30 Gifts For Walkers To Put Some Pep In Their Step

By Candice Elliott | Updated: April 30, 2023

    Walking is one of the most beneficial activities we can do both physically and mentally. Walking is free and can be done almost anywhere. You can walk alone, with a partner, or in a group. You can bring your kids or your dog. Walking is good for the environment.

    What are the best gift ideas for people who love to walk?

    Walking requires minimal equipment. A good pair of shoes and weather-appropriate clothing is about all a person needs to set out on even a long walk. But plenty of gifts can make a good walk even better and more enjoyable. 

    Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for an urban flaneur who loves to spend hours people-watching in a busy city or for an intrepid hiker who never saw a trail they couldn’t conquer a camping backpacker or a country rambler, our gift guide has the best gifts for walkers to help them get their stroll on and their steps in. 

  1. Cooling Towel
  2. gifts-for-walkers-towel

    This towel is ideal for walks on hot days. Wet the towel, wring it out, snap it, and it cools down to 30 degrees below body temperature within 30 seconds and stays cool for up to two hours. Worn around the neck, it really makes a difference. The towel can be machine washed and is available in several colors.

  3. Recovery Flip Flops
  4. gifts-for-walkers-flip-flops

    A good pair of walking shoes is essential, and so is a good pair of recovery shoes! These flip-flops are designed to reduce recovery time by relieving pain and increasing blood flow between walks, hikes, or runs. The flip flops are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and several colors. 

  5. Water Bottle
  6. gifts-for-walkers-bottle

    I have used this water bottle for more than a decade. I use it when I run, on long walks, and on vacation. Hydration is key! The bottle is really convenient, thanks to the handle. The handle is tight, you stick your hand through, but you don’t have to grip the bottle. The strap has a zippered pocket, perfect for your keys, a little cash, a credit card, or an ID. The bottle holds 20 ounces and is BPA-free. 

  7. Foot Massager
  8. gifts-for-walkers-massager

    Nothing will bring a good streak of walking to a halt like plantar fasciitis. I’ve had it, and it’s painful! This foot massager can help relieve the pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, neuropathy, and everyday aches and pains. This is a great gift idea for walkers, runners, servers, retail workers, or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. 

  9. Walking Socks
  10. gifts-for-walkers-socks

    A good pair of walking socks has to have many qualities; breathable, cushioning, preventing blisters, and be comfortable to wear. These socks tick all of the boxes! Lightweight and moisture-wicking, these socks will be their go-tos whenever they lace up their walking shoes.

  11. ID Bracelet
  12. gifts-for-walkers-id

    One of the most pleasurable parts of going for a walk is freedom. You don’t need a purse, a bag, or anything else to weigh you down. But you need an ID in case something were to happen to you. The bracelet can be customized with ID information, an emergency contact, and anything a first responder would need to know. 

  13. Daypack
  14. gifts-for-walkers-bag

    For those long walks or hikes, it’s nice to bring along some supplies; water, snacks, a small towel. You don’t need enough stuff to require a rucksack, but you need more than you can stuff in your pockets. This daypack is perfect. It can be used by backpackers, dog walkers, and day hikers to bring along whatever they need for the day. The pack is lightweight, water-resistant, and foldable. When not in use, it fits inside a tiny pouch so that it won’t take up much room at all. 

  15. Yaktrax
  16. gifts-for-walkers-trax

    Don’t let snow or ice get in the way of a good walk! These are perfect if you need a gift idea for a walker who lives in a snowy climate. I used them when I lived in NYC and rain in Central Park in the winter, and they’re excellent. The Trax fit over walking shoes, running shoes, hiking boots, and even regular shoes like flats or sneakers. They provide grip and stability on slippery surfaces. These will be a winter walker’s best friend! The Trax are available in several sizes. 

  17. In Praise of Walking
  18. gifts-for-walkers-book

    Remember in the opening where I wrote that walking has many benefits? This book goes into detail about all of those benefits. The book also details the evolutionary history of walking. Reading this is a great way to stay motivated or get motivated to get out there and get moving! 

  19. Waterproof Fleece
  20. gifts-for-walkers-jacket

    The shell of this jacket is waterproof while the lining is soft, warm fleece, the best of both worlds, dry and warm! The cuffs are elastic to keep out cold and wet, and the waist can be pulled tight for the same reason. The jacket is available in several sizes and two colors, black and the color above. If your loved one walks, runs, or cycles at night, the green is a good choice because it’s reflective. 

  21. Waist Pack
  22. gifts-for-walkers-pack

    Frankly, I think fanny packs are goofy looking, but they are useful gifts. That’s why I like this one; it’s flat enough to wear under your shirt instead of over it so no one can see it! A great hands-free way to hold all the essentials, a phone, keys, cash, and ID, despite the slim profile. The pack is also water-resistant should they get caught in the rain. The pack is available in several colors. 

  23. Fitbit Fitness Tracker
  24. gifts-for-walkers-fitbit

    This fitness tracker is an awesome gift for a person who wants to kickstart a fitness program, track their progress, and increase the distance they can walk over time. The gadget acts as a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor, and a calorie counter. The watch is unisex, comes in several colors, and includes a USB plug for charging—a perfect Christmas gift for an avid walker.

  25. LED Armbands
  26. gifts-for-walkers-bands

    The best gifts are those that help keep your loved ones safe! These LED armbands are a must for those who like to walk after dark. The bands are like slap bracelets, so they fit a variety of sizes and places, including wrists, biceps, and ankles. The perfect walking gift for those who like to go on night walks.

  27. Doggy Water Bottle
  28. gifts-for-walkers-dog-water-bottle

    If you need a gift for a professional dog walker or someone who likes to take their dog on long walks (or road trips), this bottle is perfect! At the push of a button, the water flows into the little cup so the puppy can drink without you having to pour water from a bottle into his mouth or cart along a bowl. The bottle is available in 12 or 18-ounce sizes and is excellent for dog-walking rambles. 

  29. Electrolyte Tablets 
  30. gifts-for-walkers-tablets

    On a moderate-temperature day, water is enough to keep you hydrated, but on a scorching day when you’re sweating a lot and out for a long walk, water may not be enough. These electrolyte tablets can help replace what you lose through heavy sweating without all of the sugar you’ll find in many sports drinks.

  31. Sun Hat 
  32. gifts-for-walkers-sun-hat

    Sun protection is important, but you can sweat your sunblock right off on those sweltering days. A good sun hat will keep your face protected. This hat is made of water-repellent material and has an adjustable cord to keep it in place on windy days, a built-in sweatband, and mesh panels for breathability. The hat is unisex; one size fits most and is available in several colors. The hat is excellent for the beach, the pool, or yard work. 

  33. Pepper Spray
  34. gifts-for-walkers-spray

    Hopefully, they have a safe route to walk along, but you never know. This red pepper spray can reach up to 10 feet and 25 bursts in a steady stream rather than a cloud to prevent the spray from blowing back onto the sprayer. The spray also contains UV marking dye, so the person sprayed is easy to spot by authorities. The canister is easy to fire and can attach to a key ring. 

  35. Muscle Relief Body Soak


    There is nothing better than a long soak in a hot tub when your muscles are sore and tight after a walk, unless it’s a long soak in a bath with Muscle Relief Body Soak! The mixture contains ingredients to help lower inflammation and speed up recovery. The soak is available in three scents; peppermint is perfect for summer soaks! 

  37. Trekking Poles
  38. gifts-for-walkers-poles

    Trekking poles are an excellent accessory for those who love hiking or backpacking. Made of high-quality carbon fiber, these walking sticks are durable and lightweight. The poles are collapsible and adjustable from 24 to 54 inches, making them a good gift for men, women, or children who love the outdoors. 

  39. Odor Eliminators
  40. gifts-for-walkers-deodorizers


    Walking shoes can get stinky if you walk every day, especially in hot weather, or get caught in a downpour. These bags contain a natural zeolite mineral, the same material used in some water filters to absorb impurities, so they are non-toxic. Ideally, the bags should be left in shoes overnight. They will last up to six months and can be used for other things like gym bags or hockey gloves. 

  41. Merino Wool Leggings
  42. gifts-for-walkers-leggings


    Cold weather doesn’t stop a true walking enthusiast, but it can make walking less pleasant. And practical gifts can be the best gifts. That’s why we love these merino wool leggings; they’ll keep her warm and dry on even the worst weather days. The leggings are available in several weights, colors, and sizes and include a bonus pair of socks. 

  43. Bluetooth Headband


    This headband is a two-for-one gift! It can help keep her ears warm and let her listen to her favorite music, audiobook, or podcast. The battery life is up to ten hours, so it will outlast even her longest walk. The headband is available in four colors. 

  45. Stainless Steel Tumbler Carriers
  46. gifts-for-walkers-mugs

    Not all walks require water, sometimes coffee (or another hot beverage) is better! These stainless steel tumbler carrying straps are perfect for bringing along a hot drink. The straps hold most 30-ounce stainless steel tumblers or water bottles. 

  47. Stainless Steel Tumbler
  48. gifts-for-walkers-tumbler

    And here’s the perfect tumbler for their hot drinks! This Yeti tumbler holds 30 ounces and keeps beverages at temperature (hot or cold) for hours so that it will outlast even their longest walk. The tumbler is available in several colors. 

  49. LED Beanie
  50. gifts-for-walkers-beanie

    When the time changes and the sun sets early, it can be dangerous for walkers to take their usual stroll, especially if they like to walk in the woods where there is uneven terrain. This light-up LED beanie can help keep them safe. The light is removable, rechargeable, and can light the path up to 30 feet. 

  51. Daily Walking Logbook
  52. gifts-for-walkers-log

    Fitbits and smart phones are great for logging activity, but there is something satisfying about handwriting our achievements. This daily walking logbook has spots to record dates, times, locations, distances, steps, and notes, and there is room for 1,800 walks. 

  53. The Perfect Sunscreen
  54. gifts-for-walkers-sunscreen

    Wearing sunscreen during exercise in hot weather is miserable. It runs, gets in your eyes, and feels sticky and gross. But sun protection is important! This sunscreen is the solution. It’s perfect, light, and matte. In the words of Ned Flanders, “It’s like I’m wearing nothing at all!” It’s also great under makeup, as there is no white cast. 

  55. Dry Shampoo
  56. gifts-for-walkers-shampoo

    Sometimes it’s tough to squeeze in a walk, and they may have an event or work after their walk with no time to take a shower. This dry shampoo will save the day. The shampoo will leave the hair fresh, oil-free, and smelling clean. 

  57. Healthy Feet Cream
  58. gifts-for-walkers-cream

    Walking can cause calluses and dry skin even with the best shoes and socks. This cream will eliminate the problem. For real, a few days after I started using it, I went for a pedicure and didn’t need the cheese grater thing they use to get rid of your dry skin! And a little goes a long way, so one container lasts ages. 

  59. Weighted Bangles
  60. gifts-for-walkers-weights

    Bala Bangles are so much better than those old wrist and ankle weights filled with sand that you strapped on with velcro. They look better and are less awkward. These bangles each weigh one pound and can be worn on the wrists or ankles to make their walks a little more challenging.