36 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts That Don’t Look Cheap

Updated on September 12, 2022 Updated on Sep 12, 2022
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    It’s that time of the year again. If don’t want to spend a month’s rent on holiday gifts this year you have come to the right place. We searched for the best cheap Christmas gifts that look expensive. Our gift guide is packed full of ideas to help you find the perfect inexpensive Christmas gift for him, her, and the kiddos – and one that won’t make you look a cheapo. There are great affordable gifts out there!

  1. Spa Gift Basket
  2. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-spa-gift

    We all can use a little self-care once in a while.  This spa gift set is created with natural ingredients and is never tested on animals. Infused with pure essential oils and Vitamin E to rejuvenate and relax while smoothing and moisturizing skin. Makes a great gift for your bestie!

  3. Phone Camera Lenses
  4. inexpensive gifts men lenses

    Got an amateur photographer in the fam? This set will transform their smartphone pics into pro-looking images. It includes four lenses: a 12x zoom telephoto lens with a manual focus ring, a fisheye lens, a macro lens, and a wide-angle lens. Attaches with a removable clip that won’t leave scratches.

  5. Fuzzy Slippers
  6. inexpensive gifts women slippers

    One of the best gifts for “holiday season relaxing” with a steaming mug of hot chocolate in hand. These slippers are flexible, lightweight, and cozy, and will conform to your feet and retain their shape. A wear-resistant sole along with a non-slip grip offers protection – especially after too many eggnogs. 

  7. French Press Travel Tumbler
  8. white-elephant-gift-travel-mug

    Start their day (or travels) off the right way with this portable French press coffee maker that brews freshly ground coffee (or tea) in minutes. It’s both stylish and convenient with triple insulation to keep their brew piping hot. Camping will never look the same again.

  9. Cord Tacos


    Say goodbye to your tangled, chaotic cord mess and welcome simple, convenient order. Keep cords, cables, earbuds, and chargers securely organized (and classy looking) with 100% genuine, full-grain,  leather. These make great stocking stuffers at Christmas!

  11. Crystal Growing Kit
  12. inexpensive gifts kids grow crystals

    This crystal growing science kit teaches kids about the beauty and complexity of crystals. Follow the directions to conduct seven different crystal growing experiments and watch each crystal form inside its own display dome—an excellent gift for promoting science or geology.

  13. Phone Case With Wallet
  14. inexpensive gifts her phone cover

    Are you tired of carrying that heavy purse everywhere? Always forget to take the essential cards? All you need is a stylish phone case that can also hold the necessities. This iPhone case (in seven designs) has a hidden card and cash slot in the back and a magnetic closure to keep things secure.

  15. Travel Beauty Bag 
  16. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-travel-cosmetic-bag

    This large, bucket-style, waterproof beauty bag is the perfect way to travel with all those tall essentials that don’t fit into your makeup bag – think hair products, serums, sprays, and such. It also comes with a small, zippered jewelry pouch and a mini brush organizer. When you’re packed, draw it in like a sleeping bag!

  17. Personalized Leather Mousepad
  18. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-mousepad-leather Handmade gifts like this genuine leather mouse pad make a sophisticated accessory for any modern office (or home office). Made from 100% natural cow leather, it’s durable and strong, and you can personalize it to ensure they feel like a boss. Sure beats a keychain for that “secret Santa” gift.

  19. Rock Painting Kit
  20. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-rock-painting

    Spark their creativity with this deluxe rock painting kit, containing 10 smooth river rocks, 6 colored paints, 6 metallic paints, 2 glitter glues, 39 transfer stickers, googly eyes, sticky gems, 2 paintbrushes, a sponge, and instructions. The perfect STEM project for kids aged 6 – 12!

  21. Campfire Poker
  22. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-poker-game

    Never underestimate Christmas gift ideas that revolve around games. Especially for that person who loves to camp. Prepare them for their next adventure by gifting a campfire Texas Hold’em set – equipped with 52 waterproof playing cards, 120 bottle cap poker chips, and fold-out instructions and tips.  

  23. Beer Savers
  24. inexpensive gifts men beer savers

    Nothing says Merry Christmas to a beer lover like, “Here’s a new way to keep your beer fresh!” Beer Savers are the world’s first durable, stretchy silicone beer bottle caps designed to help keep beer fresh after opening. Gift them with a bomber of his favorite beer for a perfect gift pairing from Santa.

  25. Minimalist Wallet
  26. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-wallet

    The engineers behind this wallet wanted to create a minimalist design that’s perfect for business cards while also RFID Blocking for credit cards. Its elegant, compact design allows for front or rear pocket storage, and even with its slim design, it can hold up to 20 cards. 

  27. Tin of Cookies
  28. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-cookie-tin

    Who doesn’t want a tin of cookies? The gift any occasion, our ever-popular Nibblers bite-sized cookies are made just as they’ve always been from Mrs. Fields original recipes and presented in our signature tin. Each Mrs. Fields cookie tin holds a tasty assortment of flavor favorites.

  29. Inspirational Bracelet
  30. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-bracelet

    Sometimes we all need a little reminder that we can do anything we put our mind to! The inside of this bracelet is printed with an inspirational quote that will help keep her motivated. A great gift for any of the ladies on your list.

  31. Mermaid Blanket
  32. gifts for girls tweens mermaid blanket

    Many little girls dream of becoming a mermaid, and this mermaid “tail blanket” can make that little dream come true. Made of eco and skin-friendly wool and crocheted by hand, it’s elegant, cozy, and playful all wrapped into one. 

  33. Clever Money Box


    A multiple award winner, this cute moneybox trio is a timeless gift that will inspire and teach children to save, spend, and share with those less fortunate. A great allowance tool, these moneyboxes were designed as a tool for parents to incorporate strong financial values and practices into their kid’s lives. 

  35. Skin Renewing Masks 
  36. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-facial-set

    Last-minute buyers panic? Relax, you’ve got this. Many a woman in your life will love these cute little DIY face masks. The best part is that there are enough goodies here for 15 face masks! Choose from a balancing set with skin-calming rose petal and glowy spirulina. Or give the gift of a detox charcoal treatment.

  37. Gerber Multi-Pliers
  38. gifts for brother multitool

    With industrial strength but easy handling, this Multi-Plier offers everything you need to tackle challenging tasks. It includes 12 stainless steel tools that are larger and more durable than what you’d usually find, along with a Saf.T.Plus locking system for safety. Perfect for disassembling the Christmas decor. There are two in an order. 

  39. Art Set 
  40. inexpensive gifts kids art set

    Art and creativity are beneficial for children of all ages, enhancing their little imaginations and their skills. This mega art kit is suitable for a wide range of ages, and children can experiment with drawing, painting, and sketching using an array of vibrant colors. 

  41. Flavored Syrup Set
  42. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-syrup


    This coffee gift set includes three delicious coffee syrup flavors. There’s sure to be a flavor to match your mood and tantalize your taste buds. Just add these coffee syrups to taste to experience a huge burst of flavor! They have no sugar and no calories! 

  43. Olaf Waffle Maker 


    Do you wanna build a snowman? Well, the kiddos can build him year-round with this nonstick waffle maker. Charming and cute, let kids have fun topping him with fruit, syrup, chocolate, butter, or whipped cream—the ultimate Christmas tree surprise for Frozen fans of all ages.

  45. Silk Pillowcase


    Made from 100% Mulberry Silk, these silk pillowcases have been labeled by Good Housekeeping Magazine as an “All-Star Standout.” In a variety of different colors to suit her decor, her face will be protected from sleep-induced pressure wrinkles, and her hair from the dreaded frizz. Makes a great stocking stuffer for her.

  47. Travel Board Books
  48. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-travel-booksIntroduce your little traveler to landmarks, food, animals, and vehicles from all around the world with this Little Traveler board book set. They’ll gain insight from Germany to Mexico, Barbados to Madagascar. The books are made from 90% recycled paper and printed with nontoxic inks. Ideal for ages 0-5.

  49. Hidden Pocket Scarf
  50. gifts-for-sister-in-law-scarf

    Travel is made easier with a fashionable scarf that secretly conceals your phone, passport, wallet, and keys in a hidden pocket. A loose double wrap allows the scarf to sit naturally over your shoulders without being too tight or too long. Made from premium fabric, the scarf is comfy for long flights and great for all seasons. Perfect for the minimalist in your life.

  51. Cold Brew Maker
  52. gifts-for-brother-in-law-cold-brew

    Cold brewing makes coffee less acidic and smoother in taste than traditional hot brewing, providing you with purer, healthier coffee concentrate. Cold Brewer locks freshness and flavor for up to 2 weeks within the durable extra-thick glass for maximum temperature stability. Flexible for brewing hot or cold tea or coffee, within a sleek design engineered to fit perfectly in your fridge. A cool gift for the brother-in-law who loves his coffee.

  53. Lip Balm Set
  54. stocking-stuffer-ideas-for-kids-lip-balm

    These lip glosses are beautifully packaged and super hydrating. They come in six tropical flavors including Coconut, Passionfruit, Mango Papaya, and Hibiscus Blossom, and formulated with beeswax to smooth lips without chemicals.

  55. Movie Night Popcorn Gift Set
  56. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-movie-night

    Give this delicious popcorn kernel and seasoning set at your next dinner party or holiday gathering – it’s the perfect foodie gift for any occasion! Use these spices however you like! Sprinkle these popcorn topping blends on potatoes, nuts, chips and ice cream!

  57. A Book of Cabins 
  58. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-cabin-book

    The ultimate holiday gift for the family member who loves the great outdoors, this collection of photographs and cabin-building “how-to” invites you to slow down and breathe. Packed with idyllic settings, stunning architecture, and cozy interiors, this paperback collection makes for a truly unique gift.  

  59. Initial Necklace
  60. inexpensive gifts her necklace

    We all need a piece of jewelry declaring our initials to the world. This bold, angled, letter necklace comes in silver or gold and is a modern twist on the classic design, great for everyday wear or layering. Handmade to order. The perfect gift for you best friend.

  61. Insulated MargTini Tumbler
  62. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-cocktail-tumbler

    Every lady needs a classy glass for the great outdoors, and this candy cane-hued tumbler is designed to mimic margarita and martini glasses with their slim, sippable rims. Snap the lid shut for a splash-proof seal. While the ice-cold, anti-dilution technology will say ‘adios’ to watered-down margaritas. 

  63. Cute Triangle Studs
  64. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-earrings

    Make a classy statement with these unique rose gold, triangle, stud earrings. Nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and set with multiple cubic zirconias in a 14K rose gold-plated sterling silver. A stylish surprise for any awesome lady in your life. Make up a few little gift bags and give all your loved ones a pair.

  65. Unicorn+Mermaid Hair Bows
  66. stocking-stuffer-ideas-for-kids-bows

    Six elegant hair bows in shades of mermaid and unicorn – what more could a girl ask for? Give them all to one child or break them up and split between several.

  67. Fancy Skin Care
  68. inexpensive-christmas-gifts-face-care

    Each of these mists can be used whenever, wherever—but it’s easy to incorporate all three into your day-to-night regimen. Here’s one (of many!) ways to use your mists. Start your day with the Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea. Mist on clean skin before moisturizer to boost hydration and help tone your complexion. Keep your rose-infused face mist on hand as a midday pick-me-up or to bring back the dew in your makeup look. Set the tone before bed. Use Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender before you apply your nightly serum and night cream for a calming botanical boost.

  69. Funny Coffee Mug 
  70. funny-coffee-mugs-alcohol

    This campfire-style enamel mug is sure to make someone smile wherever they’re used. This mug makes a funny gift for any beer lover, homebrewer, drinker, camper, outdoorsman, coffee lover, man, woman, pet, and just about anyone that appreciates unique things. Yes it’s fun, but it’s not just a joke mug – you will love it! Great for a white elephant too.

  71. Marvel Socks
  72. stocking-stuffer-ideas-for-kids-marvel-socks

    Marvel fans will appreciate these officially licensed Avengers socks, that’ll fit youth and men in shoe sizes 6-12. So then, on any given day, they can choose between being a superhero or a villain before they leave the house (teenagers are mostly villains…)