29 Rippin’ Gifts For Surfers Who Know How to Hang Ten

    It can be hard to know where to start if you’re looking for some gnarly gift ideas for the surfer in your life. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a totally tubular gift guide of the best surfing presents you can give! These surfer gifts will be used and appreciated, not dumped with the rest of the wrapping paper.

  1. Magnetic Shark Repellent Band
  2. gifts-for-surfers-magnetic-shark-band

    The Magnetic Shark Repellent Band is the world’s first active shark deterrent band. Designed for beachgoers, swimmers, and surfers, Sharkbanz uses patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory shark species. The technology is based on proven science, published research, and testing. No batteries, no charging; always on. Waterproof up to 100m/330ft; this shark repellent band makes an excellent gift for anyone who braves the coastal waters and loves the hi-tech gadgets!

  3. Bamboo Surfboard Cutting Board
  4. gifts-for-surfers-board


    This beautiful surfboard-shaped bamboo cutting board with a center inlay of darker bamboo is the perfect kitchen accessory for the surfer in your life! At 23″ long, its design makes for an excellent serving board too. Bring a bit of the beach into your home. The included hanging hole and tie make this surfboard a fantastic wall art option too.

  5. Open Roads Surf Kit
  6. gifts-for-surfers-surf-kit

    This surf kit comes with everything you need for a great day of surfing! Surf Wax (Matunas Organic or Sticky Bumps), Organic Reef Safe Waterproof Sunscreen SPF 50, All Natural Horchata Lip Balm with SPF 15, and a Surf Tool Wax Comb with Fin Key and Bottle Opener. Everything you need for a great day of surf, and nothing less.

  7. This is How I Social Distance T-Shirt
  8. gifts-for-surfers-social-distance-t-shirt

    This fabulous vintage t-shirt makes an excellent gift for surfing addicts who would prefer to social distance by hitting the waves! These shirts are comfortable, have a relaxed retro vibe, and send just the right message. 

  9. Bamboo Surfboard Stand
  10. gifts-for-surfers-surfboard-stand

    This Bamboo Wood Surf Stand gives you a beautiful way to display your prized possession. It works with any size board, and the padded, adjustable arms will protect your rails. Arms adjust up to 24 inches wide. They are made with beautiful, sustainably sourced bamboo polished wood grain with rubber padding at the base to protect the tail. 

  11. Catch a Wave Glass Set
  12. gifts-for-surfers-catch-a-wave-glass-set

    Shaped like the crest of every surfer’s dream wave, these curved glasses will stoke groms and big kahunas alike. Bold graphics, inspired by vintage surf posters, will remind you (or your favorite surfer) of that perfect aerial or epic tube ride with every sip. They’re a rad gift for free spirits who live for the next wave—or those who dream of warm sands and the crash of the sea. Made in the USA.

  13. Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat
  14. gifts-for-surfers-wetsuit-changing-mat

    Changing in and out of your wetsuit in a dirty parking lot or on the beach can spell disaster for your wetsuit! The dirt makes its way into the neoprene and deteriorates the material. When you change on this mat, the dirt stays off your wetsuit, and your damp wetsuit stays off your car. A must-have for all those surfing with a wetsuit!

  15. Original Surfboards Patent Prints
  16. gifts-for-surfers-patent-print

    These prints are beautiful and make a great addition to your home or office! Each order comes with four 8×10 prints (frame not included) showing the surfboard patent’s origins. Great for any history buff or just someone who wants some cool home decor to go along with their surfing lifestyle.

  17. Mara Stoneware Surf Mug
  18. gifts-for-surfers-surf-mug

    These ceramic stoneware mugs are gorgeous! This piece from the Mara Stoneware Collection makes a wonderful surfing gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life. They are fashioned for both attractiveness and constant use—microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.

  19. Sticky Bumps Wax Box and Comb
  20. gifts-for-surfers-wax-box

    Made in the USA, this Sticky Bumps wax box makes a great stocking stuffer or accessory gift. Comes with a heavy-duty surf wax comb with 4 different types of scrapers. The durable wax box fits one bar of surf wax. A great gift for when you’re on a budget but still want to get them something useful!

  21. Surf’s Up Flask Gift Set
  22. gifts-for-surfers-flask-set

    Impress an important person in your life or keep this set for yourself. Perfect for a surfer in your life who enjoys a little drink. The perfect flask set to give someone who enjoys the beach, lounging by the pool, or visiting exotic, tropical locations! Whether to hang ten or hang out if you’re into whiskey or other spirits, this is the flask for you!

  23. Surfs Map World Map
  24. gifts-for-surfers-world-map

    This beautifully drawn world surf map shows the many surfing beaches from all around the world! You can spend hours looking for all the potential travel destinations or enjoy the artwork and let it fill you with wanderlust! The perfect gift for that world-traveling surfer in your life!

  25. Vintage Surf Pary Photo Set
  26. gifts-for-surfers-surf-party-photo-set

    This four-photo set of vintage surfing prints is the perfect gift to give that surfing lover who has an Americana home decor thing going. No matter where you put these in your home, you’re sure to get the nostalgic feel of a day spent at the beach that only old photos like these can bring! 

  27. Sanuk Chiba Surf Shoe
  28. gifts-for-surfers-sanuk-shoe

    Alright, grasshopper, if you can snatch this sidewalk surfer, you shall finally become a true master of comfort. Surfers started Sanuk in southern California in the late ’90s looking for footwear that reflected their lighthearted way of life. These shoes are incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and made to handle the sand and surf with ease. 

  29. Surfing Stickers
  30. gifts-for-surfing-beach-surf-stickers

    This fun surf sticker pack comes with 50 high-quality stickers! The stickers themselves are waterproof with snow protection. These stickers are glossy, bright, thick, and durable. Easy to stick repeatedly or peel it off, and there won’t be any residues. These make a great stocking stuffer or accessory to any surf-inspired gift!

  31. Surfboard Soft Roof Rack


    If you’re ready to take a surf trip, you’ll need a way to carry your boards. These soft surfboard racks wrap around your vehicle’s inside and allow you to secure your boards to the roof. The special soft padding and extremely sturdy buckles ensure that your boards will not slip or move around during transit. This system will work on most vehicles, with or without gutters. 

  33. Swurfer Stand-Up Surfing Swing
  34. gifts-for-surfers-stand-up-surfing-swing

    Swurfer is the original stand-up surfing swing. If you’ve got a kid who wants to ride those sweet waves of the air, then this is the gift for them! Any child or adult can hop on and soar away. The adjustable handles accommodate almost any height. Great for a little one looking for a calm swing and big kids looking for excitement, but it is best for ages 6 and up. It makes a great birthday gift for that kid looking for a little excitement!

  35. Portable Beach Chair
  36. gifts-for-surfers-portable-beach-chair

    You can’t beat the beach. But the right gear makes it even better—like this elegant, convenient, and relaxing chair. Often, “comfy” translates into “hard to carry,” but they found this exceptional exception in France. Made with pinewood poles and sturdy canvas, it’s lightweight and hardly bigger than a baguette when folded.

  37. Pali-Surf Multi-Tool
  38. gifts-for-surfers-pali-surf-multi-tool

    This keychain multi-tool is a one-stop-shop for surfers. Includes a screwdriver to attach your fin, a surf wax remover, wax comb, fin file maintenance repair, beer bottle opener & a key ring. Made from high-quality stainless steel with a solid construction brushed polish finish. This gadget makes an awesome gift or accessory. Now all you have to do is find the best surf spots!

  39. Surfboard Charm Necklace
  40. gifts-for-surfers-charm-necklace

    This adorable and realistic surfboard charm is sure to make you think of catching waves with friends at the beach. The charm features both front and back details, making it all the cuter. It makes one of the best gifts for a beach bum!

  41. Surfing Night Light Lamp
  42. gifts-for-surfers-night-light

    This new generation 3D surfing illusion LED night light lamp uses special curved-surface processing technology on an acrylic sheet to increase the visual effect. The whole vibe brings you into an amazing scene and makes you start to daydream about hitting the surf. It is perfect for displaying in your home, bar, shop, cafe, or restaurant as a fun decorative light. It comes with a remote and 16 color change options! 

  43. Ocean Beach House Wall Decor
  44. gifts-for-surfers-ocean-beach-wall-decor

    This vintage-themed surfing photograph creates the perfect ambiance for your ocean-front beach house! Nothing says sand and surf like an old bubblegum pink VW Westfalia picture. The surfboards on top are cherry on the cake. I feel relaxed just looking at it! 

  45. Keep Calm Wooden Wall Clock
  46. gifts-for-surfers-wall-clock

    If you live anywhere near saltwater, this Keep Calm wall clock reminds you it’s probably time to go surfing! This unique wooden clock makes a great Christmas gift whether they live near the warm waters of Costa Rica or the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest. If you’ve got some saltwater outside your window, it’s probably time for a surf session.

  47. Floating Waterproof Dry Bag
  48. gifts-for-surfers-floating-dry-bag

    This 20-liter dry bag is completely waterproof as well as buoyant. Pack an extra set of clothes, food, water, and even your cellphone without worry. It is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to be out on the water, whether that’s surfing, standup paddleboarding, fishing, or kayaking. 

  49. Microfiber Wetsuit Changing Poncho
  50. gifts-for-surfers-changing-poncho

    These microfiber ponchos are ideal for changing out of that cold water wetsuit without flashing the entire beach. Stop hiding behind a beach towel and get yourself a poncho! The microfiber is super soft and absorbent while still taking up a relatively small amount of space. Stop worrying about where you’re going to change and start thinking about how you’re going to catch that next big wave!

  51. Rip Curl Board Shorts
  52. gifts-for-surfers-rip-curl-boardshort

    No surfing gift list would be complete without a board-shorts offering from one of the most respected surfing brands in history. These Rip Curl board shorts make the perfect gift for any saltwater enthusiast, whether you’re riding the big waves or just out for a nice paddling session.

  53. Board Pack


    Enjoy walking to your favorite surf spot with your boards secure and your wetsuit and towel stored away. The padded shoulder straps fit almost any sized board and allow the user to carry multiple boards at once. There is also plenty of room for other gear and valuables, as well as two water bottle holders. 

  55. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life
  56. gifts-for-surfers-barbarian-days

    Whether you’re a fan of surfing or just a fan of great writing, this Pulitzer Prize-winning book is a must-read! Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life makes a tremendous gift for anyone whether they’ve been surfing for decades or they’re just started on their wave-riding journey.

  57. Waikiki Surf Shop Jigsaw Puzzle
  58. gifts-for-surfers-surf-shop-jigsaw-puzzle

    This original high-quality 1000 piece puzzle from Lantern Press boasts sharp detail and vivid imagery of Waikiki Surf Shop, Hawaii. Printed on heavy stock paper using a high-end digital printing press. Makes a perfect gift for a family game night with loved ones.