29 Exciting Baseball Gifts That are Sure to Be a Grand Slam

By David Lautaret | Updated: November 23, 2023

    If you’re looking for some baseball gift ideas for someone obsessed with the game, you’re in the right place! You don’t have to be a baseball fan to tell them you care about their interests. We found some unique gifts for baseball lovers and favorite players. You will undoubtedly be sliding into home when you check out this gift guide.

    We found fun things to play with, ways to show their team spirit and even personalized items. Whether you’re looking for official memorabilia or a fun toy to excite a young child about the game, we’ve compiled the perfect gift guide.

    From a lifelong fan of MLB, little league coach, or high school baseball superstar, we found great gift ideas- there’s something for everyone!

  1. Training Ball
  2. baseball-gifts-ball

    This training ball shows pitchers exactly where to place their fingers depending on the type of pitch they want to throw. Both left and right-handed pitchers can use the ball. 

  3. Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun
  4. baseball-gifts-speed-gun

    Knowing how fast a ballplayer pitches or runs can instantly influence a coaching decision. Enter the Bushnell Velocity speed gun, which tells you the speed of an object within plus or minus 1 mile per hour. The Bushnell Velocity is outfitted with digital signal processing technology, which can measure the speed of a baseball from up to 90 feet, making it the perfect gift for that baseball coach in your life!

  5. Baseball Man 3D Night Light
  6. baseball-gifts-3D-night-light

    This Baseball Man 3D Night Light lamp creates an optical illusion of a 3D baseball player that will surely be a nighttime favorite! Whether the little guy is afraid of the dark or needs extra light to get around, this 3D night light makes a beautiful gift, enabling him to drift off to sleep and onto the diamond.

  7. Home Team Baseball Game
  8. baseball-gifts-home-team-baseball-game

    America’s favorite pastime earned the title for a reason—the crack of the bat. The smell of dust kicked up when a player rounds the bases. The electricity in the stands as the crowd cheers. Bring a bit of the thrill of the ballpark home with this tabletop baseball game. Based on an old-fashioned board game, it’s even adorned with your favorite team’s logo. Two teams of up to four players can join the fun, making it a terrific baseball gift for family game night!

  9. Baseball Bottle Opener
  10. baseball-gifts-bottle-opener

    Two American pastimes are combined in this baseball bottle opener. The bottle opener is made from half of an authentic Leather Baseball. The baseball is cut in half, then a portion of the core is removed, and the leather edge is sanded smooth. A stainless steel opener plate is attached to the ball using fasteners. The opener is magnetic, so it sticks to your fridge, the side of your truck, or any metal surface. The magnets that hold it to your fridge also catch the cap when you pop open a bottle, eliminating needless foot injuries from errant bottle caps.

  11. Baseball Biographies for Kids
  12. baseball-gifts-baseball-biographies-for-kids

    It’s the bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded, and your team is down by three―who do you want coming up to bat? Baseball Biographies for Kids answers this question and more. Bursting with statistics and impressive feats from the greatest players of the last 60 years, this lineup of inspirational baseball biographies shows you what it takes to be a real MVP. Discover the ultimate dream team as you explore the best pros for each position. You’ll also get quick looks into legendary baseball players and fun facts!

  13. Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers
  14. baseball-gifts-baseball-bat-bottle-openers

    There’s more to America’s favorite pastime than runs, hits, and errors: the smell of hot dogs and popcorn, the thrill of hitting a homer, the perfect chill of a cold beer on a hot August afternoon… Enjoy an instant replay of the bat-on-ball crack every time you crack a cold one with these Baseball Bat Bottle Openers. Handmade from authentic game-day bats swung by MLB™ players, each opener comes gift-boxed with a story card including instructions for its particular hologram number, indicating which game the bat was used in. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

  15. Personalized Jersey
  16. This replica jersey is a gift any hardcore fan would love to receive. They can celebrate their fandom by customizing and personalizing this Nike jersey featuring bold graphics that will showcase your team’s pride no matter where you watch the game. The moisture-wicking technology will keep you comfortable all game long. Not a Cubs fan? Fanatics carries all Teams and sports!

  17. Big Baseball Throw Pillow
  18. baseball-gifts-throw-pillow

    This super-soft baseball throw pillow measures 17 inches and makes the perfect accessory for any baseball-themed room. It is made from high-quality plush fabric and can be thrown around or enjoyed as a comfortable pillow. It makes a great birthday or baseball team gift for that baseball-loving youngster!

  19. MLB Ballpark Traveler’s Map
  20. baseball-gifts-ballpark-traveler-map

    From Fenway to Dodgers Stadium, visiting every ballpark in America is a baseball lover’s field of dreams. Commemorate the nostalgic pilgrimage with this beautiful map. Do a seventh-inning stretch at Camden Yards? Add a sticker in the Orioles team colors. Catch a foul ball at Citi Field? Add one for the New York Mets. Whether it takes a summer of travel or a lifetime to complete, it’s a fun keepsake for the fan who knows the crack of a bat sounds different in every diamond.

  21. Baseball Park Map Glasses (Set of 2)
  22. baseball-gifts-baseball-park-map-glasses

    Calling a baseball stadium a building is like calling the Louvre a museum. A true fan’s ballpark is sacred ground; these are true fans’ glasses. Each set of two whiskey glasses features an overhead map of an iconic MLB™ stadium in the team’s two primary colors. When you’ve taken your last sip, you’ll see your team’s logo at the bottom. They make a fantastic gift for baseball lovers who know diamonds are forever.

  23. Baseball Bath Bombs
  24. baseball-gifts-bath-bombs

    Baseball and softball players of all ages and genders will enjoy soaking with this luxurious, soothing, fruit-scented bath bomb. These baseball bath bombs make the perfect gift ideas for players, baseball coaches, enthusiasts, league members, and even baseball gifts for teams you play against. Give a complete set of 3, or take advantage of our individually wrapped bath bombs to gift them individually. Handmade in the USA.

  25. My Baseball Season Journal
  26. baseball-gifts-my-season-journal

    This journal for kids is a great way to get them excited about their upcoming baseball season and instill a lifelong love of journaling! What better way to relive the moments and memories of the season than to record them as they happen? It makes an excellent gift for that future baseball star and will be a nostalgic journal they’ll cherish forever.

  27. MLB Uniform Money Clip Wallet
  28. baseball-gifts-money-clip-wallet

    An autographed ball looks great on your mantel, but does it fit in your pocket? This money clip is a fun, functional way to carry your fandom wherever you go. Featuring fabric from a game-used MLB™ uniform, it’s also debossed with your team’s name and contrast-stitched with your team’s color. Each piece of baseball history is hand-cut and selected to feature at least two colors of the iconic uniform when possible, then sewn into the eco-leather wallet. The lightweight money clip includes a nylon inner pocket, two slim outer pockets for holding cards, and a sturdy magnetic clip for stashing cash.

  29. Rawlings Official Major League Baseball
  30. baseball-gifts-official-major-league-baseball

    Nothing is more remarkable for a baseball fan than having official MLB gear. This Rawlings Official Major League Baseball is just what it says, a real baseball precisely like they use in the pros. Whether this gift is for a wide-eyed child or an avid memorabilia collector, you can’t go wrong with this Rawlings Official MLB ball! 

  31. Do Not Disturb Baseball Socks
  32. baseball-gifts-socks

    If you can read these socks, don’t bother me! These funny novelty baseball socks say it all—Do Not Disturb I’m Watching Baseball. It makes the perfect Father’s Day gift for that baseball-loving dad or grandpa! These socks will surely bring a smile each time they’re worn, and they’re comfortable enough to become his home team rally uniform. 

  33. Home Plate Doormat
  34. baseball-gifts-home-play-doormat

    There’s no place like home! No one to take you out to the ball game? Then bring the ballgame out to you! This clever doormat ensures that everyone entering your house scores a run. Durable tufted coconut fiber is weather-resistant and cleans up easily with a hose or brush, making it ideal indoors or out. At the same time, the home plate design puts you solidly in league with the boys of the summer now if someone will buy the peanuts and cracker jacks!

  35. Baseball Pitching Machine


    This pitching machine allows them to practice even if they’re alone! Just pop the balls into the feeder, step on the pedal, and swing! The machine includes three balls and a bat. 

  37. New York Times Custom Baseball Book
  38. baseball-gifts-new-york-times-custom-book

    This personalized book retraces the history of your recipient’s favorite Major League Baseball team through beautifully reprinted coverage from The New York Times’s archives. As they flip through historical pages, they’ll return to their team’s glory days, relive the most newsworthy games, and get to know the all-star sluggers. This winning collection of full-size facsimiles is preserved in a handsome library binding and can be embossed with your recipient’s name for a personal touch.

  39. Personalized Fan Family Art
  40. baseball-gifts-fan-family-art

    This personalized artwork lets you fill the seats with a colorful lineup of 3-14 characters, custom-designed to look like your family. Choose fun props, like foam fingers and custom pennants, and skin tones and hair colors to match the whole crew—even your family pet is allowed in this stadium. Available unframed, in a black frame, or—our favorite little detail—framed in wood chosen to represent the color of a baseball bat. A charming home decor idea for a baseball family!

  41. Baseball Deodorizer Balls
  42. baseball-gifts-deodorizers

    These small baseball-themed shoe deodorizers are perfect for that baseball-loving athlete in your home. Say goodbye to smelly shoes with this twist-to-activate baseball deodorizer. Perfect for footwear, gym bags, lockers, car trunks, batting gloves, or anywhere that can get a little funky. 

  43. Little Slugger Baseball Milestone Blanket
  44. baseball-gifts-milestone-blanket

    Discover the perfect baby shower present! This charming photo-op backdrop prop makes capturing the memory of the growth and development of a newborn effortless. Snapshots taken with this soft infancy chart tracker will help you make the most precious social media posts to share on your wall or feed for friends, family, and followers to enjoy. No filter is needed!


    Take your favorite stadium out on the town while wearing these one-of-a-kind ballpark cufflinks. Made of material salvaged from the seats of famous ballparks, the sterling silver cufflinks give your baseball fan a handsome alternative to wearing his team’s jersey for your Date Night. The colors will vary, but all will look better with a suit than the “rally” cap. Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

  46. MLB Player Duvet and Pillowcase Set
  47. baseball-gifts-player-duvet

    It’s game seven, and the bases are loaded. Here’s the pitch, and…the alarm goes off! With this adorable baseball-themed bedding set, your little slugger’s World Series dreams can extend into extra innings each morning. Featuring a uniformed player from one of ten MLB teams, kids become part of their favorite ball club by arranging the organic cotton pillowcase and duvet just right. Let sleepy-headed pinch hitters step up to the plate every time they wind down for the day.

  48. Personalized Baseball Baby Suit
  49. baseball-gifts-personalized-babysuit

    It’s time for that adorable rookie of yours to suit up. This fantastic, 100% cotton baby suit is printed with baseball stitches on the front and customized with a name and jersey number on the back. Pick the number of a star athlete, a birthday, or the child’s birth order number from your home team roster. It makes a great personalized gift for those baseball moms with tiny humans in tow!

  50. Kids Baseball Neck Gator
  51. baseball-gifts-neck-gator

    Made from a soft, 1-ply polyester microfiber fabric, these masks make it easy to follow guidelines. They can be pulled up and down quickly and are designed to be washable and reusable. Toss it into the washer when you get home and have a clean one ready for the next practice or game. It comes equipped with a drawstring to custom-fit them to any face size. 

  52. Baseball Park Map Insulated Pint
  53. baseball-gifts-park-map-insulated-pipe

    Baseball stadiums can often feel like a second home for the fans. Each stadium has its quirks, traditions, sounds, and smells. This insulated pint tumbler is perfect for that coffee-loving baseball fan who feels right at home on their favorite field. Each cup features an overhead map of an iconic MLB stadium in the team’s two primary colors. They make a fantastic gift for the baseball lover who considers their team’s stadium hallowed ground.

  54. Baseball’s Greatest Plays Coasters
  55. baseball-gifts-greatest-plays-coasters

    There are no coffee table rings in baseball! Hit out of the park and right into your living room. Each baseball-fan-worthy coaster in this set of four lays out a game-changing moment in your team of choice’s history. It’s perfect for reminiscing over memorable plays with friends, or you can make it a gift for a baseball lover who knows their team’s stats like the back of their hand.

  56. Baseball Stadium Blueprints
  57. baseball-gifts-stadium-blueprints

    Yankee Stadium…Fenway Park…Wrigley Field…Camden Yards…baseball is much more than a game; these are more than just buildings. Relive your most memorable moments at the ballpark with a beautifully detailed blueprint that honors each stadium’s unique history and architecture in classic style. The illustration is accompanied by your favorite stadium’s design specs and significant event highlights, making the perfect centerpiece for any man cave.

  58. Little Tikes T-Ball Set
  59. baseball-gifts-little-tikes-t-ball-set

    Were you searching for an indoor or outdoor game to teach your child to play baseball, softball, or waffle ball? This unique T-ball set is an excellent place to start and get them excited to learn about America’s pastime. Comes with five plastic T-balls, an oversized plastic bat, and an adjustable tee. It makes the perfect gift for that young child who can’t wait to play ball in the big leagues!