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39 Badass Gifts for Your Brother

If you are looking for a gift for your brother, look no further. We have you covered from nerdy board games to crazy cool kitchen gadgets.

The Explorer

Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Hoodie

There’s nothing like a good neck pillow to help catch some good z’s on long flight. Besides awesome neck support, it covers your eyes and ears, allowing more comfortable and quiet sleep.

It is also highly resistant to all kinds of bacteria, fungus, mites, mold among many other odor causing microorganisms. Pair with a travel blanket.

Anywhere Travel Guide

A creative travel guide for anywhere. This handy deck includes 75 cards to inspire exploration. With a unique mix of concrete actions and whimsical prompts—from “Ask the next person you meet where his/her favorite street is and go there” to “Write down what you like about this city on a small piece of paper. Leave it where someone else will find it later”

Anywhere encourages users to see things differently while discovering both new and familiar places.

Dot&Dot Electronics Organizer

Finding and sorting your electronic gear accessories when traveling can get messy. Dot&Dot electronics organizer is a great storage solution for your electronics during travel. This cord organizer is great for carrying and organizing cables, cords, USB, adapter, power bank, phones, and other electric gear.

Flexible padded cover protects your electronics while keeping them in place during travel. The water repellent exterior also protects your gadgets from accidental splashes of water. 

The Carry On Cocktail Kit

Who doesn’t need fancy airplane cocktails. Carry on Cocktail Kits include the tools and ingredients to get your mixology on mid-flight. Comes in a cool carry on tin and recipe card and linen coaster so you look extra fancy.

DSLR SLR Camera Bag

Traveling photographers must have! The beaspire Camera bag is roomy for all his photography equipment when traveling. The best feature is the main compartment with its adjustable cells that will accommodate your unique group of accessories.

The main compartment is a camera liner can hold a full range of gear and itself lined with a fabric covered to protect his equipment.The removable, foam-padded dividers allow customization to exactly match your mix of cameras, lenses, and equipment.

Scratch Off Map

This fun scratch off world map is a the perfect traveler gift. Your brother can keep track of his adventures this detailed map with vibrant colors, accurate cartographic details of the terrain, country flags and landmarks.

Hang it on the wall and he’ll have himself wall decoration, plus an awesome conversation starter for his guests.

The AquaVault Outdoor Safe

The AquaVault is a portable safe that attaches to fixed objects such as a beach chair, stroller, bike, or boat rail that secures your must have belongings when you are swimming at the beach, the pool, or the waterpark.

No more hiding all your belongings under towels and chairs.


The Sporty Brother

Hickies Shoe Laces

The Hickies Lacing System is a no-tie customizable shoelace alternative designed to adapt to your life and how you move. Our modular design and smart material allow you to target how your shoe fits along different parts of your foot, providing personalized comfort and flexibility with each step.

Whether running, traveling, training, or on your feet all day, your shoes will fit like a glove and look better, too.  Slip shoes on to run errands, walk the dog, or switch between pairs with ease. 

Evaporative Cooling Towel

Evaporative Cooling Towel uses a super evaporative PVA material to soak up moisture and provides instant cooling relief. Great for outdoor activities, camping, yoga, running, biking, days at the beach or even yard work. Reusable, just re-wet to activate. Pair it with this collapsible water bottle.

Bocce Ball Set

What better way to get outside and have some fun than with a bocce ball set. This beginner set comes with four dark green and four dark red bocce balls and one Pallino.

The entire set is enclosed with a durable carrying case to keep his new favorite game altogether. Bocce Ball, one of the oldest forms of lawn bowling, is a game for young and old. Originating in Italy it is becoming widely popular worldwide.

Workout Journal

If your brother spends hours on his physique, he needs to keep track of his progress. This all-in-one Journal will help keep him motivated as he stays focused on reaching his goals!

The Journal includes filled-in example pages to get you going! 60 weeks of Progress Charts to keep him honest.

Embrava Sports Water Bottle

Whether he’s an avid Crossfit athlete, a runner, or someone who loves hitting the mountain trails, staying hydrated is essential to his total body fitness and wellbeing. 

The Embrava Bottle provides all of the best features all in one lightweight, versatile, and functional design. It’s fast-flowing, leakproof with a 1-button lid opening.

Gifts For Your Outdoorsy Brother

Portable Solar Cooker

The stove’s solar vacuum tube cooking chamber provides a near perfect layer of insulation, keeping heat in and cold out. Just load with food and relax, no monitoring required.

The stove retains your food’s flavor and nutrition cooking from 360°, like a slow cooker, but faster. Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes, Bake, roast, steam and saute, nothing is off limits. 

Set of Two Forest Landscape Whiskey Glasses

Handmade Rock glasses screen printed with a detailed illustration of a black and white forest landscape wrapping around these outdoor-themed whiskey glasses! A great gift for any mountain man.

These whiskey, or scotch glasses make a great gift for any mountain man! Glasses are printed by hand in a studio in Denver! Black Ink Ink is permanent and heat set in the oven. Prints will not fade or wash off. 

Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier

With its industrial strength, easy handling, and super versatility, the Diesel Black Needlenose Multi-Plier offers everything you need to tackle tough tasks and tricky problems.

It showcases a robust design with 12 stainless steel tools that are larger and more durable than average, along with Gerber’s patented Saf.T.Plus component locking system and the convenience of quick, wrist-flick deployment.

Pocket Utensil Set

Silverware Anywhere. Whether you’re hiking the hills, out on the road, or just on your lunch break at the office, this is going to be your go-to tool for eating on the go. Built like a folding pocket knife, it includes a sturdy metal fork, spoon, knife, and bottle/can opener.

Pop open the fork and spoon, and with a nudge the housing splits in two for easy, two-handed use. The durable, dishwasher-safe utensils are stronger than plastic flatware and can be used again and again. 

Garmin Handheld GPS Navigator

eTrex supports geocaching GPX files for downloading geocaches and details straight to your unit. eTrex stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints, and descriptions, which means no more manually entering coordinates and paper printouts.

With its high-sensitivity, it locates your position quickly and precisely and maintains its GPS location even in heavy cover and deep canyons.

Fire Starter

Fast Fire Starter for charcoal grills, tailgating, campfires, fire pits, fireplaces and wood stoves. This portable Point-n-Shoot blower is a simple, compact, lightweight.

Pair it with a Mora Fire Knife so he can impress everyone getting a roaring fire going in minutes.

For The Business Man

Otter Wax Leather Care Kit

This custom kit contains the four items you’ll need to ensure that his fancy leather shoes stay supple, healthy, and water resistant. This 4-Steps leather care kit keeps leather clean, conditioned, shiny and protected.

The Saddle Soap gently cleans leather and remove stains. Then he can use the Leather Salve to moisturize your leather as it restores oils, revives suppleness, and repairs cracking from dehydration. He’ll have the shiniest shoes in the office.

Retro Flip Down Clock

A fantastic Retro Flip Down Clock, get one on your table as a good partner during work or study, also it’s a great gift for your friends and family. Gear operated and date adjustment available.

Stainless steel for the body frame of the clock, an overall cool and personalized clock for decorating any room of your house.

Notepaper Roller

List-o-mania! If he is a list guy, then this handy list dispenser will have him on a roll. The contemporary styling of its design makes it an attractive accessory on a desk or countertop. You can even hang it on the wall.

Whether he’s making a daily checklist, jotting down needed groceries, or writing notes for family members, the easily refillable roll offers you just the right size of paper.

Sock Of the Month Club

Sock Club makes an amazing gift. Thoughtfully wrapped right down to the wax seal, we want our monthly delivery to pass the Mom Test. This means that every package sent from Sock Club is something that they would be proud to send to their own mothers.

Besides awesome socks, every month they include a letter, which includes space for a personalized gift message.

Gifts For Your Nerdy Brother

Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park Board Game

Go deep inside the hilarious Rick and Morty episode (and Ruben) with up to three friends and see if you can plan out the world’s greatest microscopic theme park… before you get overtaken by diseases. Or Ruben dies. How’s that for some high stakes?!

Star Wars Tools

R2-D2 is basically the best multi-tool ever. So it comes as little surprise that he’d volunteer up his body to be the base of this screwdriver kit. This Star Wars R2-D2 Screwdriver set includes 3 forged steel bits: 1 slotted and 2 Phillips-head.

The measuring tape is metal and features a locking mechanism, as well as measurements in increments of both inches and centimeters.

Retro Gamer Cuff Links

A nod to a true classic, relive the glory of hunting ducks or searching for the first princess in your life. A must-have for a true video game aficionado. Enamel plated, the cufflinks feature a bullet back closure. 

Game of Phones

Fun Is Coming. Your smartphone already sits on the table while you’re out to brunch, -you might as well give it the official party invite. Game of Phones turns your trusty cellular companion into the subject of a scavenger hunt between you and your friends.

Just gather your friends and their smartphones draw a prompt card, and see who can use their phones the fastest to create an emoji masterpiece, show off the last photo you took, or find the weirdest Google Image result for your name. 

Celestron Backpack Eclipse Telescope

Get ready to see the stars with the Celestron Backpack Eclipse Telescope! Easy to transport in its included backpack, you’ll be equally ready for the next solar eclipse no matter if you’re standing next to your car or camping in the backwoods.

Anyone can view solar eclipses safely with a pair of eclipse glasses, but if you want to get a closer look, you’ll need a telescope.

The Aspiring Chef

Handheld Food Smoker

Quickly and effortlessly infuse food and drinks with natural smoky flavors with The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker.

Simply fill the Smoking Gun chamber with your choice of combustible, turn it on, light and apply cool smoke where you’d like it as an alternative to traditional smoking methods.

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

This toy will definitely step up his cooking game. Joule is the smallest, most powerful sous vide tool available. It heats water faster than any other immersion circulator or precision cooker and holds the temperature with absolute accuracy to ensure perfect results every time.

Controlled exclusively by a groundbreaking app that empowers sous vide veterans and novices alike, Joule gives you the freedom to cook from anywhere.

Rotating Pizza Oven

Pizza of the future. He can make crispy delicious pizza right on his counter with this rotating oven. Tray turns continuously to assure even baking. Top and bottom heating elements bake foods from both sides.

Heating elements are separately controlled, allowing you to select top, bottom, or both elements for perfect results every time. And it saves as much as 60% in energy compared to a conventional oven. Pair it with these Pizza Scissors.

Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand

Take A Stand. Simply cooking Grandma’s famous pasta sauce can bring you back to Sunday afternoons spent in an aromatic kitchen. He can prepare his family favorites and new standbys with this handsome cookbook stand. 

Beautifully crafted from a sturdy slab of reclaimed timber that has been salvaged from old European buildings, this bold design is highlighted by industrial galvanized metal detail. A natural beeswax and mineral oil finish bring rich appeal the unique wood grain, while the ample shelf allows you to prop up cookbooks, iPads, or Grandma’s handwritten recipe.

Gifts For Your Stylish Brother

American Giant Hoodie

Called “the greatest hoodie ever” this classic men’s style piece is custom-developed heavyweight cotton fabric, premium metal hardware with a tailored fit.

They are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. American Giant brings brought a fresh perspective to what a sweatshirt could be – a utility piece that was sophisticated enough to wear to the office and built to last a lifetime.

Handmade Wood Sunglasses

Wood wayfarer style glasses? This genuine handmade wood bamboo sunglasses have anti-glare polarized UV401 lenses that protect against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Each frame is polished and coated with a water/sweat protective layer and they float on water! Never lose your favorite sunglasses at the beach again. 

Sperry TopSiders

These iconic boat shoes are a great great for your preppy brother. Even if he already has a pair there are many unique styles and colors to add to his collection.

Herschel Supply Co. Card Holder

This is a great wallet for convenient, everyday use. Has enough pockets for ID and a couple credit cards and a work badge while being slim and discrete in your pocket.

It’s the perfect size to hold everything he need and small enough to keep him from collecting pointless business cards and recipes.

The Gadget Lover

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

If he likes his coffee, now he can get his caffeine fix anywhere with this Minipresso maker. It has a sleek modern design and intuitive operation.  And it’s got everything you need; shot basket, pressurized system, cup—check! 

The Minipresso is designed perfectly for outdoor enthusiasts looking to take their favorite morning beverage wherever they go. It’s hand operated, no batteries, no electric power needed.

Tile Slim Item Finder

If your brother is always misplacing his stuff then he will be thanking you for months for this gift. As thin as two credit cards, Tile Slim easily slides into his wallet. Tile Slim can also be attached to a laptop, tablet or notebook.

He’ll use his smartphone to make the Tile Slim ring when it’s nearby but out of sight. Can’t find his phone? Simply double press the button on theTile Slim to make your phone ring – even on silent!

Torres 360° Rotation Cell Phone Ring

If he loves his phone then tell him to put a ring on it. This multi functional attachable accessory allows you to comfortably and naturally grip your smart device. It can be used with a mount to attached his smartphone on his car dashboard or use the swivel hinge as a kickstand.

Top-tier sticky removable pressure sensitive adhesive, brings you powerful stickness. So,it will do not harm to your phone once you want to take if off from the phones. Washable & re-usable: Wash it, leave it dry, and then reuse it.

If you are looking for a gift for your brother, look no further. We have you covered from nerdy board games to crazy cool kitchen gadgets.