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34 Inspirational Gifts Ideas That Can Motivate Anyone

Updated on October 6, 2021 Updated on Oct 6, 2021
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    Once in a while, we all need a little motivation to keep us going. If someone in your life needs a little pick-me-up uplifting gift idea, then our list of inspirational gifts fits the bill. Give them the optimism, positivity, and mindfulness they need to crush it in life and work.

  1. Inspire Pop-up Cards
  2. inspirational-gifts-popup-cards

    ThoughtFulls pop-open cards feature elegant designs on the outside and surprise messages tucked inside which are sure to brighten spirits and capture hearts. Invite them to embrace the journey ahead with the moving quotes within this set. Each box includes 30 pop-open cards, each with a different inspiring quotation inside, and the back of each card includes space to write a personal note.

  3. Keep Going Bracelet
  4. inspirational-gifts-bracelet

    This stainless steel trinket makes a thoughtful gift for your best friend. Engraved hidden message cuff is an excellent gift with a funny inspirational message. Is this from a famous Bible verse? No. But it’s pretty great nonetheless. Give her a simple sassy reminder to keep trudging on even on the most challenging days. It’s a simple bangle cuff that you can wear with anything. The perfect gift to inspire and keep them going!

  5. Unicorn Affirmation Cards
  6. inspirational-gifts-affirmators

    Even pessimists like a bit of positivity, so comedian Suzi Barrett created these inspirational but not-cheesy affirmation cards. Providing the fun of a horoscope with a little less woo-woo and full of positive affirmations, this whimsical box will help you help yourself. No shamanistic consult required! 3.75 x 5 inches; 50 cards, plus instruction card.

  7. Thumb Stone
  8. inspirational-gifts-thumb-stone

    Worry stones or thumb stones are often used for stress relief, meditation, and anxiety reduction. It is believed that rubbing the thumb stone between the thumb and forefinger can Toysdone stimulate nerve endings that send messages to the brain. The result is a feeling of calmness. 

  9. You Are… Rug
  10. inspirational-gift-you-are-rug

    Let them know they are enough. These premium quality area rugs boast an exceptionally soft touch, high durability and are made from 100% polyester. They are available in three versatile sizes. They are the perfect home decor accent to any room in your home, featuring thousands of designs from your favorite artists on a subtle chevron pattern. 

  11. 52 Lists For Happiness Journal
  12. inspirational-gifts-journal

    Drawing on happiness research and her philosophy, Moorea Seal creates an inspiring tool for list lovers everywhere to discover the keys to their unique happiness and bring more joy and balance into their lives. This beautiful, undated hardcover journal with 52 listing prompts encourages readers to reflect, acknowledge, and invest in themselves and ultimately transform their lives by figuring out precisely what makes them happy.

  13. Workout Water Bottle
  14. inspirational-gifts-water-bottle

    Inspirational quotes inspire you all day. Use this bottle to go hiking, climbing, running, to the gym, or to work. This bottle is designed to hold 32oz of water and comes with a carrying strap. This water bottle with a quote is intended to motivate and keep you going, as well as a custom time marker to help you keep track of your water consumption. It conveniently fits in most cup holders. This water bottle is constructed with durable BPA-Free materials and lets you drink on the go and prevent spills. 

  15. Table Top Reminder
  16. inspirational-gifts-plaque

    This inspirational quote is an everyday pick-me-up reminder to start your day on the right foot. This wood box sign is the perfect size for an entryway table, desk, nightstand, or any wall in your home. It makes great wall art too! The lettering is engraved in wood so that lettering won’t fade or peel. This sign is made out of real natural approximately one-inch thick wood plaque.

  17. This is the Begining 
  18. inspirational-gifts-notebook

    Hardcover notebook includes 160 lined pages for all those thoughts, ideas, to-do lists, field notes, and feelings you want to get out of your brain. Each page has a perforated edge that lets you rip the pages out easily to show off your doodles and thoughts.

  19. Hustle Hard Mouse Pad
  20. inspirational-gifts-hustle-hard

    There’s nowhere better to put a constant reminder to hustle than on their desk. Keep your loved one hustling at work and keep the humor going while they are at home on their computer. This Mouse Pad is 9.25″ x 7.75″ with a quarter-inch thickness to give excellent mobility and durability when using your mouse. It is made out of durable neoprene, and it consists of a soft rubber backing with a Polyester top. 

  21. Girl, Wash Your Face
  22. inspirational-gifts-book

    With painful honesty and fearless humor, Rachel unpacks and examines the falsehoods that once left her feeling overwhelmed and unworthy and reveals the specific practical strategies that helped her move past them. In the process, she encourages, entertains, and even kicks a little butt, all to convince you to do whatever it takes to get real and become the joyous, confident woman you were meant to be.

  23. I Am Very Busy Tumbler
  24. inspirational-gifts-busy-tumbler

    Sip your way to happiness with our super popular tumbler and straw combo, now with one of our favorite mottos and a bendy straw that won’t break!! Take your drink to go or keep your tumbler at work when you need to look cool. Trust us; you’re going to look cool. Plus, it holds 20 ounces of your favorite drink, so filler up. Sip hooray! It makes a beautiful thank you as well.

  25. Quiet Courage Necklace
  26. inspirational-gifts-courage-necklace

    Find perfect balance, love, and serenity with this sterling silver Quiet Courage Necklace. This charm necklace brings vitality and harmony to daily life, as the wearer feels courage from garnet, a calmness and persuasion to manifest dreams in the smokey quartz, and perfect life balance from the yin and yang. This sweet and special keepsake will pull an outfit together and make the wearer feel centered. It makes an excellent gift for anyone who needs courage in the storm! 

  27. I’m Magical Mug
  28. inspirational-gifts-magical-mug

    This mug sure gets its point across. Tell someone they are as unique as a unicorn every morning over coffee. Printed on both sides with premium ink, it will not fade over the years. 100% safe for dishwasher and microwave. This will no doubt become their favorite coffee mug. 

  29. You’re F’n Awesome Candle
  30. inspirational-gifts-candle

    Ms. Betty’s Original Bad-Ass You’re F’N Awesome scented soy candle will make the perfect creative and funny gift for that person you want to make a smile. These hand-poured candles are made with all-natural vegan soy wax and come in 11 ounce Rock Glass containers and burn for approximately 75 hours. 

  31. Hatch New Ideas Notebook
  32. inspirational-gifts-new-ideas-notebook

    There’s nothing like cracking open a fresh new notebook. If you know someone with creators block, maybe this notebook can help them hatch some new ideas. It’s designed to help them transform daydreams into reality. This beautiful, cloth-bound notebook is organized in three sections: Conceive, Incubate, and Hatch. The system breaks down grand ideas into realistic action items, offering a framework for brainstorming, tracking ideas, evaluating their merits, and deciding which ones to pursue and execute. 

  33. Handmade Love Bracelet
  34. inspirational-gifts-love-bracelet

    Hand-beaded in the Ngong Hills of Kenya, our Maasai Maker Mums come together as a community to bead these bracelets. We create them as reminders that we are all connected, no matter how far we may be from one another. The joyful colors and patterns are instantly mood-lifting & will put a smile on your face. Stack them together or wear one at a time, they are made to be mixed & matched! They are great for kids too as they enjoy them all summer long jumping in and out of the pool!

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  35. Babe Ruth Desk Reminder
  36. inspirational-gifts-babe-ruth-poster

    Inspired by wise words from the Babe himself, enjoy a lasting reminder to swing for the fences with this unframed art print. This classic photo is the perfect finishing touch for the baseball enthusiast’s desk or bookshelf, a sporty tip of the hat to Babe Ruth’s storied career.

  37. No One’s Perfect Tee
  38. inspirational-gifts-no-ones-perfect-tee

    It’s ok not to be perfect. No one is perfect, but sometimes we need a little reminder. Plain color t-shirts are 100% ethically sourced cotton and slim fit, but if that’s not their thing, order a size up—only good vibes with this tee.

  39. Aspire To Inspire Before We Expire Mug
  40. inspiration-gifts-mug

    We all have to do our part before we expire. This coffee mug will inspire them every day! If they like coffee and motivational gift ideas, then this coffee mug checks all the boxes! This mug is printed and shipped in the USA. 

  41. Peace & Love Earrings
  42. inspirational gifts peace love earrings

    The key to finding peace and love is all on the wrist. Or for Christine Schmidt: The fingers. Her playful mismatched studs are crafted to look like tiny illustrated hands holding the signs for “peace” and “love.” An understated, elegant detail with a powerful message makes an excellent gift idea for cheerful friends and loved ones who always find the bright side. Super adorable and unique gift.

  43. Hold It Down Collar Stays
  44. inspirational-gifts-collar-stays

    These Collar Stays are a great inspirational gift for him. Every morning when you get dress, these will remind him to hold it down. This stylish gift will help him look good and feel good, which will inspire him to be great! 

  45. F*ck Your Fears Wine Glasses
  46. inspirational-gifts-wine-glasses

    Are you looking for funny inspirational gifts for women or men? Enjoy some inspiration while you sip your wine. Quit letting your fears run your life. You got this! The design is laser engraved into the glass. Whenever they have a terrible day at work, they can drink wine out of their fuck your fears glass, which will always make the day better.

  47. Killin it Clutch
  48. inspirational-gifts-killin-it-clutch

    This stylish yet roomy pouch will remind them daily that they are killing it. It’s great for makeup or drawing supplies. The images are beautifully printed on both sides, and it’s made from 100% Polyester. I love how they come in different sizes too. 

  49. Mindfulness Journal
  50. inspirational-gifts-mindfulness-journal

    This journal is filled with prompts, quotes, and bits of advice for those looking to reflect upon the quotidian experiences that often pass unnoticed every day. It’s a guide to a mindful appreciation of the places and people all around you – and offers an interactive investigation of inner peace, solace, and meaning that will elevate your state of mind. It makes a great thinking of you graduation gift.

  51. F-Bomb Paperweight
  52. inspirational-gifts-f-bomb-paperweight

    This paperweight is a constant reminder to be your best self. This F-Bomb paperweight inspires you to say, “F*ck it,” and go all out living your best life. This paperweight is a great conversation piece in the home, office, or anywhere you need to be inspired. 

  53. She Persisted Bracelet
  54. inspirational-gifts-she-persisted-bracelet

    Inspirational jewelry is very cool. This inspirational bracelet best seller is a great keepsake for your best friend. Wear this cuff bangle as your reminder to keep going, despite what may hold you back. It may not be an easy road, and there may be bumps along the way. And you will prevail when everything feels like an uphill struggle; know that the view from the top is worth it. Break the barriers, speak up, wear this cuff bracelet, stand tall. 

  55. Motivational Pencils
  56. inspirational-gifts-motivational-pencils

    Motivational quotes are great, especially when they’re said by Cardi B. Whatever kind of day she’s having, there’s a pencil in this pack that fits the mood. These old-school beauties are each printed with a phrase uttered by the one and only Cardi B that will boost your confidence by at least 110%. They make great Mother’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and also they’re just pretty fun.

  57. Morse Code Bracelet
  58. inspirational-gifts-morse-code-bracelet

    These cute and funny morse code bracelets can be personalized with a morse code message that only they will know. This meaningful piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Write them a secret message to keep between you or share it with the world! 

  59. Keep Shining Wine Tumbler
  60. inspirational-gifts-wine-tumbler

    This inspirational stainless steel insulated tumbler is perfect for wine, beer, cocktails, or anything else you’d like to put in it. It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours, and it comes in a variety of color options! 

  61. Reminder Keychain
  62. inspirational-gifts-reminder-keychain

    Sometimes we need a little reminder that we’re awesome! This keychain makes a great birthday gift for a daughter, or grandparent, or even a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day! With a sweet gift like this, you can’t go wrong!

  63. Rememory Game
  64. inspirational-gifts-rememory-gifts

    Rememory is a thoughtful card game perfect for anyone interested in exploring the depth of his or her memory while creating new treasured moments with family and friends. To play, each participant picks three cards: one that says the person with whom the memory must include, which could be a grandparent, friend, or sibling; one says a time frame; the third has a loose prompt such as “that sound that still resonates” or “the accomplishment.”

  65. Scripture Stones (Set of Six)
  66. inspirational-gifts-scripture-stones

    These inspirational scripture stones are the perfect gift for that religious friend of yours who finds comfort or inspiration from reading the Bible. Each stone is engraved with a powerful Bible verse to help get you or your friend through another in a hellbound heathen-filled world. 

  67. Calm Essential Oil
  68. inspirational-gifts-essential-oil

    In order to be inspired, we must first find our center! This roll-on blend of Peppermint, Spanish Sage, Cardamom, Ginger, and Sweet Fennel essential oils is sure to do the trick. Calm your mind and spirit so you can focus on what you want to accomplish.

  69. Inspirational Canvas Wall Art
  70. inspirational-gifts-wall-art

    Find inspiration and positive life mottos with this 3D 12″x16″ canvas wall art. These easy-to-hang art pieces come in three sizes. Choose from 12×16, 16×24, or 24×36-inches. No matter what the size of the room you’re trying to decorate you can find an art piece to fit!