27 Baby Gifts For Small Humans In Their First Year

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: February 20, 2023

    You bought the baby shower gift, and the first birthday is still a way off. But it may feel appropriate to give something when you first meet the brand new human. For budget-friendly baby gifts, think cute threads, age-appropriate toys ‘n teethers, or sweet nursery decor.

  1. Avocado Moccasins
  2. baby-gifts-moccasins

    There’s no denying that avocado anything is super hip, and these vegan leather moccasin booties are sure to turn heads. They’re handmade and easy to put on and off– and a fraction of the price of avocado toast at your local.

  3. Coffee Cup Teether
  4. baby-gifts-coffee-cup-teether

    Speaking of hipster babes, how about throwing a “babyccino” into the mix. This food-grade silicone teething toy attaches to baby’s clothing, allowing them to suck their coffee all day long. While the cord is equipped with chew beads as well as a pacifier clip holder. The perfect baby gift for a new baby or the caffeine-driven new mom.

  5. Reusable Swim Diaper


    Babies love water, and it’s never too early for them to learn to swim. But how do you stop a “code brown” in the pool? Say hello to reusable swim diapers–– guaranteed to hold that poop tight. Just clip to adjust to baby’s butt size.

  7. Black & White Art Cards
  8. baby-gifts-art-cards

    Fun Fact: Newborn babies see mostly in black and white for their first three months, so they love high contrast images. It also helps them to focus and strengthen their eyesight. These whimsical animals are the cutest entertainment, and they’re also printed with eco ink on 100% recycled card stock.

  9. Personalized Nursery Sign
  10. baby-gifts-personalized-sign

    A beautiful touch to a nursery, these personalized signs make cute baby gifts and are completely budget-friendly. Choose a wall-sized hanging (as above) or a smaller version for a simple table display. Then select from a myriad of fonts, colors, and finishes–– including satin, glitter, or metallic. 

  11. Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders 
  12. baby-gifts-sock-rattles

    These adorable wrist rattles and “foot finder” socks are perfect for newbies. They aim to enhance a baby’s sensory development and help develop hand, foot, and eye coordination. Perfect for keeping them busy and entertained on the play mat.

  13. Hooded Towel
  14. baby-gifts-hooded-towel

    The perfect solution to bundling up a baby from bath time is a fun, hooded towel. Woven from 100% terry cotton, choose a ridiculously adorable animal head to keep them looking even cuter than mom and dad thought possible. Super cute baby shower gift idea.

  15. Bodysuit, Shorts & Shoe Set
  16. baby-gifts-clothing-set

    Check out these threads: a cute baby gift set by Hudson Baby that will cost you less than a twenty for a onesie, cute lil’ shorts, and a pair of shoes. And have you “lookin’ sharp” as an expert baby dresser.

  17. Sound Machine Night Light
  18. baby-gifts-night-lightThis multi-functional machine is a huge bestseller for good reason– parents swear by it. A nightlight and sound machine in one, it can also be controlled from their phone. You can customize color, brightness, sound, and volume; and program it with a time-to-rise color alert for older toddlers.

  19. Personalized Baby Blanket
  20. baby-gifts-blanket

    These baby blankets are knitted with 100% cotton and make a great unisex baby gift that will also become a beautiful keepsake over the years. Personalize with their name, and you’ve left a lasting impression.

  21. Sweet Vintage Playsuit
  22. baby-gifts-romper

    It can be easy to double up with outfits from popular baby brands, so why not find something totally unique? This vintage rose romper is handmade, 100% cotton, has cute little flutter sleeves, and is cool and comfy for summer. 

  23. Indestructible Baby Book
  24. baby-gifts-indestructible-book

    Young babies love books, but for all the wrong reasons. Their only goal thing in that first year is how to chew through them, literally. Save their new book collection by throwing a lifeline with an “Indestructibles” book. Guaranteed to be chew-proof, rip-proof, non-toxic, and 100% washable.

  25. Taco Tuesday Sensory Toys
  26. baby-gifts-taco-toysTacos to go! A bestseller from Fisher-Price, these three delicious toys include a multi-textured fabric taco, a rattlin’, and rollin’ avocado, and citrus clackers perfect for shakin’ up playtime. With removable links and loops, they also travel well on strollers and car seats.

  27. Felt Crib Mobile


    Have them wake up to sweet dancing llamas and colorful yarn balls. Made with felt, it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that’s easy to install on most mobile crib arms or from the ceiling.

  29. Sun Hat With UPF 50+ 
  30. baby-gifts-sun-hat

    Babies need major sun protection and these hats are perfect for keeping them safe. The wide brim protects their face and neck while the 50+UPF breathable cotton blocks harmful rays. Plus the Gro-With-Me smart design will ensure it lasts for several seasons. Need something more neutral? Try these smart stripes.

  31. Boobie Teether 
  32. baby-gifts-boob-teether

    We’re not sure whether this one is more fun for new parents to receive or babies to use, but they sure make a cute-ass baby gift. These mammary-shaped munchables are sure to bring comfort to any wee one. They’re made from 100% natural rubber and come in a choice of three skin tones. 

  33. Baby Board Book
  34. baby-gifts-board-book

    This board book is a touch pricier but an amazing gift idea for family members or close friends. Create a customized premium photo book of all the key people in a baby’s life to help them get to know (and remember!) you. 

  35. Hip Sunglasses
  36. baby-gifts-sunglasses

    Cool factor aside, it’s highly recommended that babies wear sunglasses when UV-rays are elevated. These shades are bestsellers and are polarized, shatterproof, and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. While keeping glasses on a babe sounds impossible, with the right accessories (these straps are amazing!) you’ll find success.

  37. Tummy Time Water Mat  
  38. baby-gifts-water-mat

    Baby water mats are bestsellers, and they’re simple and affordable. Made from food-grade PVC, the bright colors and floating sea life will pique a little one’s curiosity while helping them to strengthen their neck muscles. No more hating on tummy time!

  39. Fleece Booties
  40. baby-gifts-fleece-booties

    These booties have become renowned in parenting circles and it’s easy to see why–– they’re easy to get onto wriggly baby feet, they stay put, and they’re a perfect way to swaddle feet when going outdoors in the cold.

  41. Textured Ball Set 
  42. baby-gifts-textured-ball

    Never underestimate the joy that balls can bring to a baby. This set offers multiple colors and textures that are easy-to-grab. They encourage baby to reach, bat, grab, and therefore enhance their motor skill development.

  43. Silicone Feeder
  44. baby-gifts-silicone-feeder

    Silicone feeders help to introduce baby to new flavors safely. The tiny holes let just enough food through for wee ones to self-feed through sucking. Plus, they’re great for frozen treats–– like frozen fruit or breast milk. The ergonomic handle makes it easy for little hands to hold. 

  45. Unicorn Lovey


    You can never go wrong with an adorable animal security blanket “lovey.” These unicorns are super soft and cuddly and sure to become baby’s bestie. Not into pink? You can’t go past this squishy elephant.

  47. Silicone Bibs


    Silicone bibs with a food catcher are lifesavers once babies start to experiment with food–– helping to minimize wardrobe changes. This sweet pair is made from food-grade silicone and is safe for the baby to chew. Hand wash clean or toss in the dishwasher.

  49. Baby Levi’s
  50. baby-gifts-jeansBlue jean baby… How about baby’s first pair of All-American Levi Strauss? These mini jeans have a ribbed elastic waistband for a stay-put, custom fit, and come with a hook and bar closure for easy changing. Adorably hip for baby girls and boys.

  51. Hand & Footprint Keepsake 
  52. baby-gifts-keepsake-frame

    This is a highly favored keepsake that’s impressed almost 7,000 Amazon buyers. Help them to capture their little one’s hand and footprint, then turn it into a cherished framed keepsake with their favorite photos. It comes with full instructions and everything they’ll need to bring it together.

  53. Personalized Name Puzzle
  54. baby-gifts-name-puzzle

    A name puzzle is a fun learning toy that encourages name and shape recognition, spelling, and fine motor skills. These personalized puzzles have large letters and the knobs make it easier for little fingers to hold. They’re best for slightly older babies but still make a unique, personalized gift when meeting a little one for the first time.