23 Thoughtful Pregnancy Gifts To Pamper The Mom-To-Be

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: March 20, 2023

    Let’s face it, baby showers and registries are all about gifting the newest little family member. But carrying around a “belly full of baby” for all those months ain’t easy. So, it’s the perfect time to pamper mom-to-be with these thoughtful gifts for pregnant women. Trust this mom– it won’t go unnoticed!

  1. Mama Bear Slippers 
  2. gifts-for-pregnant-women-slippers

    Dearfoam slippers are bestsellers and renowned for their cozy, comfy memory foam and “cloud-like” feeling. This pair is perfect for pregnant women as they slide on and off without needing to bend down and pull them on. (You can also get matching pairs for the whole family.)

  3. Magnesium Body Cream
  4. gifts-for-pregnant-women-magnesium-cream

    Did you know that 78% of women have insomnia during pregnancy? So, it’s often not helpful to tell an expectant mother to “sleep while you still can.” Magnesium can help relax muscles, and this cream targets insomnia, restless legs, leg cramps, and hip/lower back pain. The reviews say it all.

  5. Maternity & Nursing PJs
  6. gifts-for-pregnant-women-pjs

    These PJs are comfy and stylish (in an array of colors) and will help her out with both her prenatal bump and a breastfeeding babe. An elastic waistband with extenders allows for changing shapes, and a secret nursing panel means she can stay warm while she feeds. 

  7. Sparkling Gummies
  8. gifts-for-pregnant-women-candy


    There is a way to down wine when you’re pregnant. Give her the gift of happy hour with gummies that will make her taste buds feel as though they’re indulging. These come in a super cute gift box.

  9. Retro Mama Tee 
  10. gifts-for-pregnant-women-tshirt

    A pregnant mom needs soft, comfy clothes as her delivery day draws near. These retro t-shirts are made from the highest quality cotton (airlume) and announce to the world just how proud she is to be a mama.

  11. Dead Sea Salts
  12. gifts-for-pregnant-women-bath-salt

    Fragranced, colorful bath salts aren’t ideal for pregnant women who need to avoid a ton of ingredients. They may not look fancy, but these mineral-rich dead sea salts are the greatest (I was buying them in 19lb bags!) Keep it simple and pop a pretty bow on top. 

  13. Ballet Flats


    Switching to flatter shoes doesn’t mean a mom-to-be needs to relinquish her style. Grab her a practical gift like this pair of leopard-print flats, which, sans shoelaces, are super easy to slip on. And, thanks to breathable mesh and a flexible sole, also super comfy.

  15. Bump Box
  16. gifts-for-pregnant-women-bump-box

    Bump Boxes are run by mamas who ensure all their pregnancy gift baskets contain baby-safe ingredients. This third-trimester box is the perfect gift for when the going gets tougher. It contains a hair wrap and headband (for low-maintenance haircare), eye masks, a wood massager, non-slip socks, and an essential oil foot soak. 

  17. Moisturizer
  18. pregnancy-gifts-cream


    Specially formulated with pregnant moms in mind, the Belli brand only uses pregnancy-safe ingredients. The body lotion contains antioxidant-rich avocado, orange oil, and Vitamin E for optimal moisture.

  19. Frida Mom Recovery Kit
  20. gifts-for-pregnant-women-frida-mom-kit

    Technically a post-birth pampering, but Mama will need this one ready for her due date. This kit includes everything the new mom could possibly need to keep her comfortable and help her heal. Trust us, postpartum underwear and ice maxi pads will be her very definition of luxury.

  21. Non-Alcoholic Tequila
  22. pregnancy-gifts-spirits


    Buy your pregnant best friend a Margarita sans alcohol. Thankfully, mocktails have come a long way over the years (except for wine which is still REALLY bad.) This “can’t get you drunk” tequila has notes of oak, vanilla, and agave. 

  23. Lace Maternity Bralette
  24. gifts-for-pregnant-women-lace-bra

    There’s a lot of “functional” maternity bras out there, but not many that make a Mom feel sensual. These lacy bralettes still serve as a feeding bra, but in the meantime, they’re ultra-comfy and will make any mom-to-be feel as gorgeous as she looks.

  25. Pretty Tumbler
  26. gifts-for-pregnant-women-tumbler

    This stainless steel tumbler (with lid and matching straw) makes a fun baby shower gift for mom and keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. It’s certified non-toxic and comes in multiple colors. If she loves an iced coffee, check out our next gift, they’ll make the perfect pair.

  27. Mommee Coffee
  28. pregnancy-gifts-coffee


    A low-caffeine brew made especially for moms and moms-to-be that’s also low in acid, so it won’t flare up that indigestion! Organic & water-processed with no harmful chemicals, it’s great for any stage of motherhood. 

  29. Safe Pedicure Polish


    One of the best gifts for pregnant women that will light up their day is a pedicure. And this nail polish is the perfect pedi partner. Unlike traditional salon polish, it’s made with pregnant women (and little ones) in mind– free of the top 10 toxins found in nail polish

  31. The Most Comfy Undies Known To Woman


    Under-the-bump underwear is some of the most comfortable underwear you’ll ever experience– as a woman, as a mom, and as a human. Designed with baby bodies in mind, they’re always ultra-soft and stretchy and sit just below a baby bump or neatly below a c-section scar.

  33. Nipple & Lip Rescue Balm 
  34. gifts-for-pregnant-women-nipple-balm

    Balms that serve multiple duties are the bomb and Hatch Mama is renowned for non-toxic, mama-safe beauty. This lanolin-free formula helps calm and soothe irritated nipps + lips + other bits to pamper the mom-to-be and new mom. 

  35. Mama Script Necklace  
  36. gifts-for-pregnant-women-necklace

    These necklaces are gorgeous and make a thoughtful gift. The sparkly pavé will make any pregnant friend feel a million bucks even when she’s exhausted. Made with a solid sterling silver base, choose from either sterling silver, 18K gold, or a rose gold finish.

  37. Pregnancy Tea Sampler
  38. gifts-for-pregnant-women-tea

    Created by a group of herbalists and professionals in the birth community, whose friends felt confused as to what herbal teas were safe to drink while pregnant or breastfeeding. The gift set includes nine nourishing and safe teas for each phase of pregnancy, with a bonus tea infuser.

  39. Wool Blanketgifts-for-pregnant-women-blanket
  40. From first trimester morning sickness to a growing belly to a brand new baby, this throw blanket makes a great gift to pamper mom. Super soft, thick, and 100% sheep wool, it’s perfect for keeping new parents snuggly at all hours of the day and night.

  41. Belly Butter
  42. gifts-for-pregnant-women-belly-blanket

    There is a lot of belly butter on the market where you can’t decipher the ingredients list. Skip the chemicals and artificial fragrances for this organic belly butter, unscented to help expecting moms who are sensitive to smells. Perfect for fighting stretch marks and itchy skin.

  43. 2-in-1 Himalayan Salt Lamp / Oil Diffuser  
  44. gifts-for-pregnant-women-oil-diffuser

    Aromatherapy gift ideas are perfect for creating a relaxing self-care space for the expectant mom. This essential oil diffuser also doubles as a salt lamp. Pure Himalayan salt rocks help to naturally boost mood, increase energy, and neutralize ions emitted from electronic devices. 

  45. Mama Skincare Set 


    This skincare duo will help moms-to-be nurture and protect their skin. The set includes belly butter with shea and cacao butter and body oil with shea and pomegranate. Both are 100% organic.