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23 Man Cave Gifts He Can Show Off To His Friends

Oh, the man cave- a space where gentlemen can truly let loose their true manliness. No matter what they are into sometimes its hard to find the perfect man cave is essentials. We found some of the coolest stuff he’ll want to put in his testosterone den. Here are our favorite man cave gifts.

Smoking Cocktail Kit

It’s something we’ve noticed in our favorite bars across the country: smoked cocktails. The woodsy note lends a rich complexity to old standbys and allows for all kinds of new experimentation. To recreate the magic at home, you just torch the wood plank, capture the smoke in the jar, then pour in your cocktail to let the flavors mingle. The resulting drinks are in a league of their own, and you get to look like a masterful mixologist while making them.

Skull Beer Mugs

This set of 4 Skull Halloween Mugs is Perfect for old-fashioned iced tea, lemonade, or any refreshing drink. Beer or Even Coffee, Attractive and sturdy with charm galore. Go back to the days of listening to the wireless and drinking moonshine. Set of four glasses, each shaped like a Skull, but with an easy-to-hold handle. Lead-free.

Manly Candle
man cave gifts manly candle

Fill up your man cave with the wonderful masculine fragrance, Manly Indulgence Fresh Shave scented candle in a flat black glass jar with a metal lid. Notes of musk, vanilla, amber and cedar wood. Real men like candles.

Beer Cap Decor

Beer cap maps are the perfect way for any beer enthusiasts to display their favorite craft beers. This cut out of the United States of America will delight everyone from the homebrewer aficionado to the Joe down the street who just likes a pint in the pub.

Cast Iron Key Holder 

This vintage cast iron key holder is a great man cave gift. Usage for key, coat, clothes, tools holder. It looks great and all the keys are on it instead of the counter or coats in the coat.

Atomic Lights


This set of two Atomic Age Accent Lamps are a fun addition to a science nerds man cave. The wires represent the orbits of electrons. A vintage-style bulb at the center glows with a string of tiny LED lights. Black aluminum and glass light is dramatic and wireless so you can put it anywhere. On/off switch on the bottom.

Globe Decanter

Desktop decanter shaped like a globe with a glass sailing ship inside it makes an eye-catching presentation whether filled with bourbon, whiskey, scotch, vodka, rum or wine. Large enough to hold the contents of an entire bottle of most spirits – just how we like it. The tight-fitting glass stopper keeps air out of the globe decanter, so your spirits or wine remain flavorful, and their aromas stay robust until you enjoy them.

Lego Mug

Perfect gift for the man (child) in your life. He can build your own mug. Keep him busy while hes “working” in his man cave.

Multi-Tool Box

We, humans, tend to think of ourselves as being pretty, well, evolved. Turns out we could stand to learn a thing or two from other members of the animal kingdom. Animals in the wild tend to be pretty handy, while we get frustrated when we can’t open our beers on the first try, or can’t pop on a new keychain without breaking a nail. Enter: your new toolset.

Baseball Dartboard

Combining the thrill of America’s favorite pastime with the casual fun of a bar favorite, Jay Stoltz’s stadium-inspired dartboard will hit the bull’s eye with any baseball buff. Assemble your teams and follow the baseball-inspired gameplay detailed on the handcrafted board. “Pitch” your darts at the bases, or give hitting a home run your best shot! 

Shotgun Coaters

There’s no better protection for your wooden table than the shotgun shell coasters. The set of stone coasters feature a no slip grip on the bottom and are hand painted like the ends of 12 gauge shotgun shells. A fine addition to any gun enthusiast or hunter’s man cave.

Manly Coffee Table Book

This unique bible of motoring coolness recounts the stories behind history’s greatest cars, from prewar vintage motors to the supercars of the future, pairing stunning Top Gear photography and rarely seen archive photographs with expert commentary. It breaks down the technology behind these incredible machines and places each car in the context of its time, with anecdotes and analysis that explain just what’s so cool about each one.

Steel Growlers

Lighter than glass or ceramic growlers and virtually indestructible, these stainless steel growlers may be the ultimate vessels for storing and toting your homebrew or draft beer favorites. They feature tight-sealing, swing top caps with D rings for convenient carrying, and handsomely industrial black or lustrous copper finishes. Easy to clean, they’ll be ready for the next round of your craft beer exploration. 

Black Playing Cards

Ever heard the phrase, “Less is more”? Well, Minim Playing Cards is the proof in the proverbial pudding. Regulation playing cards without all the pomp and flash, Minim Playing Cards are for people who just want to focus on the hand in front of them, The cards feature reductive versions of the classic 52-card format but in a sleek, modern, and minimalist package. Cards are standard size and are made of PVC.

Bottle Opener Game

Cracking open your favorite beer is always exciting. But what if we told you could double your fun? This game-show inspired opener turns liberated bottle caps into pawns that plink down to prompt party antics—from “toast your host” to “truth or dare.” The interactive game makes a great gift for any home bar or party pad.


This humidor features a handsome cherry finish, a see-through glass top, an adjustable divider along with a round humidifier and external hygrometer. Throw in the fact that the Chalet has the capacity to store between 25-50 cigars and you have yourself a humidor that’s a fantastic value!Looking for a Spanish cedar lined glass top humidor that won’t break the bank? The Chalet Glass top is a perfect choice!

Turn Table

This beautiful Victrola wooden nostalgic record player features 6 ways to play your music. Loaded with features including; 3-speed turntable (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM). CD player, cassette player, built-in Bluetooth to wirelessly play music from your Bluetooth enabled device, FM Radio, 3.5mm Aux-in jack for playing music from any non-Bluetooth device (cable included), headphone jack, and RCA Aux-in jack.

Comfy Chair

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair & Gaming Chair features a chopped memory foam blend for superior comfort & support. Adjustable to 14 different positions. Great for playing games, watching tv or reading. Perfect for the man cave.

Skull Lamp

The Skull LED Table Lamp features an alluring innovative design, meant to create intricate optical illusions. Its construction deceives the eye into thinking that there is a shade, where in fact the lamp is two-dimensional. The Skull consists of a base that contains an LED module, on top of which resides a laser-etched acrylic plate that guides the light through its contours. The Skull brings a touch of macabre to any modern setting.

Retro Gaming System 

Tell him to dig out his old NES and SNES games out of the basement. The breakthrough RetroDuo 2 in 1 System allows you to play most of your old favorites in one system. The sleek and slim design saves you space, while specially placed vents ensure that your trip down memory lane is one way, with no stops or delays due to an overheated system. Only a flip of the switch away from total nostalgia.

Periodic Pint Glasses

Periodic glasses are great for any chemist or any beer lover for that matter. It is a known fact that mixing beryllium (BE) and erbium (ER) makes great beer, please just don’t try this at home
Ee don’t really care which beer he drinks but please drink responsibly. 

The Godfather Collection

Throughout his long, wandering, often distinguished career Francis Ford Coppola has made many films that are good and fine, many more that are flawed but undeniably interesting, and a handful of duds that are worth viewing if only because of his personality. This would make a great addition to his movie collection and perfect for man cave movie night.

Murphy Bar

This fold-down Murphy Bar with a piano hinge, support chain, hook latch and LED touch light is a Killer addition to any man cave. Fold down mixing station allows for plenty of room to create your cocktails. Holds an array of bottles, glasses and bar tools. Screws and washers are included for easy installation. Screw into the cabinet nailer, that we have secured at the top rear of the cabinet, directly into the stud… Done. Folds up and latches until 5:00 somewhere…