22 Fun Pieces of Cat Jewelry That Are The Cats Meow

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    As a cat lover myself, there are few things I like more than an item with a cat on it. If you have a feline-loving lady in your life she will love these chic pieces of cat jewelry. Yeah, some gifts for cat lovers can sometimes be tacky, there’s a litter of super-cute cat jewelry out there that anyone would love.

  1. Crown Cat Ring
  2. cat jewelry crown rind

    I’m thinkin’ that this kitty wants to be king of your castle, my-oh-my what a feisty little rascal! Wrapped in his coat of 18k gold, this little fellow is as bright as a button. Who could resist his inquisitive little nose and twitching whiskers? Beneath the rich, gold plate is a ring of solid sterling silver. We have a range of standard US sizes, so be sure to choose a comfortable fit. This aristocratic kitty needs a home with a throne- adopt this majestic crown cat jewelry ring.

  3. Cat Ear Jacket
  4. cat jewelry ear jacket

    Usually, cats are afraid of water, but they like to eat fish and to eat fish, you need to catch it. In general, get acquainted, this cat-sailor! He has an old boat and a fishing rod on which he catches fish, I think that he will not be disturbed by the anchor and fish in the hold. Especially for everyone who loves the sea, the ocean and cats! These stud cat earrings are so fun as they are not just the head, but the body is back. They come in six options

  5. Origami Cat Necklace
  6. cat jewelry origami necklace

    The Japanese art of paper folding is an ancient craft of delicacy and subtlety, form and figure. This Origami Sitting Cat Necklace is inspired by this minimalist art – origami with a fun feline twist! These origami cat pendants are perfect for origami lovers and cat fans alike. Simple, subtle yet wholly unique, any feline lover will be delighted to have this perfect necklace in their jewelry box. The Origami Sitting Cat Necklace is finely crafted to ensure these metal origami felines appear as fine and detailed as folded paper with the durability of metal! 

  7. Meow Necklace
  8. cat jewelry meow necklace

    You will never be at a loss for words with this sterling silver plated “meow” statement necklace on its 30″ chain.  You’ll look fresh off the catwalk with this feline fashion fix, which oozes catittude.

  9. Cat Hair Clip
  10. cat jewelry hair clip

    Don’t know what to do with your hair today? Tired of the same old up-do? Or maybe you’ve just worn all your barrettes before and want something new. Well, with this no-slip kitty Dainty Cat Hairpin from Meowingtons, you can take that up-do to new heights! The Dainty Cat Hairpin is a minimalist cat hair clip for the cat lady with a sense of fun and adventure. A whimsical cat barrette with a bronze, antique luster and two frisky whiskers, complete with a classy pearl accent to complete that kitty cat couture look, it is sure to inspire any cat lover with a sense of individuality. 

  11. Geo Cat Necklace
  12. cat jewelry geo cat necklace

    This large geometric cat pendant is simple and so beautiful- a great gift for every cat lover! It’s 18K gold filled and chain comes in your choice of 11 lengths, 16” to 33”. Delivered in a signature gift box, ready for gift giving. Handmade with a one year warranty.

  13. Lady Cat Earrings
  14. cat jewelry lady

    This cute kitty duo is a fancy bunch! If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then pearls are, like, her really classy sister. With a pair of these purrfectly Purrly Cat Earrings, you’ll feel charmingly elegant with a refined feline twist.  This pair of pearl cat earrings gives admirers the illusion that you never travel alone – you’ve always got your cats, girl! Made using the finest acrylic materials with a stainless steel stud, these lightweight cat earrings are designed for a comfurrtable fit. Don’t go anywhere without these pearl-wearing twins!

  15. Cat Mermaid
  16. cat jewelry mermaid

    Adopt a mermaid cat! This necklace comes in pink and blue. It’s plated in gorgeous 22k gold and hung on an 18-inch gold-plated chain. It’s made of Hard enamel from an original illustration. Lobster clasp. 

  17. Cat Watch
  18. cat jewelry watch

    Who needs Cartier when you’ve got Catier? You can’t help but smile back at this timepiece’s friendly feline face, which features a triple hand movement, single stem to the side and black leather strap. This purrfect addition to your kitty collection will ensure that you’re always on time and that your look is always on point.

  19. Cat Cameo
  20. cat jewelry cameo

    Beautifully crafted black cat cameo, black on white is a unique piece. Frame cast in high-grade pewter with an anti-tarnish silver finish. Two color resin cameo in a silver antique finish frame
    Pendant size is 2 1/4 inches long x 1 1/2 inches wide on a 20 inch neck chain. Necklace hand crafted and made in the USA. 

  21. Indian Cat Ring
  22. cat jewelry indian ring

    This super unique piece is sterling silver and custom-made to your ring size. It’s finished in Polished Oxidized (Blackened) Silver. This ring is amazing! Great quality, very well detailed and will be a perfect fit. Ships from Russia but definitely worth the wait.

  23. Kitty Pendant
  24. cat-jewelry-kitty-pendant

    They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is certainly true for artist Sue Beatrice’s kitty pendant, which was created using non-working antique watch parts from the mid-1800s. Once arranged into its whimsical form, each pendant is then cast in sterling silver and hand-finished with a beautiful darkened patina. An 18-inch sterling silver chain completes the design and allows pet lovers to keep kitty close to heart. Made in Sea Cliff, New York.

  25. Pearl Cat Studs
  26. cat jewelry studs

    These cute pearl earrings, not only remain elegant of pearls but also added a touch of nifty and lovely feel. The option is given to choose sterling silver or gold plated post,it safe to the people who has sensitive ears. White pearl style is the most classic and popular. The pearls are handpicked through natural freshwater cultured button pearls, the average size is 0.75 CM (may 0.05 CM error measurement ), best for the cat earrings. 

  27. Purrito Enamel Pin
  28. cat jewelry pin

    Who doesn’t love cats? Or burritos? This little purrito cat will look just perfect on your coziest sweater or jacket. Size is 1.20″x0.63″ hard enamel pin made of stamped brass plated with gold metal with butterfly clutch closure. So cute and creative – obsessed.

  29. Cat Collar Pins
  30. cat jewelry collar pins

    These collar pins are absolutely beautiful and unique and can turn a normal collared shirt into a fashion statement. These particular pins are made of 2 antique silver plated cat stampings with a little bow tie for extra added cuteness. They are both connected by 3 silver plated chains. the chains measure 12, 14, and 16 centimeters. Talk about a really unique piece of cat jewelry.

  31. Cat Eye Necklace
  32. cat jewelry cat eye

    The Third Eye is a concept that refers to the speculative invisible eye, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Expand your mind with this beautiful cat eye necklace – offered in both blue and green. This large pendant sits in an intricate antique frame design and hangs elegantly from an adjustable chain. Not only will this open up your mind: but the cat eye is believed to hold light within and bring that light into your life.

  33. Cat Ear Ring
  34. cat jewelry cat ear ring

    This paw-some 14K gold-plated ring is a treat for any kitty crazy jewelry lover. Its wonderfully crafted cat’s ears are studded with white Swarovski crystals. The ring is sleek with just the right amount of feline simplicity that makes the Diamond Cat Ears Ring a cat lover’s must-have! This elegant cat ring is the perfect touch to any cat lover’s outfit – bringing a little bit of your love with you everywhere you go.

  35. Scratches The Cat Pendant
  36. cat jewelry scratches

    Feline Finery. Show your love for your feline friends with this adorable cat pendant. Rendered in cloisonné enamel and 22-karat gold and suspended from a gold-dipped chain, this cute kitty makes a charming addition to any cat lover’s collection. 

  37. Cat Skeleton Necklace
  38. cat jewelry skeleton

    This one a little dark but definitely a unique piece for a cat lover. Shrouded in secrecy, the cat has long been a symbol of mysticism. This cat necklace medallion featuring the detailed skeleton of the feral cat is finished with black epoxy and coupled with a stainless steel necklace. It is sure to give the wearer an aura of enchantment and attention-grabbing mystique. 

  39. Personalized Cat Pendant
  40. cat jewelry personalized

    Personalised pet portrait necklace is a perfect gift for cat lovers! Handmade from 925 Sterling Silver and comes with a matching silver link chain and a beautiful gift box. One-of-a-kind design gets you tons of compliments from friends. Option to change to keychain and bracelet.

  41. The Cats Meow Cuff
  42. cat jewelry bracelet

    Hand stamped aluminum cuff bracelet that is lightly hammered on the outside and has a message on the inside. Inside of bracelet reads You’re the cat’s meow. The exterior of the cuff has a cat on the cuff end. Great cat lover gift, thank you gift, cat jewelry gift, friend gift, or keep it for yourself! This hand stamped bracelet is made of heavy gauge aluminum. Bracelet is 6 inches long and 3/8 inch wide 14 gauge aluminum.

  43. Cat Moon Pendant
  44. cat jewelry moon pendant

    Hey, your cat’s waiting for you to come home. The silver parts are made from international standard 925 sterling silver. It’allergy-free and the color would not fade.
    The chain is resizable. 18″-20″.