30 Jawsome Gifts For Shark Lovers That Will Make a Splash

By David Lautaret | Updated: December 13, 2023

    Duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn. Sharks captivate our imagination, from the Hammerhead Shark to the Great White Shark, Jaws to Baby Shark. Dive into the mystery of the deep blue sea with these toothy shark gift ideas! 

  1. 3D Shark Light
  2. shark-gifts-light

    This 3D little shark night light is the perfect way to give a little light to a shark lover’s bedroom! This shark light comes with 16 adjustable colors and six light mode, featuring the famous Great White Shark! 

  3. Shark Wine Glass
  4. shark-gifts-wine-glass

    Take your wine drinking to the next level with this shark wine glass from Evomosa! As you sip your favorite wine, the shark below slowemerges up from the depths! Add a bit of mystery and excitement to your favorite after-work activity! 

  5. Land Shark Golf Ball Marker
  6. shark-gifts-ball-marker

    When you thought it was safe to play the green with a standard golf ball marker, the land shark ball marker surfaces with this wildly superb alternative. A ferocious choice for any golfer who strives to make a strong impression, each one is handcrafted of thick stainless steel, so its unmistakable shark-fin shape marks the position of your ball for all to see. The thought of a monstrous, toothy shark floating below that fin may shake up the competition and cause a frenzy on the course. 

  7. Shark Candle
  8. shark-candle

    Are you planning a shark-themed party? Then you need this shark candle for the top of the cake! Make a wish! 

  9. Blankie Tails Shark Blanket
  10. shark-gifts-blanket

    Here comes the most JAWsome glow-in-the-dark blanket ever! This new cozy blanket for boys and girls now features fun glow-in-the-dark shark eyes! Turn off the lights and watch the eyes on your shark throw blanket light up! The unique shark blanket sack design lets you climb inside and put your feet into the fins! This blanket is available in toddler and adult sizes!

  11. Shark Slippers
  12. Unleash the shark in you with these playful and comfortable Shark Slippers, designed from durable EVA material that ensures soft cushioning, elasticity, and convenient on-and-off use. The unique open-toe design allows the shark’s mouth to animate your steps, providing breathability and an amusing touch to your indoor attire. Whether you’re navigating the bathroom, bedroom, or beach, these all-season slippers protect your feet with their anti-slip grip, while their easy-to-clean feature keeps them fresh and quick-drying. 

  13. Shark Duvet and Pillowcase Set
  14. shark-gifts-duvet

    Lurking in thocean’s depthsan, a mighty shark is hungry for… a nap. Send your little minnow swimming off to dreamland with this clever bedding set. Featuring nature’s most famous sharp shark tooth fish with its jaws stretched wide, the matching pillowcase and duvet will have your kiddo looking forward to bedtime, night after night.

  15. Spongebob Shark Attack Graphic T-Shirt
  16. shark-gifts-shark-attack-t-shirt

    This hilarious Spongebob Squarepants graphic shark design t-shirt depicts Spongebob and his trusty friend Patrick being attacked by a great white shark! The juxtaposition of the cartoon friends against a real shark’s backdrop makes this shirt a must-have! 

  17. Shark Ceramic Succulent 
  18. shark-gifts-succulent

    This adorable shark succulent makes the perfect gifa for anyone who loves sharks ans succulents. If you dislike succulents, this might not be the right gift. If you don’t like sharks or succulents, then, well, you’re wrong. 

  19. Shark Socks
  20. shark-gifts-socks

    Live every week like it’s Shark Week with a Jaws-dropping pair of cotton-polyester-spandex shark bite socks that add a kick to your workwear. Whether circling the water cooler or swimming in deep water, you’re sure to bring humor and style to any room with outrageous shark’s mouth graphics. After all, business casual bites–so why not bite back with this unique gift?

  21. 3D Laser Etched Paperweight
  22. shark-gifts-paper-weight

    This shark paperweight is incredibly detailed. Get lost in the underwater magic of this laser-cut K9 crystal paperweight! It’s an Ideal shark gift for the person who loves sharks. Put it on your desk as an excellent work decoration or on the coffee table as a home decor centerpiece! 

  23. Shark Bracelet


    This gorgeous bracelet is carefully handmade is ready to wear, and gives a fun touch to any outfit. Give it as a gift to that particular person or wear it yourself. This piece of jewelry can be worn on the wrist or ankle.

  25. Shark Bath Bombs


    Take your kid’s bath time to a whole new level! With these handmade in the USA bath bombs. Your kids will finally enjoy getting into the tub! Great for kids three and up and will make a fantastic gift for any parent.

  27. Sharkopoly
  28. shark-gifts-sharkopoly

    If you like the classic Monopoly board game, you’ll love Sharkopoly! A game with a ferocious appetite for fun! Enjoy the classic board game with a shark twist. For 2-6 players. Enjoy the included tokens: shark, jawline, fin, flipper, buoy, and mask with a snorkel!

  29. Reversible Flip Plush Toy
  30. shark-stuffy

    This cute plush doll has a unique double-sided and two-color design, which can easily change to show two different colors and moods, with extremely different visual and sensory experiences! The unique shark design is lifelike. Share this exciting shark plush toy with your friends, and you will get more compliments from your friends!

  31. Remote Control Toy Shark
  32. shark-gifts-remote-control-shark

    This remote-controlled toy shark is more relaxed than the other side of the pillow! Turn bathtime, the swimming pool, or the duck pond into a fun and terrifying experience! Unlimited 2.4GHz remote control technology provides forward, backward, left, and right controls, variable speed, and auto mode control, with a 40m wireless distance. It has a simple button design and easy to control. Two AAA batteries power the transmitter.

  33. Shark and Dinosaur Pajama Set
  34. shark-gifts-pajama-set

    These super cute pajamas are made from 100% cotton and range in size from 6-9 months up to 5T. If your child enjoys dinosaurs and sharks, this pajama set will quickly become their favorite! 

  35. Fluent In Sharkasm Wine Tumbler
  36. shark-gifts-wine-tumbler

    Beautifully etched wine tumblers make a fun gift idea for sarcastic friends who love sharks or are experts in dad jokes. This tumbler makes a cute birthday present for anyone who loves shark and ocean decorations in their house or needs a new travel mug for their next beach day!

  37. Land Shark
  38. shark-gifts-land-shark

    Like the Great White that terrorized a certain beach community, this land-bound beast brings ferocious adventure to life. The two-part denizen of the deep adds a dramatic statement to green spaces as it leaps through waves of grass, inspiring mock terror from all who cross its path. Each monstrous piece is hand-cut from metal that is aged with a bright rust patina. 

  39. Mega Fossil Dig Kit
  40. shark-gifts-fossil-kit

    These genuine fossils are millions of years old! Dig for dinosaurs, sharks, brachiopods, mosasaurs, ammonites, and more. This Mega Fossil Dig Kit is one of National Geographic’s top learning toys, providing hours of educational fun and helping to inspire a lifelong love of learning! Excavate incredible, real fossils using the included tools of the trade: a chisel, brush, and magnifying glass. This kit makes an excellent STEM gift for boys and girls!

  41. Grumpy Shark Coffee Tumbler
  42. shark-gifts-coffee-tumbler

    This vacuum-sealed, double-layer coffee mug tumbler is one of the best gifts shark lovers can receive. It’s made of the best stainless steel and can keep your drinks at the right temperature without leaking heat or pouring out. You can also personalize your tumbler with a name on it! It would be an excellent gift for your sister or even best friend for any occasion, holiday, or birthday, and it never lets you down!

  43. Lego Creator Shark Set
  44. shark-gifts-lego-shark-set

    Kids can create their animal with this build-and-rebuild ocean playset featuring three toy sea creatures. They can go from building a scary toy shark and a crab with a treasure box to building a flexible toy squid or a giant-mouthed Angler Fish. In addition to creating multiple toy animal figures, this deepsea creatures playset includes a scary model shark with an opening mouth, pointy teeth, posable fins, movable shark tail joints, and reflective eyes– the perfect activity toy for imaginative play.

  45. Shark Print
  46. shark-gifts-print

    With a pedigree of over 400 million years, sharks are magnificent predators that dominated the seas long before Peter Benchley penned Jaws. Every week is Shark Week with this digital print of an original watercolor featuring three iconic species: the tiger shark, hammerhead shark, and great white shark. The print makes great home decor for a beach house or office, whether you’re a marine biologist or a shark in a suit.

  47. Novelty Shark Sock 4-Pack
  48. shark-gifts-novelty-socks

    Whether circling the water cooler or scuba diving in deep water, you’re sure to bring humor and style to any room with these outrageous “shark attack” graphics. Look! A great white shark is savagely attacking your feet. Let’s just hope Megalodon doesn’t show up! 

  49. Bite Me Shark Boxers
  50. shark-gifts-boxers

    Go to bed happy with these comical shark boxer shorts! They’re sure to make you laugh with their clever puns. Choose from several different styles, including ones with other animals. These boxer shorts are made from 100% premium combed cotton knit for ultimate comfort. They have a loose fit, giving you plenty of freedom to move and stretch.

  51. Just A Girl Who Loves Sharks Makeup Bag
  52. shark-gifts-makeup-bag

    Are sharks your spirit animal and not only for shark week? The Great Shark graphic zipper bag will be your new favorite shark-themed organizer. Having this shark makeup bag will make you feel awesome. Forget fish. Sharks are the kings of the ocean. This ocean animal clutch is an excellent gift for any shark lover. It is the perfect gift for yourself, family, and friends.

  53. Magnetic Shark Dart Board
  54. shark-gifts-magnetic-dart-board

    Parent and child connections are vital to family development. This magnetic shark dartboard game is the perfect way to strengthen these connections. This is an ideal birthday present, stocking stuffer, or Christmas gift idea for kids, home, office, or any playroom!

  55. Shark Pajama Pants
  56. shark-gifts-pajama-pants

    Listen. If you love sharks and sleep at times, you need these funny shark pants. I’ll accept no arguments. These pajamas are made from 100% premium cotton, making them super soft. They’re also preshrunk, so they’re conveniently machine washable. Just tumble dry low. Wear them to weddings, funerals, and bed. It’s the perfect pant for the shark lover in your life! 

  57. Temporary Shark Tattoos
  58. shark-gifts-temporary-tattoos

    If there’s one thing your lad or lassie needs, it’s to be popular. One surefire way to gain popularity is to cultivate a bad-boy-type image. The easiest way to do this is with glow-in-the-dark, adorable, temporary tattoos. All your wildest dreams will come true with these temporary cute shark tattoos. 

  59. Shark Week Keychain
  60. shark-gifts-keychain

    Live every week like it’s Shark Week with this shark-themed gift! This keychain is a great gift for the shark lover in your life! Are sharks your spirit animal? You love all sharks, whether it’s a bull shark, mako shark, or anything in between. Having this shark keychain will make you feel fabulous. No matter what the occasion, this will be a gift that makes a timeless impression.

    What are the best gifts for shark lovers?

    Unleashing the excitement of the deep blue sea and the intriguing world of the fascinating marine predators, gifting a shark lover can be fun! From lifelike shark-themed items to educational and interactive gifts, there is a wave of options that would thrill any fan of these majestic sea creatures. The key to finding the best gift for a shark enthusiast is considering their specific interests, their age, and how deep their shark fascination runs.

    Maybe they’d love a 3D shark lamp to illuminate their space with a touch of marine magic. Perhaps they would be thrilled with a shark adoption kit, which provides a symbolic adoption certificate and contributes to shark conservation efforts.

    For stylish shark admirers, shark-themed jewelry or clothing could make a splash. And let’s not forget the intriguing books and documentaries about sharks that would satiate their curiosity about these underwater wonders. Each gift idea brings its unique wave of joy, making it a fin-tastic choice for any shark lover.