28 Unicorn Party Ideas To Throw The Most Magical Party

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: March 11, 2024

    Embark on a fantastical journey to a realm where magic knows no bounds with our spellbinding collection of unicorn party ideas. Designed to sprinkle a little enchantment on your celebrations, these ideas will transform your next party into the most magical gathering imaginable.

    From iridescent decorations that shimmer with possibility to mystical activities that captivate the imagination of young dreamers, each idea is a gateway to a world where unicorns roam free and every moment is steeped in wonder. Perfect for anyone looking to bring a touch of the extraordinary to their special day, our guide is poised to make your unicorn party not just memorable, but truly legendary. Prepare to be inspired as we unveil the secrets to throwing a party that’s as magical as the mythical creatures themselves.

    Unicorn Party Decorations

  1. DIY Rainbow and Clouds
  2. unicorn-party-ideas-rainbow

    Nothing says unicorn party like a rainbow and some white puffy clouds. If putting together a giant rainbow arch isn’t your thing, then this easy streamer DIY rainbow set is a perfect choice. With everything you need in one kit, you will have your venue decorated in no time. Great backdrop for a photo booth.

  3. Unicorn Party Balloon Set
  4. Every girl wants to get shine on her special day, no matter what age, so creating a dreamy and unforgettable unicorn birthday party for her and make her a unique princess at that day. The amazing unicorn balloons will create a memorable memory for you and your friends.

  5. Unicorn Cake Topper
  6. unicorn-party-ideas-cake-topper

    You don’t need to spend a ton to have a beautiful birthday cake. The topper may be uneditable but this golden unicorn horn, glittery ears, and beautiful flowers can be used for decoration in her room after the party. The topper is made of horns sturdy and nontoxic food-grade plastic. This cake topper is equally as cute and amazon has a ton more cute options for under $20.

  7. Table Skirt
  8. unicorn-party-ideas-table-skirt

    Jazz up your kitchen table with this tutu rainbow table skirt. This 6ft rainbow ruffle table skirt is the obvious choice for a unicorn birthday. Comes with 12 easy-to-apply velcro adhesives to make installation easy and fast.

  9. Iridescent Rainbow Straws
  10. unicorn-party-ideas-straws

    No matter what kinds of drinks you are serving these straws will make it a little more magical. The trendy metallic accents will add a touch of pizzazz to any beverage. Perfect for a unicorn or mermaid birthday bash.

  11. Napkins, Plates and Utensils
  12. unicorn-party-ideas-plates

    If you already went all out on the unicorn decor then this plate set is a great compliment to the party theme without going overboard. The bright colors will perfectly coordinate with your party and the glittering silverware will take your party to the next level. These are cute too!

    Unicorn Party Food And Drink

  13. Unicorn Popcorn
  14. unicorn-party-ideas-popcorn

    Nom nom nom. Lifeloveliz.com has a great recipe for this delicious treat that looks too good to eat! Unicorn Popcorn is super fun for a unicorn-themed party and best of all, comes together in just minutes. You will need some unicorn food and this easy recipe is a must. 

  15. Paper Popcorn Boxes
  16. unicorn-party-ideas-popcorn-boxes

    You will obviously need something cute to put the unicorn popcorn in and these fit the bill. These magical unicorn boxes can be filled with anything really. Great to fill with favors, candy for other treats to take home. If you are having a pinata, gibe these to the kids to collect their goodies.

  17. Unicorn Horn Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  18. unicorn-party-ideas-pretzel-horns

    Jillian over at bajillianrecipes.com made these super fun snacks that are perfect for a unicorn party. These little “horns” consist of crispy pretzels wrapped in a soft caramel spiral, coated in rich white chocolate, and bedazzled with cute and colorful sprinkles. So, basically the tastiest unicorn horns you will ever eat in your life.

  19. Unicorn Kisses Bubbly Water
  20. unicorn-party-ideas-bubbly-water

    Once upon a time, our great-great-grandfather came upon a unicorn with which he traded his pocket full of rainbows for the sparkle that one day would become polar seltzer. (from Polar).

  21. Unicorn Ice Cream
  22. unicorn-party-ideas-ice-cream

    Bacon and Booze have an awesome recipe for Unicorn Ice Cream, and its magic on a cone! This an excellent dessert idea for your party. This is just vanilla ice cream made fabulous with a little food coloring, glitters, and star sprinkles. 

  23. Rainbow Bagels
  24. unicorn-party-ideas-bagels

    What could be more magical than making a rainbow? We’ve chosen rainbow hues for this dough, but feel free to experiment with your own favorite colors to make the bagels your own. Feeling ambitious? These rainbow bagels will be a real hit!

    Unicorn Party Games And Activities 

  25. Pin The Tail On The Unicorn Game
  26. unicorn-party-ideas-game

    The Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game puts an updated twist on a classic party game. This kid’s party game swaps out the traditional donkey and tails for a poster of a smiling unicorn. Rather than pinning on a tail, game players get the opportunity to stick on the unicorn’s horn to give it its signature look, and the included blindfold ensures there’s no peeking during each player’s turn. Sure to be a hit with kids!

  27. Photo Booth Props
  28. unicorn-party-ideas-photo-booth

    Speaking of photos, no party is complete without a fun photo booth set. Make unforgettable memories with your friends with this 30 piece set of adorable photo props. It is a fun activity for everyone invited. Get an Instax Camera and send everyone one home with a fun Polaroid from the party.

  29. Ring Toss Game
  30. unicorn-party-ideas-game

    Put your horn on your head and your head in the game and catch as many rings as you can. Players don their unicorn hats to catch the brightly colored rings on their horns. The player to catch the most rings – no hands allowed! – wins. The rules are simple, yet the gameplay is fun and has many different variations. There is a pin the tail on the unicorn set too! 

  31. Unicorn Pinata
  32. unicorn-party-ideas-pinata

    Did someone say pinata??? A party ain’t a pretty until you break out the pinata. You won’t even want to break this little guy. It comes with a blindfold and bat to make the event more fun and magical. Kids absolutely love this (and so do adults).

  33. Free Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages
  34. unicorn-party-ideas-free-printables

    Unicorn coloring pages are a fantastic activity for a kids’ party because they not only tap into children’s creativity and love for magical creatures but also keep them entertained and engaged. With their vibrant colors and enchanting designs, these coloring pages will bring out the inner artist in every child while providing a fun, interactive experience. Plus, they’re an excellent way for kids to bond and share their masterpieces with each other, creating lasting memories of a magical celebration!

  35. Unicorn Slim Kit
  36. unicorn-party-ideas-slime

    Inside this Unicorn slime kit, you’ll find a helpful guide with fun and proven recipes on how to make amazing slimes. Go crazy with inks to make unicorn colors, splash some scents for a delicious smell, and add glitter flakes for extra sparkle. Add beads and pearls or go wild with the ooey-gooey foam balls, squishy jelly cubes, and snow powder. A super un party activity.

    Unicorn Party Favors

  37. Premade Favor Bags
  38. unicirn-party-party-ideas

    Don’t feel like putting together a favor bag? Well, you don’t have to with these perfectly premade bags! Step into a world of enchantment with these adorable unicorn-themed party favors, perfect for delighting kids and adding a touch of whimsy to any celebration! Each kit contains a banilla bites recipe activity, a DIY unicorn keychain kit complete with beads, a brush, a mini tassel, paint, a unicorn charm, a keyring, string, instructions, and a notecard. Each favor comes with a charming tag that reads, “Thanks for making my birthday so magical!” and is tied with a ribbon for that extra touch of sparkle. 

  39. Headbands
  40. unicorn-party-ideas-headband

    These glittery rainbow unicorn headbands are great for the birthday party but also perfect to take as a favor to play dress up. They come in 6 colors and they are soft and lightweight, which makes it very comfortable to wear. 

  41. Unicorn Poop
  42. unicorn-party-ideas-poop-candy

    What’s more fun than nibbling on fluff, fruity Unicorn Poop? uhh …Nothing! 100 % Magical – these individually wrapped colorful marshmallows are super fun party treats are sure to draw a smile. Perfect for every occasion where a mystical Unicorn presence is required. Great ideas for goodie bag stuffers!

  43. Lip Gloss
  44. unicorn-party-ideas-lip-balm

    Keep lips magically smooth and soft with this adorable, unicorn-shaped lip balm. Delivers the soft shine and moisturizing power of classic Lip Smackers lip balm in cute animal packaging. Perfect addition you the goodie bags.

  45. Unicorn Plate
  46. unicorn-party-ideas-plate

    The birthday kid will need a special plate to eat all their treats. This silicone plate will be a hit with any unicorn fan! The plate makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any unicorn-loving girl or boy. A great favor ideas as well!

  47. Temporary Tattoos
  48. unicorn-party-ideas-tattoos

    These cute unicorn tattoos are the perfect goodie bag favor, or a fun activity to do at the party. Includes two sheets with a total of 26 pastel colored + metallic temporary tattoos featuring hand-drawn designs of unicorns, rainbows + cupcakes with super cute additional stars and sparkles that your party guests will love!

  49. Unicorn Sprinkle Surprise
  50. Crispy Treats always include a full serving of fruits and veggies, with 8g of sugar or less and only 80 calories! Each product is allergen tested so you can have peace of mind when feeding your family, sending to school as a lunch item, or enjoying this tasty snack with your kids.

    Unicorn Outfit

  51. Tutu Unicorn Dress
  52. unicorn-party-ideas-dress

    She will be the princess for the day so she must dress like one. Any little one will love to put this rainbow tutu dress for the big party.  With a matching unicorn headband, the full set will give your girls a dreamy party! After the party, add it to her dress up closet.