34 Man Cave Gifts He Can Show Off To His Friends

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: December 4, 2023

    Oh, the man cave! A place where gentlemen can genuinely let their manliness loose. But it can be hard to find the perfect “man space” essentials for a testosterone den. So we’ve handpicked some of the most fantastic man cave gift ideas.

     We found some unique and special gifts you can give a man cave dweller to show him that you care. From wall decor to gadgets, these gifts will surely bring a smile to his face.

  1. Retro Gaming System 
  2. man-cave-retro-gaming

    The original look and feel of the Nintendo Classic Edition, this redesigned miniature version is smaller, sleeker, and pre-loaded with 30 innovative games–– including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, PAC-MAN, Dr. Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and much more. It makes the best man cave gift for that hardcore gamer in your life!

  3. Murphy Home Bar
  4. man-cave-gifts-murphy-bar

    Numero dos on our gift guide is this fold-down Murphy Bar in natural rustic pine. It offers plenty of storage without taking up much space. The fold-down mixing station can become a bar top. At the same time, he can have his favorite liquors and bar tools right where he needs them. It’s a man cave gift idea!

  5. Personalized Whiskey Barrel
  6. man-cave-gifts-whiskey-barrel

    How about a handcrafted, tabletop engraved oak barrel to age his wine, whiskey, rum –– or just as a man cave decoration? Complete with a stand, bung, and spigot; the barrel is charred on the inside to release the wood’s natural flavors and aromas slowly. The barrel must be sealed and cured before use, but it comes with full instructions. It also makes a cool best-man gift.

  7. Beer Bottle Cap Opener Drinking Game
  8. man-cave-gifts-bottle-opener

    Cracking open your favorite beer is always exciting. But what if you could double your fun? Bring everyone together with this bottle opener party game, a fun game of chance. Open your beer and watch as your cap falls into one of the options, deciding whetheinks and how much.

  9. Viking Drinking Horn
  10. man-cave-gifts-drinking-horn

    Look no further if you’re looking for man cave gifts that reallythe bar. Every man cave needs a Viking drinking horn. It’s cool AF and will have everyone talking about it. Each horn is made of authentic, ethically sourced ox horn and is hand-cut and hand-polished. Then it’s packaged in a medieval burlap sack.

  11. Comfy Chair
  12. man-cave-gifts-comfy-chair

    Every guy wants to sit comfortably on the floor and enjoy his sports action, but the wives won’t let floor chairs become mainstream. A man cave needs a cozy, and this adjustable 14-position memory foam floor chair is perfect. It’s the ideal gaming chair, TV chair, and reading chair.

  13. NFL Levitating Hover Helmet
  14. football-gifts-levitating-helmet

    This levitating football helmet makes an excellent gift for those science-loving kids or friends in your life! Pick from several NFL teams, so no matter who you cheer for, you can find an excellent helmet to show off on your work desk, in your man cave, or on a bedroom dresser!

  15. Wooden Wireless Charging Pad
  16. man-cave-gifts-wireless-charger

    If he’s hibernating in his man cave, he’s going to be a phone charger. But not any old cord. A stylish, round wooden pad that will effortlessly blend into the cave’s surroundings. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices (iPhone, Samsung, Google, and others) with lightning-fast charging time.

  17. Retro Turntable
  18. man-cave-gifts-turn-table

    This beautiful Victrola wooden record player features SIX ways to play his music: a 3-speed turntable, CD player, cassette player, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and AUX jack. This one makes a great housewarming gift to help kick off a new man cave in style.

  19. Talking Darth Vader Clapper 
  20. man-cave-gifts-darth-vadar-clapper

    What’s a clapper, you ask? It’s a fun y toe the force” to turn on the light, TV, or other appliances. Clap your hands, and Vader throws out a spoken command. Sure to be a prized asset to his empire and sure to make his Princess Leia crazy. It’s the perfect gift for a Star Wars fanatic. 


  21. Man Cave Rules
  22. man-cave-gifts-rules

    If you’re going to going to rules, you best display them! This man cave sign looks like a wooden one, but it’s a canvas printed with archival inks that prevent fading. It’s comes equipped with pre-installed, ready-to-hang sawtooth hardware.  

  23. Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass Sleeve
  24. Keep your hands warm and your whiskey cold with our insulated stainless sleeve for your whiskey glass. This sleeve is designed to keep your whiskey chilled until the last drop without the taste of a stainless steel cup. Chill your whiskey, not your hands, with the double walls that protect your whiskey. Great for use indoors and durable enough for backyard, poolside, or BBQ parties.

  25. Globe Decanter Set
  26. man-cave-gifts-globe-decanter

    A desktop decanter shaped like a globe with a glass sailing ship bobbing about makes for an eye-catching dispenser. Fill it with bourbon, whiskey, scotch, vodka, rum, or wine, and the tight-fitting glass stopper will keep his fave drink both eye-catching and flavorful.

  27. Mixology Set
  28. man-cave-gifts-bar-set

    For the man cave that needs a kickstart in the bar department, this mixology starter kit has everything they need–– all packaged for display in a stylish wooden gift box/crate. The entire set is made of stainless steel alloy, is dishwasher-safe, and makes a beautiful gift.

  29. Cast Iron Key Holder 
  30. man cave gifts key holder

    This vintage cast iron keyholder is a generous man cave gift that looks both manly and cool. Made of solid cast iron, he can hang his keys, coat, clothes, and tools. 

  31. Table Caddy
  32. man-cave-gifts-caddy

    An excellent gift for the man with too many gadgets, this organizer can fit up to 14 remotes, plus smartphones, iPads, and other assorted bits. The swivel base allows for easy access from all angles.

  33. Atomic Lamp
  34. man-cave-gifts-atomic-lamp

    This atomic Edison bulb lamp is a fun addition to any science nerd’s man cave. The wires represent the orbits of electrons, while a vintage-style lightbulb brings a soft, warm glow. These LED bulbs use 90% less energy than incandescents.

  35. Monogram Cigar Humidor Box
  36. man-cave-gifts-humidor

    Whether you want to surprise that remarkable man in your life or treat your groomsman to a gift that keeps on giving, this personalized cigar container is a perfect choice. Impress friends and family members with the sophisticated display of this cigar holder situated in your den or man cave. The solid wood construction offers a rustic, masculine look—a great gift idea for a cigar lover.

  37. Storm Trooper Decanter Gift Set
  38. bourbon-gifts-decanter

    This creative Stormtrooper helmet design is exceptionally cool for people who love fashionable products; when it is filled, it gives the curves and edges much more definition—made of high-quality clear borosilicate glass (eco-friendly) with heat-resistance quality. 5mm-thick glass is more durable, hard to break, and safe to use. Pair it with a great bottle of bourbon like Four Roses, Makers Mark, or Bu, buffalo Trace—the perfect addition to his home bar.

  39. Personalized Basketball Hoop
  40. man-cave-gifts-basketball-hoop

    This man cave idea will be a slam dunk! An excellent and unique gift for your basketball lover, this mini hoop can be personalized with their name or initials in five ways. A great piece of man cave decor that will keep the man in your life – and his friends – amused.

  41. Beer Bucket List Scratch Poster 
  42. man-cave-gifts-beer-scratch-poster

    Play and display this beer bucket list with 100 carefully selected beers from worldwide for an engaging, interactive poster that will be a major conversation piece. As he samples each new beer, he can scratch off the film to reveal the beer’s image.

  43. Beer Cap Wall Art
  44. man cave gifts cap holder

    Beer cap maps are the perfect way for beer enthusiasts to display their favorite craft beers nationwide. This cut-out of the USA will delight everyone from the homebrewer aficionado to the Joe down the street who likes a pint in the pub. It makes a great Father’s Day gift for that DIY type of guy and a great man cave!

  45. Lego Mug


    Is there a better gift for the man (child) in your life? Keep him busy by building his mug while he’s “working” in his man cave. The mug holds 12 ounces, is made of food-grade plastic, can be used for hot or cold beverages, and is hand wash only. 

  47. Personalized Wall Decor
  48. man-cave-gifts-sign

    If you’re looking for a personalized gift, these distressed bar signs let guests know where to find cold beer and good times! Fully customizable, the solid wood signs are the perfect gift – and the perfect finishing touch – for any man in your life’s hangout. 

  49. Shotgun Coasters
  50. man-cave-gifts-12-gauge-coasters

    Add an authentic 12-gauge look at home in a den, man cave, or cabin! Gold-painted coasters have rubber pads on the bottoms to protect furniture from moisture and scratches. This set of 4 stores neatly in the custom 4.25″ red ridged holder.

  51. Manly Coffee Table Book
  52. man cave gifts coffee table book

    This unique bible of motoring coolness recounts the stories behind history’s most excellent cars, from prewar vintage motors to the future supercars. The pages are stunning Top Gear photography and rarely-seen archive photographs with expert commentary—a must-have for any auto enthusiast.

  53. Baseketball Dartboard
  54. man-cave-gifts-basketball-dartboard

    Combining the thrill of the hardwood with the casual fun of a bar game, this stadium-inspired dartboard will hit the bull’s eye with any baseball buff. Assemble your teams and “pitch” your darts at the bases, or give hitting a home run your best shot! It is a unique home decor idea for his man cave.

  55. Truck Lamp
  56. man-cave-gifts-lamp

    What’s more manly than a monster truck? This LED table lamp is perfect for a man cave. The lamp creates an intricate optical illusion, deceiving the eye into seeing in 3D when it’s a flat piece of an acrylic panel with etched lines.

  57. Man Cave Coasters
  58. gifts-for-dad-coasters


    No water rings in the man cave! These coasters will ensure it. The set of eight coasters is made of rubber, including a rubber mat. 

  59. Smoking Cocktail Kit
  60. man-cave-gifts-cocktail-smoking-kit

    You may have noticed a new trend in bars nationwide: smoked cocktails. Help your “mixologist” recreate that same magic at home with this bougie piece of barware. Torch the wood plank, capture the smoke in the jar, and then pour in your cocktail to let the flavors mingle for rich woodsy notes.

  61. Cave Doormat
  62. man-cave-gifts-door-mat

    Enter the bat cave. But please wipe your feet first. This is a great way to style the man cave entry point, whether functional or just for display purposes. It also makes for a great last-minute Christmas gift for man caves, bachelor pads, and tool sheds.

  63. Nordic Viking Beer Mug
  64. This Viking beer mug takes the manliness of his man cave to the next level. The artwork is beautifully intricate, with a carving of Odin on the side. The stainless steel liner means his beer will stay cold while he regales his comrades with tales of exploits that are probably greatly exaggerated. 

  65. Kobe Print
  66. man-cave-gifts-print

    Any Kobe Bryant fan will treasure this high-quality tin print of Kobe Bryant. Classy and powerful, it’s the perfect print for a basketball fan’s treasure cave of collectibles. 

  67. Minimalist Playing Cards
  68. man-cave-gifts-playing-cards

    Ever heard the phrase, “Less is more”? Well, these playing cards are proof of that–– sleek, modern, and minimalist, they’re total regulation cards without all the pomp and flash. Perfect for those who only want to focus on the hand in front of them. 

    What does every guy need in his man cave?

    What do men want for their private space, and how do they want to design it? Every man cave must be unique to create the perfect place to relax, socialize, enjoy hobbies, or be alone. Researchers got the responses of 5000 American men to get the answer. They discovered necessary must-haves for the man cave, like a killer TV, a stocked bar, a gaming system, and workout equipment. The top décor themes were sports, gamer, bar, hunting, and fishing. 

    What are some unique gifts for a man cave?

    So, back to the gifts! Are you looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life who loves to relax in his man cave? Great gifts for a man cave could include items such as barware, electronics, sports memorabilia, home decor, grilling supplies, board games, and music.