31 Pig Gifts That Will Make Them Squeal With Joy

By Candice Elliott | Updated: August 10, 2023

    Get ready to dive into a world of pig-tastic delight! Whether you’re a pig enthusiast yourself or you’re on the hunt for a gift that will light up the face of a fellow pig lover, we’ve got you covered. From adorable pig-themed accessories to whimsical home decor, our carefully curated list of pig gifts is here to spread oinks of joy far and wide.

    Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a way to bring a smile to someone’s face, these charming and quirky gifts will undoubtedly make them squeal with happiness. So, buckle up and prepare to explore a pig lover’s paradise filled with unique and delightful treasures that will have everyone oinking for more! 

  1. Earrings 
  2. pig-gifts-earrings

    Pig earrings probably aren’t what springs to mind when you think of elegance, but these little guys are! They’re tiny enough to be subtle and made of sterling silver with opal ears. Opals are a symbol of love, hope, purity, and peace. 

  3. Good Luck Charm
  4. pig-gifts-charm

    Everyone could use a little extra good luck in their lives, and this piggy will provide it! The metal pig measures just 3/4 of an inch in size so that he can be tucked into a purse or a pocket, so good luck is always with you. 

  5. Bowl


    This is the only pig a pig lover will allow on their dining tables! Made of porcelain, the bowl is perfect for salad or cereal and is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. 

  7. Chalk Board
  8. pig-gifts-chalk-board

    This little chalkboard is a nice piece of decor for a kitchen with a farm or country motif. He can be hung up to keep track of grocery lists, show what’s on the menu for dinner, or leave a note for someone. The board measures 16×18 inches. 

  9. Doorstop
  10. pig-gifts-stopper

    Adorable and useful! This little girl looks like a cuddly stuffed toy, but she’s actually a doorstop. Heavy enough to prevent a door from closing, she makes a great addition to a child’s room or a baby’s nursery. The doorstop is available in several other styles, including a dog, elephant, and penguin. 

  11. Succulent Planter
  12. pig-gifts-planter


    What an adorable piece of pig decor! This succulent pot makes a unique gift for anyone who loves pigs and plants! The planter has a drain hole and stopper and can be used as home decor or in the garden. The plant is not included. 

  13. Coffee Mug
  14. pig-gifts-mug

    This cute pig is as excited about that first cup of coffee as you are! Made of high-quality, eco-friendly ceramic, the mug holds 15 ounces and is dishwasher-safe but not microwave-safe. 

  15. Plush Baby Pig
  16. pig-gifts-plush

    Oooh, look at the pink little piggy! I named her Petal. I think this is the cutest stuffed animal we’ve ever featured. Even non-pig lovers would fall for this adorable piglet. Petal is about five inches tall, and her partial bean filling makes her perfectly cuddly. 

  17. Pig Necklace
  18. pig-gifts-necklace

    A cute pig asleep on a crescent moon. What could be better? This necklace is made of sterling silver and has an 18-inch chain. The necklace comes in a gift box and makes a lovely birthday gift. 

  19. Stemless Wine Glass 
  20. pig-gifts-cup

    Wine time means it’s time to get piggy with it! This stainless steel wine tumbler holds 12 ounces and keeps their wine or other beverages hot or cold for hours. The tumbler is available in six colors and has a spill-proof sliding lid. 

  21. Cutting Board
  22. pig-gifts-cutting-board

    Need gift ideas for the pig lover who loves to cook? This cutting board will be a welcome addition to their kitchen. Made of bamboo, the cutting board has a hole so it can be hung up out of the way or used as a kitchen decoration. 

  23. Pig T-Shirt
  24. pig-gifts-shirt

    This little pig can go to the market, the gym, the bank, or anywhere else with you! The tee is available in Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s sizes and is 100% cotton. 

  25. Crystal Figurines
  26. pig-gifts-figurines

    Cute animal figurines are a fun way to decorate a desk, a tabletop, or any other area of your pig pen that could use a little fun! These figurines are made of crystal and come in five colors, and are each hand-made. 

  27. Keychain
  28. pig-gifts-keychain

    This little piggy is a little bit glamorous too! Who doesn’t love pink sparkles? This keychain has crystals on the front and velvet on the back. There are several other varieties available, including a panda! 

  29. Coasters 
  30. pig-gifts-coasters

    These coasters are a unique gift. There are six adorable coasters in a set, each one with a different design. The coasters are made of jute. 

  31. Cork Caddy


    Where are you going to store all those wine corks? This piggy’s tummy will do the job! He can hold up to 50 corks. This pig is a fun conversation piece and makes a fun hostess gift. 

  33. Dish Towels 
  34. pig-gifts-towels

    These pig-themed dish towels are a little more subtle than some of the others available. Not everyone is into cartoonish pink pigs. If you need a gift for someone with more “grown up” taste in pigs, these are perfect! The towels are made of 100% cotton and measure 18×28 inches. 

  35. Dish Sponges


    I wouldn’t ordinarily put dish sponges on a gift list, but these were too cute to resist! These sponges are eco-friendly, they can be washed and reused repeatedly, and they’re tough on dirt but gentle on dishes. Just add soap! 

  37. Metal Sign


    This metal sign is a fun gift for the sweet cheeks you love! Made of metal, the sign measures 8×12 inches and has four pre-drilled holes, so it’s easy to hang right out of the box. It’s cute for a guest bathroom. 

  39. Pig Pens
  40. pig-gifts-pens

    These are the kind of pig pens you write with! There are eight black ink gel pens. The ink is non-toxic, and there are four light pink and four dark pink pens in each order. 

  41. Perpetual Calendar
  42. pig-gifts-calendar

    Anyone who is not a fan of newfangled technology but is a fan of pigs will love this calendar. Made of wood and resin, he’s a piece of art as well as a useful calendar. The removable date and month blocks can be used year after year. 

  43. Piggy Bank
  44. pig-gifts-bank

    No list of gifts for pig lovers would be complete without a piggy bank! This is not your standard piggy bank, but this adorable pig will protect your money all the same! Made of resin, the coins and bills are inserted through his mouth and removed from a plug on his underside. He can hold up to 1,000 coins. 

  45. Reusable Bag
  46. pig-gifts-bag

    This bag is great for those unexpected shopping trips. It’s very lightweight and folds down to fit into a tiny pouch. It can be stored in a purse, tote bag, or trunk, so you always have a shopping bag handy. The tote is sturdy, able to hold up to 50 pounds. 

  47. Trinket Box
  48. pig-gifts-trinket-box

    Woo! All the sparkles! This jeweled, enameled pig trinket box is hand-painted. Made of zinc alloy, enamel, and rhinestones, it’s a fabulous addition to a dressing table or nightstand

  49. Makeup Bag
  50. pig-gifts-bag

    This is the perfect gift for just a girl who loves pigs and makeup! The makeup bag is made from a waterproof linen material and closes with a zipper. Included is a small, compact-sized mirror. The pouch is also great for keeping small items like keys and pens contained inside a purse or bag.

  51. Backpack
  52. pig-gifts-bag

    No gift list for pig lovers would be complete without a Peppa Pig item! Peppa is the queen of the pigs! The backpack has a large zippered main compartment, a front zippered pocket for small items, and adjustable straps. 

  53. Flying Pig Christmas Ornament
  54. pig-gifts-ornament

    This pink pig got his angel wings, making him an ideal Christmas gift for pig lovers. Made of glass, he will have an honored place on their Christmas tree for many years to come. 

  55. Peppermint Pig
  56. pig-gifts-candy

    This pig is another fun Christmas gift. He’s a tradition that dates back more than 100 years. After a holiday dinner, the pig was brought our, broken with the little hammer, and the pieces shared among the guests as a mark of good luck for the following year. The pig tastes similar to a candy cane. 

  57. Pig Blanket
  58. pig-gifts-blanket

    Pigs in a blanket, or on a blanket in this case! This snuggly throw blanket is perfect for cuddling up for a nap or a good book on a chilly day. The blanket measures 50×60 inches and is made of lightweight fleece. 

  59. Storage Cube
  60. pig-gifts-box


    This storage cube is great for holding toys, clothes, blankets, and other items. When not in use, it folds down so it can be stored away. Made of polyester, the cube is sturdy and available in several other animal designs. 

  61. Stickers


    These sweet pig stickers can be used to pig-ify lots of things, laptops, phones, bags, book covers, and more. Made of vinyl, each of the 50 stickers is unique and measure 3-3 inches.