32 Adorable Dolphin Gifts That Will Flipper Out About

Updated on August 11, 2022 Updated on Aug 11, 2022
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    The dolphin is one of the most majestic creatures under the sea. For centuries humans have been captivated by these remarkable animals. That’s why we’ve put together this very special gift list of the best dolphin gift ideas this side of the deep blue sea!

  1. 3D Dolphin Night Light
  2. dolphin-gifts-night-light

    This 3D illusion dolphin LED light makes a great gift idea for that child’s bedroom or sea-themed area of the house! This night light can be changed with up to 16 colors, so you’ll never get tired of looking at this unique gift idea! Light up a dark hallway or bring peace to a child’s dreams with this awesome 3D dolphin lamp! 

  3. Personalized Dolphin Travel Tumbler
  4. dolphin-gifts-travel-tumbler

    This personalized double-wall vacuum insulation stainless steel travel tumbler is available in 20oz or 30oz size and makes an excellent gift for that dolphin enthusiast who loves to travel! Keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. Whether you use it for your morning coffee or as a tumbler on your next adventure, this best-seller is a must-have! 

  5. Dolphin Wine Glass 
  6. dolphin-gifts-wine-glass

    This gorgeous dolphin wine glass is hand-etched and sandblasted, making it a thoughtful and unique gift for the dolphin lover in your life! The teal coloring at the bottom of the wine glass brings to mind the calming thoughts of warm ocean breezes and all your worries melting away. Head to the islands with this fantastic dolphin wine glass!  

  7. Dolphin Wind Chime
  8. dolphin-gifts-wind-chime

    This gorgeous dolphin pod windchime makes a great gift idea for that dolphin enthusiast in your life who likes to sit on the back porch and enjoy the sounds of an ocean life windchime! At only 5x3x2.75-inches, this little windchime packs a big sound. The sound will calm your nerves and help you drift away as though you’re right on the beach! 

  9. Home Decor Paperweight 
  10. dolphin-gifts-paperweight

    This stunning artisan glass dolphin paperweight makes a great gift idea for that loved one who could use a little help holding it all down! Whether they want to use it in the office to hold down countless papers or in the home as a napkin holder or for loose paper, this dolphin paperweight will be one of their most cherished possessions! 

  11. Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder 
  12. dolphin-gifts-wine-bottle-holder

    If you’d like to meld the love of wine with the love of dolphins, then this gorgeous dolphin wine bottle holder is one of the best-selling gifts on this gift guide! The teal watercolor mixed with a bottlenose dolphin holding the wine bottle makes this one of the best gifts you can give to a loved one! 

  13. Under The Sea Dolphin Sleeping Bag
  14. dolphin-gifts-sleeping-bag

    Pint-sized sailors, beach babies, and budding marine biologists won’t be able to resist diving into this undersea sleeping bag. Artisans in India hand-stitch the soft aquamarine cotton with a cast of colorful aquatic creatures that will keep your little one company on sleepovers, nights at the museum (or aquarium), and right in their own bunk. 

  15. Dolphin Stand Forever Rose 
  16. dolphin-gifts-forever-rose

    Galaxy roses aren’t just for romantic partners. They’re also great gift ideas for those loved ones you wish to give a special gift! This adorable dolphin stand forever rose makes a great Valentine’s Day gift idea as well as a great Mother’s Day gift idea! A dolphin lover would adore this forever rose as a present no matter the occasion. 

  17. Dolphin Bath Toys


    These fun dolphin toys are great for the bath or the swimming pool. Pull the string in the dolphin’s mouth and watch them swim around in the water! These are a set of four. 


  19. Crocs Dolphin Jibbitz
  20. dolphin-gifts-crocs-jibbitz

    If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift idea to give that family member who refuses to stop wearing crocs, then this dolphin Jibbitz is a fantastic way to help them dress up their favorite footwear! Jibbitz is a fun way to spice up your crocs by inserting different shapes into the holes. If they’re a fan of crocs and dolphins, then this best-seller is a must-have! 

  21. Sea of Love Print 
  22. dolphin-gifts-marine-life-print

    Your love is as deep and vast as the ocean. Profess your adoration for your beloved with this marine life-themed Sea of Love poster. Printed on 100% recycled newsprint paper, this artisanal 12 x 18 inch print by artist and designer Jacqueline Schmidt features 12 hand-drawn illustrations and a message of love. This classy print will fit in great no matter which room of the house you choose to display it proudly! 

  23. Dolphin T-Shirt
  24. dolphin-gifts-dolphin-tee

    This adorable dolphin t-shirt is one of the best-selling tees on Etsy! It’s available in tons of colors, and the sizes range from toddler to extra large adult! Whether you’re looking for a gift idea for a new baby or a man celebrating his 30th birthday, these incredibly comfortable dolphin tees make a great gift idea! 

  25. 3D Crystal Dolphin Snow Globe
  26. dolphin-gifts-snow-globe

    This awesome-looking 3D snow globe makes a great home decor gift idea for anyone who loves to add a little happiness and light to their home. Children and adults everywhere love snow globes, and if you add a couple of dolphins into the mix, it’s just a good time for everyone involved. 

  27. Dolphin Water Bottle 
  28. dolphin-gifts-water-bottle

    This stainless steel, leak-proof, eco-friendly water bottle holds 17oz of your favorite liquid and is perfect for your best friend, sister, daughter, niece, girlfriend, wife, coworker, or anyone obsessed with dolphins. The double-wall vacuum insulation is designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours! 

  29. I Just Freaking Love Dolphins Coffee Mug
  30. dolphin-gifts-coffee-mug

    Sometimes saying it as simply as possible is the best way. I Just Freaing Love Dophins, Okay?! This high-quality 11oz. ceramic white accent dolphin mug has a premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction sure to last for years. Perfect for your morning cup of coffee and all hot & cold beverages. 

  31. Sterling Silver Dolphin Ring

    dolphin-gifts-ringThis ring is the perfect ring for dolphin lovers! These wave-detailed rings can be a staple of your daily wear. The ring is made with 925 Silver Sterling material & Cubic Zircon so that you can enjoy them without worry. If you love intricately detailed jewelry and dolphins, then this ring and you are a match made in heaven! 

  34. Super Soft Dolphin Plush Blanket
  35. dolphin-gifts-blanket

    This incredibly soft 50×60-inch dolphin throw blanket makes a great gift idea for that person who likes to snuggle up! Do they already own a blanket? Probably. Is it a soft blanket? Maybe. Is it ultra-soft with dolphins jumping out of the water looking majestic AF? Doubtful. It’s very unlikely they have a dolphin blanket already. Get your loved one this dolphin throw blanket, and all their wildest dreams have a better chance of coming true. 

  36. Dolphin Surprise Coffee Mug
  37. dolphin-gifts-bath-mug

    This ceramic mug has a whimsical surprise when you get to the bottom of your coffee or tea, a baby animal is inside to greet you. Enjoy a cup of coffee, cocoa, or tea in the company of a cute little animal; Kids and adults will love the novelty mug.

  38. Desk Organizer
  39. dolphin-gifts-bath-pen-holder

    This multipurpose storage dolphin tail for phone holder, body perfect for storing office essentials like pens, pencils, scissors, paint brushes and of course your phone. Can be set on any desktop, end table, or coffee table to organize your office or living room.

  40. 24K Gold Plated Dolphin Figurine
  41. dolphin-gifts-figurine

    The perfect gift for any occasion. Give as a gift on Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s day, as a housewarming present, or in any other situation that you wish to show someone you love how much they mean to you. If they love dolphins, then this gift is even better. If they are hit or miss on their love of dolphins, this is still a pretty sweet gift idea!

  42. Coral Reef Figurine 
  43. dolphin-gifts-coral-reef-globe

    This intricately detailed dolphin family snow globe is a lovely gift idea for those new parents in your life! The figurine features a mom and a dad dolphin surrounding a baby dolphin they are caring for. This touching gift idea will make your friends weep with joy as they proudly display it in their house. 

  44. Dolphin Whistle Necklace 
  45. dolphin-gifts-whistle-necklace

    The Dolphin Whistle is the perfect gift for yourself or others. Anyone who loves dolphins, the ocean, nature, music, or adventure will love this gift. Initially crafted for grownups, it has been noticed that kids especially love them. If you give one to a child, they think it is the “Key to the Universe.”

  46. Dolphin Plush Hugging Pillow 
  47. dolphin-gifts-plush-pillow

    This ultra-soft plush dolphin pillow is the coziest gift idea for that animal lover who could use a snuggle buddy! Whether this pillow is a gift for a child who wants a dolphin stuffed animal to sleep with or your best friend roommate who likes to snuggle with a pillow, this adorable dolphin huggable pillow is the gift that gives right back! 

  48. Dolphin Keychain
  49. dolphin-gifts-keychain

    The dolphin represents harmony and balance. Those who identify with the dolphin totem are usually peaceful and gentle but have deep inner strength. Let this dolphin remind you to balance your deep inner strength with your ability to bring joy to others.

  50. Personalized Dolphin Notebook Journal 
  51. dolphin-gifts-notebook-journal

    This cute dolphin notebook is the perfect gift idea for those who love to decompress by writing out their feelings. Whether they enjoy keeping track of essential details of the day or journaling their thoughts on life, this dolphin-themed notebook is a fun and unique gift idea! 

  52. Dolphin Garden Wind Spinner
  53. dolphin-gifts-wind-spinner

    This blue dolphin spinner is the perfect garden beautification piece to make your garden the talk of the town. If you’re ready to say goodbye to having a dull garden, then this dolphin spinner is the perfect way to do just that! As the wind blows through your garden, this spinner comes to life and fills you with energy. 

  54. Dolphin Coloring Book
  55. dolphin-gifts-coloring-book

    This beautiful adult coloring book of gorgeous dolphin designs contains 35 full-page illustrations. The carefully curated designs will provide hours of fun, stress relief, creativity, and relaxation. A variety of styles, from simpler to complex, allows colorists of all levels to enjoy and create. From realistic to fantastical, these dolphin designs are sure to please.  Perfect for anyone who enjoys dolphins, marine mammals, sea life, animals.

  56. Premium Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 
  57. dolphin-gifts-jigsaw-puzzle

    Make the family game night a fun-filled time for all with this premium-quality wooden jigsaw dolphin puzzle! You can put it together thousands of times, but it’s so beautiful you may end up keeping it as an art piece for your home decor! If you’ve got a loved one who is into puzzles, then this wooden jigsaw dolphin puzzle makes a splendid gift idea! 

  58. Types of Dolphin T-Shirt 
  59. dolphin-gifts-types-of-dolphin-t-shirt

    Who doesn’t love those cute dolphins? Finally, you too can know the different types of dolphins. If you forget, no worries, you have this sweet-looking tee! This fantastic shirt is ideal for people who love dolphins and other sea creatures. It’s also an excellent gift for children, zookeepers, and friends of our aquatic friends! 

  60. Dolphin Link Bracelet
  61. dolphin-gifts-link-bracelet

    Looking for some cute dolphin jewelry? Look no further! Inspired by the dolphin look, this dolphin-linked bracelet will make you look trendy and chic. Made of sterling silver, this 7.25-inch bracelet with dolphin motifs is manually linked for better flexibility. Pair this bracelet with matching accessories or wear it on its own and show your exquisite style to everyone.

  62. Electric Wax Candle Melt
  63. dolphin-gifts-candle-wax-melter

    This electric wax melter is perfect for melting candle wax or aromatic wax to fill your room with pleasant scents. The beautiful dolphin imagery can be changed to one of seven different colors to switch up the ambiance you’re trying to portray. This electric wax melter is a great gift for anyone who enjoys aromatherapy.