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22 Entertaining Gifts For Movie Lovers That Will Get a Standing Ovation

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    If you have a film lover or movie fanatic on your list, you’re in luck. We’ve collected this list of unique and affordable movie gifts for any budget. We found some pretty awesome gifts from books to games to home decor that will get a standing ovation.

  1. Gone With The Gin
  2. white-elephant-gifts-book

    From best-selling author, Tim Federle of Tequila Mockingbird fame comes Gone with the Gin, the ultimate cocktail book for film buffs. We know your type. You love the smell of napalm in the morning, you see dead people, and you’re the king (or queen!) of the world. The perfect gift for silver screen aficionados and a terrific twist on movie nights, Gone With the Gin includes 50 delicious drinks — paired with winking commentary on history’s most quotable films — plus an all-star lineup of drinking games, movie-themed munchies, and illustrations throughout.

  3. Scratch Off Top Movies Poster 


    Some films will never get old. Timeless classics with life-changing stories, inspiring actors, and genius direction all work together to create pure magic. Learn more about cinema, the world, and yourself from the 100 best movies of all time. Reunite with your heroes and remember the scenes that made you laugh and cry.

  5. Movie Critic T-Shirt


    Watching movies is a labor of love, not a paid endeavor for true movie junkies. That’s the sentiment of this t-shirt. Available for men, women, and kids, you can choose from a variety of colors. 

  7. Stovetop Popcorn Gift Set
  8. gifts-for-movie-popcorn

    Whether you’re a card-carrying popcorn aficionado or just a voracious snacker, there’s no denying that not all popcorn is created equal. And once you try Amish Country Popcorn, you’ll never go back to eating the “regular stuff” again. Grown, manufactured, and packaged in the heart of America, Amish Country Popcorn is popcorn as it should be—made without toxic additives, allergens, or high-calorie toppings. It comes with a stovetop popcorn popper too.

  9. Classic Monsters Collection
  10. gifts-for-movie-lovers-monsters

    From the era of silent movies through the present day, Universal Pictures has been regarded as the monsters’ home. The Universal Classic Monsters Collection showcases 6 of the most iconic monsters in motion picture history, including Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, and The Wolf Man. Forgot Netflix. This collection features over 10 hours of revealing bonus features; each film has been digitally remastered for an unforgettable classic monster experience—an excellent gift for a horror film fan.

  11. Cocktails of the Movies
  12. gifts-for-movie-lovers-cocktail-book

    Take a journey through Hollywood’s lifelong love affair with cocktails, celebrating the greatest characters and their iconic drinks through original illustrations and easy-to-follow recipes. From Marilyn’s Manhattan in Some Like It Hot to The Dude’s White Russian in The Big Lebowski, there’s something for everyone. Each cocktail is accompanied by the recipe, method, a history of the drink, and a synopsis of its scene in the movie alongside full-color original artwork.

  13. Projector
  14. gifts-for-movie-lovers-projector

    Nebula Capsule is a smart cinema that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Using Android 7.1, it plays content from your favorite video streaming app or mirrors your phone’s screen to create a remarkably detailed picture up to 100 inches big. A class-leading 360° speaker complements stunning image quality to deliver heart-pounding sound wherever you sit. Enjoy stunning pictures and sound wherever you want.

  15. Let’s Make a Movie
  16. gifts-for-movie-lovers-book

    Almost anyone can shoot a two-minute video of Fluffy or Fido being adorable. But how many can make an enjoyable film that tells a story? This step-by-step book the process and storytelling skills to make videos they’re proud of. Packed with tips, tricks, and info, it will help develop the confidence to use their imaginations and get their ideas onto film.

  17. Vintage Tripod Table Lamp
  18. gifts-for-movie-lovers-lamp

    This tripod lamp is an ideal solution for any modern and industrial interior. The legs allow adjusting the height and the width of the lamp, which best suits the space and needs. These old Hollywood tripod lights make great accents in home theater rooms.

  19. Film Inspired Notepads 
  20. gifts-for-movie-lovers-notepad

    Want to pretend you’ve stayed at the hotel in The Shining, visited Twin Peaks, or attended the burning in The Wicker Man? Then what better proof than a handy notepad you swiped from your room? If you want someone to clock your notepad on your table, look again, smile, and then say, ‘can I have one of these?’ then map makers Herb Lester are your people.

  21. The Wes Anderson Collection
  22. gifts-for-movie-lovers-wes-anderson

    The perfect coffee table book for a movie buff! This New York Times bestselling overview of Wes Anderson’s filmography features previously unpublished behind-the-scenes photos, artwork, and ephemera from his classic movies.

  23. A Movie Theater Gift Card
  24. gifts-for-movie-lovers-gift-card

    Help your friends and loved ones’ favorite movie stars come to them by giving them the gift of entertainment – AMC Gift Cards! AMC Gift Cards are good for both movies and concessions and are reloadable at any theatre in the United States. Even better, AMC Gift Cards do not have any associated fees or expiration dates, so your gift spans the test of time.

  25. Eat What You Watch
  26. gifts-for-movie-lovers-cookbook

    Many of our favorite movies come with a side of iconic food moments: the elaborate timpano from Big Night, Charlie Chaplin’s dancing dinner rolls in The Gold Rush, the orgasmic deli fare from When Harry Met Sally, or the redemptive birthday cake from Sixteen Candles. This cookbook recreates these iconic food scenes and many more. With recipes from more than 40 classic and cult films, Eat What You Watch is the perfect gift for movie buffs and home cooks who want to add some cinematic flair to their cooking repertoire.

  27. Movie Popcorn Blanket
  28. gifts-for-movie-lovers-blanket

    Stay in for movie night while still going BIG with BigMouth Inc.’s Movie Popcorn Fuzzy Blanket. This 5-foot-long plush throw blanket is cozy, warm, and incredibly soft! Our extra-large movie-theater-style popcorn blanket is perfect for movie marathons on the couch, crisp cool nights on the patio, snuggling up by the campfire, and more! 

  29. Martin Scorsese Master Class
  30. gifts-for-movie-lovers-master-class

    Martin Scorsese drew his first storyboard when he was eight. Today he’s a legendary director whose films from Mean Streets to The Wolf of Wall Street have shaped movie history. In his first-ever online film class, the Oscar winner teaches his approach, from storytelling to editing to working with actors. He deconstructs films and breaks down his craft, changing how you make and watch movies.

  31. Movie Reel Accent Table
  32. gifts-for-movie-lovers-table

    If you’re searching for a unique, personalized gift for your favorite film buff or film student, this small, round black metal accent table features a metal film reel with glass as the tabletop on a tripod base. This film reel decor makes for a great statement piece anywhere from an office to a dorm room, both a work of art and a functional side table.

  33. Embossed Theater Sign
  34. gifts-for-movie-lovers-sign

    Get nostalgic with your home decor! This Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign features shades of black, white, yellow, and red and is designed to look like an old-fashioned theater sign. The triangle shape makes the sign project from the wall, adding even more interest! Display it on the wall of your entertainment room or movie room for an instant touch of vintage flair.

  35. Ticket Stub Shadow Box
  36. gifts-for-movie-lovers-stub-holder

    People accumulate a lot of memories during their lifetime. Many have keepsakes and mementos from various events and moments. This shadow box provides a means to showcase and store any movie, show, plane tickets, and stubs. It is not only limited to tickets, with the easily removable back pictures, photos, and trinkets can also be placed inside to create a work of art.

  37. Popcorn Grow Kit
  38. gifts-for-movie-lovers-grow-popcorn

    Homegrown popcorn is the perfect accompaniment to the corny movies your family loves. Plant your own, and in a few months, you’ll have mature ears of corn ready to shuck, dry, and pop. Start indoors by placing the growing medium into the nutrient-rich, biodegradable pot and planting the organic seeds—all included in the kit. When the seedling is ready, dig a small hole in your garden and drop the whole pot inside. The roots will push right through it. All you have to do is water it and watch as the cornstalks grow. 

  39. The Godfather Collectors Box Set
  40. gifts-for-movie-lovers-godfather

    This collection of films from legendary director Frances Ford Coppola. Slip into the dark world of the Corleone family with the Godfather Collection. This DVD collection includes five discs featuring the restored and remastered versions of these classic American films. You’ll be on the edge of your seat for the full 9 hours and 9-minute running time. Enjoy the widescreen picture format. 

  41. The Criterion Collection Alfred Hitchcock
  42. gifts-for-movie-lovers-hitchcock

    Experience four of the greatest films by the Master of Suspense in this deluxe box set from the Criterion Collection. It includes three of Alfred Hitchcock s most beloved movies from the 1930s. Each comes digitally restored and with a bounty of supplemental features.

  43. Movie Trivia Game
  44. gifts-for-movie-lovers-trivia

    Movie Trivia Features 1200 Fun Trivia Question Cards. Test your knowledge of comedy, action, drama, sci-fi-horror, and awards.
    Win the Movie Buff Bragger title when you beat your friends and family at Movies Trivia game night. Easy setup and there are no complicated rules or pieces, so you get the right to having fun. Great for large groups, ages 12 and up.