32 Slam Dunk Basketball Gifts That Will Score You Points

By David Lautaret | Updated: August 9, 2023

    Get ready to make a fast break into the world of slam dunk gift ideas for the basketball fanatics in your life! Our handpicked selection of fantastic finds is here to help you score major points with any hoops enthusiast, from die-hard fans to aspiring athletes.

    We’ve got you covered with everything from cool apparel and stylish accessories to game-changing gadgets and heartwarming keepsakes. Lace-up your sneakers and join us on this exciting journey to discover the ultimate basketball fan gifts that’ll leave them feeling like an MVP!

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    What are the best gifts for basketball players and fans?

    Basketball players always reaching for new heights! They need a mix of practical essentials and a slam-dunk attitude. On the practical side, they’ll appreciate high-quality basketball shoes for superior traction and support, moisture-wicking athletic wear to stay cool, and a trusty, well-gripped ball to hone their skills.

    As for attitude, determination, passion, and team spirit go a long way in making a winning player. So, whether it’s gearing up or simply cheering them on, supporting your favorite basketball star is always a winning move!

    Scoring the perfect basketball-themed gift is a guaranteed alley-oop to their heart! We’ve compiled the perfect list of the best basketball gift ideas to suit any player, basketball coach, or fan in your life.

  1. Basketball Hoop Scoreboard
  2. basketball-gifts-scoreboard

    Great Basketball Toy Scoreboard For All Basketball Kids. Actual Scoreboard with Timer and Game Ending Buzzer. Play 10 Different Games- Pig, Horse, Free Throw Contest, and More. Actual Crowd Cheers When You Change The Score. “Referee’ Button to ‘Call” The Fouls- Kid Favorite. Attaches to All Driveway Basketball Hoops Poles.

  3. Eat. Sleep. Basketball. Repeat. Hoodie
  4. basketball-gifts-eat-sleep-basketball

    Relaxed and comfortable, this classic fit hoodie is guaranteed to keep you warm on and off the court. This basketball gift is sure to be a hit. Also available in an Eat. Sleep. Basketball. T-shirt. 

  5. The Mug with a Hoop
  6. basketball-gifts-mug-hoop

    This fanciful mug with an integrated miniature basketball hoop makes it acceptable for kids, bachelors, or 45-year-old dads to play with their food. Players can slam dunk cereal into milk, launch oyster cracker three-pointers into soup, or face off in games of hot chocolate H.O.R.S.E. using mini marshmallows. Oversized and shaped like half of a basketball with a hoop attached to the back of its handle, it can be used as a mug or bowl.

  7. Basketball Wastebasket 
  8. basketball-gifts-wastebasket

    He shoots. He scores! (And he tidies up at the same time.) Tossing out trash has never been so fun. This compact wastebasket would be MVP in your family room—or even in the office. Not to mention, it’d also make a slam dunk of a Father’s Day or graduation gift.

  9. Ceiling Hoop
  10. basketball-gifts-ceiling-hoop

    Who hasn’t spent an absurd amount of time throwing a ball straight up into the ceiling at nothing? I think we’ve all been there. Finally, there’s something to aim at! CeilingSWISH is not just another toy basketball hoop for kids; it is the newest sensation in indoor kids basketball hoop games! Easy to play and loads of fun. A unique basketball gift that’s sure to be used every day. 

  11. Collapsible Water Bottle


    This water bottle is perfect for those on the go. The bottle holds a generous 18 ounces but collapses down to a fraction of its full size, making it ideal for carrying to the court! The bottle is made of food-grade silicone and includes a clip so it can be attached to a sports bag. 

  13. Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop
  14. basketball-gifts-mini-indoor-hoop

    This is a multi-player interactive toy that is perfect for both boys and girls ages 3+. Children will enjoy practicing their basketball skills with friends and parents. TREYWELL basketball hoop is perfect for any basketball enthusiast. Kids will enjoy shooting hoops or playing an exciting game with their friends. Adults will enjoy taking a stress-relieving break to shoot some hoops.

  15. Light Up Basketball
  16. basketball-gifts-light-up-basketball

    This LED basketball is amazing! As soon as you bounce the ball, two impact activated LED lights illuminate the entire basketball with a magnificent red glow. The ball looks, feels, and plays just like a regular basketball. Shooting some hoops in the driveway after dark has never been so much fun! Be the first to show your friends this unique ball. We’ve heard so many great stories from basketball players who have tried our LED Basketball and love it.

  17. Foldable Basketball Arcade Game
  18. basketball-gifts-game

    There are eight game options that you can select by setting the controller in your hand. Comes with 2 Basketball Hoops and four basketballs. The dual shooting system with two big 12″ in diameter iron basketball hoops ensures endless hours of fun multiple-player action! 

  19. Basketball 3D Night Light
  20. basketball-gifts-3d-night-light

    This 3D illusion lamp is a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion and plays tricks on the eyes. You will see the design from afar, but as you come close, you will see a thin acrylic glass sheet that’s completely flat. It’s bound to dazzle and impress your kids and guests, which always lighting up the room and decor your life.

  21. Mini Basketball Game
  22. basketball-gifts-mini-basketball-game

    Here’s a basketball game that would make even Spud Webb feel like a giant. This mini desktop hoops set lets you practice layups, mid-range jumpers, and 3-point shots with a flick of your finger to sink bean bag “balls” in the birch plywood hoop. Fidgeting fun for an office or dorm room gift.

  23. Spalding Over the Door Hoop
  24. basketball-gifts-spalding-hoop

    The Spalding over-the-door hoop is great for indoor play. Comes with a 5-inch rubber mini basketball and assembly tool. A realistic-looking hoop and rim for endless hours of slam dunk fun! 

  25. Basketball Drill Cards
  26. basketball-gifts-cards


    This 52-card deck of exercise cards is tailored to basketball enthusiasts with basketball-themed categories such as Inside Moves, Triple Threat, Off-the-Dribble, Shooting, and many more. Improve your game while having fun with these exercise cards targeted towards players of all ages and skill levels. It makes a great Christmas or birthday gift!

  27. SKLZ Control Training Weighted Basketball
  28. basketball-gifts-control-training-ball

    This weighted, regulation size ball strengthens fingers, wrists, and forearms. It also improves all aspects of ball handling, including dribbling, passing, and rebounding. Made from high-quality synthetic leather construction for indoor and outdoor basketball training. This ball bounces and reacts the same as a regulation ball for more effective basketball drills training. It makes a great birthday gift for the b-ball player in training!

  29. GoHoops Basketball Dice Game
  30. basketball-gifts-dice-game

    This b-ball dice game has plenty of action! Get ready for an exciting game of one-on-one basketball that lets you slam dunk, rain in the 3-pointers, and hit jumpers, all with rolling the dice. But watch out for fouls, turnovers, and steals! If you’re looking to have fun with the whole family, this basketball dice game is one of the best gift ideas on the list! 

  31. Kobe Bryant Night Light


    If you’re a fan of Kobe Bryant or the Los Angeles Lakers, this nightlight is a must-have! This light comes with 16 color-changing options. You can use the remote control to turn on the lights and control the color change. The 3D night light toy for kids comes with a USB Connected, or 3 AA batteries powered, making it easier to use.

  33. Basketball Bath Bombs
  34. basketball-gifts-bath-bombs

    Basketball players of all ages and genders will enjoy soaking with this luxurious, soothing, fruit-scented bath bomb. These basketball bath bombs make a perfect gift for basketball players, coaches, enthusiasts, league members, and even gifts for teams you play against. You can give a full set of 3 or take advantage of these individually wrapped bath bombs to gift them individually. Hand-made in the USA. Looking for a gift for a teenage girl, but this isn’t quite right? Check out this list! 

  35. The Ultimate Basketball Trivia Book
  36. basketball-gifts-trivia-book

    In this collection of 600 questions, Sam Amico tests your level of expertise on all things basketball. Every basketball history era is represented, from Bob Cousy to Chris Paul, Moses Malone to Joel Embiid, Michael Jordan to LeBron James, Wilt Chamberlain to Shaquille O’Neal, and everyone in between. This basketball book makes for one of the best gifts you can get a true superfan. 

  37. Wilson Evolution Basketball
  38. basketball-gifts-wilson-basketball

    Success takes care of itself when you focus on getting better and not just on getting results. That is why the Wilson Evolution Game Ball is the preferred basketball in high schools nationwide. The Evolution is the number 1 indoor game of basketball in America; from high school to the NCAA, it’s on more courts than any other basketball. 

  39. Basketball Sock
  40. basketball-gifts-basketball-sock

    Show off your passion for basketball and add some extra fun to your sports season with these COOLMAX Basketball Wrap socks. Not only do they look great, but they’re super comfortable, durable, and deliver a secure fit in any basketball shoes. These basketball socks come in several colors and make a great gift for the basketball lover in your life!

  41. Lifetime Adjustable Basketball System
  42. basketball-gifts-basketball-hoop-system

    At less than $200 for a adjustable and portable basketball hoop system, this Lifetime 1269 basketball hoop makes a great gift for a young player looking to get more serious about the game. Height adjusts from 7.5 feet up to 10 feet and comes with a 44 in. shatterproof backboard. 

  43. Basketball Makeup Bag
  44. basketball-gifts-basketball-makeup-bag

    These toiletry bags are lightweight, durable, waterproof, and made of light and soft material. Comes with one hardy handle, one large main bag, one zipper mesh, and several loops inside. This product’s waterproof material makes it extremely easy to clean if any drips or spills occur during your travels. This makes a great gift for teenage girls! 

  45. Coaches Keychain 
  46. Not all gifts are for the players. This touching coach keychain is the perfect way to let the coach in your life know how much they mean to you. 

  47. Team USA Expandable Bracelet 
  48. basketball-gifts-expandable-bracelet

    Show your support for Team USA with this signature bangle bracelet. The signature expandable wire bangle in Rafaelian shiny gold is adorned with a basketball charm. The purchase of this bangle helps support US Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

  49. Basketball Wine Tumbler


    This wine tumbler makes the perfect gift for the wine-loving basketball fan in your life! It’s made from high-quality materials and holds 12oz of water, Gatorade, or delicious wine!

  51. Poolside Basketball Hoop
  52. basketball-gifts-hoop

    Turn your swimming pool into an aquatic basketball game that the whole family can enjoy together. The entire family will love it as the adjustable height means that kids and adults can get in on the fun. Set up is easy, with no tools needed for assembly or adjustment. Want more swimming-related gift ideas?

  53. Kids Adjustable Basketball Hoop
  54. basketball-gifts-kids-adjustable-hoop

    This kid’s basketball hoop includes a backboard, rim, net, ball, pump, stand, base, and other accessories. It’s easy to install and take apart. Works for both indoor and outdoor basketball activities. The basketball stand’s height can be adjusted from 2.8 ft to 6.2 ft and is suitable for kids aged 3-8. Too young for your kids? Check out this list of gifts for teenage boys!

  55. Love Basketball Sweatshirt 
  56. basketball-gifts-love-basketball-sweatshirt

    50% Cotton, 50% Polyester printed exclusively in the USA. These cozy & warm Love basketball hoodies are super comfortable and a great gift for any basketball lover. 

  57. Basketball Bottle Opener
  58. basketball-gifts-bottle-opener

    You can quickly open any beer with one hand and avoid the trouble of finding the bottle opener. Once the bottle is opened, the cap is collected in the basketball net. You’re as cool as Ray Allen swishing a three when you open your soda pop bottle with this bad boy. It makes a great gift for the basketball lover and the beer lover in your life! 

  59. New York Times Custom Basketball Book
  60. basketball-gifts-new-york-times-book

    Nothing thrills the basketball buff like cheering on their home team from the stands from the tip-off to the buzzer-beater. Take the excitement home with this personalized book that retraces the history of your favorite NBA team through beautifully reprinted coverage from The New York Times archives. Whether you like the Lakers or the Nets, Bulls, or Celtics, this custom book is a great gift idea!

  61. Fleece Basketball Blanket
  62. basketball-gifts-fleece-blanket

    This 60×80 inch super warm sherpa fleece blanket makes a great gift for basketball fans or just those who love to be cozy on a cold winter day. Dribble up to the couch and take a seat with the family basketball team under this huge basketball fleece blanket.

  63. Basketball Dartboard
  64. basketball-gifts-dartboard

    Combining the thrill of sitting courtside with the casual fun of a bar favorite, Jay Stoltz‘s slam-dunk dartboard will hit the bull’s eye with any basketball buff. Follow the basketball-inspired game play detailed on the handcrafted board and “pass,” “jump,” and “shoot”–of course!–your way to victory with this unique dartboard.