31 Dank Gifts for Stoners Who Love to Blaze

By David Lautaret | Updated: March 2, 2023

    Know someone in your life who loves to grind up, smoke up, or eat the good stuff? With marijuana now legalized both medically and recreationally across 38 U.S. states, weed products continue to expand. But, if you are not a lover of the green, not to fear; we’re here to help you navigate the best weed gift ideas to give to your favorite cannabis enthusiasts for 4/20 and beyond.

    Lucky for you, there has been a rise in novel, delightful, and practical stuff for cannabis users. So, if you’ve got a stoner in your life, chances are they’d be thrilled to get a bag of chips to help them celebrate their big day. But, if you wanted something a little more epic, we’ve got some ideas with this dank stoner gift guide for your favorite weed connoisseurs! Bong Appétit.

  1. Smell Proof Bag
  2. gifts-for-stoners-bag

    Forget the stash jar, this is a no-brainer. Lined with premium activated carbon and filtering non-woven fabric offering superior multi-purpose odor protection. Small, compact and light enough for easy travel.

  3. Rechargeable Electric Dry Herb Grinder
  4. If you want a travel-size herb grinder that grinds your herb to an even consistency for vaping, rolling, smoking, or cooking, then this Lonzen Rechargeable Herb Grinder is for you. Whether you’re grinding sticky, small, large, or any other shape of herb, this gadget is a stoner must-have!

  5. Raw Cones Classic King-Size Rolling Papers
  6. gifts-for-stoners-rolling-papers

    This 50-pack of king-sized rolling paper cones makes a great gift for that stoner in your life who loves to roll their own but prefers to not have to mess with all the problems that come from hand-rolling. RAW Classic papers consist of natural fibers to provide you with the highest quality, unbleached, unrefined rolling papers available. These are a great gift idea for DIY people who find it a challenge to hand-roll and experienced rollers to optimize their time.

  7. Hidden 3D Images Stereograms Book
  8. Remember being a kid and spending hours getting lost in those 3D hidden image pictures? Yeah, this is that. It’s all the fun of being a child, except now you’re a stoned adult, and it’s way better. This book is a ton of fun, even if you’re totally sober. Once you add some kush into the mix, we’re having a good time! Put it on your coffee table, and let’s have some fun. 

  9. The Stoner Activity Book
  10. gifts-for-stoners-stoner-activity-book

    Looking for something fun to do on your next trip? Want to elevate your mind and experience the benefits of mindfulness? Put the tunes on, grab some snacks and get the markers. It’s time to get lost in this awesome stoner-themed activity book!

  11. Creative Thinking Journal to Use While High
  12. gifts-for-stoners-you-are-high-journal

    Expanding your creative brain can be a trip, and this unique journal is just the ticket. To be specific, this 21+ guided workbook is designed to be enjoyed with cannabis. More than 50 challenges offer inspiration to write poetry, art-making ideas, mind-stretching ways of seeing the world, and more. Whether or not you add your favorite bud, this book helps you reach a flow state.

  13. Rechargeable Windproof Lighter


    This sleek lighter is the cleanest way to light up.  Light a pre-roll wherever you go with the fuel-free lighter. The lighter is safe, subtle, and entirely windproof, using an internal heated coil that provides an instant light and eliminates the need for liquid fuel.

  15. Chicken Pot Pie T-Shirt
  16. gifts-for-stoners-chicken-pot-pie-t-shirt

    Chicken Pot Pie, three of my favorite things! This hilarious shirt makes a great gift for that stoner in your life who likes smoking weed and making little jokes along the way. This poly-cotton blend t-shirt is incredibly comfortable and comes in sizes from size small all the way up to 5XL.

  17. Stoner Game
  18.  Do or drink was such a smash we decided to make a version for smokers! And now there’s an expansion pack! Meet the daring couples-themed expansion pack for Do or Drink smokers that’s perfect for a night of fun! New cards mean new dares and new laughs to make your game last longer. These aren’t your typical adult games, our game will provide night after night of unending fun! Unleash your wild side with a game for adults that you’ll want to play again and again.

  19. Exhale The Bullsh*t Inhale The Good Sh*t Socks
  20. gifts-for-stoners-exhale-inhale-socks

    These funny novelty socks are incredibly comfortable, and they spread a positive message! Exhale the bullshit, inhale the good shit. If you enjoy your 420 times, then these are the socks for you. Made from high-quality cotton, these socks don’t contain THC, but they might get you high from laughing. 

  21. Marijuana Leaf Dream Catcher
  22. gifts-for-stoners-marijuana-dream-catcher

    This beautiful and potentially mystical, green dream catcher makes the perfect addition to that crystal collection your pot-smoking hippie friend has. If you’re into dream catchers, which, come on, you know you are, and you’re into getting higher than a South Park towel, then this dream catcher is the one you want to have!

  23. Ganjaland Board Game
  24. gifts-for-stoners-ganjaland-board-game

    If you are a fan of the ganja, then this board game will totally float your boat. Pass the sweet-toothed narwhals near Donut Forest and chill out by the lake at the foot of Brownie Hills. You’re on a trip through the magical world of Ganjaland. Inspired by a children’s classic with a similar but more sugary title, this board game gives you and your grown-up buds a chance to show off your 411 on 420.

  25. CraveBox Ultimate Snack Care Package
  26. gifts-for-stoners-cravebox-snack-package

    Stoners are known for having the munchies. This 45-count care package includes a mix of sweet, salty, savory, and healthy snacks. It includes the best essential brands of chips, cookies, candies, bars, popcorn, and crackers. It makes an exceptional gift for anyone who has a stoner, or a teenager, in their house.

  27. Edibles Cookbook
  28. gifts-for-stoners-edibles-cookbook

    Getting zonked on pot brownies and appeasing the munchies with junk food? Please. As this inspiring and informative cookbook amply documents, cannabis cuisine is light years beyond that now. The sophisticated, delicious recipes within, illustrated with gorgeous photos, focus on low-dose (5 milligrams per serving) treats for a mild, relaxing buzz. 

  29. Stoner Psychedelic Sticker Pack
  30. gifts-for-stoners-stickers

    This psychedelic sticker pack comes with 200 stickers, each between two and four inches in size. This makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves stickers and getting stoned! Put them on your water bottle, laptop, grinder, bong, or just about anywhere with a hard surface.

  31. Smoking Gnome Garden Statue
  32. gifts-for-stoners-smoking-garden-gnome

    This little 8.5″ smoking gnome will be the highlight of your garden! “Gerry” the Smoking Gnome is the epitome of chill. He’s just smoking his joint and watching the world roll by while spreading TLC with his good vibes and cool demeanor. It makes a great gift for that old-timer who enjoys both garden gnomes and getting stoned!

  33. Hemp Massage Cube
  34. gifts-for-stoners-hemp-massage-cubes

    Soothe sore muscles, soften skin, and…help the Earth? Yep, you can do them all at the same time. Made with organic plant butter and oils (like cocoa, mango, aloe, and eucalyptus), this cube is infused with hemp extract. Believed to reduce pain and inflammation, hemp may also aid in relaxation. Just massage the cube onto your achy back, swollen joints, or other painful areas and let it do its thing. This massage cube makes a great Mother’s Day gift, hint hint. 

  35. I’d Hit That Marijuana Apron
  36. gifts-for-stoners-marijuana-apron

    If you’re a BBQ grill master who loves to hit the ol’ doobie from time to time, then this marijuana-themed apron is the gift to give! Keep them safe from sparks and grease while ensuring everyone knows they’re into smoking weed and grilling brats. This 100% polyester apron is waterproof as well, so at least your stomach and thighs won’t get wet if you’re caught in a downpour while grilling.

  37. The Vegan Stoner Cookbook
  38. gifts-for-stoners-vegan-stoner-cookbookCooking vegan doesn’t have to be hard! This irreverent take on veganism proves that beginners and slackers alike can whip together yummy, filling meals with just a few ingredients and minimal time and effort. Foolproof recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and munchies include Mean Green Smoothies, Aspara-Guy Sushi, Bahnwiches, Animal Cookies, Churro Chips, and more.

  39. Stoner Alien Incense Burner
  40. gifts-for-stoners-alien-incense-burner

    Time to get your patchouli on because potheads love themselves some incense burners. They also love aliens and cool Space stuff. This alien incense burner will make your room smell delightful and let your mind wander about the mysteries of our galaxy. Also, it’s just pretty cool to have a green alien smoking a blunt while a weird incense stick protrudes from his belly. 

  41. Roast and Toast Coffee Mug
  42. gifts-for-stones-mug

    This unique coffee mug lets you pack the mug 10oz with your favorite beverage while you pack the bowl with your other favorite substance. It makes a great gift for those coffee-loving stoners who like clever gifts! The mug comes in a cute gift box.

  43. Don’t Worry Be Happy Weed Ashtray
  44. gifts-for-stoners-be-happy-ashtray

    If you’re going to be having a smoking sesh while chilling on the ol’ patio, you’re going to need an ashtray to put the ash in. Sure, you could get a standard ashtray that nobody ever notices or comments on, but why not get an ashtray that reminds you to stop worrying so much and just be happy. This pot leaves ashtray makes a great stocking stuffer for that stoner who needs someplace to put their ash. 

  45. Handmade Chill Morning Mug
  46. gifts-for-stoners-handmade-chill-mug

    Chill out with a handmade Mary Jane mug. Cozy in your hand; it’s there for you whenever you need a calm morning moment. Each marijuana leaf detail is lovingly hand-pressed. It makes a great gift for that coffee or tea-loving stoner in your life! 

  47. Hemp Face Mask
  48. gifts-for-stoners-mask

    Take a hit of this hemp-infused face mask and glow with botanical beauty. This anti-aging face mask is specially formulated to deeply hydrate, lift, and tighten dull and dehydrated skin. Our sheet masks help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crease lines, leaving your skin replenished, supple, and glowing. Hemp is thought to be anti-inflammatory—may help calm stressed-out skin. A dash of cooling, organic peppermint adds a refreshing finish to the ritual. Gentle on sensitive skin, this invigorating blend is handmade in small batches.

  49. Cannabis Apothecary Jars
  50. gifts-for-stoners-cannabis-apothecary-jars

    Until its prohibition in 1937, Cannabis was the third most used compound in medicine for sixty years. The healing properties of Cannabis were often found in the form of herbal materials and tinctures—liquid extracts that kept cannabinoids in their raw, physiologically inactive state—and were known to offer anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antiemetic effects. The eight bottles pictured here constitute a typical Cannabis pharmacy from early 20th century America-herbal varieties of Sativa, Indica, and Americana, as well as hemp seeds and hashish. Each varietal offered varying benefits and boasted long medicinal histories.

  51. Hemp Essential Oil Aromatherapy Wand
  52. gifts-for-stoners-aromatherapy-hemp-essential-oil

    If you could bottle good energy and take it with you, it would probably look (and smell) like this pretty, pocket-sized inhaler. These aromatherapy wands are filled with pink Himalayan salt crystals infused with custom blends of organic hemp and essential oils. Choose between Calm, with stress-relieving lavender and orange, or Clarity, for the quick pick-you-up of eucalyptus, peppermint, and ylang-ylang. Each infusion comes in a lightweight aluminum wand for portability. A dab will do you, so it will last for at least six months. 

  53. Restorative CBD Hemp Balm
  54. gifts-for-stoners-restorative-hemp-balm

    Aches, pains, and irritations will run the other way when they come face-to-face with this CBD lip and body balms packed with powerful, natural opponents. The big hitter is organic, Colorado hemp extract, believed to aid with inflammation and pain. The prettily packaged set comes in a reusable burlap pouch, making it just a delightful wellness weed gift for that stoner friend who likes to moisturize after their high times. 

  55. Romance Hemp Bath Bomb
  56. gifts-for-stoners-hemp-bath-bombs

    The candles are lit. That vintage Cotes du Rhone you’ve been saving is uncorked. The bath is warm and waiting. Just invite this hemp-infused bath bomb and your partner. The relaxing bath bomb has ingredients like ylang-ylang—believed to enhance your libido and increase adoration—while the all-natural floral scents like Jasmine will soothe you. And, you know, help get you in the mood. 

  57. Stainless Steel Weed Wine Tumbler 


    This stainless steel wine tumbler has a beautiful marijuana leaf logo, holds 12oz of your favorite hot or cold beverage, and comes with a non-spill lid. The whole thing is just peachy. It makes a great gift for that weed-smoking wine-guzzling fabulous friend in your life!

  59. The Devil’s Lettuce Toiletry Bag
  60. gifts-for-stoners-devils-lettuce-toiletry-bag

    The Devil’s Lettuce makeup toiletry bag makes a dank gift for that weed-loving, makeup-wearing girl in your life! This makeup bag is made from a high-quality canvas material with a marble print. Keep your makeup in this or all your smoking accessories. 

  61. Marijuana Breath Mints
  62. gifts-for-stones-mints


    These marijuana-themed breath mints are peppermint flavored and shaped like marijuana leaves. They make a funny yet practical gift for that stoner in your life who likes to have a breath mint at the ready!

  63. Rolling Tray Stash Box
  64. gifts-for-stoners-rolling-tray-stash-box

    Sure, you’re a stoner, but you’re an adult stoner. No more having your grinder, rolling papers, bong, and weed just floating loosely about your room. When you’re an adult, you get yourself a beautiful stash box to keep all your smoking accessories organized. This stash box is one of the best gifts because it’s discreet, and the lid doubles as a rolling tray. It’s made from 100% bamboo and measures 8x10x3.5-inches making it the perfect size to keep all your paraphernalia.