25 Gifts for New Grandparents That’ll Melt Their Hearts

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: November 27, 2023

    New grandparents want nothing more than a strong and healthy baby. However, we’re sure they wouldn’t also turn down a thoughtful gift. If you’re searching for the perfect gift ideas for a new grandparent or grandparents-to-be, this list will give you cute and unique options.

  1. Digital Picture Frame
  2. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-digital-picture-frame

    If you know a long-distance new grandparent who loves staying updated with all the milestones, they will love this digital picture frame. Pictures can be sent directly to the frame from near or far and are displayed instantly. They will love having coffee in the new grandparent mug while watching to see what new pictures appear. Never let them miss a moment by loading new images to their frame as often as possible.   

  3. Grandparent Pillow
  4. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-grandparent-pillow

    We already know your parents are the best, so why not get this pillow to share the big news about their upcoming promotion? This cover is durable and machine washable, which is especially important once the baby arrives. You can use a throw pillow you already own or purchase a new one to place inside this adorable cover.

  5. Long-Distance Grandparent Sign
  6. gifts-for-grandparents-frame

    Being a long-distance grandparent can be challenging, and this sign will display grandkid pictures to be displayed. In addition, if you mail some new pictures with a card occasionally, it’ll be the gift that keeps giving. It can be quickly and easily updated to keep pictures current for showing off to any visitor. Since it already comes packaged in a gift box, you can ship it directly from Amazon to them!

  7. Letters to Grandchild
  8. 25-gifts-for-new=grandparents-letters-to-grandchild

    Perfect gift for the grandparent who loves writing notes and letters! Grab a memory box and store the notes so the grandchild has memories they can treasure forever. This set of 12 letters even prompts grandparents to write about memories and special events with their grandchild.

  9. Family Tree
  10. 25-gifts-for-grandparents-family-tree

    Since the family is growing, a beautiful family tree display will be a thoughtful gift anyone will appreciate. This can be personalized, and each family member can be added with the seller’s oil-based marker. This is such a unique gift that will be treasured for years to come.

  11. Grandparent Mug Set
  12. gifts-for-grandparents-mugs

    The coffee-loving grandparents will be excited to add this coffee mug gift set to their collection. The best parents make the best grandparents! These are made of ceramic and very durable, perfect for daily use!


    These t-shirts are the perfect announcement gift for first-time grandparents ready to share their new titles with the world! Adorable and comfy, it is ideal when they hold the grandbaby for the first time! They are customizable, so you can change the year if needed—an excellent gift for the first grandchild.

  13. Grandma Book
  14. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-grandma-book

    Babysitting isn’t always easy; if the baby (and parents) are lucky, the new grandchild can have a sleepover to babysit Grandma. This talks about ways to keep Grandma busy, such as going to the park, reading, or dressing up. The critical task of saying goodbye when it’s time to go home is also covered! You can grab a copy of How to Babysit Grandpa, too!

  15. Socks for Papa
  16. gifts-for-new-grandparents-socks

    Look no further for a unique gift for Papa. These are made of a cotton blend and are soft yet durable! Sure to be adored by the Grandpa who loves to nap!

  17. Stainless Steel Tumblers
  18. gifts-for-new-grandparents-cups

    This travel tumbler set can keep the beverage at your desired temperature (hot or cold) for a long time, whether at the park with their grandchild in summer or snuggled up in winter with the drinks at the temperature they like. The simple and elegant font excites the new grandparents to show off this thoughtful gift.

  19. Life Story Picture Frame
  20. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-life-story-picture-frame

    The Life Story Frame can be placed on a table or hung on the wall. Fill it with three pictures and wrap it up for the most thoughtful Mother’s Day present the new grandma will get. It has a white mat with three openings to showcase a picture from each generation. Don’t leave out Grandpa; this would also be a great Father’s Day gift!

  21. Keepsake Photo Frame
  22. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-keepsake-photo-frame

    Tiny hands and feet are the most precious thing ever, and let’s be honest – they grow way too fast! This keepsake frame always allows you to remember how tiny the baby was. Stencils are included to personalize the imprint with any information you might choose.

  23. Going to Nana’s Onesie
  24. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-going-to-nanas-onesie

    Nana is sure to love this cute onesie, and since babies go through tons of clothes, it would be great to have this around if a little accident occurs. Also, you can wrap this up and use it to announce the exciting news! Baby needs the best diaper bag to show up to Nana’s style.

  25. Grandpa Onesie
  26. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-grandpa-onesie

    Check out this onesie, which will be loved by the new Grandpa who knows everything (or thinks he does)—for instance, claiming to know all about woodworking or being a [rookie] golf pro. Each time a new generation is born, the older generation gains more knowledge and must be part of the deal!

  27. Glamma Spa Box
  28. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-glamma-spa-box

    The new grandparents have already raised kids and are perfect experienced babysitters. However, Glamma might need a lovely relaxing evening after a night with a newborn. A spa box is a great way to relax and unwind; even better, it can be customized!

  29. Goodnight Sweetie Book
  30. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-goodnight-sweetie-book

    You can’t forget a book to read to the new baby during those sleepovers or anytime! For instance, this sweet goodnight book features adorable, sleepy cast members. In addition to the charming illustrations, it has some glitter and embossment, which add beautiful details.

  31. Grandkid Photo Holder
  32. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-grandkid-photo-holder

    If you must grow old, at least you can enjoy the benefits! In addition to the beautifully made wooden sign, six colorful clips are included to display your images. This allows you to add or change pictures easily as the little one quickly grows. Pictures can easily be ordered from Shutterfly and sent directly to the grandparents.

  33. Christmas Ornament
  34. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-christmas-ornament

    This simple yet thoughtful gift is perfect for a loved one celebrating their first Christmas as proud grandparents. In addition to being a great gift, it is beautifully decorated and will fit nicely on any Christmas tree. Amazon also offers multiple sayings if you’d like to grab one for the new Mom.

  35. Bag for Nana
  36. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-bag-for-nana

    The new baby isn’t ready for snacks just yet. However, Nana still needs this bag to be prepared. In addition to choosing the personalization, you can choose from multiple color options. This canvas bag is sure to be a hit and constantly used.

  37. Grandpas Mischief Sign
  38. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-grandpa-mischief-sign

    This wooden sign with a distressed finish is offered on Amazon but made at a small shop in Pennsylvania. Grandad will not only adore the sign but also love the personal touch added by a small business. You can grab a few gifts at once since multiple inspiration signs are displayed in this shop,

  39. Personalized Photo Album
  40. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-personalized-photo-album

    This elegant photo book makes the perfect new grandmother gift and will be a treasured keepsake for years. Photos and memories can be stored because the book offers blank pages that allow space to write notes and stories. The words inside and below the wreath can be personalized for the gift recipient.

  41. Grandpa’s Toy Shop
  42. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-grandpas-toy-shop

    This sign is an excellent gift for Grandpa’s workshop because he will be called to fix any toys the grandkids break. A metal sign with a rustic look, this will quickly be hung and adored in the garage or tool room.

  43. Personalized Nana Necklace
  44. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-personalized-nana-necklace

    This necklace is a great way to say I love you on Grandparents Day or can be filed away under Grandma gifts to be purchased for a different occasion. The new grandma will love the style, quality, and personalization because it connects them to the little one. Since this is from a small shop, give them a few weeks to make your piece perfectly.

  45. Memories and Keepsake Journal
  46. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-memories-and-keepsake-journal

    First-time grandparents will be able to share so much through this keepsake journal. For instance, they can write about their life story and detail special moments and events spent with their grandkids. The new parents will adore this and cherish it for years to come.

  47. Customized Door Mat
  48. 25-gifts-for-new-grandparents-customized-door-mat

    Etsy has some great items, including these door mats. They are custom-painted with your personalization and include a vinyl backing to keep them from slipping. You could even get a matching one for the new parents to enjoy.