adjustable tripod, two phone holders, and a remote control.

  29. A Stylish Suitcase
  30. gifts-for-college-girls-suitcase

    Whether it’s a trip home or away with friends for the weekend, every college gal needs a nice piece of standout luggage! The American Tourister Moonlight combines unique prints and colors with the lightest construction. This bag is a 21-inch carry-on, but larger bags and sets are also available.

  31. Stanley Water Bottle
  32. A Stanley cup is renowned for its durability and exceptional insulation capabilities, designed to keep beverages at the perfect temperature for hours on end. For a college student, this makes it an indispensable companion for long study sessions, outdoor adventures, or simply staying hydrated and caffeinated during back-to-back classes. Its robustness and practicality, coupled with sleek design, make it a thoughtful and highly useful gift that can withstand the rigors of college life, ensuring their favorite drink is always within arm’s reach.

  33. Bath Bomb Gift Set
  34. gifts-for-college-girls-bath-bombs

    College girls deal with much more stress than high school, so help her unwind with some self-care. This gorgeous bath bomb set (an Amazon bestseller) has 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs, all made in California. Note: If a bath isn’t an option on campus, choose these shower steamers instead!

  35. Echo Dot (4th Gen)
  36. gifts-for-college-girls-echo

    The latest Echo Dot model is such a valuable gift for a college student. It’s small enough for a tiny dorm nightstand, features a digital clock and alarm, Alexa is at their fingertips for questions or playlists, and it plays music and podcasts with incredible sound.

  37. College Gift Box
  38. gifts-for-college-girls-car-package

    This care package is a beautiful idea for a daughter going away to college. I arranged with a sweet, thoughtfully designed card and high-end spa products, including an S.O.S. personal panic button, a handmade Gardenia soy wax candle, a pink grapefruit-scented organic soap, and a pair of cozy socks with a gold embroidered heart.

  39. Nano Portable Charger
  40. gifts-for-college-girls-nano-charger

    College kids are always on the go; battery life can never keep up. This little gadget will be her new best friend because she’ll always have a portable charger cord. She only needs to connect it to a power source – the car, a power bank, or her laptop. A superb stocking stuffer!

  41. Legendary Day Planner
  42. gifts-for-college-girls-planner

    Not everyone loves their Google calendar; this ultimate planner is way more specific. It’ll help her create a personal vision, break down short and long-term goals, and incorporate them into her daily life. With weekly and monthly priorities, a habit tracker, and many motivating stickers. It can be used any year, so make it a Christmas gift!

  43. Coffee Tumbler
  44. gifts-for-college-girls-mug

    Every college student needs a to-go coffee mug, and unlike a lot of travel tumblers, this one has a handle just like a regular coffee cup. Made of stainless steel and insulated copper, it’ll keep hot and cold drinks cold for hours. It’s also available in several colors and patterns. 

  45. Yoga Pants
  46. gifts-for-college-girls-leggings

    Engineered to feel like your go-to, buttery-soft, second-skin layer, she’ll want to wear these moisture-wicking yoga pants every day. The high-rise, broad waistband contours curves and streamlines shape, while the pockets hold keys, cards, and iPhones. Available in multiple colors and prints.

  47. A Heartfelt Necklace
  48. gifts-for-college-girls-necklace

    When you’re not around, remind her that she can accomplish her dreams if she puts her mind and heart into them. Engraved with “She believed she could” on the front and “so she did” on the back, this inspirational necklace can be a reminder to believe in herself no matter the obstacle. It is a thoughtful gift that also makes a great college graduation gift.

  49. Decadent Face Mask
  50. gifts-for-college-girls-skincare

    This clarifying Mud Mask is an Amazon mega-seller and gently and effectively purifies clogged pores. Dead Sea mud is rich in minerals and is a natural exfoliator for a softer feel and radiant glow. Perfect for a “dorm night in” with her girlfriends – and the makings of a fun social media post.

  51. Glitzy Computer Cover
  52. rose-gold-computer-cover

    She’s probably on her computer all day if she’s a college student. So let this shimmery rose gold plastic shell add a little flair! It fits several sizes of Apple MacBook (see specs) and prevents fingerprints, scratches, drops, and smudges. It’s like a phone case for your laptop!

  53. Utility Cart
  54. gifts-for-college-girls-cart

    When you don’t have much space, you need space-saving solutions – like this utility cart, which she could use for storage in her dorm room or toiletries in her bathroom. The storage cart is well-constructed, sturdy, and can be wheeled wherever it needs to go.

  55. Sunshine and Whiskey T-Shirt
  56. gifts-for-college-girls-t-shirt

    If she’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea, you’ve found her staple t-shirt. This Sunshine & Whiskey tee is super soft and comfy and has just the right amount of stretch. If she’s a college student, it’s perfect for pairing with leggings or jeans to head to off class. There are also multiple colors available.

  57. Starbucks Gift Card
  58. gifts-for-college-girls-gift-card

    A gift card is always a good idea, and, as a student, she will need to pick me up after those late-night study sessions. If she’s always on the run, a Starbucks gift card is a great way to treat her to her favorite cup of joe (or tea) at the nearest Starbucks store. These make the best holiday gifts when you’ve left everything to the last minute!

  59. Bluetooth Speaker
  60. gifts-for-college-girls-bluetooth-speaker

    A portable Bluetooth speaker is a great gift idea for any college student. They can sync it up with their cell phone and play all their favorite music in their college dorm, at the beach, at an outdoor barbecue, or anywhere they can carry it. With 24 hours of playtime on a single charge, it’s a bestseller with breathtaking stereo sound.

  61. Weighted Blanket
  62. gifts-for-college-girls-weighted-blanket

    It may not look as cool as a mermaid tail, but a weighted blanket is the best gift idea for a college student. Why? Because weighted blankets act like a hug, using “deep pressure stimulation,” which can relax the nervous system and stimulate mood-boosting serotonin. People report feeling calmer, sleeping better, and having less stress and anxiety!

    What do college students need the most?

    Something practical that will make college life easier is always a win. Gear for their dorm to make it feel more like home will always be appreciated. A cozy and stylish throw blanket can be a perfect gift for a college girl. Whether they’re snuggling up on their sofa while studying or watching a movie with the gals, a soft blanket is a great gift. Something practical like the perfect shower caddy is a must-have.

    Tech gear is also great. A sleek laptop backpack allows them to store everything they need for class in one place. Gadgets or accessories like Bluetooth headphones or a portable charger are also helpful. College girls need a lot of energy, so a cup of coffee in the morning is necessary. A sleek, stylish, and reliable coffee maker can be a lifesaver. You can also go with a French press or pour-over cup.

    What are the best gift ideas for college girls?

    Finding the perfect gift for college girls is an exciting adventure! These busy young women are all about gifts that are as considerate as affordable. Whether she’s just starting her college journey or gearing up for graduation, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled an excellent list of gift ideas perfect for college gals at every stage, so your present will shine as brightly as her fantastic journey!