28 Great Veteranarian Gifts For Your Favorite Dogtor

By Candice Elliott | Updated: January 18, 2023

    Vets are among the most important and caring people in the world. They take care of our animal friends so they can live long and happy lives with us mere humans! Show your appreciation with these veterinarian gifts for your favorite dogtor!

  1. Personalized Stethoscope Tag
  2. veterinarian-gifts-tag

    This stethoscope tag is ideal if you’re looking for gift ideas for an animal doctor, vet tech, or vet student. The tag can be personalized with up to 15 characters, a picture stamp, font, and type of metal, silver, copper, or brass. A gift with a personal touch is always extra special. 

  3. T-Shirt
  4. veterinarian-gifts-shirt

    Dog lovers and your favorite vet alike will get a kick out of this t-shirt. And if you’re a dog owner, you know it’s true too! Wearing the cone of shame is no fun! The t-shirt is available in several sizes. 

  5. Comfy Shoes
  6. veterinarian-gifts-shoes

    Comfortable shoes are a must when your job has you on your feet for hours at a time. These shoes are perfect for vets and anyone on their feet a lot. The shoes are available in a variety of sizes and colors. 

  7. Short Bread Animal Cookies
  8. veterinarian-gifts-cookies

    Look how cute! These animal-shaped cookies are not only pretty but made from delicious shortbread. Each box contains three teddy bears, three highland cows, and three Scottie dogs! These treats make a perfect break from a busy day in a vet’s office. 

  9. Coffee Mug


    Get your mind out of the gutter! Of course, a vet wants you to show them your kitties! This cute mug is made of ceramic and holds 11 ounces. 

  11. Stemless Wine Glass 
  12. veterinarian-gifts-glass

    What a vet could use after a long day is a nice glass of wine! This paw print wine glass is a funny gift for a vet with a  good sense of humor and a taste for vino! The glass even tells the server when to stop pouring! 

  13. Hand Cream
  14. veterinarian-gifts-cream

    Whether your patients have two legs or four, you have to wash your hands a lot! That can lead to dry, rough skin so this rich hand cream made with shea butter is a great gift for any medical professional in your life. 

  15. Sticky Notes 
  16. veterinarian-gifts-notes

    Are you looking for the purrfect stocking stuffer or a small gift for a vet? Look no further. These cute sticky notes come in six vibrant colors, and each pad has 75 pieces of cat-shaped paper. 

  17. Puzzle 
  18. veterinarian-gifts-puzzle

    This puzzle is so pretty; it’s like a piece of art! The abstract design features a caduceus, a cat, and a dog, making it unique. The puzzle has 300 parts and is made of sturdy cardboard that won’t easily bend or warp. 

  19. Art Print
  20. veterinarian-gifts-print

    Who knew brains could be so beautiful? This watercolor print represents the brains of various animals a vet may come across in their practice. The wall art measures 16×20 inches is signed by the artist, and is unframed. This print makes a great birthday gift!

  21. Kid’s Play Set 
  22. veterinarian-gifts-play-set

    Maybe this is how your favorite vet got their start. This kit is a great gift for a future vet or a nice gift for a vet’s office with some toys to entertain the children while they wait for their furry friend to come out of an appointment! It’s also a great tool to teach children about care and compassion for animals! 

  23. Necklace 


    This pretty necklace can be customized for your favorite bet. Choose the initial for the heart charm and the length of the chain, 18 or 20 inches. The necklace is sterling silver and would make a nice graduation gift for a soon-to-be vet after vet school. 

  25. Anatomy Poster


    This poster will bring them back to their vet school days! And it’s certainly an interesting conversation piece and can be helpful when explaining things to cat parents! 

  27. Shadow Box
  28. veterinarian-gifts-box

    This shadow box can be used as wall art, desk art, or a memory box to keep small tokens of events they’d like to remember. The box measures 6x6x2 and has hardware on the back for hanging, or it can sit on a table or desk. 

  29. Key Chain
  30. veterinarian-gifts-key-chain

    This paw print key chain is a sweet gift for a vet or any animal lover! The key chain is made of high-quality stainless steel and is a locket; you can put a small photo of their favorite four-legged friend inside. 

  31. Dog Water Bottle
  32. veterinarian-gifts-bottle

    Sometimes the best gifts are the most practical! This water bottle is perfect for the vet who likes to walk, hike, or run with their dog. The bottle holds 12 ounces and has a receptacle that the dog can easily drink from. 

  33. Coloring Book
  34. veterinarian-gifts-book

    Do you need a gift for a funny veterinarian? This adult coloring book is the perfect gift! Vets see some stuff, and this coloring book will help them unwind after dealing with the most annoying aspect of vet life, pet parents! The ideal gag gift! 

  35. Candle 
  36. veterinarian-gifts-candle

    Vets are a special breed, pun intended! This candle shows just what makes them unique. The clean-burning candle is made of soy wax, and the scent is vanilla. 

  37. Keepsake Box
  38. veterinarian-gifts-box

    This sweet keepsake box is an adorable gift for a special vet or vet tech. The box is made of resin and shows the special bond between humans and dogs. The box includes a gift card. 

  39. Personalized Tote Bag
  40. veterinarian-gifts-tote

    Everyone needs a good tote bag, and this is a thoughtful one. The bag can be personalized with a name and stethoscope color. The bag itself comes in various colors, and you can choose to include a 13-pocket organizer, which is excellent for a vet who makes housecalls. 

  41. Coasters 
  42. vet-gifts-coasters


    Okay, these are not the classiest of gifts, but they are funny! The crocheted cay butt coasters really function as coasters! The coasters are a fun gag gift or a great gift for a white elephant party. There are six coasters per order. 

  43. Paper Clips


    These clips are cute and have several uses. They can be used as paperclips, to mark important notes in patient files, or as bookmarks. There are 40 clips in total, ten blue birds, ten pink elephants, ten golden dogs, and ten silver cats. 

  45. Vet Instruments Training Kit
  46. veterinarian-gifts-tools

    These tools are a nice gift for a vet student. The kit includes a pocket case, thermometer, penlight, reflex hammer, and more. It’s a great starter kit for a vet in training. 

  47. Rainbow Bridge Plaque
  48. veterinarian-gifts-plaque

    You’re probably familiar with the Rainbow Bridge if you’ve lost a pet. It’s a place where our departed pets are happy and healthy, just waiting for us on the other side. It can bring much comfort to grieving pet families, so it is a thoughtful addition to a vet’s office. 

  49. Ornament


    This will be a happy addition to any vet’s Christmas tree! The ornament is in the old-European style, a classic that has stood the test of time. 

  51. Makeup Bag
  52. veterinarian-gifts-bag

    Of all the superpowers, saving animals may be the best one! This little tote can be used as a makeup bag, a purse or tote organizer, or a storage bag for electronic devices and chargers. The bag is made of 100% flax. 

  53. Heartbeat Hoodie
  54. veterinarian-gifts-hoodie

    To practice veterinary medicine requires a lot of heart, and there are many heartaches involved. This sweet hoodie is an excellent way to acknowledge that. The hoodie is unisex, comes in several sizes and several colors. 

  55. Personalized Drink Tumbler
  56. veterinarian-gifts-tumbler

    This stainless steel tumbler can be personalized with color, design color, text, and stainless steel or plastic straw. The cup holds up to 20 ounces and keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. The tumblers are BPA-free.