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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts From A Son To His Mom

Updated on October 18, 2021 Updated on Oct 18, 2021
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    Moms and sons have a unique bond. To celebrate it, we found the best Mother’s Day gifts from a son to his mother. We have the perfect gift for new moms, your wife, your mother-in-law, and any of the other mama bears in your life.

  1. Handwriting Bracelet
  2. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-bracelet

    Personalized gifts have a little extra meaning, and this bracelet will become a treasured keepsake. The bracelet can be engraved with a special message in your handwriting. It’s made of sterling silver, and you can choose sterling silver, 18K gold, or rose gold finish. 

  3. Fingerprint Necklace
  4. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-necklace

    This is a beautiful Mother’s Day gift. What could be a more meaningful gift than your fingerprint and a special message that mom can wear close to her heart? The necklace is made of sterling silver, and you can choose sterling silver, 18K gold, or rose gold finish. To take your fingerprint, you can use an ink pad and paper, scotch tape, and a pencil, or snap a photo of it on your phone to get the pattern to the maker. 

  5. Picture Frame
  6. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-frame

    This picture frame is an especially thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift. The frame is made of leatherette, measures 5 x 7 inches, and has a glass cover. The frame is available in other sizes, horizontal and vertical versions. 

  7. Children’s Names Throw Pillow Cover
  8. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-pillow

    This lovely throw pillow cover can be personalized with the names of her loved ones! The pillow cover measures 18 x 18 inches and can be customized with up to 14 names making it a great gift for grandparents too! It fits in beautifully with a farmhouse or other rustic decors. 

  9. I Love You Recipe Cutting Board


    It takes a special mix to make a mom, and this decorative cutting board has the recipe! Made of bamboo, it measures 7 x 11 inches. The board is more suited to being displayed as decor or used as a serving board than a daily-use chopping board. 

  11. Le Creuset Dutch Oven
  12. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-dutch-oven

    If mom likes to cook, she will love this Le Creuset dutch oven. Le Creuset is the Rolls Royce of cookware, and when well taken care of, it can last for generations. Le Creuset is cast iron coated with enamel. It’s sturdy and conducts heat evenly. This Dutch Oven is 7.25 quarts and available in four colors. 

  13. Breakfast in Bed Tray
  14. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-tray

    Breakfast or brunch in bed is classic among Mother’s Day gift ideas, Father’s Day gifts too! This tray will help you do it right. Made of bamboo, not only can it be used for breakfast in bed, but it holds a laptop up to 17.3 inches, so it is useful as a lap desk too. The tray itself measures 22 x 14 inches. 

  15. Wine Tumbler and Coffee Mug
  16. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-mug

    Some days moms are kept going by that cup of coffee in the morning and the promise of a glass of wine at the end of a day. This Mothers’ Day gift covers both bases! The wine tumbler holds 15 ounces, and the coffee mug holds 11 ounces. Both are dishwasher safe. 

  17. Smart Mug
  18. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-smart-mug

    Any busy mom has poured a cup of coffee, made of a cup of tea or hot cocoa, only to come back an hour later after attending to some kid-related need or another only to find the drink has gone cold. This mug solves that problem! The plate doesn’t require you to turn it on and off; it’s activated when you place the mug on it. It keeps the liquid at a temperature of 131F and is waterproof, so it’s easy to clean. 

  19. Birthstone Necklace
  20. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-birthstone-necklace

    The best Mother’s Day gifts are those she’ll use or wear every day, and mom will be happy to wear this beautiful necklace every day! The cascade design features a half bezel and prong set birthstone gemstones and name tags engraved with her child or children’s names. The silver version is sterling, and the gold option is 14k gold filled with 18k gold plated birthstone settings. 

  21. Self-Care Gift Box


    This is a great gift for the mom who could use a DIY spa day! It includes everything she needs to indulge in some self-care, including soap, body oil, a clay mask, shower steamer, lip balm, soy candle, face towel, and sponge. It makes a great birthday gift or Mother of The Groom gift too. 

  23. Watermelon Glow Mask
  24. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-mask

    Skincare is a personal thing, so people often hesitate to give skincare products as gifts. But this mask is almost universally appropriate, no matter what kind of skin she has. It contains watermelon, hyaluronic acid, and AHAs to hydrate and exfoliate the skin. The mask can be worn overnight or just for 10 minutes, making it great for both a spa night and a quick pick-me-up before the day starts. The pink color makes it a fun Valentine’s Day gift too! 

  25. Bathtub Tray
  26. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-tub-tray

    This bathtub tray will let mom enjoy a nice, long soak with all of the necessities right at her fingertips, including a glass of wine! The tray is made of bamboo and will fit nearly all standard-sized bathtubs, and is adjustable from 29.5 to 43 inches. 

  27. Homesick Candle
  28. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-candle

    People often think of candles as last-minute, fill-in gifts when you forgot you were supposed to buy a present, but Homesick candles are not your ordinary drugstore candle. This is the New York City candle, but the candles are available in many states and cities, each one made with scents meant to invoke that place. So whether you choose her home state, current state, or favorite place, this candle is a personalized gift. 

  29. Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier


    This diffuser does two jobs, it scents the air with essential oils and humidifies the air simultaneously. Keeping the air in your home moist helps keep your hair, skin, and nose from getting dry in cold weather, and essential oils can help relax or energize you. This set includes ten essential oils. 

  31. Thank You For Your Part In My Journey Necklace
  32. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-necklace

    The necklace serves as an embodiment of that sentiment. Lapis stone—here, wrapped in wire and attached to a sterling silver chain—represents truth in all aspects of life, while the sterling silver moon phase and gold vermeil charms both indicate the undertaking of a journey. The symbolism combines to make this the perfect present to express gratitude to anyone who has helped you along your way.

  33. Tote Bag
  34. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-tote

    A good tote bag is always a welcome gift, and this is a good one. Made of canvas, it has a zipper closure and is washable, perfect for washing away sticky handprints from the little ones! The bag is versatile; it can be carried as a top-handle, shoulder, or crossbody bag, and the strap is adjustable. The bag measures 12 x 13 x 5.5 inches and is available in several colors. 

  35. T-Shirt
  36. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-shirt

    Nothing is tougher than a mother, and this t-shirt proudly proclaims this truth! Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, the t-shirt is machine washable and available in several sizes and colors. 

  37. Robotic Vacuum
  38. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-vacuum

    The best thing you can do for a mom is to make a task easier. This vacuum will do just that! It works on hard and soft surfaces, picks up tiny and larger debris, and can be controlled via the SharkClean app or voice control through an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. If the charge runs out before the job is done, the vacuum will take itself back to the dock, recharge, and then pick up where it left off! 

  39. I Love You Mom Decor
  40. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-pears

    Three of the most darling little pears you will ever lay eyes on. Made with clay, paint and love, these one-of-a-kind gifts are made from start to finish by me in a Colorado studio. Your mom will love the handmade nature of these! Each one is a unique piece of art with a personal message to your mom. Just line them up on your mantle, somewhere in your cubicle, a window sill, just about anywhere for instant cuteness. 

  41. Cashmere Hoodie
  42. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-hoodie

    A hoodie is not just a hoodie when it’s a cashmere hoodie! Jennie Liu makes really high-quality cashmere products. I have a couple of her pieces, and they’ve lasted for years. They don’t pill or thin at the elbows like a lot of cashmere tends to. Made of 100% cashmere, the hoodie zips closed and is available in several colors and sizes. 

  43. Cashmere Wool Blend Throw
  44. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-throw

    Mom can wear her cashmere hoodie while she snuggles under this cashmere wool blend throw! The classic herringbone pattern is hand-woven by Nepalese artisans. The neutral color will complement any decor. The lightweight blanket measures 54 x 108 inches. 

  45. Heated Slippers
  46. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-slippers

    No one likes having cold feet, and these slippers will make sure mom’s feet stay nice and toasty! Place the insoles into the included heating bag, pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds, insert the insoles into the slippers and enjoy! The insoles will provide heat for about 30 minutes. The slippers are available in several sizes and three colors. 

  47. Amythest Crystal Quartz Air Plants


    Busy moms may not have time to attend to plants even if they love to garden. These air plants are the perfect solution. They need very little attention and no soil. They only ask to be watered once a week. The plants grow on this beautiful piece of quartz, come in a lovely gift box, and include care instructions. 

  49. Azalea Bonsai 
  50. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-tree

    Why send a bouquet of overpriced flowers when you can send her this beautiful plant? This is an azalea bonsai tree. Azaleas are stunning, bright, and cheerful, and they bloom in the spring, so this is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mother-in-law.

  51. Cheese Gift Basket
  52. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-cheese

    Cheese lovers will flip over this Mother’s Day gift, and if you’re good, mom might even share! You get six different kinds of cheese, four ounces each; Apple Walnut Smoked, Barely Buzzed, Big John’s Cajun, Promontory, SeaHive, and TeaHive. The milk comes from Jersy cows who graze on 350 acres of land near the Great Salt Lake, which gives the cheese a unique terroir. 

  53. Godiva Chocolates Gift Box
  54. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-chocolate

    If mom’s tastes run more sweet than savory, she’ll appreciate this box of Godiva assorted gourmet chocolates. The box contains 19 different chocolates includes ganaches, caramels, pralines, and nuts robed in silky milk, white, and dark chocolate. 

  55. Keepsake Dish
  56. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-dish

    Your mom had a lot to do with the wonderful, successful person you are today! This sweet little keepsake dish will show her that you’re grateful for everything she did along the way to help you get to where you are today. Made of ceramic, this dish measures 4 x 4 inches and is perfect for holding things like rings, earrings, and a watch at the end of the day. 

  57. Gratitude Journal
  58. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-journal

    Day-to-day life can get a little overwhelming sometimes, and we get too caught up in getting things done to reflect on the good things in our lives. The journal has 184 lined pages of archival paper that take ink or pencil entries. There is plenty of room to write down what we’re thankful for, memories, and personal affirmations. 

  59. Picnic Basket
  60. mothers-day-gifts-from-son-basket

    I don’t know why but the food tastes better when it’s eaten outside. This picnic basket will let mom dine al fresco in style! Made of natural wicker, the basket has an insulated compartment to keep foods or drinks hot or cold, two ceramic plates, two ceramic mugs, two cotton napkins, two sets of stainless steel flatware, a corkscrew, and salt and pepper shakers.