28 Humerus Gifts For Orthopedic Surgeons

By David Lautaret | Updated: March 31, 2024

    Orthopedic surgeons work wonders, seamlessly blending science and art to keep us moving and grooving. In celebration of their incredible work, finding the perfect gift that speaks to their passion and dedication can be a joyful challenge. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a thank you gesture, or just because, our carefully curated list of gifts is designed to put a smile on the face of those orthopedic magicians.

    From practical tools of the trade to quirky homages to their profession, we’ve got something to delight every bone mender out there. We have gifts that are just as unique and remarkable as the orthopedic surgeons in your life!

  1. Orthopedic Surgeon Wooden Puzzle
  2. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-wooden-puzzle

    This unique gift idea is a laser-cut wooden orthopedic surgeon puzzle that will be as challenging as nearly any knee surgery! This puzzle is fun for the whole family and will provide hours of family fun. You can customize this puzzle with a thoughtful message or the orthopedic surgeon’s name! 

  3. X-Ray Socks
  4. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-xray-socks

    These funny X-ray socks make a great gag gift idea for the orthopedic surgeon in your life who likes to live life on the silly side! Whether they wear them at home on the weekend or in the office on surgery day, these are great socks! 

  5. Custom Surgeon Bobblehead
  6. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-bobblehead

    This custom bobblehead makes a fun doctor gift idea or surgeon in your life who has everything! Customize this incredible gift by sending in photos, and then wait impatiently in your mailbox for this beauty to arrive! Whether you get this gift for yourself, a coworker, or a loved one, they will love it! 

  7. The Bone Whisperer Whiskey Shot Glass


    If you’ve got an orthopedic surgeon who loves a good drink, this shot glass is the gift they want to receive! The shot glass is made of ceramic and dishwasher safe. 

  9. Wine Bottle Holder
  10. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-wine-bottle-holder

    The metal wine bottle holder with a greeting card is a lovely gift idea for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, and many other occasions, not only for freshly baked or experienced surgeons but also for doctors. If someone has broken an arm or a leg – the bottle holder “surgeon” is also suitable for recovery and will make this experience unforgettable for the recipient—a fabulous idea for a retirement gift.

  11. A Physician’s Prayer
  12. gifts-for-doctors-prayer

    This Physician’s Prayer slate wall art is a great gift to let the orthopedic surgeon know you’re thinking of them and praying for them. They can hang this in their office as a constant reminder or in their home to look at once the day is done. If your surgeon is religious, this inspirational gift will be greatly appreciated!

  13. Compression Leg Massager
  14. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-leg-massager

    Orthopedic surgeons spend many hours in the day standing performing surgery. This can lead to tired and sore legs. If you want to decrease discomfort in your legs, this leg massage is a great way to relieve pain and increase circulation. It is easy to massage your legs at home or in your office. Fresh legs lead to better surgery results, which will make everyone happy! 

  15. Handmade Metal Surgeon Figurine
  16. gifts-for-orthopedic-surgeon-metal-figurine

    An excellent orthopedic doctor is a true blessing. Why not show your favorite surgeon appreciation for their hard work with this thoughtful, handmade gift? It’s great for medical students and seasoned professionals alike. This medical doctor figurine is crafted from nuts, brazing rods, washers, and steel. It is excellent to use as a doctor’s office decor, a trophy for that notable accomplishment, or to accompany business cards for a fun, eye-catching desk accessory. 

  17. Inspirational Medical Gift Pen
  18. white-coat-ceremony-gifts-pen


    This inspirational medical quote pen is engraved with one of Hippocrates’ most well-known quotes, “Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.” Hippocrates was a physician in classical Greece often referred to as the Father of Medicine. Modern physicians take their Hippocratic Oath not to harm entering the profession. This pen includes a light and a touch-screen stylus. 

  19. Orthopedic Surgeon Notebook Journal
  20. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-journal

    This blank-lined best-seller notebook makes a fun gift idea for the orthopedic surgeon in your life who could use a little time to journal! Journaling is a meditative way to unwind and organize your thoughts after a long day. This journal would also make an excellent gift for the child proud of their orthopedic surgeon parent!  

  21. Knee Joint Keychain
  22. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-knee-joint-keychain

    We seek a unique gift idea to make a great stocking stuffer. Check out this unique knee joint keychain! The simple yet elegant design makes this a winning gift idea. It makes the best gifts for orthopedic surgeons, x-ray techs, ortho med school graduation gifts, or anyone with a love for bones and anatomy!

  23. Novelty Bone Pen 10-Pack
  24. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-bone-pen

    These novelty bone pens make a great gift idea for the orthopedic surgeon in your life who could use a funny conversation starter! Use them in your office to make patients feel comfortable or at home as a funny reminder that you’re a badass orthopedic surgeon! 

  25. Need A Joint T-Shirt
  26. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-joint-tee

    Being a surgeon is a high-stress job without much time for sitting around making jokes. That’s why a light-hearted, fun shirt like this is so appreciated! So grab this funny joint replacement shirt and give it to your favorite surgeon as a thank-you gift for a job well done or as a funny gag gift for the orthopedic surgeon who loves a good laugh! 

  27. Orthopedic Surgeon Custom Caricature 
  28. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-caricature

    Are you looking for a fantastic orthopedist gift they will remember forever due to its uniqueness and thoughtfulness? Do you want an amazing-looking gift dedicated to orthopedic surgeons that will make their eyes light up as soon as they see it? Well, I might have the perfect solution to your problem! Gift them this unforgettable cartoon caricature portrait of an orthopedic surgeon from your photo!

  29. Ashes of Problem Patients Candy Jar
  30. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-candy-jar

    This funny Ashes of Problem Patients candy jar makes a great gag gift for that orthopedic surgeon in your life. Every doctor or nurse can attest to these problem patients, and having a funny outlet like this candy jar is always appreciated. Use this as a fun cookie jar, a place to keep knick-knacks, or a place to keep the loose change! 

  31. Stethoscope Pendant Necklace 
  32. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-stethoscope-necklace

    This cute stethoscope pendant necklace is a great way to say thank you to the orthopedic surgeon in your life who has meant so much to you! This adorable necklace features a stethoscope shaped like a heart wrapped around a cross. This sweet gift will be cherished forever and is a sure way to make them feel appreciated! 

  33. Before Patients After Patients Glass Set
  34. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-before-after-patients-glasses

    This hilarious glass set makes the perfect gift idea for that orthopedic surgeon who loves coffee in the morning and wine in the evening! Before patients, we could all use a little cup of joe. After patients, bring on something a little more substantial! This patient’s glass set will bring a smile to their face every day they use it!

  35. Retractable Name Badge
  36. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-retractable-name-badge

    Jazz up your workwear with this cute badge holder accessory! This X-Ray Hands ID badge reel is a unique way to recognize a new graduate, a new job, or a way of brightening up your current job. It features a black background with white lettering. It’s a perfect work-related gift for cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, nurses, or anyone else in the medical field! 

  37. I’ve Got Your Back Coffee Mug
  38. gifts-for-chiropractors-mug

    We could all use someone in our lives who has our back. This funny coffee or tea mug takes this phrase a little too literally! If you’ve got a friend or family member with back issues, or if you’ve got an orthopedic surgeon in your life who has your back, then this funny mug is a must-have for any orthopedic surgeon! 

  39. Lego Surgeon Keychain 
  40. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-lego-keychain

    This officially licensed Lego surgeon keychain is a fun gift for the best orthopedic surgeon who still loves Legos at heart! The keychain depicts a surgeon in scrubs ready to operate, and a convenient flashlight is stealthily placed inside the pants of the Lego character. I assume this is an addition by the Lego people and is not indicative of all surgeons, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. 

  41. White Coat Wine Bag
  42. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-white-coat-wine-bag

    This gift set makes a fun gift for the wine connoisseur in your life who is celebrating a big event! Maybe it’s your orthopedic surgeon’s birthday, a friend you know just graduated medical school, or your best gal pal loves wine and has a thing for doctors. No matter who this gift set is for, they will love it!

  43. Skeleton Scrub Cap 
  44. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-scrub-cap

    This fun scrub cap makes a practical and exciting gift idea for the orthopedic surgeon in your life! Surgeons are among the many medical professionals who wear scrub caps daily. Don’t let your surgeon be embarrassed by having to wear a plain scrub cap when it’s within your power to gift them this badass skeleton scrub cap!

  45. Orthopedic Surgeon Travel Mug
  46. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-travel-mug

    These Travel Mugs are made with high-quality stainless steel, hold 14oz of your favorite beverage, and come with an easy-grip handle and thumb rest. The top of the travel mug comes off for cleaning, and the lid is dishwasher-safe and shatter-resistant. The lid has a slide opening and a slanted drinking surface, while the tapered bottom fits in a standard cup holder. The only thing sexier than an orthopedic surgeon might be this travel mug. 

  47. Orthopedic Surgeon Drive Metal Sign
  48. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-metal-sign

    Orthopedic Surgeons, check out this excellent street sign! This is the perfect home decor piece for orthopedic surgeons to hang in their man cave, back patio, or office. Made of premium aluminum, it will stand the test of time and look great in any room. Get this sign for your favorite orthopedic surgeon!

  49. Hipster Tee
  50. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-hipster-tee

    This funny Hipster tee makes a great gift for that orthopedic surgeon in your life who loves a good pun! This ultra-comfortable shirt comes in men’s and women’s sizes and is available in five colors. It also makes an excellent gift for someone recovering from hip replacement surgery!

  51. You Nailed It Greeting Card
  52. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-greeting-card

    Need a fun addition to your gift idea? This fun medical greeting card featuring the femur anatomy and surgically placed pins makes a great addition to any retirement, birthday, Christmas, or thank-you gift! This fun greeting card is one they’ll be sure to keep around for years to come! 

  53. Custom Anatomy Tumbler
  54. gifts-orthopedic-surgeons-anatomy-tumbler

    Are you looking for an appreciation gift for the bone doctor? This fabulous custom travel tumbler is the best gift for the orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, radiologist, or anyone else in the medical field. These custom tumblers will keep your hot drinks hot for hours as well as your cold drinks cold. The eye-catching attention to detail will make this travel coffee mug a huge hit!

  55. Orthopedic Surgeons Don’t Argue Pillow
  56. gifts-for-orthopedic-surgeons-pillow

    This makes an excellent gift for someone starting a new job or happily working as an Orthopedic Surgeon! This says Orthopedic Surgeons Don’t Argue They Explain Why You’re Stupid. It’s a funny gift to poke fun at someone working as an Orthopedic Surgeon and is a great birthday gift.

    What are the best gifts for orthopedic surgeons?

    For orthopedic surgeons who like to take their work home, anatomical models or orthopedic-themed wall art could bring a fun twist to their personal space. A quirky bone-shaped pen or a notebook with an orthopedic design could give them a smile during their workday.

    If they’re coffee lovers, how about a custom mug with an orthopedic joke or pun? To help them unwind, consider a high-quality massager for those tired hands or even a spa day. And don’t forget a good book – biographies of renowned surgeons or the latest orthopedics research would pique their interest!