29 Awesome Gifts for Thrill-Seeking 10-Year-Old Boys

By David Lautaret | Updated: May 9, 2024

    When buying a gift for a ten-year-old boy, it can be hard to know where to start. They have wholly entered into tween territory. A few years ago, they were babies. In a few more years, they’ll be in high school. They seem to grow up overnight, and their tastes and interests evolve. Ten years old is peak childhood, so we must get this right!

  1. 1080P HD Drone
  2. With the 1080P HD drone camera, Attop drones with cameras for adults can show you the real world with wonderful FPV (first-person view) experiences and capture the precious moments of life for you without distortion. For this drone for beginners, the 1080P HD camera is more than adequate for taking pictures. It has better picture quality than 720P and is more cost-effective than a 2K/4K camera making it an excellent gift for the 10-year-old in your life who loves gadgets! 

  3. Hoverboard
  4. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-hoverboard

    Hoverboards are insanely fun! They help your child improve confidence and learn balance; they are also an absolute riot to play with. The self-balancing technology of this hoverboard makes it easier for novices to learn to slide. The hard solid tires are also safer and are easier to master smooth sliding in a short time!

  5. Gravity Maze STEM Toy
  6. gifts-for-10-year-old-boys-marble

    Gravity Maze is a combination logic game, marble run, and STEM toy that’s one of the best gifts you can buy for ten-year-old boys and girls. It contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert, a game grid, nine towers, one target piece, and three marbles.

  7. Camo Walkie Talkies
  8. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-walkie-talkies

    This 22-channel walkie-talkie has a three-mile range and comes with a fabulous survival compass bracelet! Let your son learn about the great outdoors while you constantly communicate, or watch with joy as he and his friends spend hours playing in the woods and learning about nature! 

  9. Nerf Tactical Vest
  10. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-nerf-tactical-vest

    Having Nerf wars is one of my favorite childhood memories! Your double-digit blaster assassin will love this tactical vest with Nerf ammunition. Whether playing with his tween friends or his 9-year-old sibling, this Nerf tactical vest will be a huge winner! 

  11. Razor Scooter
  12. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-razor-scooter

    After all these years, the Razor scooter is still one of the greatest gifts of all time. The Razor™ A folding kick scooter offers a fast and fun ride that easily folds down for storage or transport. The heat-treated, aircraft-grade aluminum construction includes a rear fender friction brake, folding handlebars, and an enhanced finger guard. In addition, 98mm inline-style wheels with ABEC 5 bearings provide a smooth ride. 

  13. Airplane Launcher
  14. gifts-for-10-year-old-boys-plane

    This foam airplane launcher is a great gift to keep the kids entertained, whether at an outdoor BBQ, beach, a birthday party, or just spending time in the yard! Choose from various colors to have the airplane launcher of his dreams! 

  15. STEM DIY Robot Kit
  16. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-stem-robot-kit

    STEM toy-building kit gifts make excellent gift ideas because your child will learn while playing. For example, the 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys building set can be assembled into 12 different robots that can move on land or water. This DIY kit will keep him busy for hours, and there’s always a new robot to make! 

  17. Army Men Transport Helicopter
  18. gifts-for-10-year-old-boys-army-plane

    This Transport Helicopter Set includes one friction-powered helicopter with lights, six die-cast military cars, and twelve Army Men figures. Your kids and their friends will have a great time. This playset toy is packed in an exquisite gift box, making it a perfect birthday gift or Christmas present for your ten-year-old boy! 

  19. Lego Star Wars Set
  20. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-star-wars-lego

    Fans of the classic Star Wars trilogy and the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game will love recreating Battle of Hoth action with this detailed, posable LEGO set brick version of the iconic AT-AT (75288) Walker. This fun, creative building toy for kids includes 6 LEGO Star Wars mini-figures – Luke Skywalker, General Veers, 2 AT-AT Drivers, and 2 Snowtroopers, all with weapons to role-play the Empire vs. Rebel Alliance battles.

  21. Double-Sided Magnetic Dart Board
  22. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-dart-board

    This double-sided magnetic dartboard makes your child a great Christmas present or birthday gift! The darts are safe to throw and well-balanced, making them one of the best gifts for 10-year-old boys! In addition, this double-sided dartboard is safe for your 2-year-old but challenging enough for your 11-year-old, making it the ideal gift for family game night! 

  23. Double Digits Graphic Tee
  24. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-double-digits-tee

    This cool graphic t-shirt comes in five colors and has a fun retro graphic design. The shirt itself says This Boy is Now Double Digits. It’s the perfect gift for that ten-year-old boy who loves to wear cool graphic t-shirts! 

  25. Don’t Laugh Challenge Book
  26. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-dont-laugh-book

    If you are open-minded about your kids learning new jokes, becoming more self-confident, and developing a stronger sense of humor, this holiday gift book is a great gift idea! The Don’t Laugh Challenge™ Joke Books are unlike any joke book before. It is not meant to be read in isolation; instead, it is a game or a challenge to be played between friends, siblings, cousins, or two people who like to tell jokes. This Stocking Stuffer Edition makes a great gift for Christmas!

  27. Wireless Bluetooth Beanie
  28. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-bluetooth-beanie

    One of the most incredible gifts, if you live in a cold climate, is this wireless headphone beanie! Not only does it keep your head warm, but you’re able to blast your favorite jams for hours. So whether he’s out with his friends or hitting the slopes, this Bluetooth beanie is one of the best gifts for ten-year-old boys! 

  29. Harry Potter Chess Set
  30. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-harry-potter-chess-set

    Bring the Wizarding World home to your family room with one of the best toys for ten-year-old boys, the officially licensed Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set. Go head-to-head in the ultimate duel with this highly detailed miniature recreation of the Wizard Chess Set as seen in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Includes 32 chess pieces, a playing board, and two drawstring pouches—great gift for chess lovers.

  31. T-Rex Flipbook Kit
  32. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-trex-flipbook

    Create your very own mini-movies with this fun and creative flipbook kit! Like cartoons on TV, these flipbooks create short stories through a series of colorful step-by-step images. Each kit makes three flipbooks (30 pages each). So if he’s into dinosaurs, this flipbook is a fun way to help spark his artistic creativity! 

  33. Funny Jokes for 10-Year-Old Kids
  34. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-joke-book

    This hilarious joke book is written explicitly with ten-year-olds in mind. From silly puns to clever knock-knock jokes and everything in between, they’ll love learning the tricks in this book and sharing them with their friends! An excellent gift for any ten-year-old boy or ten-year-old girl! 

  35. Remote Control Stunt Car
  36. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-rc-car

    This remote control stunt race car can be driven from both sides and even go when it’s upside down, non-stop, even after a rollover. In addition, this toy car spins and rotates 360 degrees, backflips to get away when bumping into walls, balances for single-wheel driving, and so much more. Use this car inside or outside, on-road or off-road, for hours of fun!

  37. GlowCity Glow-In-The-Dark Basketball
  38. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-glow-basketball

    Let there be light with this glow-in-the-dark ball for kids, teens, and adults. It features not 1 but 2 LEDs for up to 30 hours of evening play. Ready to glow up the night? This outdoor and indoor basketball lights up from the inside with a bounce and automatically shuts off when not in use. Each light-up basketball features a sturdy rubber exterior to help keep the glowing lights secured in their compartments, on and off the court.

  39. Trekking National Parks Board Game
  40. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-trekking-board-game

    Trekking is a best-selling and award-winning National Parks game. This classic game makes a great Christmas gift. Winner of the Mensa and parents’ Choice awards. This couple traveled to every national park and then worked with their son to make the game. It’s the perfect recipe for a family game night! Appeals to a wide range of people: outdoor lovers, board game players, and travelers. One of the best board games for kids 8-12 and up!

  41. Kids Hover Soccer Ball
  42. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-hover-soccer-ball

    This new hover soccer ball has been upgraded just like an absolute ball! It can slide on flat surfaces, such as hardwood floors, tiles, etc. It’s a tremendous parent-child interactive toy that provides entertainment and exercise time for all ages. It is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and has beautiful multi-color LED lights. The colorful lights flashing in the dark make your children’s night games unlimitedly play and bring more fun.

  43. Super Magnetic Putty
  44. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-magnetic-putty

    Made with micron-sized iron-based particles distributed throughout, the tremendous moldable magnetic putty takes on the properties of a magnet itself when placed in close contact with the included Neodymium Iron Boron magnet. It’s perfect for science-loving kids or any adult who loves intelligent play! So what can you do with it? The possibilities are endless! 

  45. Train of Thought Card Game
  46. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-train-of-thought-game

    Train of Thought is a fun and exciting game for the entire family! Bond with your loved ones with questions like “What was your favorite memory of someone in this room?” Train of Thought is an ideal gift to bring your family closer together this holiday season! 

  47. MLB Baseball Player Duvet & Pillowcase
  48. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-mlb-duvet

    It’s game seven, and the bases are loaded. Here’s the pitch, and…the alarm goes off! With this excellent baseball-themed bedding set, your child’s World Series dreams can extend into extra innings each morning. Featuring a uniformed player from one of ten MLB teams, kids become part of their favorite ball club by arranging the organic cotton pillowcase and duvet just right. Not into baseball but in love with dinosaurs? We’ve got you covered!

  49. Water Powered Watch
  50. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-watch

    Run, run, run. Like most watches, that’s what this one does. But, unlike them—just like you—it needs hydration to keep on. So unscrew the back, fill it with water, and the H2O’s naturally occurring negative and positive ions begin generating electricity by reacting to the unique metal plates. It makes a great gift for kids and adults who love science or geeky mechanical wonders. Choose from green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, or gray.

  51. Adidas Slide Sandal
  52. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-adidas-sandal

    Ideal for the pool deck or shower, these best-seller men’s slides feature a quick-drying Cloudfoam footbed that cradles your feet with soft cushioning—the bandage-style upper shows off contrast 3-Stripes for a classic athletic look. In addition, the EVA outsole provides lightweight comfort.

  53. National Geographic Chemistry Science Kit
  54. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-science-kit

    Your kids will have hours of fun exploring the fizzy and bubbly reactions they create, just like a real scientist in a lab! Build and erupt a volcano, create a geyser, launch a rocket, and cause tremendous chemical reactions! Each experiment is easy to conduct and a lot of fun for the whole family! The experiment guide in this kit has kid-friendly instructions with illustrations for each step and fascinating insight into chemical reactions.

  55. Set of 5 Brainteasers
  56. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-brain-teasers

    For cerebral stimulation, look to the great civilizations that shaped history. Designed to engage your puzzle-loving mind, this set of brainteasers is inspired by the inventions and achievements of five global civilizations. Sample the mystery of Chinese tea, reverse engineer the Greek water mill, solve the Egyptian π (Pi) challenge, unlock the Roman keys, and try the Aztec passionflower. Part pure puzzle and part cultural exploration, they’re coffee table-worthy designs and natural conversation starters.


  57. LED Bike Wheel Lights
  58. gifts-for-ten-year-old-boys-bike-lights

    As seen on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, these are the #1 best-selling LED bike wheel lights you’ve seen and love! Attract attention and compliments everywhere you go. Get ready to ride in style while being safe! Front and backlights leave you vulnerable from the sides. Gain visibility from all directions with Activ Lites. Your bike will stand out! Want even more ATTENTION? Switch from “constant on” to “flashing” mode. Get yours now!

    What are 10-year-old boys into?

    10-year-old boys are quite the curious bunch!  He’s probably traded his trains and cars for Pokemon and cool tech gadgets. He cares more about his clothes and the music he listens to. They’re usually all about video games, like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox, where they can dive into exciting virtual worlds.

    They’re often captivated by superheroes, too, whether it’s watching Marvel movies or reading comic books. And of course, you can’t forget their love for outdoor activities, like biking, skateboarding, or even trying out new sports with friends. There’s never a dull moment with these energetic young explorers!

    What are the best gifts for a 10-year-old boy for his birthday (or holiday)?

    The best gifts for 10-year-old boys will encourage age-appropriate development and meet the interests of that individual child. Whether he’s into sports or video games, we found the best presents for your little guy. From birthday presents to awesome holiday gifts, we’ve seen some cool gift ideas for 10-year-old boys worthy of the double-digit milestone.