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25 Minecraft Gifts That Any Minecraft Fan Would Love

Updated on October 18, 2021 Updated on Oct 18, 2021
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    Creative kids everywhere love the world of Minecraft. The game has a lot to offer, whether they’re slaying the Ender Dragon, mining rare materials, or building giant castles – the possibilities are endless! This gift list has tons of the best Minecraft gift ideas that bring the fun of the game into the real world.

  1. Minecraft Creeper T-Shirts
  2. Minecraft-gifts-t-shirts

    Let your kid show off their favorite video game with this set of T-shirts. This three-pack of Minecraft-themed T-shirts feature iconic characters like the Creeper enemy and the main character, Steve.

  3. LEGO Minecraft Kit
  4. Minecraft-gifts-legos

    Minecraft lovers really enjoy building, so they will love this LEGO Minecraft playset. This set features Steve, other familiar characters, and a portal to another dimension

  5. Minecraft Torch Water Bottle
  6. minecraft-gifts-water-bottle

    This water bottle is shaped just like a torch from Minecraft. This lookalike is a fun way to show off their favorite game while staying hydrated.

  7. Minecraft Game
  8. Minecraft-gifts-app

    This can’t be a Minecraft gift list without the actual game, can it? Purchase the bestseller game here and play on any mobile device or PC.

  9. Minecraft Smart Watch
  10. Minecraft-gifts-watch

    This creeper-themed smartwatch is a fun gift for someone younger that might not need a high-tech Apple watch. This watch can take selfies, play games, and more!

  11. Minecraft Uno Cards
  12. Minecraft-gifts-uno

    The classic card game Uno also has a Minecraft edition. Minecraft Uno is fun for everyone and even includes a unique optional ruleset.

  13. Minecraft Collectible Figurines
  14. Minecraft-gifts-figurines

    If the Minecraft fan in your life loves collecting, then this 20-pack set of figurines is a great idea. The set includes notable characters like Enderman, Steve, and many more!

  15. Minecraft Ore Lamp
  16. Minecraft-gifts-ore-lamp

    If your kid has a Minecraft-themed bedroom, then you have to get this lamp designed to look like an Ore block from the game. The handmade light is easy to hang and will look great in your child’s room.

  17. Creeper & TNT Backpack Set
  18. Minecraft-gifts-backpack

    Any Minecraft fan would love to have this backpack set. It includes many Minecraft-themed school essentials, including a lunchbox and pencil bag!

  19. Minecraft Stickers
  20. Minecraft-gifts-stickers

    Show off your block-building pride with this set of Minecraft Stickers. The collection includes many memorable characters and tools from the game and is excellent for putting on whatever you’d like!

  21. Potion Bottle Light
  22. Minecraft-gifts-potion

    This fun night light looks just like a potion from Minecraft, pixels and all. This LED lamp and its eight changing colors are great for using as a reading lamp, night light, or wall decor!

  23. Minecraft Diamond Sword
  24. Minecraft-gifts-sword

    This sword looks just like a rare diamond sword item in Minecraft. Molded from plastic, it is a great and safe option for cosplay or Halloween costume. 

  25. Enderman Minecraft Plush
  26. Minecraft-gifts-plush

    The Enderman is an iconic enemy in the world of Minecraft, and this plush does a great job recreating it in the real world! The soft, cotton-filled plush also comes in other varieties.

  27. Torch Night Light
  28. Minecraft-gifts-torch

    Is your kid concerned a Minecraft zombie might be lurking under their bed at night? Then this torch-shaped nightlight with flame-simulated LED is a great option to make them feel safe and comfortable at night.

  29. Minecraft Creeper Bed Set
  30. Minecraft-gifts-bedset

    Keep your little one cozy at night with this Minecraft twin bed set. The super-soft microfibre blanket has a creeper face across the front and is reversible!

  31. Creeper Hoodie
  32. Minecraft-gifts-hoodie

    This creeper hoodie is excellent for any Minecrafter. The hoodie zip-ups to reveal a creeper face – making it work well as a Halloween costume or to wear year-round.

  33. Minecraft Animation Studio
  34. Minecraft-gifts-animation-studio

    Let your little one create some DIY movie magic! This Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio comes with everything they need to make stop-motion films, Minecraft style!

  35. Minecraft Zombie Costume
  36. Minecraft-gifts-costume

    Halloween is around the corner, so what better gift than this Minecraft Zombie costume. They will be the center of attention when others recognize their awesome costume!

  37. Minecraft Dungeons LEGO Set
  38. Minecraft-gifts-lego-dungeons

    Bring the Jungle Abomination to the real world in this Minecraft Dungeons building kit. The set includes special characters and enemies that will lead to endless playing possibilities for your builder.

  39. Minecraft Joke Book
  40. Minecraft-gifts-joke-book

    Have a joker on your hands? Then this joke book will give them some new Minecraft-related jokes to tell. This book is filled with over 200 jokes as well as a full-color poster.

  41. Customized Minecraft Sign
  42. Minecraft-gifts-sign

    Make your bedroom or game room stand out with a customized Minecraft sign. This item is 3-D printed and customizable with names and text – great for decorating a door or entranceway for your little gamer.

  43. Customizable Action Figure
  44. Minecraft-gifts-custom-figure

    If your kid is artistic, then they will love this customizable action figure. Simply color each block in to create their very own Minecraft action figure, complete with pickaxe and sword.

  45. Creeper Motion Light
  46. Minecraft-gifts-creeper-light

    Bring a little bit of gaming magic to your room with this glittery motion light. The Creeper modeled light will turn on with motion and has a timer – making it perfect for a young one’s bedside.

  47. Minecraft Birthday Candle
  48. Minecraft-gifts-candle

    Have a Minecraft-themed birthday party coming up? Then order this candle, available in any number, to go perfect with the party’s theme!

  49. Builders & Biomes Boardgame
  50. Minecraft-gifts-boardgame

    The Minecraft Builders & Biomes board game offers the full Minecraft experience but in board game form! This easy-to-learn strategy game is great for any Minecraft lovers and their families looking to have a great game night.