35 Groovy Gifts for Guitar Players Everywhere

By David Lautaret | Updated: April 24, 2024

    Guitar players, whether strumming in their bedrooms or shredding on stage, possess a particular passion for their craft. Finding the perfect gift for these musicians means choosing something that speaks to their love of melody and enhances their play.

    Our groovy guide gift guide for guitar players everywhere includes various items from custom picks and high-quality strings to innovative gadgets and stylish gear. Each gift has been carefully selected to resonate with guitarists of all styles and skill levels, ensuring that you can find something that suits their needs and inspires their musical journey. Whether they play acoustic, electric, or bass, these gifts will surely strike a chord with your favorite guitar enthusiast.

    DIY Guitar Pick Punch Gift Pack guitar-gifts-pick-punch

    Every guitar player I know constantly loses guitar picks. This DIY guitar pick punch makes it easy to replace those sneaky picks with just a press. This gift pack comes with 15 pick strips that make up 100 guitar picks and a guitar pick file. This guitar pick punch pack makes an ideal gift for that DIY guitar player who never seems to have a pick! 

  1. In My Head, I’m PlayingI’mitar T-Shirt
  2. guitar-gifts-playing-guitar-t-shirt

    This stylish guitar t-shirt has the words I might look like I’m listeniI’mto you, but I’m playing my guitar iI’my head. This t-shirt sends just the right message: if someone talks to you about some unimportant nonsense, they need to wrap it up because your patience will only hold out so long. The t-shirt also features a six-string acoustic guitar which features both a round hole and f-style holes because why not? 

  3. Guitar Stand Padded Seat
  4. guitar-gifts-guitar-stand-seat

    This awesome guitar stands, and padded seat is the perfect space-saver for that guitar player in your life who doesn’t have doesn’t the amount of space. Instead of wasting space on a seat and a guitar stand, the two are cleverly combined into one. This makes a great gift for that gigging musician who’s alwayswho’sing to maximize space! 

  5. Guitar Tool Kit and String Organizer
  6. guitar-gifts-tool-kit

    This guitar tool kit is among the best gifts for guitar players who like to DIY their guitar maintenance. Included in the kit is a pair of carbon steel string cutters, a 2-in-1 screwdriver, an LED flashlight with two AA batteries, 5 Allen wrenches with the most common sizes for guitar, six pockets for string storage, a pickpocket for guitar picks, a stainless steel string action/set up gauge, a string winder with bridge pin remover and a poker. 

  7. The World’s Most Seductive Instrument
  8. guitar-gifts-guitar-hardcover-book

    An obsessive, full-color book presented in an irresistible slipcase, Guitar features 200 instruments in stunning detail. Here are icons like Prince’s Yellow Cloud, Willie Nelson’s “Trigger,” Muddy Water’s Thunderbird, and “Rocky,” lovingly hand-painted by its owner, George Harrison. Historic instruments—Fender’s Broadcaster, Les Paul’s “Log,” the Gibson Nick Lucas Special, the very first artist model. Hand-carved archtops, pinnacles of the luthier’s art, from John D’Angelico to Ken Parker. Stunning acoustics from a new wave of women builders, like Rosie Heydenrych of England, who’s known to use 5,000-year-old wood retrieved from a peat bog. And quirky one-of-a-kind guitars, like Linda Manzer’s Pikasso II—four necks, 42 strings, and a thousand pounds of pressure.

  9. Wine Barrel Guitar Rack
  10. guitar-gifts-wine-barrel-rack

    Fine wine and a strumming guitar, the perfect pair you didn’t know didn’t need. Guitar lovers will adore this guitar wall hanger. This rack combines these classic counterparts in a design that cradles your beloved six-string. The mount is made from reclaimed oak barrel staves used in Napa Valley wine production, each with its own one-of-a-kind patina and endearing imperfections. The padded hooks are easily adjustable to hold any guitar safely and securely. Choose a single or double rack—either will strike just the right chord with your décor. 

  11. Guitar Socks
  12. guitar-gifts-guitar-socks

    Simple. Elegant. Refined. These guitar socks hit just the right chord for the guitar player in your life. Do you prefer a single-cutaway acoustic guitar or a Stratocaster electric guitar? What about an ax for shredding metal riffs? These cool socks showcase a guitar to fit your style no matter what type of guitar player you are. Disclaimer: Groupies are not included, but they are inevitable. 

  13. Guitar Pop Chart
  14. guitar-gifts-pop-chart

    This chart-topping infographic will have you rocking out to 75 years of guitar history. It features illustrations of 64 distinctive guitars, each labeled with its make and model and the name of its player. They range from the classic contours of the guitar played by blues legend Leadbelly up to the insect-like ax used in the metal band Gwar. Any rock lover will be endlessly fascinated by the unique silhouette and decoration of each piece.

  15. Guitar Book For Adult Beginners
  16. guitar-gifts-book-for-beginners

    Recommended by Rolling Stone Magazine as the best beginner guitar book, this book and streaming video course are all you will ever need to start playing the most famous and cherished guitar songs! Music Professor Damon Ferrante guides you through playing the guitar with step-by-step lessons for adult beginners and streaming video lessons. This easy-to-follow method, used by thousands of guitar students and teachers, is designed to be interactive, engaging, and fun. It makes an excellent gift idea for that loved one who would love to learn to play guitar!

  17. Heavy Duty Guitar BBQ Tool Set
  18. guitar-gifts-grill-set

    This rock guitar-style, 2-piece BBQ toolset is the perfect gift for every music-loving BBQ enthusiast. The kit includes a double-cutaway electric guitar-shaped spatula and a pair of Firebird-shaped electric guitar tongs. These utensils are durable, rust-resistant, and made with stainless steel construction. This BBQ tool set makes a great gift for that musician who likes to add little musical touches to his grill! 

  19. Smartphone Guitar Capo
  20. guitar-gifts-smart-phone-capo

    This ingenious gadget solves two common guitar-playing problems at once. First, if you’re a song writer, you will need an excellent capo to change keys while playing the same chords. If you’re the type of player who likes to pull up lyrics, guitar chords, or videos on your smartphone while playing guitar, then you know how frustrating it is to have your phone constantly slip off your lap. With this device, you can keep your phone on your capo, so the lyrics you need will always be there! 

  21. Marshall Key Holder
  22. guitar-gifts-marshall-key-hanger

    It’s official: We’ve found the Coolest way to hang your keys of all time! The JCM800 Standard Jack Rack Version 2.0 comes with a sleek upgraded finish, real amp materials, four Marshall guitar plug keychains, and one wall mounting kit with hardware. This sweet Marshall guitar amplifier key holder makes a great addition to your home, office, recording studio, rehearsal space, or man cave!

  23. Glass Glazed Stoneware Guitar Picks
  24. guitar-gifts-stoneware-guitar-picks

    These guitar picks are made from stoneware and recycled glass. They combine the joy of music with the joy of using recycled materials for a more harmonious planet. The durably fired and glazed picks produce a unique sound and distinctive look. These guitar picks make a great gift idea for that musician who has everything and needs nothing! 

  25. Vintage Guitar-Shaped Coat Hangers
  26. guitar-gifts-coat-hangers

    Add some musical notes to life! These creative guitar-shaped hooks help decorate your room with personality and make your life like beautiful music. They are vintage and charming and always attract attention as an embellishment in the bedroom, living room, music room, and any other room you want to display them. These coat hooks are made from the perfect fusion of metal and resin materials and are sturdy enough to hang your winter coat, bags, and keys.

  27. Guitar Pint Glasses (Set of Four)
  28. guitar-gifts-pint-glasses

    My own guitar playing would be greatly enhanced if I had some pint glasses like these. Like a hand-held Hall of Fame, this set of guitar glasses has something for everyone in the band. Each pint glass sports an iconic guitar from a different genre of music, in classic colors that resonate with that instrument or era. It makes a great gift for your favorite music lover or air guitar aficionado who loves to sit back and have a pint of their favorite beer while they play! 

  29. Fender Cutting Board
  30. guitar-gifts-fender-cutting-board

    Get your Fender chops together in the kitchen with this smartly designed cutting board, shaped like the body of the venerable Telecaster and Stratocaster Fender guitars and made with recycled wood. This cutting board is perfect for the kitchen or as a display piece in your home. It measures 19×1.5×13 and is made from bamboo.

  31. 3D Multi-Color Guitar Night Light
  32. guitar-gifts-3d-night-light

    This 3D multi-color guitar night light is the perfect way to light up the night in your home, studio, children’s room, or anywhere you need a little extra light. When this 3D lamp turns on, it showcases a beautiful acoustic guitar. You can change between sixteen different colors, so no matter what hue you’re in you’re for, you can find one to fit how you’re feeliyou’regift_item link=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07M88927T/?tag=giftlablist08-20″ price=””]

  33. Guitar Pattern Laptop Case
  34. guitar-gifts-laptop-case

    Whether you’re an acoustic devotee or electric all the way, you’ll realize things rock and roll with a bold laptop case. It’s made of long-lasting neoprene in three different sizes for the utmost durability and protection (even for the heaviest of metal players). Carry this laptop case with you wherever you go to protect your precious computer while representing your love of music!

  35. Guitar Mug Gift Set
  36. gifts-for-guitar-players-set


    This three-gifts-in-one set is the perfect gift for the music fan in your life! This gift set includes one guitar mug, a pair of guitar socks, and a very cool guitar-themed necklace. All this for under $26—it’s the perfect gift idea for those looking to score big on a budget! 

  37. Mic Stand Cup Holder
  38. guitar-gifts-mic-cup-holder

    If you’ve ever had a live performance, you know how crucial it is to have a drink close by! With this high-quality guitar accessory, you can put a bottle or cup into the holder and attach it to your mic stand, so you always have a refreshing drink near you! This cup holder makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas as it adjusts to the size of your drink, clamps tight to the mic stand, and ensures you won’t accidentally kick over your beer mid-guitar solo! 

  39. Custom Repurposed Quarter Guitar Picks
  40. guitar-gifts-quarter-guitar-picks

    Musicians have used coin guitar picks for a century because of their unique tonal qualities, but now they can also be a unique expression of your own time and place. This pair of picks is made from a pair of custom-selected quarters. Each coin’s design’s raised insignia gives these picks an easy-to-grip texture, so they’ll stay regardless of the style you prefer to strum. 

  41. Guitar Amp Wall Clock
  42. guitar-gifts-amp-clock

    Time to amp it up with a 15-inch personalized guitar amp wall clock. Personalized with a stainless steel name badge done in Fender-style font, it is the perfect gift for the musician in your life. The design is in the spirit of the vintage amps from the ’50s. It’s made from solid pine and wrapped in black bronco vinyl Tolex. The clock face is covered with silver/white/black Fender grill cloth and the hour markers are polished nickel. The quartz movement requires a single AA battery.

  43. Guitar Center Gift Card
  44. guitar-gifts-guitar-center-gift-card

    Sometimes, the best gift you can give is to let them pick out the gift themselves. This Guitar Center gift card makes a great gift idea if you’re not you’re to get your guitar-loving friend but want them to be able to get themselves the perfect gift! No guitar player has ever been bummed out to receive a gift card! Choose between $25, $50, or even $100! 

  45. Guitar and Coat Hook Wall Hanger
  46. guitar-gifts-guitar-holder-coat-hanger

    Need a Christmas gift idea to help a guitar player stay organized? This multi-purpose guitar hanger and coat hook is a great way to organize your loose picks, keep your car keys, hang your jackets, and have your favorite guitar or bass guitar all in one easy-to-use wall hanger! It is available in six color options and makes a unique gift idea for the guitar player in your life who could use a little organizational help! 

  47. Guitar Chords Chart Poster
  48. guitar-gifts-chord-chart

    This awesome-looking guitar chord chart shows various ways to play any chord you can think of. Whether you just got your first guitar or you’ve been playing for years, this sharp-looking poster makes a handy addition to any studio, man cave, woodshop, or anywhere else you like to jam!

  49. Indie Acoustic Guitar 15oz Coffee Mug
  50. guitar-gifts-indie-guitar-mug

    In small towns and big cities across the globe, coffeehouses hold special places in singer-songwriters’ hearts. Their cozy handmade mug is a love letter to espresso enthusiasts and music fans. Starting with a block of clay on a potter’s wheel, Sarah spins and sculpts each stoneware vessel before adding a hand-pulled handle to complete her creation. The piece is then dipped, brushed, and given its unique guitar-painted imagery before being coated with a light layer of glaze for a remarkable sheen.

  51. Universal Wooden Guitar Stand
  52. guitar-gifts-universal-guitar-stand

    Looking for a unique way of keeping your guitar close at hand without using one of those ugly traditional guitar stands? This aesthetically pleasing universal wooden guitar stand is just what you need! Endowed with classy curves, this guitar stand is a functional decoration item. You can jazz up any room with this piece of music furniture—easy maintenance with simple wiping. With regular upkeep, it will last as long as your guitar.

  53. Vibrating Guitar Grasp Toy
  54. guitar-gifts-guitar-grasp-toy

    Your little Rockstar’s rockstar shredding with this plush guitar toy. They’ll dig the reverb (aka the way it vibrates when they pull its cord) and the texture of its colorful “tuning pegs” and string. The vibrations are also a soothing sensation, so an encore nap session might follow a playtime guitar solo. This guitar toy makes the perfect gift for that family with a new baby who you know will grow up playing all the instruments! A tiny gig bag or guitar case is not included.

  55. Minimalist Bifold Wallet With Guitar Pick Holder
  56. guitar-gifts-guitar-pick-wallet

    At some point, you will find yourself needing to play guitar but suffering from PDS, Pick Disappearance Syndrome. Well, it’s time weit’sally took off the gloves and aggressively stamped out this terrible affliction. We can’t help you forget your guitar strap or an extra set of guitar strings, but we can help with the pick. Keep this beautiful-looking minimalistic wallet with you, and you’ll always have a pick at the ready! 

  57. Jim Dunlop Guitar Maintenance Kit
  58. guitar-gifts-dunlop-maintenance-kit

    This Dunlop guitar maintenance kit includes everything you need to keep your guitar in tip-top shape! Included in the kit are five cleaners for your guitar’s body, and strings. It also includes a micro fine fret polishing cloth, two 100% cotton cloths, and care instructions. It makes a great guitar-themed gift for those guitar players in your life who are obsessed with their instruments! 

  59. Travel Tumbler


    This 20-oz stainless steel travel tumbler makes an ideal gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life who also happens to love playing guitar! The tumbler is made of stainless steel and wrapped with leather. It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours, making it the perfect gift for the musician on the go! 

  61. Jam Band Musical Coasters
  62. guitar-gifts-guitar-coasters

    It starts with a drummer’s beat, making it impossible to sit still. Then, at just the right moment, a guitarist lays down a riff that brings it all together. These bamboo drink coasters allow music lovers to express their passion while keeping surfaces safe. Whether you choose a snare drum with sticks or an acoustic guitar body, both collections come with a display stand to help maintain the creative vibe between sets, be they music- or beverage-filled. It makes the perfect addition to that recording studio or man cave!

  63. Guitar Music Bookends


    These electrifying bookends make a great gift idea for that music teacher in your life who could use a little help holding it all together. The bookends consist of an iconic  Fender guitar. This gift idea seriously rocks and makes a great Father’s Day gitf for that electric guitar player! 

  65. D’Addario LoD’Addariotar Strap
  66. guitar-gifts-locking-strap

    The D’Addario AuD’Addariouitar Strap is a simple integrative quick-release guitar strap locking system built for your performance that easily locks in place to keep your guitar safe and secure. Unlike ordinary guitar strap lock systems, it is designed to fit securely on your guitar’s pins, eliminating the need to change the hardware on your guitar. No extra parts, no installing hardware.