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30 Perfect Gifts Even For The Pickiest 16-Year-Old Boys

Updated on October 18, 2021 Updated on Oct 18, 2021
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    Turning 16 is a big deal for a teenage boy! He is officially one year closer to being considered an adult. But before you worry about the headache of him reaching that milestone, you need to worry about the headache of finding a good gift for a picky teenage boy. Don’t worry, this gift guide has 29 of the most perfect gifts for any 16-year-old boy.

  1. Colorful Bluetooth Speaker
  2. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-speaker

    This wireless Bluetooth speaker has some impressive specs, with rich bass and overall high-performance sound quality. It is also equipped with some pretty rad LED lights that bring the party atmosphere anywhere and beat to the rhythm of the music.

  3. Portable Record Player
  4. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-record-player

    Retro gifts are all the rage right now, and this portable record player fits the eclectic taste of 16-year-olds. No records? No problem! This record player also comes with some newer features, like Bluetooth capability, that allow you to play it anywhere.

  5. Apple iPhone 12
  6. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-iphone

    Teen boys love the latest tech and gadgets, so they would definitely appreciate the newest iPhone 12. He will be able to access his favorite social media, mobile video games, and keep in touch with his friends.

  7. Playstation 5
  8. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-ps5

    Playstation 5 is among the best gifts for 16 year old boys. The Playstation 5 features a lightning-fast CPU, GPU, and SSD that allow it to play the most stunning games for an immersive gaming experience. He will love you forever for this gift!

  9. Flying Camera
  10. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-flying-camera

    Does the teenage boy in your life enjoy photography? Then this Air Pix Flying Camera sold at Uncommon Goods is a great gift option. This drone-style camera can fly up to 20 meters in the air and takes great photos with its 12-megapixel lens.

  11. Gamer Headset
  12. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-headset

    Another great gaming gift, this headset has everything needed for long hours of gaming. The retractable headband and breathable ear pads allow for comfortable and high quality audio while gaming on any system.

  13. Old Skool Vans
  14. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-vans

    Vans are one of the best-selling shoe brands out there, and they look great with almost anything. Whether he likes to skateboard or just wears them to high school, these shoes are a great option.

  15. Brixton Heist Beanie
  16. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-beanie

    This trendy beanie is a great gift option if he enjoys wearing hats. This beanie sports a clean and classic design and comes in 19 different colors.

  17. Novelty Blanket
  18. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-blanket

    16-year-old boys certainly love food, so why not get them a useful blanket that looks like their favorite meal? This super-soft blanket has rave reviews on Amazon and comes in a wide range of food-inspired designs.

  19. Graphic T-Shirt
  20. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-shirt

    This funny graphic T-shirt might be a perfect gift for any romantically challenged teenage boys (which is honestly all of them). This T-shirt is made from 100% high quality cotton and features a fun graphic that will be sure to make others chuckle.

  21. Moon Lamp
  22. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-moon

    This cool gadget is honestly one of the best gifts for just about anyone. This 3D-printed moon lamp looks great anywhere (it is wireless!) and can change to 16 different colors.

  23. PopSocket
  24. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-popsocket

    Teen boys are on their phones a lot, and that can seriously cramp your hand. That is where the PopSocket comes in. You can easily attach it to any phone, allowing you to hold it comfortably all day or use it as an adjustable stand.

  25. Apple AirPods Pro
  26. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-airpod

    The Apple Airpods Pro is a cool gift idea for a 16th birthday gift. These noise-canceling headphones connect seamlessly with any Apple products for crisp and high quality audio on the go.

  27. Ultimate Snack Pack
  28. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-snack-box

    Growing teenage boys love snacks (maybe a little too much), so this ultimate snack care package makes a great gift for any guy. It comes with the most popular snacks and candy, ranging from M&Ms and cookies to Cheez-Its and fruit snacks!

  29. Xbox Series X
  30. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-xbox

    The Xbox Series X is another impressive video game console he is bound to love. This console comes with an impressive 1TB of SSD storage and top-end specs for seriously amazing gameplay. It offers True 4k video, so it is also a great option for streaming Netflix or Blu-Ray movies. 

  31. Personalized Wallet
  32. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-wallet

    Now that he is 16, he might be getting a job or learning how to drive. A personalized leather wallet is a great fit for these big life events! This wallet comes personalized with a name or initials, is made from super-soft leatherette, and even offers RFID protection. 

  33. Mobile Gaming Controller
  34. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-controller

    This mobile gaming controller was designed to provide console-level control to your mobile device. It attaches to your smartphone and allows for greater accuracy and tactile feedback in your favorite mobile games.

  35. Desktop Skee Ball
  36. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-skeeball

    Sometimes the best gifts are something simple. Skee ball is one of the most classic games at an arcade, and this desktop version is no different. Plus, everything is cooler when it is miniature.

  37. Phone Camera Lens Kit
  38. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-lens

    If you need a gift for a budding artist, this camera lens kit does the trick. The kit fits most new smartphones and comes with several different lens attachments: zoom, wide-angle, super wide-angle, and macro.

  39. Wood & Leather Watch
  40. gifts-for-18-year-old-boys-wood-watch

    Sure it isn’t a smartwatch, but you can’t go wrong with this cool gift. This watch features an eye-catching wooden design and leather strap. Made with quality materials, it will be sure to net him plenty of compliments for his fashion sense.

  41. Kanoodle Puzzle Game
  42. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-kanoodle

    While not all 16 year old boys are known for enjoying puzzles, this one might change his mind. This gift features both 2 and 3-dimensional puzzles that are great for sharpening his puzzle-solving skills. It also makes an excellent stocking stuffer or Christmas gift.

  43. Dinosaur Taco Holders
  44. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-taco-holder

    Plates are about to go extinct on Taco Tuesday thanks to these dinosaur taco holders. This gift is a natural fit because 16 year old boys love tacos, dinosaurs, and funny gifts. They even come in T-Rex or Triceratops options!

  45. Cell Phone Stand
  46. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-cellphone-stand

    This cellphone stand is a great option for tweens, teens, and everything in between. The stand is fully adjustable and fits all phones and tablets – ideal for long mobile gaming sessions or streaming their favorite shows.

  47. The Manual to Manhood
  48. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-manual-manhood

    16 year old boys are edging ever closer to adulthood, which means they don’t have a lot of time to learn a lot of important skills. This book teaches 100 different important skills any teenage boy should know before becoming an adult.

  49. DIY Fortunate Cookies
  50. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-diy-fortune-cookies

    Do you need a gift for a future chef? This DIY fortunate cookie kit is a great way to encourage his passion for cooking. This kit comes with everything you need to make your own fortune cookies, including fortunes, ingredients, and an edible-ink pen for decorating.

  51. Don’t Do Stupid Shit Keychain
  52. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-keychain

    Let’s face it, teenage boys do stupid shit. Because that is always going to be true, what better way to remind him to be safe than with this keychain? Don’t worry dads, you can personalize this keychain to be from you as well!

  53. Wireless Fast Charger
  54. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-wireless-charger

    This wireless charger makes a great gift for an on-the-go high school student. This charger supports all wireless charging-enabled devices and has a sleek and slim appearance. It also lights up in different colors as it chargers!

  55. The Driving Book
  56. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-driving-book

    Learning to drive is an important part of growing up, and not everything is covered in the driver’s exam. This book has everything a new teen driver might need to know about the driving world and beyond.

  57. Anker Wall Charger
  58. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-anker

    Whether he needs to charge his headphones, controllers, or smartphone, the Anker wall charger will do it all. It has some seriously impressive reviews on Amazon and tech that allows for fast charging of any device!

  59. Exploding Kittens
  60. gifts-for-16-year-old-boys-exploding-kittens

    If you need a gift for someone that loves board games or card games, then Exploding Kittens is a great gift idea! The game is easy to learn, making it great for an entertaining game night or party.