29 Deliciously Sweet Ice Cream Gifts That’ll Make Them Scream

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: October 25, 2023

    Some people like horses, some are smitten with cats, while others are obsessed with… ice cream! Who can resist the allure of ice cream, with its melt-in-your-mouth goodness and endless array of flavors? For those with a sweet tooth, it’s not just a dessert—it’s a delightful obsession. We’ve got you covered if you’re hunting for the perfect treat for such enthusiasts. Dive into our list of delectable ice cream-themed gifts that will have recipients screaming with joy!

    So whether you have an ice cream addict in the family or your friend’s gaga over frozen desserts, we’ve found the best ice cream gifts for every occasion.

  1. Ice Cream Candle  
  2. ice-cream-gifts-candle

    Look and look again. This is not a real ice cream sundae. But it’s a fantastic illusion. This is, in fact, an ice cream-scented candle, and it’s pretty darn awesome– a truly unique gift and an unexpected find for the ice cream lover in your life. 

  3. Loungefly x Disney Backpack 
  4. Here’s a mini backpack with a pretty original design – it captures all of your favorite Disney princesses in ice cream cone form. With a big cherry and sprinkles on top! The backpack has a front zipper pocket and side slot pockets measuring 9 x 10 inches.

  5. A Sweet Night Light
  6. ice-cream-gifts-nightlight

    Ice Cream Parlour vibes? This wooden LED ice cream nightlight creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and stands 11 inches tall. It runs on batteries, so no cords need to be hidden. Perfect for a child’s room, a romantic evening, or ice cream fans!

  7. Ice Cream Shovels
  8. ice-cream-gifts-shovel

    This ice cream spoon and shovel duo have flat, blunted ends for easy scooping – especially when facing an extra hard tub of Ben and Jerry’s. They make a lovely gift, displayed in a gift box, and come in several colors. Pair them with a tub of fancy ice cream, like this Jeni’s Gooey Butter Cake.

  9. Soft Serve Hamper
  10. ice-cream-gifts-hamper

    Now, this is a highly original ice cream gift! It’s also a little pricier, but it’s very cool. It’ll add a touch of whimsy to a nursery, a child’s room, or even your own. Handling laundry never looked this good.

  11. Ice Cream Maker
  12. ice-cream-gifts-ice-cream-maker

    It may not look as sweet and pretty as the other gifts, but if you love ice cream, you will need this Cuisinart, fully automatic frozen treat maker. It’s an absolute bestseller and can make frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, and ice cream in absolutely no time, with no effort. The only problem is deciding which of your favorite flavors to make! 

  13. Ice Cream Gummies


    Gummy candies in the shape of cute ice cream cones make a delicious gift. These come in strawberry, raspberry, mint chocolate chip, and vanilla flavors and taste as good as they look. A perfect stocking stuffer, thank you gift, or “just because” treat. Yes, even for yourself.

  15. Cross-Body Handbag
  16. ice-cream-gifts-handbag

    Want to turn heads and stop traffic? This pint-shaped handbag is quite the scene-stealer. Looking exactly like a pint of Haagen Daaz, it’s fun, cute, AND has enough space for your cards, cash, keys, lipstick, and other essential items.

  17. Fabric Bandages
  18. ice-cream-gifts-bandages

    Fabric bandages on a gift list? Well, when they’re Welly Bravery Bandages with cute ice cream designs – yes! So next time you or your little one get a boo-boo, you can choose from ice cream cones, sprinkles, or even put a cherry on top. These make fab stocking stuffers for kids or anyone who’s a kid at heart.

  19. Ice Cream Canteen 
  20. ice-cream-gifts-canteen

    The problem with ice cream is that you can’t take it on the road like coffee. Well, until now. This ice cream canteen is changing the game! It’s a vacuum-insulated vessel that holds a standard-sized pint of ice cream (including the cardboard) and has a double-walled system that prevents melting mishaps for hours. 

  21. Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock
  22. ice-cream-gifts-lock

    A combination lock for your ice cream that’ll stop your roommate/sibling/child from eating your favorite pint of Brownie Batter? Yes, leave it to Ben and Jerry’s to develop it. This chastity belt for your fave dessert may seem far-fetched, but apparently, it works!

  23. Airpods Case
  24. ice-cream-gifts-airpods-case

    The best gift for an ice cream-loving AirPods-owning loved one. These little cases are made from premium silicone to protect from drops while looking SWEET. They support wireless charging without removing the case and are made in-house at a small design company. At $12.99, you can afford to pop these into several stockings.

  25. Waffle Bowl Maker
  26. ice-cream-gifts-waffle-maker

    This innovative design allows cooking two waffle cone bowls simultaneously, perfect for a romantic night. Create a bowl for your favorite pint, or fill it with toppings for an original dessert or brunch. It comes complete with a little cookbook to kick-start your inspiration.

  27. Melting Ice Cream Pool Float 
  28. ice-cream-gifts-pool-float

    Make a splash with this incredible pool float – perfect for playing it cool in the pool this summer. It’s 3ft wide, holds up to 200lb, and is easy to clean and store. But mostly like that, the cone-shaped headrest can make for comfier reading as you float the afternoon away. 

  29. Ice Cream Science Lab 
  30. ice-cream-gifts-science-kit

    Inspiring young kids to learn science has never been easier – or more delicious! This STEM science kit can invert sugar crystals, brew tasty sorbets, and whip up a slushy, creamy, jelly, or yogurt-flavored ice cream in strawberry, banana, or vanilla. Maybe you could “buy it for your kid” and play too?

  31. Keychain
  32. ice-cream-gifts-keychain

    This super vibrant, cute, and delicious keychain makes a great gift for an ice cream lover on any occasion. It looks far more expensive than it is and even comes in a little velvet gift bag. 

  33. Waffle Cone Pint Sleeve 
  34. ice-cream-gifts-pint-sleeve

    It’s an age-old problem. You want to eat your ice cream straight out of the pint while you snuggle in front of  Netflix for the evening. But it’s too frickin’ cold! Stop using a dish towel when you can grab one of these realistic waffle cone pint sleeves– guaranteed to keep your ice cream out and your hands warm! 

  35. A Delicious Tumbler
  36. ice-cream-gifts-tumbler

    These tumblers make the sweetest gifts for kids and kids at heart. The double-wall construction will keep the tumbler nice and dry outside, but only cold drinks should be used inside. These also make great prizes at kid’s parties, filled with treats.

  37. Sweet Socks
  38. ice-cream-gifts-socks

    Sit down, put your feet up, and let the family instantly understand your essential needs. Made from 80% combed cotton, these colorful socks are super soft, breathable, and available for women’s shoe sizes 6 to 12.

  39. Drool-Worthy Recipe Book
  40. ice-cream-gifts-book

    This book is an impressive and comprehensive ice cream collection that ranges from the classic (Chocolate-Peanut Butter) to the comforting (S’mores Ice Cream) and the contemporary (Lavender-Honey) to cutting-edge (Labneh Ice Cream with Pistachio-Sesame Brittle). Plus, there’s a selection of frozen cocktails, sauces, toppings, and mix-ins.

  41. You’ve-Never-Seen-Stilettos-Like-These
  42. ice-cream-gifts-stilettos

    These ice cream sundae-inspired stiletto party shoes are TRULY one-of-a-kind. They come complete with a 6-inch heel and a concealed platform – with a cherry on top! Choc-mint more your thing? Look no further.

  43. A Subtle Tie
  44. ice-cream-gifts-tie

    For the more discerning fan of the frozen cream treat, this navy blue tie more discreetly screams, “I want ice cream!!” Made from 100% microfiber jacquard fabric, it’s soft and hand-sewn with a wool-blend lining.

  45. Coffee Mug


    Whether cocoa, coffee, or tea is your game, this ice cream mug will make you the centerpiece of your office or household. Grab those melting drips before they’re gone! 

  47. Shimmery Pendant
  48. ice-cream-gifts-pendant

    This ice cream cone pendant never melts and retains that special summer memory. Made of authentic 925 sterling silver, it’s 18k gold plated with an inlay of cubic zirconia stones and is perfect as a personal gift to a loved one. It’s compatible with Pandora, Chamilia, Kay, Troll, Carlo Biagi, and Zable brands if you consider it an add-on to an existing bracelet.

  49. Personalized Bowl
  50. ice-cream-gifts-bowl
    Create your own personalized ice cream shop with these unique dishes—a fun and creative gift for anyone in the family who loves a sweet treat. Or just gift one to everyone and finish your Christmas gift shopping in an hour. Customize with any name and text and choose from two color schemes.

  51. Ice Cream Ornament
  52. ice-cream-gifts-ornament
    The perfect gift for the sweet-toothed foodie, here’s a decadent (and longer-lasting) frozen treat in bright colors for their Christmas tree. Made of glass, it makes a thoughtful gift for someone you share special summer memories with.

  53. Ice Cream Scoop
  54. ice-cream-gifts-scoop

    Say goodbye to bent spoons forever. This indestructible design is a 5-star bestseller built for a lifetime of service. The slightly chiseled tip slices through even the hardest of ice cream, and it’s made from 100% stainless steel so that it won’t peel. Here’s an idea. Add on a gift card from a gourmet online ice cream store, eCreamery.

  55. Little Sundae Bag
  56. ice-cream-gifts-mini-bag
    This little bag will hold all the essentials – like your ice cream money and cellphone. Made from smooth PU leather with cotton lining, it’s attached to a gold shoulder strap and measures 5 x 4 x 2 inches. 

  57. Topping Gift Set
  58. ice-cream-gifts-toppings
    Sometimes, there’s nothing better than vanilla ice cream with a hot fudge topping. This gourmet set features four rich flavors of sauce that you can warm up and pour. Of course, you could also DIY an ice cream gift basket for the particular recipient – including this sauce set, some Stroopwafels for ice cream sandwiches, this 4-in-1 sprinkle set, some chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and some cookie dough chunks. Yum, Yum!