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29 Gifts for Runners That Will Push Them The Extra Mile

Some people love running, others hate it even if they do it. To make running more enjoyable for either group, here are 29 inspiring gifts for runners.

1.Gift Card to Jack Rabbit Sports

Jack Rabbit doesn’t have stores in every state but they have more than a dozen locations throughout the US. The most important piece of gear for runners is a good pair of shoes. That’s what they can get at Jack Rabbit.

Jack Rabbit sells the same shoes lots of places sell but what sets them apart from a lot of retailers is their gait analysis. You run on a treadmill and your feet are videoed. The salesperson analyzes the footage and makes shoe recommendations based on your gait.

Then you get to try on the shoes and run on the treadmill some more, try before you buy! The runner in your life will leave with the perfect running shoes.

2. Amphipod Water Bottle

I have used one of these for years and I’ll never use anything else. The strap on the bottle allows you to keep hold of it without having to grip the bottle. You just put your hand through the strap and it’s tight enough that you don’t have to hold the bottle.

If you think this is no big deal, try running with a Poland Spring bottle and see how it feels. This bottle is 20 ounces which gets me through August in New Orleans runs so it should hold enough for anyone. The bottle is BPA free.

3. Foam Roller

Foam rolling is important for runners. It can help decrease recovery time. Using a foam roller regularly decreases muscle tension in tight spots like hamstrings. By decreasing muscle tension in chronically tight spots, a foam roller and similar tools can provide some of the benefits of deep-tissue massage.

4. Running Jacket

It’s hard enough to force yourself to go for a run in winter without the prospect of suffering a combination of freezing and feeling clammy from sweating. Running gear has advanced a lot in recent years though.

This jacket helps keep you warm while wicking sweat away from you. It has thumb holes too so the sleeves don’t ride up which helps keep your hands warm.

5. Fanny Pack

Do not wear this anytime other than those times you are engaging in an outdoor activty like running, hiking or biking. They are just too dorky. They look a little dorky when you’re running too but they are the best way to carry the things you need on a run. I chose this pack because even when full, it lays relatively flat against the body so you can hide your shame under your shirt or jacket.

This pack has room for all those things, your cell phone, keys, some cash, and a credit card. The description also tells us it has room for a lighter. Erm… for those who like a ciggy during their run?

6. Garmin Forerunner

There are a lot of fitness trackers on the market but this one does a lot; it tracks pace, heart rate, and maps your runs on your synced smart phone. You can customize the settings to your preferred heart rate zones, design a training regimen, and maybe the best part, this tracker only needs to be charged about once a week!

8. Petzl-REACTIK + Headlamp

Some runners prefer to run in the morning or at night and that can mean running in the dark which can be dangerous whether it’s because cars or cyclists can’t see you or you can’t see where you’re going and what hazards might be in your path. This headlamp solves those problems.

This rechargeable headlamp connects to your phone through the MyPetzl Light app. You can create an intensity profile according to the available light. It lets you adjust the intensity of the light and burn time. This is great for running, camping, and hiking.

9.  Run Fast, Eat Slow

You can’t outrun a bad diet so even the most dedicated runners need to eat well. But that doesn’t mean a diet of protein shakes, brown rice, chicken breast, and broccoli. Run Fast, Eat Slow recipes combine the nutrition runners need with the flavor that foodies require. 

10. Dr Bronner’s Arnica Menthol Balm

Anyone who is into health and wellness is familiar with Dr Bronner’s products. They are organic and don’t contact nasty chemicals, dyes, or artificial fragrance. This balm is made from organic beeswax, organic coconut, avocado, jojoba, and hemp oils. It also contains arnica which helps fade bruises and menthol which soothes sore muscles. 

11. Patagonia Nano Air Vest

Feeling like your arms are restricted when you’re running is annoying and can throw off your gait. But sometimes when you run you need to dress warmly. This vest is the perfect solution. It’s warm but light weight and breathable. 

It has a hem drawstring to keep the heat in and the cold out and has low profile pockets so your phone and keys will stay safe. 

12. Blister Prevention Patches

Why are blisters so painful?! Having a blister seems like such a little thing but it can completely ruin a run, if you even run at all when you have one. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that’s what these patches do, prevent blisters from happening. If you’re too late and already have a blister, these patches will save your run.

Great for running but they also work with dress shoes. These patches don’t attach to your skin, they actually attach to your shoes but you won’t feel them, they’re just 0.015 inches thick so they won’t change the way your shoes fit. 

13. Road ID Bracelet

Most of us don’t run with our wallets and ID so if something were to happen, how would anyone know who we are? This point was really driven home to me when I moved to New Orleans where I didn’t know a soul and no one new me. I work from home too so no one would have missed me for a looong time. 

I bought one of these bracelets in case I passed out from the heat of running in a New Orleans’ August. If you have a runner in your life, this will give you both peace of mind.

14. Compression Socks

You made have heard of compression socks for preventing DVT while flying but did you know they promote faster muscle recovery? They work by helping blood circulation which means better oxygen circulation which helps reduce the build up of lactic acid, lactic acid is what causes that sore feeling after a workout. 

These socks are made from a silver yarn anti-bacterial fabric which helps regulate body temperature and prevent odor. These are great for runners and anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.

15. Touch Screen Thermal Gloves

It sucks when you’re running and your hands get cold but it sucks when you’re wearing gloves too because your hands get sweaty and you can’t change the song on your phone. These gloves will solve all those problems.

They’re made from material that breathes and dries quickly and the spirals in the material allow you to use the screen on your phone while keeping your hands snug and warm. 

16. Cell Phone Arm Band

Tucking your phone into your sports bra or the waist band of your shorts is not ideal and also pretty gross. Holding it in your hand isn’t comfortable and dangerous as I found out when mine went flying one day.

This holder will keep your phone safe and dry, it’s water resistant and it highlights your bicep. It has a screen protector and a spot for your key. It’s compatible with iPhones 7, 6, 6S, SE, 5, 5C, 5S, Galaxy S5 and Google Pixel.

17. Energy Drink Powder

You couldn’t pay me to drink something the color of a sports drink and chocked full of sugar and weird artificial ingredients but sometimes plain water is not enough to stay hydrated. I was thrilled to find this energy drink which is made from all whole food sources like chia seeds, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Royal Jelly, and coconut palm sugar. 

18. Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats

These are so fab! I hate running on a treadmill and when I lived in NYC there would be weeks where the bridle path in Central Park where I ran would be covered in inches of snow and ice. These saved my winter and my running program more than once. 

They easily fit over your running shoes and provide 360 degree traction. They’re easy to get on and off and you can just rinse them clean with water after your run. 

19. Believe Training Journal

What can be measured can be managed and your runs are no different. This is an especially good gift for someone new to running because they can see how much they are progressing in something that they may not yet enjoy 100%.

The journal helps runners set goals, plan their training, and record each run. There is a calendar, running logs, and all sorts of advice and encouragement from mental tips to dealing with a slump to recovery strategies.

20. Hands-Free Dog Leash

Do you have a puppy? Don’t you think your puppy would enjoy running with you and that you would have more fun too? But holding a leash can throw off your balance and your gait. This leash is the answer. The leash goes around your waist and has a reach between 37-55 inches. It’s light weight and you can adjust it to your gait.

21. Instant Happy Feet Gift Set

If not looked after properly, runners can have some nasty feet, blisters and dry skin and callouses. But part of the reason we run is to look good naked and that includes our feet. Help the runner in your life keep their feet as sexy as the rest of them with this gift.

This kit includes a relaxing foot soak, salt and sand foot scrub, peppermint foot butter and a pumice stone. 

22. Silk Long Johns

I hate feeling bulky when I run but I hate feeling cold too. When I had to run in the cold, these long johns were perfect. You wouldn’t think something as thin and fine as silk would be warm but it is!

It’s also light weight and breathes. These keep you warm while keeping you dry. Because it’s not bulky, you can wear these as a bottom layer with a looser layer on top.

23. Snittens, Snot Mittens!

It’s gross but it’s a fact of running in the cold or anytime when your allergies are acting up, snot runs down your face. Stuffing tissues into your running bra doesn’t work; they’re easily accessible but they’re already soaked in sweat so they can’t hold any snot.

You can carry them in your fanny pack, but then you’re wearing a fanny pack. This mittens have come to your rescue. The concept is simple, you wipe your nose on the mittens. They hold 28 times their weight in snot or tears. If you are snotting or crying more that that, go to the nearest ER.

24. Ultra Pocket Hat

If you need to keep the sun off your face when you run, this hat is great. It has two zipped pockets to hold your keys, ID, and cash, is made of moisture wicking fabric, and is edged with reflective material for better visibility in the dark. 

25. Runner Tie

Runners can’t wear out sweat wicking state of the art togs all the time. Sometimes we have to attend things that require long pants and sometimes even a tie! But why should you hide your passion just because you have to dress like a grown up? 

This tie lets everyone know you’re a runner, although they would know that by looking at your lean, athletic build. The tie just enhances it. 100% silk too, classy!

26. Marathon Cuff Links

Completing a marathon is a big deal, a really big deal. The first person to do it dropped dead. These cuff links are a lovely way to commemorate the achievement. They’re made of stainless steel and have a brushed finish. They’re hypoallergenic and won’t rust or tarnish. 

27. Running Bra

I can’t imagine what women did before sports bras were invented and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it. Any running bra is better than no running bra but not all of them are created equal. This bra has adjustable straps and molded cups that limit movement. 

The back band is wide so it doesn’t cut into your skin and fastens with three rows of hook and eye closures. 

28. Epic Bars

Protein, protein, protein. It’s what runners need after a workout to help rebuild the muscle that running breaks down (this is a good thing, it’s how we get stronger and leaner). Getting protein on the go can be tough, there are only so many hard boiled eggs you can eat, although I haven’t yet found the limit.

Protein bars seem like the ideal solution but most of them are no better for you than a candy bar, tons of sugar and other yucky stuff. Epic bars are different. The Chicken Sriracha bars have 15 grams of protein, 0 grams of sugar and just 1 gram of carbs. You get a dozen 1.5 ounce bars.

29. Back Pack with Laundry Bag

If you do run at the gym or run to your office, this is a great bag. It’s light weight, is made of water repellent nylon and comes with a removable drawstring bag to keep your stinky, sweaty gear in until you can take it home for a washing.