34 Cool 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for an Unbeatable Celebration

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: May 26, 2023

    On your 21st, you’re officially recognized as an adult; it’s a milestone birthday for sure. You have your whole life ahead of you; the world is your oyster. You want to make sure your loved one has the best 21st birthday, and needs to be celebrated with immense fun.

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    What is a great gift for a 21st birthday?

    A fantastic 21st birthday gift captures the excitement and significance of this major milestone! Consider unique experiences, like concert tickets or thrilling adventure activities, to create memories they’ll never forget. Personalized gifts add that special touch, such as custom jewelry or a bespoke photo album. And don’t forget about the classics, like a stylish watch or a chic accessory, to kick off their new chapter in style.

    Choosing the perfect present is all about embracing the spirit of turning twenty-one! Mark, this special day needs an awesome gift. Our gift guide has the best 21st birthday gift ideas for guys and gals to wish them a Happy Birthday.

  1. Craft Cocktail Kit
  2. 21st-birthday-gifts-cocktail-kit

    You can make a G&T in one minute flat, and sometimes that will do. But if you want a one-of-a-kind artisanal drink, you need a skilled mixologist–like the top bartenders who created the craft cocktails in these kits. They’ve carefully chosen ingredients (like pine-smoked lapsang souchong, bespoke pineapple shrub, and cherry bark vanilla bitters) to enhance, mirror, and balance the spirits’ flavor notes. Everything you need is included: small-batch syrups, unique bitters, garnishes, recipes, even a Japanese-style jigger.

  3. Birthdate Candle
  4. 21st-birthday-gifts-candle

    A candle crafted for the day you were born. They combined astrology, numerology, and tarot to create 365 beautiful candles — one for every birthdate. Your Birthdate Candle will unlock the secrets of your personality and has a fragrance carefully designed to enliven your spirit.

  5. Hangover Recovery
  6. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-hydration

    Utilizes breakthrough science of Cellular Transport Technology (CTT), a specific ratio of potassium, sodium, and glucose that directly delivers water and other key nutrients to your bloodstream, hydrating you faster and more efficiently than water alone. One packet can provide the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water. Maximize your hydration, replenish your body after a night of drinking. One of the best gifts to bring to a 21st birthday party.

  7. Fun 21st Bracelet
  8. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-bracelet

    Turning 21 is an exciting experience for a woman. Help her embrace and celebrate this wonderful milestone with this thoughtful 21st Birthday Bracelet. This is just the beginning of a whole new chapter in their life. Mark the occasion for your sister, daughter, niece, best friend, or girlfriend with these dainty 14K gold-dipped beads – one to represent each magical year of life. 

  9. Wallet Bottle Opener
  10. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-bottle-opener

    Nothing screams “I’m wealthy enough to open your beer” like opening your wallet and pulling out your American Expensed Black Card bottle opener. Is there a greater gift than granting access to a mouthful of refreshing golden brewski? A fun 21st birthday presents for anyone.

  11. Adios Fake ID Candle
  12. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-candle

    Finally 21 and ready to throw away that fake ID. This artisan candle company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota makes these small-batch hand-poured candles with 100% Soy wax infused with premium fragrance oils, free from any harmful chemicals or additives.  A great addition to a gift basket.

  13. Secrets For Your 20’s
  14. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-books-20

    Every twentysomething needs a little black book of secrets. As a young adult, our are filled with confusion, terrible jobs, anticipation, disappointment, cubicles, break-ups, transition, quarter-life crisis, loneliness, post-college what the heck, moderate success sandwiched between complete failure. We need a worn, and weathered guide stashed somewhere close by to help shed some light on this defining decade. That guide is this book.

  15. Timex Expedition Ranger Solar Watch
  16. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-watch

    The Expedition Ranger Solar is a sustainable, adventure-ready companion powered by any light source. The rugged metal design can withstand whatever life throws its way. When fully charged, the Expedition Ranger Solar has a two-month power reserve. The watch fully charges in just 5 hours of sunlight. Makes a great graduation gift too!

  17. Instant Polaroid Camera
  18. quinceanera-gifts-bath-jewelry-make-camera

    Selfie’s on-demand. If you are looking for a cool gift, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera is a compact camera that produces instant credit card-sized prints. The Instax mini eight features a Fujinon 60mm lens, capable of focusing as close as 2 feet away, and a built-in flash provides additional illumination for exposures in low-light conditions. An optical viewfinder with an integrated target spot is available for image composition, and an exposure counter is incorporated into the design to visually display the number of exposures remaining in the film pack.

  19. The Hungover Cookbook
  20. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-cookbook

    A good hangover brings its victim to a new state of mind—and one that, when looked at objectively, can be quite fascinating to its host: It can create an increased awareness of the body, a willingness to eat something usually off-limits, and a fascination with the mind’s strange acrobatics. With P. G. Wodehouse’s six hangovers—The Broken Compass, The Sewing Machine, The Comet, The Atomic, The Cement Mixer, and The Gremlin Boogie—as a starting point, recipes are tailored to each specific malady, allowing the reader to find a recipe that precisely suits his state of mind and body.

  21. Vintage Gas Pump Liqueur Dispenser
  22. 21st-birthday-gifts-dispenser


    There is nothing more than marks the 21st birthday than the ability to drink -legally. This vintage-style gas station bar butler with a trigger-operated pump is perfect for serving whiskey, liquor, and beer in home bars, ideal for adding a retro twist to your drinks service. This liquor dispenser has an impressive 900ml capacity, enough for serving all your guests. A super unique 21st birthday gift idea.

  23. Tipsy Ice Cream
  24. 21st-birthday-gifts-tipsy-ice-cream

    Raise a pint to another year filled with boozy ice cream! Includes 4 flavors: Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel, Cake Batter Vodka Martini, Spiked Hazelnut Coffee and Strawberry White Sangria Sorbet. All flavors contain up to 5% alcohol by volume and can only be consumed by those 21 and over.

  25. Cool Backpack
  26. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-bag

    Whether he is still in school, working his first job, or globe-trotting, he needs a cool bag to carry all his gear. S-shaped padded adjustable shoulder straps make this cool backpack wear comfortable and protect your back when carrying something heavy. And the best part, it comes with a charging port.

  27. Cool Cats and Ass Hats
  28. adult-party-games-cool-cats

    A drinking game that will turn your next party into a hilarious night to remember, or forget. Compete, vote, and screw your friends over. Each fast-paced round ends with a CoolCat (winner) and AssHat (loser) drawing an action card that will have your group hurting from laughter. The perfect 21st birthday gift. Someone grab the tequila.

  29. Spa Bath Birthday Basket
  30. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-spa-set


    This festive spa package will make her day! Each gift set contains bubble bath, bath salts, soap, salt scrub, and a wooden spoon for the scrub. The perfect ingredients for a self-care night. 

  31. Beer Cap Wall Art
  32. man cave gifts cap holder

    Beer cap maps are the perfect way for any beer enthusiast to display their favorite craft beers. This cut out of the United States of America in dark brown wood will delight everyone from the homebrewer aficionado to the Joe down the street who likes a pint in the pub. Perfect wall decor for his man cave.

  33. Timberland Wallet
  34. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-wallet

    The Timberland leather wallet trifold design is the ideal wallet for all occasions. With several different colors to choose from and a classic look and feel, when you pull out your men’s leather wallet trifold, it will match any outfit. Don’t be fooled by the other leather wallets for men. Choose a wallet that is backed by the high-quality brand of Timberland that prides itself on quality and durability.

  35. Beer Making Kit
  36. 21st-birthday-ideas-beer-kit


    If you can make oatmeal, you can make beer. This kitchen-friendly beer-making kit makes brewing easy by using only fresh, whole ingredients and traditional methods used in homes and breweries for centuries. By brewing with the same ingredients (malted barley, hops, and yeast) that the best craft breweries in the world use, making high-quality and complex beers becomes possible on the stovetop in your very own kitchen, big or small.

  37. Copper Pineapple Tumbler
  38. gifts for sister pineapple tumbler

    If ever had a drink out of one of these bad boys, you know how much fun it is. This pineapple copper drinking mug will keep her drinks refreshingly cold, gives her home bar an enchanting appeal, and exude a sense of wealth, luxury, and prosperity that has been associated with pineapples for centuries.

  39. Nintendo Switch
  40. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-switch

    The perfect gift for gamers. The Nintendo Switch is the new home video game system from Nintendo. In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system can be taken on the go so players can enjoy a full home console experience anytime, anywhere. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system, with unique new play styles brought to life by the two new Joy-Con controllers.

  41. Kate Spade Cross Body
  42. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-purse

    The handbag: it’s your constant companion, your security blanket, your way-more-than-an-accessory accessory. This Kate Spade New York bag is embossed leather with gold-toned hardware, a zippered closure, and an adjustable strap with a maximum drop of 22 inches. This versatile purse works as an everyday bag or an evening bag. 

  43. Law of Attraction Life Planner
  44. gifts for sister life planner

    Help her become much more productive by teaching her how to focus only on her top priorities and delegate the rest. So she can achieve more and create more free time, happiness for herself. The perfect productivity and time management planner for 2017. This Weekly Planner includes To-Do Lists, Feel-Good List & Gratitude Journal – The weekly/monthly feel-good list will help her not to forget to put herself first. She will become the best possible version of herself on a mental, physical & interpersonal level.  A great gift for the super planner.

  45. Beard Grooming Kit
  46. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-beard set

    Natural boar bristles help distribute oil, improve hard hair texture, styling, shaping, smoothing, and conditioning. Ideal for firm beard and stache grooming, softening, and styling. Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E oil are the main ingredients. Ingredients are 100% natural and organic. You’ll enjoy a better beard growth without any unwanted scents or additives.

  47. Funny Wine Tumbler


    Maybe it’s for their third 21st birthday celebration or a Sunday Funday or a wine down Wednesday, they will have those days where they just have to say “Shut Up Liver, You’re Fine.” This stemless wine glass will show their liver who’s boss! Perfect birthday wine glass to use at the party!

  49. Photo Hanging Set
  50. graduation-gifts-for-her-photo-display

    If she is going away to college, she’ll want to bring memories with her. This photo wall hanger is a great way and adds the perfect touch to any space. These are the perfect gift ideas for her to hang up pictures with friends and school memories, so she’ll always have the good times to look back on!

  51. Curling Wand Set
  52. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-hair-wand

    Seven interchangeable wands add up to endless styling possibilities. The Parwin Pro brings you our largest assortment of tourmaline ceramic barrels with an easy-to-use, 7-in-1 interchangeable base for a full spectrum of curling options. The digital temperature control heats up to 450°F in seconds. It also features negative ion conditioning technology, a digital display with temperature control, LCD screen light changes from blue to green when the desired temperature is reached.

  53. Wine. All the Time. The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking
  54. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-book

    Does the thought of having to buy wine for a dinner party stress you out? Is your go-to strategy to pick the bottle with the coolest label? Are you tired of choosing pairings based on your wallet instead of your palate? Fear not! Bon Appétit wine columnist and Wine. All The Time. blogger Marissa A. Ross is here to help. Pair it with a bottle of wine for a wonderful birthday giftbox idea.

  55. New Kicks
  56. gifts-for-21-year-old-boys

    A great gift for a stylish guy. Converse takes the high road with the Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Hi – Tumbled Leather. Durable all canvas upper, high-top silhouette and padded tongue and collar for a comfy, cozy fit.

  57. A Classic Book
  58. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-the alchemist

    Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom, and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations. The perfect 21st birthday gift for those bookworms. If they more the business type, The 4 Hour Work Week is a great read as well!

  59. 21st Birthday Shot Glass
  60. 21st-birthday-shot-glass

    Nothing says happy 21st birthday than a shot glass. Be an awesome friend and gift this 1st Legal birthday shot glass to your pal. Perfect usable keepsake for a memorable birthday. Tasteful design etched by hand on a quality etched in the USA glass. 

  61. Pocket Knife


    This multitool contains ten useful stainless steel tools that can go with him anywhere. Include scissors, two screwdrivers, corkscrew, saw blade, bottle opener, file, one knife blade, and a punch. Gloss-coated rosewood finish with triple varnish. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

  63. A Sephora Gift Card
  64. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-the gift-card

    I love gift cards. If you know someone who enjoys spending money, get them a gift card! You can’t go wrong! If she is a makeup lover, Sephora has plenty of fabulous finds for a 21-year-old birthday girl to choose from.

  65. Monogram Tote Bag
  66. 21st-birthday-gift-ideas-tote

    Perfect custom gift bag to hold day-to-day essentials. Very roomy this canvas cotton handles long enough for carrying over the shoulder and the interior zip pocket for easy access to small essentials. Fill it with some of her favorite stuff and other fun gifts for a great unique gift package.