19 Bourbon Glasses to Elevate Your Drinking Experience

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    When drinking your favorite bourbon or scotch you need the right drinking vessels. The experience of drinking whiskey differs with different types of glasses. Whether you are hosting a cocktail party or stocking the shelves your home bar we found the best bourbon glasses to enhance your drinking experience.

  1. Hotel Astor Men’s Bar Crystal Whiskey Glass
  2. best-bourbon-glasses-classic

    Its roots go back to 1904, when millionaire William Waldorf Astor opened the Hotel Astor in New York’s Times Square. The hotel’s legendary Men-Only Bar was open from 6 AM to 1 AM daily, and no less than ten bartenders were on hand, serving drinks to a roster of patrons including Pierpont Morgan, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (better known as Mark Twain), Colonel William F. Cody (otherwise “Buffalo Bill”), Vice President Charles Warren Fairbanks -actors rubbed elbows with financiers and athletes with industrial giants.

  3. Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass Set
  4. best-bourbon-glasses-Glencairn

    Savor whiskey in glasses fit for royalty! After winning the 2006 Queen’s Award for Innovation, the Glencairn whiskey glass has earned its place on the bar. Winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation, this is the set of four glasses designed specifically for tasting whiskey and recognized as the best in the world. Made by Glencairn Glass Crystal and developed with master whiskey distillers, the lead-free glasses have a thick, sturdy base that complements the depth of whiskey, thin sides that allow you to clearly see the whiskey’s color, and a tapered mouth that accentuates aromas.

  5. The Good Shit Glass
  6. best-bourbon-glasses-good-shit

    Start with vintage design, add a modern twist, shake with sarcasm. That’s us. Easy, Tiger is about fun. The kind of fun they write books about. Then burn. If you got it, drink it. Enjoy your finest cocktail or old fashioned in this lowball glass with a gold rim and cool raised letters. 

  7. The Neat Glass


    The NEAT Experience is the shape of flavor, engineered to swirl easily to power aromas upward, the low profile helps to detect all aromas, and separates alcohol to unmask and display true aromas. Small rim glasses don’t focus aromas, they concentrate alcohol up your nose to destroy your sense of smell.  Unlocks hidden dimensions of spirits for your hedonistic pleasure and enjoyment, and exposes the truth about your favorite spirits.

  9. Snowfox Stainless Steel Tumbler
  10. best-bourbon-glasses-steel

    Snowfox insulated stainless steel partyware was created with one thing in mind — having fun! And what could be more fun than perfectly chilled drinks that stays that way? We designed our stemless wine, beer and cocktail glasses to look and feel like sipping from premium glassware, but with all the benefits of insulated stainless steel. The best whiskey glasses for summer.

  11. Landscape Tumblers
  12. best-bourbon-glasses-landscape

    Illustration of a black and white forest landscape wrapping around these outdoor-themed whiskey glasses make it a great gift for any mountain man! Perfect for a whiskey lover and camping lovers alike.

  13. BrüMate Nosing Glass
  14. best-bourbon-glasses-nosing

    Elevate your drinking experience with the BrüMate NOS’R – the first and only insulated nosing glass for your favorite scotch, Kentucky bourbon, or whiskey. Our durable, stainless steel construction makes it the perfect glass for travel while our BevGuard technology prevents dilution while ensuring you never miss a note.

  15. Godinger Cigar Glass
  16. best-bourbon-glasses-cigar

    The Corkcicle Cigar Glass is an inventive new way to enjoy a few of the finer things in life. This glass features a unique design that combines a standard rocks glass with a cigar rest, allowing you to hold both items in the same hand without worry.

  17. Revere Scotch Glasses
  18. Our Revere Collection Whiskey glass set comes with a pack of 2 top quality clear whiskey glasses. We have expertly applied the exclusive Revere Collection style to these glasses with their unique triangle base and offset design that ensures stability and an innovatively bold style.

  19. Diamond Whiskey Glasses
  20. best-bourbon-glasses-diamond

    Nothing says classy and sophistication with the perfect glasses for sipping cognac, or your favorite whiskey and scotch in these diamond old-fashion glasses. The mouth opening prevents evaporation while it allows you to drink without spilling your delightful drink. These glasses willfully make a table or any bar look beautiful, classy and elegant to perfection.

  21. Mark Twain “Social Club” Bourbon Whiskey Glass
  22. best-bourbon-glasses-mark

    The proper glass plays an important part in the Bourbon drinking experience, revealing the depth and nuance of the distiller’s art. This glass, as Mr. Twain would no doubt attest, was created to truly enjoy single malt whiskey. The weighted-base “Social Club” Bourbon Whiskey Glass respects and reveres the spirit straight, neat, or with an ice cube or two. The curved shape, which directs aromatics to the nostrils as liquid hits the tongue, brings out obvious flavors missed in other glasses. Makes a great old fashion glass.

  23. Skull Shot Glasses
  24. best-bourbon-glasses-skulls


    Arr, matey, there’s whiskey to be found! Drink like pirates with this eerie skull-themed shot glass set. Glass takes a spooky 3D form in the shape of a detailed skull, this shot glass set is perfect for Halloween, pirate-themed parties, or bachelor parties. This shooter set of 4 glasses is great for vodka, liquor, whiskey, and more. 

  25. BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass
  26. best-bourbon-glasses-bullet

    #Bulletproof This 11 oz whiskey glass from the father and son team at BenShot is entirely handmade by us in the USA. We’re a family-run team of artisan glass-makers.

  27. Diamond Crystal Glass Set


    This crystal whiskey set of 4 unique glasses by Veecom provide a pleasurable and superior experience for drinking your, bourbon, scotch, or whiskey. With their luxury diamond design, the 10 oz lead-free liquor glasses are sturdy and comfortable to hold. The set comes in a box perfect for gifting. 

  29. Golf Ball Glasses
  30. best-bourbon-glasses-golf-ball

    Heavy bottom and rounded dimpled design inspired by a golf ball lead to a unique viewing experience. The dimples and angles of the glass give your favorite spirit a dramatic presentation. Whiskey, vodka, bourbon, cognac, scotch, brandy all your alcohol will look fantastic in this set of two golf ball whiskey glasses.

  31. Ashcroft Glass Set
  32. best-bourbon-glasses-ashcroft


    For those who take their glassware as seriously as they take their drink! These glasses from Ashcroft elevate the drinking experience. Made of lead-free crystal, the twist design is beautiful and functional as the glasses fit perfectly in your hand. 

  33. JoyJolt Square Rocks Glasses
  34. best-bourbon-glasses-square

    The Carre Collection Whiskey glass set comes with a pack of 2 top quality clear whiskey glasses. We have expertly applied the exclusive Carre Collection style to these glasses with their unique square base and offset design that ensures stability and an innovatively bold style.

  35. Freeze Whiskey Set
  36. best-bourbon-glasses-freeze

    After just 2 hours in the freezer, the proprietary cooling gel in our Whiskey FREEZE will keep your favorite spirit chilled for hours. It helps subdue the overpowering flavor most common in cask strength whiskey. HOST Whiskey FREEZE Cooling Cups for at least two hours to keep your drink between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit.

  37. Zens Whisky Glass Set
  38. best-bourbon-glasses-zens

    The Zens Whisky Glass is a transparent double walled vessel, formed with glass blowing technique into two separate two-part molds: one for the inner wall and one for the outer wall. After the inner and outer glass walls have been blown and prepared, the inner glass is inserted into the outer, at which time the rims are reheated and joined. This creates a featherweight, hollow body glass with dramatically different inside and outside form, allowing a scientifically performing inside with an aesthetically beautiful outside.