Yes, Yes, Yes: 22 Perfect CoComelon Party Ideas

Updated on June 7, 2022 Updated on Jun 7, 2022
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    One of the most popular kids’ birthday party themes of late is CoComelon, the musical TV series targeting toddlers (and torturing parents everywhere.) So whether you’re organizing a 1st birthday party or a 4th, get the celebration started with these easy CoComelon party ideas.

  1. 3D Table Decorations 
  2. cocomelon-party-ideas-decorations

    Little ones will be grabbing at these table centerpieces all afternoon as they catch their favorite character looking back at them. They come together in seconds and are a quick and easy way to spread the CoComelon theme across several tables. The nine pieces are double-sided, and they’re a nice big 6 x 7.5 inches.

  3. Happy Birthday Banner 
  4. cocomelon-party-ideas-backdrop

    A fantastic birthday party decoration idea, these vinyl backdrops instantly set the theme. They can serve as a food table backdrop or a photo backdrop and can be personalized with a name and age. They also have a large selection of CoComelon options to choose from.

  5. Cutesie Tableware


    A CoComelon theme party requires adorable birthday party supplies. These paper plates and napkins are super cute, officially licensed (so they aren’t blurry!) and you’ll get enough for 16 guests. As these table supplies are so vibrant you can save money by adding simple cutlery like these compostable wooden forks (toddlers don’t need knives!) and paper cups.

  7. Rainbow-Iced Donuts
  8. cocomelon-party-ideas-donuts

    When it comes to food for a CoComelon birthday theme, all you need is to bring plenty of vibrant colors to the food table– like these iced donuts! Just buy some ready-to-eat donuts and then follow Betty Crocker’s simpler-than-it-looks recipe for turning them into rainbows of deliciousness! 

  9. Party Blow Horns 
  10. cocomelon-party-ideas-blowouts

    Made of premium quality cardstock and little streamers, these CoComelon blow horns will create the final touch for a kids party. Get them personalized with your birthday hero’s name, then use them in a place setting or a goodie bag.

  11. Girl’s Birthday Outfit
  12. cocomelon-party-ideas-girl-outfit

    A birthday girl needs a special outfit for her themed birthday party and this three-piece CoComelon set (onesie, tutu, and headband) is just the thing. You can even customize it with her name and age. Don’t need all three parts? You can choose any combination of the three.

  13. Boy’s Birthday Outfit
  14. cocomelon-party-ideas-boy-outfit

    And let’s not forget the birthday boy. This two-piece CoComelon tracksuit comes in nine colors and ensures you can get the lil’ man of honor dressed quickly so there’s more time to turn a round cake into a square watermelon. If you’d prefer a personalized t-shirt look over here.

  15. Foil Party Balloons
  16. cocomelon-party-ideas-balloons

    These foil balloons will keep your CoComelon birthday theme afloat! Then, compliment them with these multi-colored latex balloons that can easily create balloon garlands and/or columns.

  17. Rainbow Fruit Salad
  18. cocomelon-party-fruit-salad

    Rainbow food can also be healthy – you have to somehow balance all that toddler sugar! A rainbow fruit platter is such a simple birthday party idea and it looks fab on a snack table. The Say Yes To Happy blog shows you a few clever ways to serve up a rainbow of fruit. 

  19. Pull-String Piñata 
  20. cocomelon-party-ideas-pinata

    These piñatas are wonderful for extra small kids as they include quick-release strings – no forceful whacking necessary. Have kids take turns pulling on the strings to see which one will release the contents inside. Contents are not included so you’ll need some candy. These are a great place to start.

  21. Easy Peasy Invites
  22. cocomelon-party-ideas-invites

    A birthday party theme first comes to light with your invitations, so make an impact without breaking the budget! So many graphic designers are lending their services on Etsy– and cheaply too. For $5.50 you can have a thoroughly personalized digital printable invite created for you. Then you can choose whether to text it, email it, or print it yourself for mailing (the pricier option).

  23. Cupcake Toppers
  24. cocomelon-party-ideas-cupcake-toppers

    Make food prep a little easier on yourself – they’re too young to notice! – by investing in some cupcake toppers for your store-bought or homemade cupcakes. I guarantee that the drawcard of these cupcakes won’t be the icing as much as it is these familiar cardboard faces.

  25. Photobooth Supplies
  26. cocomelon-party-ideas-photobooth

    Set up this four-piece scene with Cody, Nico, Bella, JJ, and Nina, hand out the fun character props, and pop on your CoComelon soundtrack. Then let the little ones dance, sing, and pose to their heart’s content. 

  27. Party Straws
  28. cocomelon-party-ideas-straws

    Kids love drinking from straws! These colorful old-fashioned paper straws (also eco-friendly) add a special birthday touch to your CocoMelon party. Decorate some little water bottles with these CoComelon labels and line up your straws next to them.

  29. Rainbow Sugar Cookies
  30. cocomelon-party-ideas-cookies

    Next up for rainbow food ideas is these vibrant sugar cookies! Your Everyday Family blog has this fantastic – and super easy – recipe for making multicolored sugar cookies. You do not have to have much cooking ability!

  31. Party Porch Sign 
  32. cocomelon-party-ideas-porch-sign

    Get little ones excited before they even enter the party with these hanging classic characters. The party decoration kit comes with 10 cardboard characters, glue dots, and ribbon. You could effectively stick these characters anywhere around your house or yard without using the ribbon too.

  33. Musical Piano Mat
  34. cocomelon-party-ideas-piano-mat

    If you’re expecting a group of toddlers, this mat will help to keep them amused. The notes can be played by standing on them and it also features hit songs like “Music,” “Animal Dance,” and “Freeze Dance.” Even if they just jump on and off, it’s a fun and simple play item for your party.

  35. Cake Topper
  36. cocomelon-party-ideas-cake-topper

    If cake decorating ain’t your thing, one of these cake toppers will please your little one whether you add it to a store-bought cake or one you’ve baked yourself. Read on below if you’d like to try your hand at a DIY basic rainbow cake covered in sprinkles.

  37. Birthday Cake 
  38. cocomelon-party-ideas-rainbow-cake

    A rainbow cake is a perfect accompaniment to a CoComelon cake topper. The Comfort Of Cooking blog has a fab recipe for an easy rainbow cake and it starts with using two boxes of white cake mix to save you time in the kitchen! Then you’ll just need oil, eggs, gel food coloring, white frosting, and some sprinkles!

  39. Paper Tablecloth
  40. cocomelon-party-ideas-tablecloth

    Things will get messy and a single-use table cover can be a great idea. These cute and colorful paper tablecloths are only $2.99 each and create a great backdrop to all that colorful party food.

  41. Professional Cookies
  42. cocomelon-party-ideas-pro-cookies

    If all else fails with your CoComelon birthday party supplies check out these very professional (and very delicious) sugar cookies. They will most certainly pull your look together and get the kiddies excited! Of course, they’d look equally cute if you’re throwing a CoComelon baby shower.

  43. Gift Bags
  44. cocomelon-party-ideas-goodie-bags

    Every kid will feel like a winner when they leave your party with a goodie bag. Young kids aren’t expecting much, and there’s also a lot of party favor “filler” that’s not safe for kids under three, so keep it simple. Ditch the candy (parents will appreciate it!) and small, cheap toys. Instead, think bubble wands, a crayon or two, a Play-Doh tub with a fun cookie-cutter, CoComelon stickers, multi-colored goldfish crackers, or even another one of those rainbow cookies.