23 First Father’s Day Gifts To Melt Thier Heart

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: April 25, 2023

    A dad’s first Father’s Day is a special day. One where he’s welcomed into the daddy club and properly celebrated for the first time. We’ve created a gift guide to make it extra memorable, full of sentimental, funny, and heartwarming first Father’s Day gifts.

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    What do new dads need the most?

    Sleep? A vacation? When it comes to what new dads need the most, a few things can make a big difference. First and foremost, new dads need support and encouragement as they navigate their new role as a parent. This can come in the form of quality time together, a listening ear, or a simple word of affirmation.

    Practical gifts like baby carriers, diaper bags, and bottles can also be helpful, as they make it easier for dads to care for their little ones on the go. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of rest and self-care. New dads need time to recharge and care for themselves, so consider giving them a gift that helps them relax and unwind, like a massage or a new book. 

    What are the best first Father’s Day gifts for a new dad?

    Father’s Day is a special time to celebrate dads’ important role in our lives. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give a new dad on his first Father’s Day, you’ve come to the right place! From sentimental keepsakes to practical tools, this guide has covered you with some of the best first Father’s Day gifts that any new dad will love.

  1. A Thoughtful Book
  2. first-fathers-day-gifts-dad-book

    A simple but heartfelt Father’s Day gift idea, this beautiful book by Lauren Sala has become a bestseller for its touching (tear-inducing…) celebration of fatherhood. Dad can read it to his new little one as they grow together over the years to come. There’s an equally beautiful book available for Mother’s Day.

  3. Go the F*ck to Sleep [Hardcover] 
  4. first-fathers-day-gifts-funny-book

    New dad Adam Mansbach was struggling to get his young daughter to sleep, so he took to Facebook to vent: “Look out for my forthcoming book, Go the F— to Sleep.” It was an instant hit with his friends, so, on a whim, he decided to turn it into a picture book for parents. The rest is bestselling history! A hilarious twist on a dad’s playbook!

  5. Personalized Frame
  6. first-fathers-day-gifts-frame

    Personalized gifts are always a winner, and this one proves that photo frames don’t need to be boring. The self-standing frame is made of plain wood, then you choose a realistic printed wood design to overlay on top–– everything from a white wooden beach shack to dark, rustic panels. 

  7. Kid Proof Undies
  8. first-fathers-day-gifts-kid-proof-undies

    Fridababy is renowned for taking care of new moms and babes, and now it’s Dad’s turn. FridaBalls make a great gift (and dad joke) to protect dad from “head butts and the baby carrier swinging heel” and are designed with “Heirloom Conservation Technology (HCT).” Lol. 

  9. Custom Star Map
  10. star-map

    Celebrate that unforgettable day your partner became a father with this special gift. These star maps use scientific accuracy to plot the exact location of the stars on that fateful night. And with a range of styles and colors to suit any style, he’ll always have something special to remember the day he became a father, even when his child is all grown up.

  11. Customized Face Socks
  12. first-fathers-day-gifts-socks

    Though Dad may have to don a suit sometimes, he can still carry a loveable secret underneath–– the apple of his eye! These socks are super comfortable, the text fully customizable, and there’s a wide range of sock colors. Just be sure to choose a photo that is clear and has high resolution.

  13. Penny Keychain
  14. first-fathers-day-gifts-keychain

    Customize a lucky penny with the year he became a dad, then turn it into a go-everywhere keychain. These coins are beautifully hand-stamped to order and make a sweet and unique gift for a new dada.

  15. First Father’s Day Onesie 
  16. first-fathers-day-gifts-daddy-onesie

    The perfect first Father’s day card from Mommy to Daddy is to just hand off the tiny human in this cute onesie. Made from 100% preshrunk cotton, the overlapping expandable shoulders make it easier to change poop blowouts. Available in pink, blue, white, or lemon.

  17. DIY New Dad Survival Kit
  18. first-fathers-day-gifts-survival-kit

    One of the best first father’s day gifts is something original and thoughtful – like this personalized box for building a “daddy survival kit.” Even the best dads are still human so fill it with things he might need to get through those first months–– beer, bourbon, coffee, Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones… Then he can use it as a keepsake box for years to come.

  19. Letters To My Baby Kit
  20. first-fathers-day-gifts-letters

    New parents always have good intentions for journaling, but it can be hard to keep it up. This book of 12 letters and envelopes (each with a unique prompt to get started) lets a new father drop a note in the book whenever he feels. Then, when his babe is all grown, they’ll have a super sweet time capsule.

  21. Personalized Comic Book
  22. first-fathers-day-gifts-customized-comic

    He’s Mega Dad! And he can lift doughnut trucks in danger with his super strength! This highly original, custom hard-cover comic book incorporates the Mega Dad of your choice and his kid (pick from three skin tones) into a heroic adventure. A great Father’s Day gift for the comic book fan!

  23. The Dad Hoodie
  24. first-fathers-day-gifts-dad-hoodie

    A unique father’s day that’s both functional and cool – and hailed by The TODAY Show as “The best gift for every new dad” this hoodie is a diaper bag in a sweatshirt. The soft and stylish sweater has six internal storage pockets for everything a dad needs when he’s in charge, all housed in a breathable mesh lining. 

  25. The Oh Sh*t Kit
  26. first-fathers-day-gifts-shit-kit

    Hey Dad! No need to worry that you left that diaper bag at home again. This keep-in-your-car (or stroller) kit has everything you need to clean up a messy blowout! Perhaps the funniest thing about this item is that it’s made by Safety 1st, one of the largest manufacturers of child safety products. Lol.

  27. T-shirt / Onesie Set 
  28. first-fathers-day-gifts-matching-clothes

    An adorable “matchy-matchy” set will bring a smile to Dad’s face with this 100% combed cotton Captain and First Mate men’s tee and baby bodysuit. Perfect for baby boys and girls, and very cool for a first Father’s Day photo.

  29. Hand and Footprint Keepsake 
  30. first-fathers-day-gifts-footprint-frame

    A quintessential keepsake for any parent is a picture frame that also doubles as a way to remember those perfect little newborn hands and feet. This idea also makes a fun and easy DIY Craft Project that will only take 10-15 minutes (perhaps with Mom’s help…) Every purchase contributes to Postpartum Support International.

  31. Dad and Child Figurine
  32. fathers-day-gifts-figurine

    Celebrating the loving relationship between a father and his new baby, this Willow Tree figurine of a dad holding his newborn is a touching piece. Willow Tree is known for capturing raw emotions, and each comes with a sentiment card. This one reads,” In awe and wonder of what’s to come.” 

  33. Photo Coffee Mug
  34. first-fathers-day-gifts-photo-mug

    Whether dad works from an office or a home office, this dad mug will make his morning brighter as he looks upon his adorable little person. The high-quality printing is both microwave and dishwasher safe and completely customizable.

  35. Incognito Diaper Backpack 
  36. first-fathers-day-gifts-diaper-backpack

    A first-time father’s dream accessory, this Eddie Bauer bag would be a hip backpack for any manly adventure. But open it up, and it’s a diaper bag with nine storage pockets–– including two insulated side pockets, an insulated bottle pocket, and a removable changing pad! 

  37. Papa Bear Slippers 
  38. first-fathers-day-gifts-slippers

    If the new dad’s keeping late hours, he will need some comfy slippers. Dearfoams are bestsellers and renowned for soft, warm fabric and ultra foam cushioning. You can also get the little one a matching “Baby Bear” pair OVER HERE.

  39. Diaper Duty Tool Belt
  40. fathers-day-gifts-belt

    Here’s the perfect gift for his first Father’s day–– a diaper duty tool belt. It comes equipped with all the essential gadgets: baby wipes, goggles, diapers, powder, diaper cream, gloves, and more. 

  41. Matching Swimsuits
  42. first-fathers-day-gifts-swimwear

    Whether he’s a girl daddy or a boy daddy, you can pair them up with matching swimsuits for the summer ahead – or that first vacation! Baby sizes start at 3-6 mths, while men’s sizes range up to XXL, though reviewers suggest you size up.

  43. Matching Trucker Caps
  44. first-fathers-day-gifts-matching-hats

    Trucker hats on little ones are absolutely adorable (especially on lil’ girls) so pair them up to turn heads. This “Biggie and Smalls” pair (a play on the rap legend) is perfect for daddies and their sons or daughters. Plus, there’s the added bonus of sun protection!