27 Gifts For Pregnant Women They’ll Absolutely Need

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 24, 2023

    Navigating the pregnancy journey can be exciting and challenging, but the right gifts make all the difference! If you’re searching for the perfect present for an expecting mom, you’ve come to the right place. From pampering self-care items to practical everyday solutions, we’ve got something for every mom-to-be. So buckle up, and let’s dive into this treasure trove of must-have gifts that will make any pregnant woman’s day!

    Let her know you’re thinking of her with a thoughtful gift. Here are some of the best gifts for pregnant women– that’ll continue to treat her even after birth. 

  1. Pampering Gift Basket
  2. gifts-for-pregnant-women-spa-set

    Give the mama-to-be some pampering with this gift box, including soap, body scrub, bath salts, lip balm, candle, clay mask, sponge, and more – all made from all-natural ingredients. You can also find a list of the best new mom gift baskets here.

  3. Bump Box
  4. gifts-for-pregnant-women-bump-box

    Bump Boxes are always trending and are the gift that keeps on giving. Sign up for a set amount of months, and your fave pregnant mama will receive a new box of treats every month. All products are designated safe during pregnancy and are carefully selected.

  5. Pregnancy Pillow
  6. gifts-for-pregnant-women-pillow

    Snoogle is the original total body pillow, uniquely designed to follow the natural contour and shape of the body from head to toe. It has a removable/washable cover, and the horseshoe shape allows the mama-to-be to attain a position and height that’s just right for her.

  7. Mocktail Recipe Book
  8. \gifts-for-pregnant-women-mocktails

    This mocktail book was selected as one of Food Network’s “Best Healthy Cookbooks of 2019” and a “favorite must-read” by The Bump. It’s a perfect gift for any health-conscious woman and would make a great baby shower or pregnancy gift. This recipe book features 45+ delicious, plant-based recipes crafted to deliver essential nutrients and antioxidants.

  9. Maternity & Nursing PJs 
  10. gifts-for-pregnant-women-pjs

    Comfy and stylish, these PJs will keep Mom cozy with her bump and a breastfeeding baby. An elastic waistband extender allows the PJs to change sizes with her, while a secret nursing panel means she can stay toasty while feeding.

  11. Keepsake Photo Frame
  12. gifts-for-pregnant-women-frame

    This white, hand-finished wooden shadowbox picture frame makes a great gift for expecting parents, with three photo openings to display three trimesters’ worth of ultrasound photos. The beveled mat features “1st trimester”, “2nd trimester,” and “3rd trimester” stamped in silver beneath the sonograms.

  13. Mama To Be Necklace
  14. gifts-for-pregnant-women-necklace

    This pregnancy gift box has a thoughtfully written message, a soft black velvet bag, and a blank note card for a personal touch. It is a simple necklace that can go with any style and makes a beautiful sentimental gift and keepsake.

  15. Mama Bear Slippers
  16. gifts-for-pregnant-women-slippers

    Dearfoam slippers are bestsellers renowned for their cozy memory foam and “walking on a cloud” feeling. This plaid clog pair is perfect for expecting moms as they slide on and off without her needing to bend down. You could also buy a matching pair for her “mini” over here.

  17. A Comfy Robe
  18. gifts-for-pregnant-women-robe

    This stylish cotton robe is made with a super soft, breathable, stretchy fabric that she can wear during her hospital stay. It also allows for an easy transition throughout all phases of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. This gown is also available in 10 variations!

  19. Letters To My Baby 
  20. gifts-for-pregnant-women-letters

    It’s a sweet (and easy) way to journal to your new tiny human. These letters make a thoughtful gift that will give babies a piece of history they can treasure forever – in Mom’s handwriting—an Amazon 5-star bestseller.

  21. Anything To Help Nausea


    The Morning Sickness Bundle features two Pink Stork products: morning sickness tea and lozenges. It supports relief from the root cause of nausea by balancing the bacteria in your gut. One of the best gifts for pregnant women is the gift of nausea relief. She’ll thank you for it.

  23. Comfy Maternity Leggings
  24. gifts-for-pregnant-women-leggings

    Having comfy maternity clothes is so important. You want them to be highly attuned to your growing belly but never leave you feeling squeezed or uncomfortable. These leggings are ultra-soft and silky with a unique silicon waistband that provides ultimate “stay-up” power as her due date approaches. Plus, there are pockets! You can also pair it with a great maternity bra.

  25. Pregnancy Journal
  26. gifts-for-pregnant-women-journal

    This guided journal is arranged by trimester and contains thoughtful prompts, checklists, and fill-in-the-blanks to help you plan for a new baby’s arrival. It has room for 32 photos, five pockets for extra photographs and mementos, over 40 weeks of personal notes, and helpful pregnancy tips for first-time moms.

  27. A Basket of Healthy Snacks
  28. gifts-for-pregnant-women-snacks

    These tasty snack boxes make a great gift right when the baby arrives (although I’m not going to lie about pregnancy cravings!) This box will ensure that new parents have the most delicious treats coming to their door when needed. 

  29. A Funny Book
  30. gifts-for-pregnant-women-book

    She will probably already have all the usual pregnancy books, so gift her a fun read about parenting. When American journalist Pamela Druckerman had a baby in Paris, she noticed that French children slept through the night, ate gourmet cheeses at daycare, and played while their parents sipped coffee. Why? How? Druckerman set out to investigate!

  31. Tummy Butter
  32. gifts-for-pregnant-women-butter

    I used this belly butter daily during my twin pregnancy and didn’t get a stretch mark! Tummy Butter helps visibly improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It works well with all skin types, including sensitive skin, and smells like a dream. This is a nourishing pregnancy essential, so lotion up! 

  33. Eating For Two Spoon
  34. gifts-for-pregnant-women-spoon

    This vintage-look silverplate spoon is hhand-stampedwith the phrase “Eating For Two” and is an excellent gift for the expectant mom (and, inadvertently, her little one). Deliver it with a pint of her favorite ice cream for maximum gifting effect.

  35. Back Massager
  36. gifts-for-pregnant-women-massager

    Pregnancy (and motherhood!) comes with many aches and pains. This handheld massager is the perfect self-care gift to relieve back pain or unbearable knots. 

  37. Heavenly Shower Steamers
  38. gifts-for-pregnant-women-steamers

    It’s the end of a long, long day….or maybe it’s the start of a new one. Give Mama a lift with these essential oil-infused shower tablets. Place one on the floor of the shower and turn on the water. The tablet will gently fizz, releasing spa-inspired scents that mingle with the steam to melt stress away. 

  39. Mama Bear T-Shirt
  40. gifts-for-pregnant-women-tee

    Every expecting mother needs a cute mama bear t-shirt. Made of cotton, this tee is comfortably stretchy and flattering, and the ruched sides grow with her belly. 

  41. Maternity Belly Belt
  42. gifts-for-pregnant-women-belt

    This elastic maternity belt supports pregnant women who seek relief from hip, pelvic, and other joint stretching pains during pregnancy. It provides the lift required to keep up with daily activities while helping to correct posture and support abdominal muscles. It also gives enough compression to reduce bladder pressure.

  43. Snuggly Wool Blanket
  44. gifts-for-pregnant-women-blanket

    This throw blanket will be there for her from the early days of morning sickness to becoming a brand-new mom. Nothing pampers quite like super soft 100% wool, and it’ll come in particularly handy for those chilly wee hours of the morning.

  45. Natural Skincare Set
  46. gifts-for-pregnant-women-skincare

    Mama is going to need some space in that diaper bag, too! Here’s a perfect organic baby shower gift set a nurse and herbalist formulated. The six-piece skincare set includes travel sizes of Earth Mama’s pregnancy essentials: Ginger Fresh Deodorant, Morning Wellness Body Wash, Belly Butter, Belly Body Oil, and Orange Ginger Lip Balm.

  47. Mommee Coffee 
  48. pregnancy-gifts-coffee

    Mom-to-be loves her coffee? Here’s a reduced-caffeine brew made especially for the mom-in-waiting. It’s low in acid so that it won’t flare her heartburn, and it’s also organic and processed with no harmful chemicals.

  49. Funny Mama Mug
  50. gifts-for-pregnant-women-cup

    This Freddie Mercury mug is sure to put a smile on her face. It’s a great, fun gift for a new mama, especially if she’s a Queen fan. Thankfully, it’s also dishwasher and microwave-safe, as she won’t have spare hands soon.

  51. Motivational Water Bottle
  52. gifts-for-pregnant-women-bottle

    This hourly intake water tracking bottle is a perfect and practical gift for a pregnant mom to tote around. Staying hydrated is critical to a healthy pregnancy, but everyone needs a little motivation occasionally. 

  53. Comfy (And Classic) Sandals 
  54. gifts-for-pregnant-women-sandels

    Comfortable shoes are a must for pregnant ladies and new moms alike. Enter the original Birkenstock, which enables body weight to be distributed evenly over the whole foot, providing optimal support. These shoes are world-famous for a reason!

    What are the best gifts for pregnant women?

    Preparing for a bundle of joy calls for a lot of new stuff, and not just for babies. Moms need some love, too – after all, they are growing an entire human from scratch!

    The truth is pregnancy can be challenging at times. The body is constantly growing, and organs are shifting (and getting squashed!) But some great gifts can make that more accessible, and no pregnant woman will ever complain about being pampered.

    There are also some lovely gift ideas and sentimental keepsakes you can give pregnant people to remind them of their journey and set them up for their child’s arrival.

    From cozy clothing to pampering gift baskets, fun books to keepsake jewelry, nausea aids to shower steamers, funny mugs to motivational water bottles. Plus, a lush blanket, the world’s most comfy shoes, and more.