25 Incredibly Fun Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys

By Candice Elliott | Updated: June 8, 2023

    Choosing gifts for a nine-year-old boy can be tricky. They’re not exactly little kids anymore, but they aren’t quite tweens yet, either. So if you find yourself with this dilemma, our problem-solving list of great gifts for 9-year-old boys is here to help!

    What are 9-year-old boys interested in?

    Sure thing! When it comes to 9-year-old boys, they are often interested in a wide range of things that spark excitement and adventure. Many boys this age love exploring the outdoors, whether riding bikes, playing sports, or going on thrilling adventures with their friends.

    They also tend to have a growing curiosity for science, technology, and building things, which makes toys like building kits, robotics, and interactive gadgets particularly appealing. Additionally, they might have a keen interest in superheroes, action figures, video games, and imaginative play, allowing them to create epic stories and save the day. Overall, 9-year-old boys are all about embracing fun, active pursuits and embracing their imaginations!

    What are are the best gifts for 9 year old boys?

  1. Lego Minecraft The Zombie Game
  2. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-lego

    You may have no idea what Minecraft is, but chances are, any nine-year-old boy does. 9-year-old girls too. The video game is wildly popular. This Lego building kit lets kids enter Minecraft but exit the digital world. The set has 241 pieces and various familiar game elements, including a furnace, ladder, Steve Minecraft, baby zombie, and zombie Minifigures. 

  3. National Geographic Dino Dig Fossil Kit


    This gift idea is so cool I might buy it for myself! This deluxe kit comes with three real fossils, a chisel, a brush, and a magnifying glass. This is an enjoyable way to get kids interested in paleontology, science, and history, all in one great gift! The best gifts help kids discover a passion! 

  5. Nerf Walkie Talkies
  6. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-walkie-talkies

    These Nerf walkie-talkies are quite an upgrade from the two tin cans connected by a string I played with as a kid! These toys have a 1,000-foot range, making them suitable for hiking and camping when a smartphone may not get a signal. 

  7. Be Amazing Toys Big Bag of Science
  8. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-science-kit

    STEM toys (Science, Technology Engineering, Math) are great for kids. They are a fun way to learn through play. This science kit fits the STEM bill. It offers more than 65 life, physical, and earth science experiments. 

  9. Magnetic Dart Board


    This magnetic dartboard is great for a family game night when you’re tired of playing a board game. It’s also safer than playing with traditional pointy-ended darts. No one will lose an eye!   

  11. Razor Scooter
  12. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-scooter

    Razor is the hot scooter brand. This model has a rear fender brake, folds up for easy portability, and holds up to 143 pounds. he front wheel is equipped with shock-absorbing suspension to help smooth out your ride. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction includes folding handlebars, a rear fender brake, and a wheelie bar for tricks.

  13. Hand Operated Drone
  14. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-drone

    This drone doesn’t require a remote control. It flies when tossed into the air, and infrared sensors allow for hand control. LED lights make it one of the best toys on our gift guide for after-dark fun.  

  15. STEM Remote Control Building Set
  16. gifts-for-9-year-old-buys-building-set

    This is a great DIY birthday gift for a budding engineer. This kit lets nine-year-old boys build a tracked, remote control car, tank, and robot. 

  17. Lego Harry Potter Great Hall Building Set
  18. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-harry-potter-lego

    You might have read Harry Potter as a nine-year-old boy and now have a nine-year-old of your own! This Lego set will help him enter the magical world of Harry Potter. The building set has 878 bricks and ten figures, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, and more. 

  19. 3D Illusion Star Wars Night Light
  20. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-star-wars-light

    A 9 or 10-year-old might not need a night light, but this is no ordinary night light! This light gives the option of 7 different colors and three different patterns from Star Wars, The Death Star, R2D2, and The Millenium Falcon.

  21. DIY Slime Kit


    This slime kit is one of the best toys for messy, hands-on fun! The kit includes everything you need to make slime, and all of the ingredients are kid-safe.

  23. Beat That! Challenge Cards
  24. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-card-game

    This card game uses challenge cards to see who can complete crazy, dexterity based challenges. It’s great for the whole family to enjoy together. Well, maybe not that one member who is a klutz! 

  25. Magic Tricks Kit


    This magic tricks kit has it all! It has more than 350 magic tricks and includes access to a website containing step-by-step video guides to perform even more tricks. 

  27. National Geographic Metal Detector
  28. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-metal-detector

    You might think the age group for a metal detector is 80 and up, but they’re fun for 9-year-old boys too! The detector beeps and flashes an LED light when it hits on metal. It can detect up to 6 inches for small objects and up to a foot for larger ones. 

  29. Portable Basketball Hoop
  30. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-basketball-hoop

    Not only is this basketball hoop portable, great when you need more room in the driveway, but it’s adjustable too from 7 feet 6 inches to 10 feet. It has wheels that make moving it easy and can be used indoors or outside. 

  31. Toy Rocket Launcher
  32. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-rocket-launcher

    This is one of the coolest toys on our list. By simply stomping on the pedal, the foam stomp rocket soar up to 100 feet in the air! No fire, no gun powder required, so these are perfectly safe for kids to play with and require no adult supervision. 

  33. Thinkfun Marble Run Gravity Maze
  34. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-maze

    The gravity maze from think fun is a logic game, marble run, and STEM toy all in one. It offers 60 challenges from beginner to expert and has a game grid, nine towers, one target piece, and three marbles. 

  35. Skate Board
  36. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-skateboard

    Do you have a would-be Tony Hawk in your life? Give him the ultimate accessory, a skateboard! This skateboard measures 22.5 inches long by 6 inches wide and can support up to 200 pounds. 

  37. Glow-In The Dark Helmet
  38. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-helmet

    If your 9-year-old boy’s big Christmas gift is a bike (or the skateboard above), a helmet to go with it is a perfect gift. But not any helmet. a badass Mohawk helmet with glow-in-the-dark spikes! 

  39. Fort Building Kit
  40. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-fort

    Man, fort-building technology has improved since my day when your fort was a blanket draped between two chairs! This thing has rigging! The kit has sticks and balls that can be configured in various shapes so the fort can actually resemble a structure! 

  41. Electronic Piggy Bank
  42. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-bank

    It’s never too early to teach kids good financial habits. This bank can hold up to 600 coins or 100 pieces of paper money. It unlocks using a PIN, just like an ATM. 

  43. Amphibious Remote Control Car
  44. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-car

    This remote control car is an all-terrain vehicle, and that terrain includes water! It can handle mud, sand, land, and water! It also can do 180-degree flips, and 360 degree turns. 

  45. Hover Soccer Ball Set


    This is great for those days kids can’t get outside to play. The ball is sort of like an air-hockey disk and will glide over a smooth floor like wood or tile or low-pile carpet. Great gift for soccer lovers or players!

  47. Crystal Growing Kit
  48. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-crystals


    This kit includes everything a kid needs to grow crystals in just a few days. And once the crystals are ready, it comes with display cases to show them off. 

  49. Why Fish Fart: Gross But True Things You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know Book
  50. gifts-for-9-year-old-boys-book

    Want to make learning more fun for 9-year-old boys? Make it gross. This book is filled with fun and gross information about coffee made from cat poop and someone who turned farting into a job!